Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Norwegian goalkeeper linked

With Lukasz Fabianski having made clear his desire to leave the club this summer, there is expected to be some movement in the transfer market for a new goalkeeper.

Although youngster Damian Martinez is highly rated, it’s unlikely Arsene Wenger would go into the new season without some more experienced back up, and according to Norwegian media we’re scouting Songdal stopper Kenneth Udjus.

TV2 claims that Arsenal have had him watched in his last four games, something the player is aware of but seems keen to play down.

“I have heard that Arsenal have seen me in action,” he said, “but I can not say any more about this. It goes without saying that playing for a big club like Arsenal would be enormous.

“But this by no means something I think a lot about. We’ll see what will happen in the future but my focus now is just to perform for Sogndal.”

Udjus, who will be 29 in July, has been ever present for Songdal this season and they currently lie 11th in the Norwegian league.

Whether he’s good enough Arseblog News can’t say, no doubt some of our Norwegian readers can give us some more info in the comments, but he seems to fit the profile should the manager decide to let Fabianski leave.

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Old man grape

how high is his standing jump?


Damn you Loch Ness monster!


As a norwegian, this caught me completely by surprise. By all means, he’s a decent keeper by our standards, but that’s not exactly the premier league. He’s spent most of his career as a backup or on loan at smaller clubs, until he became the first choice goalkeeper at Sogndal. I’d say he fairly inexperienced for a 29 year old, I can’t really see why Arsenal are interested. On another note, Anders Lindegaard also came out of the norwegian league (although a few years younger) to Manchester United after having a similar career path and he’s done alright – so… Read more »


Do you think they’ve been at any Rosenborg games scouting Markus Henriksen?Kid seems like a pretty decent talent.


His status does fit into Arsenal, but I’m not sure about his quality.

As long as he doesn’t do a Almunia, he’ll be a good backup and keep overconfident Szczesny on his toes.


Is there such a thing as overconfident when you’re a keeper though is the question
Personally I’m very happy to have Szczesny, it’s not like he thinks he’s the best – he still realises he has plenty of work to do, as evidenced by the fact that him and his dad go over what he did wrong/what he could have done better in games…theoretically, he should improve much more yet, although lately his consistency has dropped a little – must be the back injury! :O


Can’t see why we’d look past Jussi Jääskeläinen of Bolton. Unless he didn’t want to move somewhere to be 2nd choice.


We should’ve signed Jääskeläinen when Jens left.


I think it’s pretty nailed on that Jaaskelainen definitely wouldn’t be up for spending the rest of his days watching big games rather than playing them.


He’s been overtaken at Bolton anyway, he’s been replaced by Bogdan. Would probably rather sit on our bench for a higher wage


i dont think he was overtaken, i think he was hurt and thats why bogdan came in.


Because Jaaskelainen is crap?


He looks really into that ball!
My precious..


Hm, I don’t see Tolkien there so much as Shakespeare: “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him…”

the only sam is nelson

or a homage to chaplain’s great dictator piece

Mental Strength

Or it could be his take on MacBeth-

“Is this a football that I see before me??”

I'm not really Norwegian, but i know one

As a Norwegian, I approve of this. He is good at stopping the ball going into the net and his best quality is his pair of hands that he uses to touch, hold or throw footballs.


Maybe he’s bound to be our new ball boy coach then?


So kenneth udjus ey? no nicknames so far

Though “I’dchoose” udjus over fab…..


Not so good mate. I think it would be best for all concerned if Udjus give up now.


I have nothing. It’s almost an anagram for Judas. Perhaps there’s a joke to be made with au jus in there (“I’d like a prime keeper with au jus”), but I can’t quite come up with it.


I’m Norwegian, but have never ever heard a single word about this guy. Seems like something straight out of Arsene’s book then…

However, the club Sogndal have been up and down devisions a lot these last 8 years with no really reliable players. Tore Andre Flo (ex-Chelsea) is the big hometown hero in that part of Norway. Find this hard to believe

Norwegian gunner

I admit i have’nt watched him this year, but he’s a norwegian keeper who is not first choise for our national team, thats tells you all you need to know really… I’d rather we go for some proper experienced goalie, much in the same way liverpool did when they signed doni from Roma. Someone who would be content seeing out his final 1 or 2 years at a big club, ready to guide the younger keepers and jump in when need be. Don’t have any names drawn up, but someone like Sebastien Frey of Fiorentina (i think Boruc is first… Read more »


Frey is one of top 5 French goaltenders, and at 32 is not one or two years away from retirement. But he’d be a great backup. Remember that Chesney became number 1 because our number 1 and number 2 got injured – so you never know when you need somebody to step-up. Heck we’re in third only thanks to Ben Foster’s injury at West Brom and Hodgson having a crappy number 2.

Crappy number 2 sounds too scatological, but hey…


Sebastian Frey?

Who’s he? Never heard of him. At all. Especially not in transfers news. Nope. Not even linked to Arsenal. Never. Never ever ever never.


I didn’t plan to write a comment here, but this guy has misunderstood a lot. That he isn’t on our national team doesn’t tell a shit. We have a clumsy guy in goal who has done a lot of mistakes both on club and national team. But obviously our awful national team coach doesn’t get that. Udjus deserves a chance on the national team and he’ll get abroad at some point.

Tore på Sporet

Being Norwegian & all… Udjus has the record of minutes keeping a clean sheet in “Tippeligaen”, the Norwegian top league: 558 mins – set this season. But Tippeligaen is an appallingly poor league (yes, I watch it every round). Udjus had his first season as first choice at any “top” club last season at the ripe age of 28. I’m sorry, but in my view (yes, I’ve seen him play more than 4 times) he simply is not Arsenal material at all and I can’t understand why we would be watching him. As much as I’d like a Norwegian at… Read more »

Teddy Millmoor

Mads Dæhlie at ManU would probably be good enough, give him time. Voted youth player of the year or something. And I’d say the sheer pace of Hans Norbye would make him fit well into our style of football.

Pretty sure Moa would be a better striker than Chamakh.

Tore på Sporet

But then again, Chamakh isn’t good enough for us – is he?
Still hopeful we’ll have a Norwegian Star at Arsenal some day, but my feelings are it’s quite a way to go there as of now. That includes Dæhlie, Norbye, Moa – and everyone. Nordtveit was good, but it wasn’t enough. In time though, we’ll find him 😉


Never heard of him and it seems not many in Norway have either !>?

More likely is that we sign Gordon on a free from Sunderland to be backup and challange Szczesny. He has had injury problems but has experience and can provide good back up


Sign Gordon? But that will make too much sense.

the only sam is nelson

Gordon’s *alive*????

I’ll get me coat


Yet another Norwegian here(Wow, us good norsefolk really did take the subtle command in the article to heart, eh?) In short; no, no, no with another “no” on top. The only good feature


Yet another Norwegian here(Wow, us good norsefolk really did take the subtle command in the article to heart, eh?) In short; no, no, no with another “no” on top. The only good feature Udjus would have, is that he would be more than happy to be backup to the no.1 for the rest of his career( Just like I, a very, very untalented


Yet another Norwegian here(Wow, us good norsefolk really did take the subtle command in the article to heart, eh?) In short; no, no, no with another “no” on top. The only good feature Udjus would have, is that he would be more than happy to be backup to the no.1 for the rest of his career( Just like I, a very, very untalented footballer would be to sit on the bench for The Arsenal, if you get me). A quick note to the otherwise excellent Arseblog team regarding the source of this story; norwegian TV2 does have some credible sources… Read more »


I read this earlier today and it felt kind of odd, with me being a Sogndal-supporter I’ve seen Udjus in action but still.. He’s been the best goalie this season in the norwegian league (not that it says much, its a shitty league) but this still baffles me, why scout a GK thats older and not as skilled as Wojciech? Udjus is good in Norway, but I doubt he could stop the best in PL Re: Katrine; Udjus was Michael Owen’ing it at Brann for a couple of years before being traded to Sogndal for Piotr Leciejewski (Trained with Chelsea… Read more »


I don’t know anything about this ‘keeper. But I know I hate him and that he is total shite….but hey he’s cheap, right?

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

You are right at least in one thing…you don’t know anything!


The one thing I can’t understand is why any keeper worth his salt–or thinks he’s good, whether or not that’s the case–would want to be a backup stopper. You MIGHT see three games a year, but if you’re satisfied to collect a paycheck while riding the pine, are you even good enough–mentally–to be a backup?


Another norwegian here. In contarary to the rest i think he would be an excellent 3rd choice backup for Arsenal, he is obviously not good enough to challenge for a #1 spot in Arsenal. But he will be happy to be an unused sub and maybe get a carling cup game, and what he showed in the Norwegian league this season has impressed and made ppl talk about norwegian national side (still not Lindegaard level, but not far behind what he showed in the norwegian league). Bottom line i think it would be a decent 3rd choice, when the inevitable… Read more »


Hmmh, seems alot of norwegians coming out their caves. But so far nothing positive on udjus.
Ok so here goes,
You’d choose? (udjus)


This post reads like a list of ingredients for mixing drinks. I like!


Finally! We’ve finally found a replacement for Mart Poom!

This is Poomtastic news!

Master Bates

It’s the wright time to replace Richard


Another non Norwegian here. I have no idea what to think of this. Never heard of him, or Songdal. His jaw looks a little too square though…


Rene Adler, on a free


Rene adler has just signed for someone. we have so far let him and weise slip through our fingers.
as for this fella it depends who he is replacing. almunia shea mcdermott fine but if he is supposed to adequately replace fabianski or mannone forget it. mannone had the most clean sheets per matches played than any other keeper in all the divisions.


How ’bout Irene Adler? 😉
She be good with balls.


And here I have been waiting who’s going to make a ball joke. Finally.


In the 2012 season he kept a clean sheet for 558 minutes, which is a record in the Norwegian Premier League since its inception in 1991.

Midfield Corporal

I say get John Lukic back for a third time.

I’d think a keeper like an experienced Older keeper such as Sorensen or Gordon would be better than an unknown guy who’s played second fiddle in a small league, but what do I know. His record looks similar to Manuel Almunias before he came.


How about Bob Wilson?


Typical arsenal, sign a 28 years old goalkeeper that has never played at any level above crap.That will convince RVP to sign, right???


Arsene: “Okay, so we’re agreed on signing on fee, your weekly wage, your kids’ school fees and sorted you out unlimited 2-for-1 vouchers at Pizza Hut for as long as you’re with the club. I think that’s about it. So how about you sign he–”

Van Persie: “Just one more thing.”

Arsene: “Oh for fuck sake…”

Van Persie: “I’m concerned this Martinez kid is not quite ready to serve as a backup to Szez. I won’t sign until you’ve confirmed that we’re going to get someone as good as Manninger was.”


Ah, keeping 558 minutes of clean sheet with shitty defence in a horrible league is still good. Sign him up, but sign another keeper too.

Runcorn Gooner

You can tell the season is over.Its start up a rumour time.I read that Torres thought he was originally going to Arsenal and would love to recover his career
with us

Red and White Stripey Socks

Give LIverpool a call Arsene, and ask about Reina!


Don’t you lot know that we cant compete with Manchester City. Wrap him up Monsieur Wenger before the moneybags come. We will save a few quids for the rainy day. RIP my Arsenal.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

It isn’t your Arsenal…its our Arsenal mate and don’t forget it! Stop whining and start supporting…be a man not an AAA whiner.


Quite the most optimistic supporter, aren’t you? Suggest you defect to Sp#rs mate, your gloominess would be more in keeping with the Spuds than with us….

Arsenal norway

As a norwegian i have to say no player in tippeligaen is good eough for arsenal atm. the best goalkeeper is ghanesian/norwegian adam larsen kwarasey at strømsgodset. There have been several scouts watching him this season, but im not even sure he is good enough.

I'm not really Norwegian, but i know one

I speak for the nation of Norway when i say – no problemo.


For the record, it’s Sogndals midfield and attack thats shit. The defense is on par with the rest of the Tippeliga. Last season they allowed the fewest goals in the league, but still only just managed to secure a new contract to play in the top league…



If Craig Gordon isn’t out of our pricerange (wage wise), he’d be perfect. Is Schwartzer (sp?) available on a free too? For my way of thinking, it’s good to have a name who’s well known to English football fans on the bench – will help to keep Szcz on his toes.


It’s not about how good he is.. If he’s cheap then he will be signed.


I’m sure thats exactly how it works, your insight is so impressive

Cygan's Right Foot

Hands up who had heard of Henry, Vieira, Overmars, Pires, RvP, Fabregas, Sagna, Koscielny etc… before Wenger signed them. Who worried after Szczesny went in goal after only really having a full season at Brentford behind him but Wenger has had his faith repaid (While I’d heard good things and seen some of his games, you never know with a ‘keeper who is so young). Just because we haven’t heard of them or don’t think they are good enough, we aren’t one of the dedicated scouts that Arsenal rely on or even the manager himself who manages to better most… Read more »


I agree with this…… very true.


Overmars and Pires were established players, if not stars.


As a Norwegian, I have no idea who he is.

Arild Orholm

Another Norwegian Gooner here. I am also a fan of SK Brann, the club who had Udjus on the books for 4 years before he was traded winter 2011. He played a total of 15 games for SK Brann, none that I can remember either good or bad. But he always played second fiddle to local lad Håkon Opdal, a player who when his contract ran out this winter was unable to find a new club at all (although he was in contention for the national team squad 3-4 years ago, Opdal, never Udjus). Udjus first appearance for Sogndal vs… Read more »


He has grown a lot as a keeper since he left Brann, where his chances were limited. Sogndal, for whom he played regularly last season, conceded 31 goals, which was the least in the Tippeligaen. This in spite of Sogndal ending up as nr. 14 out of 16. This year he set a new Tippeliga-record of 500-something consecutive minutes without conceding a goal. He has also been playing well enough so far this year for the media to start writing about him as a possible keeper for the national side. Norwegians who haven’t heard of him cannot possibly be paying… Read more »

Tore på Sporet

I think that’s just the thing: The stats look good.
The league where the stats were made. Not good at all.
Just look at Norway in the European cups. Or Euro2012. Oh…

AU Gooner

no offence to Norwegians, but I wonder what the scouts are doing at every match – are there any other club’s scouts at these matches? Smells of Arsene’s bargain basement strategy.. no problem with genuine talent, but do have a problem with taking more unfancied risks – i.e. Park . Experience please

Arsenal Norway

As I said earlier it has been several scouts watching theese players not only arsenal but the likes of everton,psv eindhoven and celtic.

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This guy ain’t good at all. Last year he had one of the worst games from a keeper I’ve seen in years. Fulop had a great game compared to this match. Never will this be a success!


don’t listen to these guys who says he aren’t any good. they have NO idea. he is quite good actually. good reflexes, good starter, good in the field-work and in general a good shot-stopper.

[…] in life. Of course with Fabianski wanting out too we’ll have to find a new keeper but the rumours have started already in that […]

devon gooner

need a keeper that knows the prem league inside out and what it takes to gel with a squad of potential winners. id go for Jaaskelainen or Gordon. on another subject Ed£n Ha£ard…..what a complete tool!! COYG


Can he really compare to fabianski? If so it’s a possibility, but he’s not very young and I belive there’s no point in waisting money!

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