Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mertesacker named in Germany squad

Per Mertesacker has been named in Germany’s squad for Euro 2012, despite not having played for Arsenal since February.

The BFG suffered a serious ankle ligament injury playing on Sunderland’s bog heap of a pitch at the time but German boss Joachim Löw has been encouraged by his recovery enough to bring him to Poland and Ukraine.

Last week Mertesacker spoke about his recovery, saying, “I think I am 90-95 per cent fit. For the past four weeks I have been doing quite a lot of rehab at Arsenal and recently some pitch work with the ball and I am very happy to be back in England because I spent quite a bit of time in Germany.

“Now it’s time to see the ball, the pitch and the guys again. It’s a good feeling that the injury is going fine. I am very happy about it.”

While Arsene Wenger seemed confident he’d recover in time for the Euros. “He is doing well,” he said. “Considering his shape and the fact he has six weeks to go, he should be available for Germany.”

Joining Mertesacker is new boy Lukas Podolski while Poland have named both Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski in their squad. Unsurprisingly, Robin van Persie has been confirmed in the Dutch squad, announced today.

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Arseblog, any comments on the new kit? Quite shoddy imo.

Mental Strength

The Black armbands on the sleeves suggests we will be mourning for the next whole season. Not sure what exactly we will be mourning. maybe the leaving of Pat Rice?


@mental strength i thought they were blue not black?


The band is blue – or “Obsidian” as Nike would like it. I like it.


There arm bands remind me of our 92-94 home kit as it’s similar to that but still it’s piss fucking poor


Bloody horrible.

Home = red and white
Away = yellow and blue

Why do these clowns have to fuck around with it?


Couldn’t have said it better. We have the most classic shirts in football. Why do they keep fucking with it? Ridiculous.


That’s because they need to keep selling shirts. If the kit doesn’t change, kids wil have nothing to nag their mums about come summer.

The Red and White Observer

Well done to our BFG I look forward to seeing him play next season. We miss his presence. Both him and TV5 had problems with Norwich, but I felt Per could have coped better than TV5 did on Saturday. He is also a Cool Dude, he responded to one of my tweets which is nice but not the reason i like him. Hope he make the final selection for German Euro 2012 team. Ten years we supported France and our players won the Euros and World Cup, this year its the Germans. England without Jack, Rooney, Bent will struggle, we… Read more »



Borneo Gooner

Don’t like it. Looks like France + Holland flag on the sleeves. Not that I have issues with those countries but it just doesn’t look nice.

Cygan's brain

wait what? where did you see the new kit?

black on the sleeves? that’s very un-arsenal

if the new kit came out like that i wouldnt buy it

Why is my name required

hey who knows maybe we will win a trophy with 3 colors on our kits.


Its to officially recognise Arsenal as a french team on english soil.


Kits looks out of place at first.. but it does grows with one, getting better every look…


All the best, Per.

Try to get iPod even more physced about joining our great club.


A breath of fresh air vis-a-vis Arsenal’s often heart breaking injury news. Welcome back Per.


does BFG stand for Big Fuking German? I am undecided on the kit, it may have to grow on me but who care..I am more concern about how we perform in it

Tom C

I thought it was bloody fast German!


Looks like we got ourselves a comedian, folks!


no matter whether or not out players get injuries and how we don’t usually benefit from sending players for international competitions i always get a huge sense of pride whenever a player from arsenal is chosen for their national team. Go BFG, make us proud at the euros


With that expression on his face, it looks like he’s been watching our defending…


That’s a look that says ‘ for fuck sake get back in our own half , I don’t like this 1 1 8 1 formation bollox ‘.

Runcorn Gooner

Off the subject but I have to get this out of my system.Song is the most frustrating player we have.For every brilliant through ball there are 30 times I get panic attacks when he is dispossed because he lacks spacial awareness.
He has got to be told to think what he is doing.When Ramsey is playing at the same time I almost start a Arry twitch it is so frightening.
Well done Per on your selection can’t wait to see you back with your cool approach to defending.



Le sausage

I’m English, but i honestly and truly believe england have absolutely no chance in winning. This, by the way, is solely because Jack is not going to be playing, if he was i would believe England would have a decent chance! My favourites are Germany, Vorschprung Durch Technik! I also had a sick satisfaction is seeing Cesc miss out on CL and Liga lol


I am looking forward to seeing the Dutch myself


Germany squad is unbelievable. So much attacking talent. How do you even pick a first team??


Is it just me or in that picture does he look more like our rear guard of old?

A freak experiment involving a bucket load of Adams and Keowns DNA if you like.


Is it absolutely compulsory to change the kits every new season ?


It’s not compulsory but it’s good for the bottom line I guess.

Old man grape

They would do it at halftime if they could get away with it.

Old man grape

Infact manure did do that v the saints, and they still lost 6-3 .. Ha!


Brilliantly diplomatic kit.

The Netherland flag on the sleeves to woo RvP, the blue for Walcott’s GB patriotism.




Bet they took him just in case play needs to be stopped and ease the pressure on the”mert is down and now germany can have a breather”……..but please kick the ball out of the field of play this time around.

Your welcome.

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Merlin's Panini

nice one BFG.
Anyway, what the fuck is that kit about? Looks really American. Where did that black collar come from? I’ll be saving my money this season for sure.


Haha, even us American fans don’t like this new kit.

(But hey, we’re used to ugly kits… every USMNT kit is hideous.)


actually the new usmnt isn’t too awful compared to what we’ve had to deal with


Here am I worried about champs league football next year and actualy buying a defensive midfielder that might track back occassionaly …..
You guys are worried about the look of the new kit ? lol


I tend to worry about things whose outcome I actually have an effect on. So there’s that.

Old man grape

Yep. You can do nothing to change either o best just not talk at all and sit in silence.. Mmh


Do the people who design these things refuse to take any advice from anyone involved with the club or the fanbase? Because I fail to understand how else we´ve come up with something so awful. It looks like a training top at best, and the dark blue has no place on the shirt at all. Worse than a Danny Rose tackle… On the BFG, good news, all the best for the Euros and more importantly for the new season. He´s much maligned by some is old Per, but I bet he´d have been a steadying influence during the chaos that… Read more »


They probably thought back on all the people who bitched about when they changed the logo, and when we changed stadium, and when we changed the logo again, and when we hired a foreign manager, and when we had a green away strip, and when Henry started playing centre forward, and when we had a white away top that one time, and when we had a maroon home top that other one time… and thought: “Fuck it. They’ll just be bitching about something else next season.”

Old man grape

Our invincibles kit was very ugly. So bring it on!

Bendtners Cat



I dont care if we wear a lacy basque with stockings and suspenders as long we lift the title and are running round wembley with one of the 3 cups next season. either way i wont be trying to dress up like a footballer.


I had a dream last night involving our BFG being sold to Sunderland.

Scared the SHIT out of me.


Nice one Per!

The blue hoop on the new kit is a tip of the cap to Herbert Chapman, apparently. I don’t think it’s the worst kit we’ve had.

Was just pleased to see Van the Man launching it ;D


Nice work, Per. He’s still a high-class defender who’ll hopefully be challenging Koscielny and Vermaelen for a first-team place again next season.

Unfairly maligned in England because he runs inelegantly and because every good football pundit knows that spending £18 million on Gary Cahill would have been better than shelling out £8 million for a player capped 79 times for one of the best international sides. Once settled, he’s a very solid defender with a cool head and excellent tackling skills.

The Norwich game highlighted the importance of composure and discipline down back: Mertesacker could well have provided that.

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