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Sagna feels Johnson stamp deliberate

Bacary Sagna has accused Norwich midfielder Bradley Johnson of a deliberate stamp, which ended up breaking the defender’s leg for the second time this season.

In October Sagna was pushed off the pitch by Benoit Assou-Ekkoto at White Hart Lane, and spent over three months out with a fractured shin. After Saturday he faces a similar period out after the clash with Johnson.

And although video evidence has proved inconclusive, Sagna was the man closest to the incident and he feels Johnson’s foul was deliberate.

“He trod on my leg,” Sagna told L’Equipe. “I think he did it on purpose. He trod on me in the same place as the previous fracture was. That’s what caused the pressure. It cut in two.”

“The play carried on and I got up,” he said. “When I went to control the ball, I felt a crack just like the first time against Tottenham.

“Now I’ll start all over again. I’ve come back before and I’ll come back even stronger a second time.”

It remains to be seen if the previous break will complicate his rehabilitation from this one, but let’s hope he’s back and ready for the start of the new season.

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Lord Teddy Ears

Gutted for him as he is not the sort of bloke to come out and say something like that.

Really tragic !!!


Completely off-topic, but the new home kit has been unveiled:

And all that blue looks terrible!

Re: Sagna and his injury: it was a bad tackle at first sight. You might praise Norwich for doing well in their maiden season, but the fact remains that they are just Stroke FC with a yellower kit. Same long-ball football, same going-in-hard-and-often-reckless tackling, same hoofing it up to their oaf of a striker whatshisface.

GWS Bac!


I like the logo anyway. Makes us look like WWII flying aces. They should bring out an AFC leather jacket and scarf, too.

And is this the first time a kit leaked months ago has turned out to be accurate? I think the leaked version had black instead of blue – I remember a bunch of people whining like little girls because apparently it looked too much like Man U and that would lose us all our spirit energy or something.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yes the challenge was horrible, but pls don’t insult Norwich by calling them stoke. They play on the counter and play on the ground, and their counter attacks ripped us to shreds in the first half……….credit where it is due.


The kit isn’t “classic” Arsenal, but the nod to the RAF and its appeal to “English-ness” doesn’t look half bad at all.


Not a fan of the new home strip I must say, more than a bit influenced by robin that one must have been! But I really feel for sagna. Having broken his leg once he was probably still not back to his best and his now out again with a recurrence of the injury. Hopefully the timing is fortunate and he will have a long summer to recover this time round.

Borneo Gooner

Get Bac soon! We need you strong for next season.


Dirty Norwich cunts…acting just as bad as the Stoke butchers.


Bradley Johnson is English isn’t he? He is free to do whatever he likes. No problem.

Cygan's Left Foot

This shit player Bradley came through or youth system, he is a REJECT, that is why he is bitter little man. Last year when he was with Leeds he tried to do one of our players when we played them in the FA cup.

I call him a bitter little donkey reject.


I honeslty thought the worst thing about the draw with Norwich was Sagna going off injured. Hope hes 100% next season.

Midfield Corporal

The media will spin this as a foreigner whinging about the toughness of the premier league, and if he can take it he should bugger off. Bac must be mistaken because Johnson is English, he’s not that sort of player, we don’t cheat or dive, thats a disease of the filthy foreigners and as we all know the only dives committed in recent years have been by Pires and Eduardo.


Yeah. Bale and Ashley Young don’t exist.


Feel truly sorry for Sagna!
But I don’t think it is very classy to comment like this. I mean; should the Norwich man have done research on where to hit Bac, and then go through with it?
Sounds a bit too conspiratorial to me. But like all I wish Bacary a quick return!
He’s certainly up there with my favorite players…


He didn’t do research but you can bet his manager did.


Seriously doubt his manager said “He’s just broken his leg – re-break it.”

This isn’t North Korea – football isn’t that serious business yet. At least this match wasn’t.


“This isn’t North Korea,” or American Football (see: Saints bounty scandal).

Old man grape

ofc players do that.. its been going on since the first days of football.

Adam, Watford

I disagree, T-H. Sagna is perfectly entitled to say these things, if he believes them to be true, in a safe enviroment where he is not in danger of FA sanction for bringing the game into disrepute. Johnson has been somewhat inconsistant for Norwich this season, so a Canary’s fan mate of mine says, so I suspect it’s because he’s prone to being poor at breaking up play, it is entirely possible this was a frustration of his at not getting the better of Sagna during the first half. He wanted to impress the boss no doubt. He was at… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Whilst I agree that Bac has the right to say what he said, I do feel it would be best to just keep quiet. Look at the animosity we have with Stoke, when we go there it’s their biggest game, we don’t need to create another rift with Norwich. Personally I’d keep quiet and let Johnson know I’m not going to be a walk over (literally and figuratively) with a couple of strong tackles next time we play them.


It would have to be explain to you verrry sloooowly what was meant. But couldn’t be bothered. Feel truly sorry for T-H.


“Now I’ll start all over again. I’ve come back before and I’ll come back even stronger a second time.”
I seriously love Sagna’s I-don’t-take-that-shit-anymore attitude. Get another devastating injury blow because of some f*cking c*nt stamping on his foot? I’m not tacking that, I’ll come back even stronger.
The same attitude Bac showed when we trashed the enemy 5-2. If we manage to get 3rd place his goal should be seen as the moment that turned the season around. Get well soon!

Ca$hley Cole

I know this is a bit off-topic and all but did anybody else laugh, when they clicked on the pre-order info for 12/13 Arsenal home kits on the official site, and saw the options for the players to get printed on the back of? I mean clearly this is no indication of who will actually be on the squad next year (i mean they have Almunia on there heh heh) but I found it interesting they have guys who are currently on our books but are off on loan such as Bendtner, and yet they don’t include Denilson or Vela… Read more »


The new kit looks awful. Almost as bad as this season’s jockey away shirt.


‘grayfootcrayaustralia’, but I really love this year’s away shirt.


I feel really sorry for Bac, but it was just an accident. He should show a but more class.


Sigh. I agree with the Fatgooner again.


Like I said I might be a bit biased. But take a look and tell me what you think.


Totally agree, it’s like he left his foot behind to take a little knick on bacs’ ankle as if to say “take that!”

Video evidence.


I would like to agree with you, but I don’t think I do. And at first I did think, that can’t be but Bac was obviously the closest to the incident and he can’t have just been chatting shit. So I took a look at the replay and it did look like that Norwich player did leave his left foot in just a little bit and tread on Bac. And it looked deliberate to me too because the way he was running he didn’t need to place his foot there. I don’t think he was trying to break it, maybe… Read more »


Like I said I might be a bit biased. But take a look and tell me what you think.


I watched it over and over again and…I’m not sure. I am inclined to believe Sagna as he was closed to the action than the camera and the angle is hardly perfect, but it may just be clumsiness.


Sagna is gutted that he will miss out on Euro 2012 I am sure. He looked furious and tearful as he was stretchered off the pitch. I am sure he will look back on his comment with regret in the months to come. Fracturing the very same spot he fractured before suggests that the previous fracture did not heal fully/properly. For it to snap while trying to control the ball is very odd too. We all feel his pain and disappointment but let us not blame a less talented Norwich for a spirited and committed performance. We can beat anyone… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

The winning team has been changed not due to Wenger but injuries………Walcott and Arteta were key elements this season and they are out with injuries, and now we lost Sagna.


I was specifically referring to Ramsey on the left. We had Gerv and the Ox. Ramsey on the left made our attack play very unbalanced as he always roamed all over the middle instead, creating confusion for our midfield trio as well. Also, it left Gibbs completely unprotected. This had nothing to do with injuries to our winning 11, rather it was all about Ramsey not being able to return to his midfield position because Rosicky was on fire. Every now and then Wenger seems to get a hard-on for a player and will always want to play him regardless… Read more »


They’re not really unforced decisions – Wenger has lots of considerations: – Players have GOT to be rotated in and out of the first XI to prevent burn out. – Playing people out of position may be risky, but it’s a fairly important part of their development that they are versatile to slip into any position on the pitch and be comfortable. – A large factor of our underachievement over the last few years has been the predictability of our attack. Opponents know essentially what a fully fit Arsenal team are going to do – and while most teams can’t… Read more »


Let’s get this straight. He did not break his leg trying to control the ball. Does that even make sense to you.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Don;t you just love the guy, what a warrior we have in Sagna………

I mean with a broken foot he got up to try and control the clearance so we could keep up the pressure………

To Quote (or misquote) Batman Begins:

When you are willing to bleed for the badge, you become much more than just a player, you become A Legend, Mr. Sagna, a legend.

F Davies

On match of the day The pundits discuss Danny Rose getting sent off for potentially breaking a leg!! Nothing is mentioned or even shown on the stamp by Johnson who actually broke Bac’s leg!! Need I say more!!!!!!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Of course not, the media has portrayed Arsenal players as if they are seemingly made of Wax, and a “not that type of a player” can’t touch one without breaking them in two.

So that fact that one wax stature got broken is a lesser deal than a human being who almost got broken.

Adam, Watford

Is Match Of The day even a relevent forum for debate anymore.

I hate to say it but I think since the Beeb refuse to get someone of proper gravitas ( Des Lynam or similar ) then the grinning goon that is Lineker and a certain few regular pundits will soon consign this mish-mash of a format into the bins of TV history.

MotD 2 is slightly better because it doesn’t have Gary Lineker. Colin Murray is actually impartial.


Terrible news for Bac and Arsenal. He is a fighter though.

I thought Coquelin did quite well. Can we also agree that Chamakh was great when he came on? We instantly looked better with him plus AOC on.

Interesting to see what type of team lines up for West Brom.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ARSEBLOG […]


Really interesting article by Arseblogger today. He makes some very good points. I’m not sure that I completely agree with him, though. The problem with finishing third will be that Wenger will almost certainly be our manager again next season. That means that none of the deep-rooted profound problems that we have will be addressed. Wenger’s failure to sort out our defending, inability to prune the dross from our squad, and tactical naivety will make sure that, yet again, we will finish the season with nothing. We are in a kind of no-win situation right now. If we fail to… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Our deep rooted profound problems haven’t been addressed……….what are u talking about………..very few other managers in the world could have salvaged this season after the way things turned out at the start. We were 17th in september, and we are third now. One draw against Norwich changes nothing…………….one doesn’t cover up 13 points gaps by being lucky or not addressing deep rooted problems. Lessons have already been learnt, and yes the Norwich result was kick in the teeth, but we will get it done against West Brom………..and be in the Champions League next season………I do not understand how you can… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Correction to my post above – Arsenal to *not* make the Champs league is the kind of thinking that those cunts at Sp*rs are doing


I respect your views Fatgooner, you’re almost always in the opposite corner when it comes to opinions but as a long standing supporter you obviously feel strongly about Wenger and you’re entitled to think that way. Not to take a shot at you or anyone in particular but I feel, there are quite a few supporters out there whose hatred for Wenger is more than their love for the club….and that to me just doesn’t seem right. I hated Adebayor in his last season, I was very upset that he was not sold but I could not hate him more… Read more »


As someone who actually cares where money comes from, I am understating myself when I say that I am serious ambivalent about Usmanov taking any further control of the club than he has already.


I agree. With or without Wenger, I’d rather that we not owe Usmanov any favours or money. Even though Kroenke hasn’t really done anything since he took over the club except confirm that he got the ‘Silent Stan’ nickname for a reason, I still prefer that to having our own version of Abramovich.

The Red and White Observer

HI FAT GOONER: After 125 years of club history, from its origins at Woolwich then to Highbury, then The Emirates at the expense of trophies (7 years) I take issue with Fat Gooner’s remark that: ” I just wish Usmanov would buy out Kroenke this summer: it would make things so much easier” The Easier bit got to me : The Arsenal is a club with millions of supporters both young and old, a modern blend of multiculturalism in its team players and supporters; with a cache of hundreds of respected and treasured players over the years, with staff and… Read more »


You seemed to drop a little bit physically in the 2nd paragraph but you showed exceptional mental strength to finish typing your comment.

That is to say, well done.


The second paragraph may have been written with the handbrake on, that could be why it lacked a little bit the sharpness….


“The problem with finishing third will be that Wenger will almost certainly be our manager again next season” and we’ll all have to put up with another season of Fatgooner holding forth on how all our problems will be solved by sacking him.

There. That makes more sense.


Read one nice article months ago i guess it was from arse2mouse or goodplaya dont remember but the article made sense what if we finish outside how is it gonna reflect and the debate carries on. But i just wanna say one thing just dont be in the champions for the sake of it be in it to win it.
And yes i would love to see that happen with Wenger.


Wenger will be the manager whether we finish 3rd, 4th or 12th. The board owe him a lot for keeping their ship in order and he is after all our most successful manager. A lot of people won’t like it and some will be absolutely delighted. I respect the man a great deal. To me he’s fantastic and loves the club immensely. The thing is he has his faults but so does every other manager. The cracks seem to have deepened over the past few years and people take cheap shots at him about his refusal to spend and the… Read more »


Sagna is a different class. best right back in the league. Humble, professional, stays away from all the bad press. You feel he’s in football for the love of the game, not the money. Never saw him play dirty or dive. And after two leg breaks, he is optimistic and positive.

Sagna’s attitude and the way he handles himself on and off the pitch should be taught to all other footballers.


Love him almost as much as I love Ludivine. So fit.


So even if we finish third despite how bad this season has gone, you would sack wenger? Van Persie would definately go if wenger went. Plus there’s noone to replace him with. Your short sighted and look at the bad points over the obvious good points in the way arsene wenger works. We are used to arsenal winning because of the arsene wenger era, take it away we would probably not have some of our best moments.


If we finish third despite all the injuries and transfer nonsense that we’ve had to deal with, Wenger should be thrown in a room with a solid gold jacuzzi, this year’s top 10 FHM girls and as much pizza as he likes – which is the kind of thing I would like if I wanted to be recognised as pretty fucking good at my job. Arsene might prefer a different kind of reward, I dunno…


He’d probably love to be left in a room with a handbrake, a water bottle, a television and dvd player and a replica of the dugout with a Pat Rice cutout next to him. Oh and a few cones and Park and Chamakh 😀

We might also be able to sneak in a few posters for the wall with ‘LANS’ and ‘Mental Strength’ and ‘Stoke are cunts’ on them.


On a total different note, I’d dedicate this song to Arsenal this season. And especially to Arsenal fans. I don’t get some of them. But still we’re Gooners.

Its by Kansas. Some of the hottest lyrics. Love Arsenal.

Carry on my wayward son
There’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more….

The Red and White Observer



We can’t deny football is a contact sport and playing with plates and screws in your leg is always a risk.Yes a deliberate trod is a cuntish thing to do,but I don’t think he knew there was a plate there which could lead to a leg break.Our players do it too.No point blaming Norwich or anyone for that matter.


You’re right. IIRC Sagna was supposed to go back to have the plates and screws removed, but decided that getting back early was more important and to risk leaving it ’til the summer break.

He’s paid the price. We all owe him a shitload we can never repay for taking that risk, putting it on the line and being there for us.


Doubt he’ll be that sad when he has Ludivine to comfort him during his time away. She’s a real, real beauty.


Sometimes I honestly think that I’m living on a different planet to you people out there (I know, I’m leaving myself wide open here). Now let me see, tell me if I’m wrong about anything here: 1. We are a massive European club. 2. We have won nothing for seven years. 3 Arsene Wenger has won nothing for seven years. 4.We have one of the highest wage bills in England and Europe. 5. Our Yank owner knows nothing about ‘soccer’ and hardly ever attends games. 6. Usmanov does attend most matches. So please, please tell me why there so much… Read more »


Logic fail: Just because points 1-4 are unarguable doesn’t mean that 5-6 + The rest of your post become automatically correct. Show me the evidence you’ve seen demonstrating that Kroenke doesn’t know anything about football? Or that he doesn’t care about the club. Is Usmanov’s attendance at games supposed to magic us a trophy or something? Please tell. Am I supposed to be annoyed that Kroenke isn’t seen in London so much when he has six other sports teams making demands of his attention? Delia Smith is at Norwich all the time – maybe we should invite her to buy… Read more »


FatGooner mate you claim that most supporters on here don’t get it, but in essence they don’t get you. You’re assuming that what you think is the right way is also the only way. You have stated valid facts but there’s no reason to believe that any change in method will guarantee any sort of success. You seem to seek perfection, which while a great benchmark in principles is very rarely attained with or without investment. In fact Arsenal have always been at what you call ‘80%’. The only 100% club are the red mancs and even they are liable… Read more »


if It was basketball, that kick out would be called an unnatural basketball act. So we’ll call this an “unnatural football act” there was no reason for Johnson to kick back like that – it not a natural running motion or a slip or anything. He kicked back to hurt Sagna. He should be out for several games.


Better it happened now than at the Euros. A summer with the family, some rehabilitation, time away from football, yes it’s a shame he’s injured again but the timing could have been much worse.


Let’s not forget that:

7. Usmanov also wants to declare a shareholder dividend.

That’s right. Your fat (maybe that’s why you like him), little plumpkin of a white knight actually wants to attach himself to our Red and White undersides and suck the money right out of us.

Yep. Things would be all better, if only we had a fat leach to gorge himself on our cash flow and load us up with debt as we sign Fernando Torres 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. Even the Glazers would look on in envy.

Nah. I’ll stick with Stan.

[…] other one, of course, is the stamp by Johnson which even Sagna felt was deliberate — and something we have seen the referees allow against Arsenal time and again. The Norwich […]

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