Thursday, September 28, 2023

Szczesny: Third’s massive…but next year we want trophies

Having taunted Harry Redknapp and Sp*rs all season about finishing above them, few of the Arsenal squad (perhaps Wilshere apart) can have been as relieved about finishing the job than Wojciech Szczesny.

Admitting that he had loftier ambitions at the start of the season, the Pole in goal admitted that given the poor start to the season, third place in the table was well worth celebrating.

Speaking to Arsenal Player after Sunday’s tense 3-2 win over West Brom he stated:

“It is massive. I said before that I don’t think people believed we could finish third.

“Although I wouldn’t have taken it before the season, given the circumstance and the start of the season I think we will take it and we are very pleased.”

Already looking ahead to next season, despite a full summer schedule which will see him keep goal for hosts Poland at the European Championship, Szczesny made clear that ending the trophy drought is very much on the agenda next term.

“You want to win trophies. Yes we are happy we managed to finish third but when you play for this club you want to win trophies and we didn’t do it this year so it is disappointing.

“But we already have one signing coming in and hopefully with one or a couple more we can challenge for a trophy next season.”

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Old man grape

If forth place is a trophy does that mean he wants to finish lower next year? I’m well confused!
Seriously though, we have a winner on our hands here.. Miles above the other lads in goal, and clever young man to boot.
People critised him for his outspokenness and his twitter obsetion, but football would be a dull world without personalities like him. And he gave up twitter anyhow, after a bad result. He said he needed to buckle down and grow up..
This guys gonna be our number one right up to when robots rule the world 😀


His form is on and off, from the latest season performance, he’ll need to improve a lot more.

Arsenal need quality and depth to win, right now a lot of the depth are poor or fragile. If Arsenal don’t take the opportunity to improve now, the worse could be another Liverpool in the making, and when that happens, it is even harder to climb back up, for the entire club.


You mean, to avoid becoming Liverpool we should go buy lots more players?


Cygan's Right Foot

While the squad always looks close, before a blank cheque falls in front of the player or suddenly DNA has a teams imprint (despite this being a medical impossibility), we hear the same thing every year from a different player. We all known some of the players don’t pull their weight but that just means the players that do, need to drag the team over the line. The team have made loads of individual errors and collective errors this season (it’s been a weird season anyway), but the younger players seem to be all mouth and no trousers at the… Read more »

Old man grape

i would say that Szczesny has always stood up to be counted.
he has made a few mistakes, but it just seems a bit dull hearted to lump him in the same barrel as nasri or the sort.
this guy has iron arms for fucks sake! =-D


That last quote is the most important part! As blogger said a few days ago, we’re not just trying to retain RVP just because he’s RVP. By doing so we make a statement that this club wants to compete at the HIGHEST level. A statement to the squad, the fans and to other players looking at Arsenal.



Third place is all well and good as long as nobody looks into the final points tally. Its a shame that there is an almost a 20 point margin between us and the front runners. You’d expect a LaLiga table to look like that, not an EPL table.
Man we really need to win next season. I’ve forgotten what it feels like.


He should shut up and focus on improving his game. All mouth and no action. Would rather hear from players that have won something – you can respect what they say. What has Szczesny achieved? Nothing. Typical modern Arsenal. Szczesny, Wilshere, Djourou, Walcott always in the media saying how we will do this, that and the other. What have they ever actually done in their careers?

Notice how Van Persie keeps quiet? Because he doesn’t have to talk himself up, he’s the real deal. As I say, actions speak louder than words.


Maybe you should shut up and focus on doing something more useful with your pc

Cygan's Right Foot

Isn’t Robin always speaking in the match day program about how well his team mates are doing and how we need to make sure we are consistent? Seems like you sir don’t know about your own team


No action? Oh, you’re right. Let’s go get Almunia back, eh?
Szcz has been great most of the season, and he’s clearly dedicated in improving – that interview where he talks about how he and his ex-GK dad talk about his errors and how he can block better comes to mind.

And is ‘winning things’ seriously how you judge the merit of someone’s words? I bet you live to hear John Terry’s words then.


I’m nominating this for “Wanker Comment of the Day”. Do you not actually get the concept of interviews? This isn’t from his Twitter – a reporter asked him for his opinion and he gave it.


They better win a trophy next year. They really better w
in a trophy next year. After listening to Samir Nasri all they should think is winning a trophy, nothingelse. There should be nothing else on their mind?

Wtf, he called City bigger club then Arsenal? Did he really? Just win trophy and go to war with Nasri..


the pre-season game in Beijing is not gonna be too friendly


Nasri is now fully justified in leaving for city. We all know he is a greedy cunt and went for the money but our shambles of a start to the season due to our rediculas transfer saga we have given him the bullets to fire at us. He’s won a premier league medal he’s trebled his money and he can now take the piss out of us as much as he wants.
And until we address the problems that exists at arsenal and stop selling out top players the likes of nasri will always feel justified in leaving.


Although I don’t agree with a lot of things Nasri said, but he is definitely right in one thing…… some Arsenal players take good money sitting on the bench and making no contributions at all.


They also have these players at Man City. Let’s just think: who do we know at Man City who sits on the bench, makes good money but hardly contributes anything?


What’s worse – a player who sits on the bench and contributes fuck all or a cunt who contributes fuck all despite being on the pitch and then ignores the fact that he was a contributory factor to the failure of the team he slags off?


“But we already have one signing coming in and
hopefully with one or a couple more we can
challenge for a trophy next season.”…………hear that wenger?, even szczensny knows.

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Did Wilshire ever call in his bet against the Spuds on twitter?

Good Omens

Yeah he did and hes donating the proceeds to Great Ormond street hospital.

Rectum Spectrum

Ah that’s great news for Diaby


Hahaha spectrum……rotlmao.

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