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Podolski: Wenger made it easy to sign for Arsenal

Lukas Podolski has revealed he spoke to Arsene Wenger on several occasions during contract negotiations with Arsenal and made clear that the Frenchman’s reputation was a major factor in persuading him to move to England.

Speaking to Arsenal.com on his first visit to the club as a Gunner, Podolski stated:

“Arsenal are a great club and Arsène Wenger has been a very successful coach both in Europe and around the world.

“He speaks several languages, and German in particular, which is very helpful. We have spoken to each other on the telephone a few times, which was very good and also which made my decision even easier.”

The German international, who arrives in London from Cologne for a fee around the £10 millon mark, also confirmed that he had liaised with compatriot Per Mertesacker about life at the Emirates.

“I do speak to Per whenever we meet and we keep in touch on the telephone, too,” he added.

“He has mentioned things about the Club’s organisation, the training ground, the fans and this has really helped. It might have influenced me to a certain extent but in the end, of course, I took the decision myself.

“I have been told that this is a Club with a great tradition and history. It is a Club always among the top four in the Premier League, with a fantastic stadium, fantastic players and great fans. Which just confirmed all the things that I already felt.”

Confirming that Arsenal’s global status played a part, the 26-year-old striker also confirmed that the decision to join the Gunners was swift once an official bid had been lodged with Cologne.

“Arsenal are a great club, here in Europe and all over the world.  At the time the transfer negotiations started between the two clubs, the decision was made really quickly.

“I’m now looking forward to the challenge at my new club and cannot wait to start after Euro 2012.

“I had a very good season with Cologne, I played well and as a result I’m now going to Euro 2012 with lots of confidence.

“After that, I will be joining up with my new team-mates at Arsenal and it is my goal just to do my best and be successful there.”

Arseblog News would like to welcome Lukas Podolski to the club and hopes to God he looks as mean in real life as he does in the above picture (which is courtesy of Arsenal.com).

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Gooner Danny

I already love him.



Ace McGoldrick

I like him.

Calvin Alias

I cant get that bloody song out of my head!

George Stevens

I think this comment alone makes him one of the best signings we’ve ever made:
“Tottenham wanted to sign me in January
but I had no idea who they were.”

Chu Young Park's dog

Doctored quote.

George Stevens

I really wanted that to be true


Indeed, I think it came from the spoof “Sky Sporks News” Twitter account. I can, however, very much imagine Wojciech Szczesny saying something like that.


If I remember correctly that was either @th14renato or @MikelArteta08 who made that up to see what’d happen.

Please don’t just straight-out believe in quotes put up on Twitter, fucking Google it for a change. Same with Hazard quotes that “he’ll be wearing blue next season” although he just said he looks best in “blue and/or red”…

Chu Young Park's dog

FFS he’s taking my owners number isn’t he?

North Bank Gooner

and britain thought THAT dog had talent!!


This is amazing. Cant wait to see him next season. Van Persie and Podolski!!!


may he help us to celebrate St Totteringham’s Day for years to come


Bit small-minded isn’t that? St. Totteringham’s Day is all well and good, but we’d all much rather see him lifting trophies for years to come!


St Totteringham’s Day is a must even for winning league/trophies. isnt it?


In all honesty, he’s a great signing but not a world class player/ one that will win us the league. Still think we need another striker or at least 1 creative/flair player to be contenders next season.


He is world class, he wouldn’t have 95 caps for a brilliant Germany side if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be able to get in there if he wasnt and there are many decent Strikers that are German but he is an ever present.must tell you something. You must remember prices dont make you world class if Arsenal paid 40m for him people would say “oh he is world class” But i beg to differ…….Henry is world class and a legend but was bought for the same sort of price and Podolski, RVP for 2.75m. I have a feeling if RVP… Read more »


Err… Who do you reckon we should sign? Balotelli? Carol? Torres? Maybe Messi or even Tevez? You must love your Playstation.


No. What I meant by world class is that he wouldn’t get into a shortlist of the top 30/40 players for a bloody World XI. So what if he got 90 + Germany caps his club career has been astonishingly average throughout imo. He isn’t world class yet but we will make him world class I’m sure of it. Might as well get Klose and all then if you think Podolski is world class already.


No joke: I would love Balotelli at Arsenal. He could be the new Bendtner.


Nas the guy has score about 43 in 95 for Germany, that is nearly a goal every 2 games he has played that is a very good return…….what more do you want? 18 Goals for Koln this season which were relegated because they couldnt get enough service to their frontmen but he still scored more than the likes of Dzeko etc which cost twice as much and are on 3x much more wages. I know you are gonna say that the German league aint all that etc, but also think that he will get more chances to score at Arsenal… Read more »


Nas, it is a very rich but lazy club that seeks to sign from the top 40. We have excelled in the harder but more fruitful task of spotting the future top 40.


PS. It’s not easy, ask Liverpool


I signed neymar for 100 million in fifa 12 and I was arsenal, that game isn’t realistic for shit


Nas: How about class act Joey Barton? It wasn’t that long ago (December?) that some fans were suggesting AW sign him up to provide midfield steel. My arse.

Podolski fits the bill: experienced, goal scoring centre forward.

Vorsprung durch Podolski


How much do you think we could get Joey Barton for?



In my first season of playing Arsenal in FIFA12, Van Persie transferred without warning to Barca for £42m and Chamakh ended the season with 48 goals.

So maybe it’s super realistic.


I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s not a world class player. He’s proven himself at World cup level, so he definitely has the talent. He failed at Bayern by all accounts, but I doubt that means he’s doomed to fail at arsenal. Bayern have had some pretty boring sides in the past, and it makes me think of how Crespo really never got going at Chelsea. It’s not like Chelsea were a bad side, but their playing style was pretty similar to those Bayern sides at the time, in that they could be quite slow in the… Read more »


Welcome to Arsenal, Lukas! Can we get the BFG the phone number of other transfer targets in the Bundesliga?


Any idea of his squad number?


9? Park will (probably) leave.


The… CURSED 9?!?


I hope not! 9 has been a bad number for us


Yeah that shirt needs to be retired!


Oh yeah, you´re right that number is cursed. I forgot that!

On the other hand, maybe this scary-looking German has what it takes to brake the damn curse!


Well he has #20 when plays for Germany, but we have DJ wearing that number. 23 may be. Arshavin is on loan. Or 30 of Yossi?


I think it would be 12 with Vela leaving…


Isn’t 12 thiery’s number for when he returns in january? (hopefully!)


Vela took 11 the season before last when RVP took 10.


Vela got #11 after RvP got the #10, then Santos got #11 so they are both #11. They will have a cagefight over the shirt in pre-season.


Maybe it’ll be some mental Italian number like 94. Why don’t we do those?

Andy T

While Lucas is a good acquisition LET US TRY & KEEP BENAYOUN!


I’m not convinced this is a step in the right direction. By mid season, I expect Ox, Gerv, Walcott, and Poldi to be our preferred wide guys. I cannot see Benny fitting in even though his attitude and focus is spot on. At his age, he needs a less demanding league in Europe to play on a regular basis.
But he has been really great for us but out with the old and in with the new.


The players you mentioned are attacking players and I doubt Arsene will play an attacking 3 in all the games.. There’ll be some games where someone like Yossi makes more sense than the others especially in the latter half of the season (like in this one).

Also, Gerv will be away again for the AfCon in Jan-Feb 2013, Poldi may take the first 6months to adjust and with along with young Ox and Theo, we may need cover especially if the other fringe players are leaving..

Rectum Spectrum

benayoun comes off the bench and scores. and while benched says only positive things. great squad player.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah…….I agree I don’t think he will get the playing time he deserves with us Next Season, but at the same time he doesn’t deserve to go back to the shite that is Chelsea, or drift down at a mid table club……….. We should sign him purely as a way of saying thank you for his immense contribution this season especially in the final run in. Plus he does bring his 10 goals a season from midfield which is priceless. I think he will struggle for game time, rather I hope he struggles for game time, as that means that… Read more »


For all you doubters “It is a Club always among the top four in the Premier League”.
Rumour has it that Tottenham fans are taking crash courses in German in preparation for this weekend. Wouldn’t it be more than a little funny if Chelsea won? Oh shit, I just barfed in my pint and its last orders… Oh well…


No what would be.funnier is to see chelsea without champions league football next season then spurs get knocked out in the qualifier.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

That would be the funniest scenario I would admit.

Also, with the new champions and non champions qualifer routes, and Tottenham’s great recent record in Europe, they are in all likelihood gonna face a team from Italy Germany Spain or France and are very likely to get knocked out.


at least we can all agree that either way it will be hilarious


I know everyone is saying this, but I would rather Chelsea won it so it was secured that sp*rs would loose all their players and drift down to mid table mediocrity once again and order would be restored.

The only thing I wouldn’t be able to handle would be ther fact that Chelsea won the champions league before us, it makes me feel sick but the joy of seeing that shit club loose all their players an fail would out weigh this.

I think we have to look at it as a win win situation here guys.

Gunner Ghai

I really hope we can keep RVP
I get this feeling that he will combine well with Poldi


I just realised that I am “footist”. Why do I always worry about players who are left footed but feel completely comfortable with right footed guys. Take that Santos gay. I get nervous when he runs around the ball so he can get it on his left. I don’t care when right footed guys do this – does this make me a footist bigot?
Why am I worried about two lefties combining? I think I’m drunk.


Well RVP isn’t really hindered by his right foot anymore. He’d never be able to score 20+ goals if everybody could just show him onto his right and expect him to miss the target, so I don’t think this will make a difference.


Yeah, I hate it when commentators say “oh it was RvP’s weak foot, if only it had been his left” like he is some kind of amputee hopping around on one leg. RvP’s right foot > half the strikers in the league


He shouldn’t wear number 9, that jersey number is cursed.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

He will break the Jinx…….


† really appreciate D̶̲̥̅̊ effort of wenger by signing podoski,is a great addition to the team. Bt A̶̲̥̅♏ still employe wenger sign one creative midfielder like gortze

Norn Iron Gooner

Eh? Whats that shite mean?


Alan smith wore no.9


And we all remember how he was killed in that freak cheese-grater factory accident.

…so much blood…


Ow. Hot tea through nose.

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Hoping rvp stays we could be talking two of the ‘lethalest’ (is that even english?, warevs) left footers in one pitch! With one common purpose-finding the top corner of every net, save sir chenseys’ ofcourse. Now if that ain’t a sign of greater things to come then i don’t know what is!.

P/s: highly recommend tissue paper for every opponent defender.


It’s “lethalistic”, or “lethalicious”.


No it isn’t, it’s “most fucking lethal”.

E9 Gunner

Podolski is a fanstatic addition. The main thing we should be concerned with is RVP signing. I’m sure if he signs; top players from other clubs will be knocking on the door of Arsenal saying “Can we join your club?”. I’m pretty certain that will happen, we will sign one or two top players as soon as RVP signs. Certain players just wont sign for us unless they see top players like RVP at the club, which creative midfielder wouldn’t want to play with RVP right now on form?


Great signing things are looking good for next season onwards and upwards. Hoping for (one…. dare I say TWO!? ….*jizzes pants*…nope too much) one mor world class signing in a creative midfield role to give wilshere ramsey rosicky and the ox a lift, we’ve been flat at times without a really sharp creator. Not sure who though any Ideas? maybe RVP could slot in there on occasion as podolski works his way up the grease pole, no doubt they’ll interchange seamlessly …the hammer footed beauties.


Im bored of all this every season will he wont he. there seems to always be one player or more in this situation. the difference is for us it always seems to be our best players whereas other teams it either doesnt happen or we just dont notice it. or is it just happening to us cos our players havent won anything? either way this is like a cancer every summer it seems to get worse. this summer not only is it our leading scorer it is also our 2nd leading scorer and our top assisters who only have a… Read more »

E9 Gunner

Every season it has been the same old thing since Vieira. Hopefully this time RVP stays and stops the cancers from spreading. Again I’m pretty certain if RVP signs, the players with one years left on their contract will sign.

North Bank Gooner

Sickening for us lot, but dont half sell a lot of papers!!! 😉


*our top 3 assisters*


By the way, while we are talking about World Class players what would we say about Dempsey joining Arsenal??? Personally I would love it.

E9 Gunner

I like Dempsey, if we signed him we’ll probably play him in the midfield off the striker. For some reason I always thought Ramsey would turn into a player like Dempsey, but it doesnt seem to be the case. Atleast Ramsey has some time on his hands to improve his game.


Yeah, I think Ramsey needs more time. People have been unbarably harsh on him, but maybe Wenger should have given him some time away from the 1st team sooner. He’s looking good coming off the bench recently but I think has struggled tactically when played from the start. His movement and technique have been good but decision-making has been a bit poor at times this season. Just needs more time, and people need to have more realistic expectations. He was never going to replace fabregas this year.


Being a Yank and a Gooner, I’d love to see Dempsey signed this summer. He’s got the stereotypical American graft and belief, but because he’s American, people are dismissive of his footballing ability. I watch him a lot for fulham and for the USMNT and he scores some beautiful goals (see, e.g., Juventus in the Europa league, and two great free kicks this season), is great in possession and can play a tricky pass when needed. I’m telling you, he can play anywhere in the front three or at the top of the midfield and he’d get in the starting… Read more »


When i first saw Poldolski, the world cup i think it was, maybe it was Euros, anyway he was the German Wayne Rooney. As in he has all the talent in the world and the sweetest strike. Luckily he is wayne rooney without all the granny shagging and just all round general cuniness. But the guy works hard from what i have seen, great technique, can play in a few positions, and will score us some wunder goals

Oleg Luzhny

It’s one day after the season and already I’m fed up of transfer talk. The sooner September 1st gets here, the better.

Samir Nasri

I have a championship medal. But I still have to live with the fact that I’m a cunt 🙁

North Bank Gooner

a fat mooby cunt without a chin, or any class


Hahaha Nasri is a cunt!!! Did anyone watch the video of him on the front of the bus like he had a huge part on the title lol, our time is comig, soon!! Cant wait for fridays podcast and internet Joe, from Tacoma WA cheers and thanx for making even the lowest points of the season enjoyable w awesome humor

Midfield Corporal

Nasri is a cunt -agreed, however we are all a little hypercritical for having a go at him for leaving for more money and a better chance to win silverware, we didn’t complain when he left marseille for the same reasons did we. Let’s face it, most footballers move for money and better chances of success. Nasri’s biggest mistake was not keeping his mouth shut and trotting out the usual guff about how great the fans are and how he is grateful to the club even if he didn’t mean it. RVP is buttering us up perfectly should he choose… Read more »


Podolski is a class striker who add some much needed strike power, a welcome addition. Welcome to Arsenal Lukas Podolski.

Igor Stepanovs

This guy should be able to keep Bendtner on his toes.


Nah, he’s obviously come to learn from TGSTEL!


Think Lukas is expressing all the right sentiments there. Looking enormously forward to seeing him in our awful new home strip come August. Contrary to some views, I think he is a world class player, not just a ” very good” one. Remember, he has almost singelhandedly kept a demotivated and untalented Køln(Cologne) side afloat in a highly competetive league, and is almost always one of the star performers for one of the worlds best national sides. Wether from the left wing, just behind the primary striker, or filling in for RVP on occasion, I can’t wait to see him… Read more »


I was especially glad to read that whenever he meets the BFG they talk with one another. It would be quite awkward otherwise.


This is strictly a pipedream but I’d love to see him linking up with RVP AND a new crafty midfielder next season. God that would be perfect!

I love the rest of our midfield players and believe that each of them brings their unique talents to the squad but the team still needs that extra something to change games when we need it!


jack wilshire, pretty crafty


It’s Diaby’s time to shine!


Diaby is going to be devastating next season – mark my words. He’s just a budget Yaya Toure.


A fantastic player. When he scores a hatrick he will be known as PODOS-KILL!


i can way to see he play for Arsenal


too many left footed strikers van persie , podolski , campbell and vermaelen.


Yeah Vermaelen is a great striker though.


To be fair, he has scored a lot of goals this season.

[…] got our first sight of him in an Arsenal shirt and he says both Arsene Wenger and Per Mertesacker played a part in his decision to join us, and also says: I’m now looking forward to the challenge at my new club and cannot wait to start […]

North Bank Gooner

welcome lukas, look forward to your safe return from the euro’s.

and even more to the onion bags of the premiership taking a hammering!!


The Hitman cometh’


I’ve always hated that french chinless cunt. Kissing and salivating all over the trophy like he did shit to bring it to shitty. Gael also looks like he’s a faggot now. I love me some more arsenal anyday. Hope the trophy goes back to emirates next season. COYG


Looks like you’ve forgiven Kolo though.

Gun-blazin Jay-ElcK

welcme to tha home of tha brave POLDI-POLDO,cnt w8 to see u join up wth tha whole arsenal squad,especially c u team up wth tha gr8 RVP…. 2DEADLY LEFT FOOTED FORWARDS…WE DEFINATELY BCK GUN BLAZIN NXT SEAZN, CAGEFIGHT WILL DO 4 THA #11,,,,,,GUNNER 4 LIFE!!

Gun-blazin Jay-ElcK

can’t wait 4 fifa 13 to ball wth podolski and Rvp up front,what do u guys think about ,how good will both players be rated on fifa 13?


Imagine that, our world class manager’s quadrilingual skills making a difference in luring a world class player to The Arse. :-/

[…] 至于波尔蒂本人,他已经身着枪手队服亮过相,并透露温格和默特萨克都影响了他对伦敦的选择。 我渴望在新的俱乐部接受挑战,欧洲杯一结束我就想投入其中。 […]

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