Monday, November 28, 2022

Team news: Walcott faces fitness test ahead of West Brom

Arsene Wenger has not completely ruled Theo Walcott out of Sunday’s crucial game against West Brom.

The England international tweaked his hamstring in the home game against Chelsea then, for some reason, declared himself ok/was allowed back on only to double tweak it a few minutes later. It was thought he’d miss the final games of the season but the manager opened the door to his participation.

Speaking at his final press conference of the season, Wenger said of Walcott, “He will have a test. I don’t know yet if he will be included in the squad or not. It is possible.”

There are also reportedly injury doubts over Squillaci and Park (meh) and Andre Santos (come on Andre!) but a decision will be made about them closer to Sunday.

The boss also revealed that Barcary Sagna is set to have surgery on his broken fibula tonight, so let’s wish him luck and a speedy and successful recovery (and that no big twat stamps on his leg for no good reason).

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is it just me or does the draw to Norwich not seem to have done us a tiny bit of favour in that it will wake the team up to the fact that 110% is the mininmum they have to give against west brom

wish Bac a speedy recovery and wether his consitency is ‘patchy’ or not, so keen to have walcott back on the pitch at his best causing problems with those speedy gonzales legs


I wouldn’t agree, don’t forget that we could even hand Park a start (if he were available) if we had managed to snap up all 3 points…


I agree that obviously the 3 points would have been amazing and secured us 3rd, but was always worried that an easy win against norwich might make us to lazy against west brom who are not a team to underestimate


I agree, losing points is the way forward, like the crest only that it isn’t.


nah, the things is that if we’d won that way, we could have afforded to give 1% against West Brom.

Obviously, I’d still prefer to never see Arsenal take a game lightly, but it’d be miles better to be able to go into this game with the Champions League spot safe in our hands.

Glory Hunter

Having Theo on the bench is the best we can hope for and hopefully we wont need him against WBA!
WBA have nothing to play for, so isuspect it’ll be an open match, we really need to be very disciplined.

Master Bates

It will Woy’s last match ,don’t you think he’ll want to leave on a high (but so does Pat)


I wish people would give Hodgson a break with regards to his speech.


Agreed. Now, master bates – say sowwy. . . .

Tom C

I’m sure he didn’t mean to be howwible


Twue, i’m sure he was just twying to be humowous


Hodgson is a decent, humble man. He’ll probably do a far better job than people think, and I’m inclined to think he will foster a far better relationship between club managers and the England setup. I just think it’s a shame that people focus on his speech and not what he can offer the game in this country.


Sorry argonaut, just couldn’t resist that! On the contrary, rather than focusing on his speech I totally agree with you, and I think the game could do with more of him as opposed to the other bloke who thought he’d get the job, who if he had got the job, I would definitely be focusing not on the job he might have done, but the fact that he is a massive cunt….
And a t*ttenham cunt at that….


argonaut- im sure noone really has bad blood with woyy, im sure he’s handled alot worse than that…. imagine him trying to speak italian at inter? top bloke, top manager. just fun to take the piss out of. on a note about the game, if jenkinson is fit, i really hope we play with Song/le Coq and Rosicky in the midfield. i dont want to be a ramsey hater but this game is far too important to gamble if he is going to show up or not. Plus id really like to see Le Coq actually playing in his position… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

apart from their manager being appointed England gaffer, meaning the players and fans will want a good send off for him

that, and the fact that they’re playing the Arsenal, one of English football’s biggest scalps. Fuck knows why gooners seem to forget that we’re a big deal for clubs like west brom, they’ll put in that extra bit of effort in a way they won’t when fulham or spuds come rolling into the hawthorns


Bit harsh on Fulham that Sam.

Adam, Watford

I’m not sure that’s true, entirely. Positionally thaey can’t get higher than 10th but could be caught by Sunderland if they beat Utd. and Swansea on goal difference, which would make them 11th or 12th, depending on Sunderlands result. So it’s a few million in terms of prize money. Who know how motivated they are in terms of position ? However, I suspect this England managers farce has given with one hand, that is to say Sp*rs’s dip in form, and it could potentially take with the other. WBA may wish to give Uncle roy a big ‘ Thank You… Read more »


koscielny djourou vermaelen gibbs
coquelin song
walcott rosicky gervinho

fabianski jenkinson santos ramsey benayoun chamberlain chamakh

Glory Hunter

To atid:

I fully understand why you picked that team and i would agree but i dont think Djourou plays well in tense situations like this.

Master Bates

I think we should all our players for next season and play the following startin XI ,

think about it ,They’ll have more dertermination
Being an Armchair manager is KEWL!!

Cygan's Right Foot

Isn’t Meade a winger?




I would prefer Kos in the middle and give Jenko a run out at RB. The kid has an amazing engine as well as a good cross. Would definitely agree with picking Coq in place of Ramsey (not because i hate him, but because i know WBA will come at us and we need cover), and i would imagine Theo will only make the bench and the boss will play Yossi on the left. Would love to see Chambo get 90 minutes under his belt though.

Bishal Thingom

Le Coq Kos Vermaelen Gibbs
Song AOC
Gerv Rosicky Benayoun


AOC? being hopeful? he’s just a kid. let him be on the bench for a while longer


eh? Jenkinson should start. he’s the back up right-back after all? or coquelin. I like him.


Jenkinson at right back, Kos in central defence


I don’t get all the thumbs-down on this post, just what’s wrong with it?

If I had to guess, I’d go with “people are hating on Djourou again for no reason”. but no one’s replied to the post with the usual nonsensical complains about the guy.


I think we really missed him against Norwich. Sometimes you don’t know the impact a player makes until they’re out for a couple of games. I do think though that Gervinho had a good game last time out and will be a huge player for us next season.

Master Bates

Good news!!!! their captain Chris Brunt is ruled out, Odemwingie(doubtful) too.

I am sorry that I find this new good

Adam, Watford

Yesw, but Shane Long is a bit of a threat too. In the Crouch type mould, a useful striker.

Is Odenwinge fit ? I hope he isn’t playing, although he has been on the wing recently where he is less effective, rather than ineffective.

Merlin's Panini

In the Crouch type mould? lanky and crap?
that’s a bit harsh. Just cos his name is Long.


shane long is nothing like peter crouch, long is really fast and just kind of runs around as fast as he can for as long as he can


start jenkinson at rb and coquelin in midfield(instead of aaron). Ramsey’s woefully out of form, brutally victimized by “fans”. Start coquelin, he’s the closest we have to arteta in terms of defensive play. That will free song to play his hollywood passes.

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Ramsey will play and he will score tomorrow mark my words!


hahahahahahaha. you’re funny.
P.S- Ramsey only scores once in a blue moon. or when a celebrity dies.

Cygan's Right Foot

Actually he scores and then a celebrity dies, not the other way round as you have said

Glory Hunter

Nobody minds Ramsey playing or scoring(unless ur a celebrity)
But im sure 80% dont want him to start!


Aaron Ramsey… he scores when he wants. I guess he just doesn’t feel like it?


I guess the ones on this site constantly calling for Ramseys head are the ones that wanted Pat Rice sacked last summer. Why dont you all fuck off and support Blackburn


Not calling for his head… asking Wenger to please bolster our team and get enough reinforcements that Ramsey is not a part of the starting lineup until he’s ready. Currently, he’s not good enough to be starting on a top premier league XI. (Be it because of past injuries, current confidence issues, whatever.)


I agree, Ramsey is not ready.
He will never be ready for the Arsenal starting 11. It is not my wish, it is reality.


Arseblog banter and puns, credible AFC news aside, is on its own worth the amount of data and time that I spend visiting this site. So, please don’t give anyone a bweak at the expense of humour, espwecially when such a person stands between us and St . Tot*s. ARSEBLOG, MES QUE UN BLOG!

tola junior

shut the fuck. learn to be a mature man. grow up faggin kid. Ramsey is out of form at d moment. admit it


Presumably a mature man is a man who is a fearsome keyboard warrior?

You have me (a fagging kid) all scared, oh mighty mature tola junior!


Ok, i’ll admit Ramsey’s out of form. Now, learn how to talk properly or fuck off back to Bebo


Good point well put waitressinthesky and everyone is entitled to their opinion, except maybe tola junior…But Wenger has 30 years player management experience, was a player before that. He works with the players 5- 7 times per week, he’s the manager, he picks the team, he hates losing as much as anybody, maybe more. I think I’ll trust his judgement on who should be in the first 11 and how to handle individuals within the squad


I call for 4 4 2 on Sunday. I’m littlebit worried after last couple of weeks.
Coq (Jenks) Kos Verm Santos
Ox Rosicky Song Benayoun
Rvp Chamakh (Walcott )

p.s. I feel it is Chamakh time 🙂


I see glimpses of him coming good when he came on in the Norwich game. I really wish he would come good for us even if it just the last game of the season.

dink arnold

I know there wasn’t room for him, but Chamakh never really got much of a chance this season, the last few times he’s been on the pitch for 10 minutes he looked good. And he looked good against Norwich, I would be up for him to play for sure. Not sure if he can play a full ninety minutes, because he might be out of form, but I’m sure he can manage 60, and Park 30. I feel so bad for Park, he really shouldn’t have changed his mind last minute to join, he would’ve done better in France. I… Read more »

dink arnold

I had quickly forgotten Park was out injured, ignore that..


I remember for months before Anfield ’89 i was bad mouthing a certain Mickey T in the way people are Ramsey now. What a cunt i ended up feeling. . . .


That memorable all these years later? Must’ve been a good’un.


Yeh, so good I missed the fucking game! I was 15 though……


And I was in Italy…


Say no more…


Yep, probably for the best mate……


I think injuries to Squillaci and Park will help us out because they are both shit. Let’s hope Song doesn’t move further than 5 meters from our centre backs and Vermalen doesn’t move any further than 5 meters from the half way line. Do this and the 3 points are surely ours!

[…] it was Arsene’s press conference yesterday there was a bit of team news ahead of West Brom on Sunday. The most significant piece of that is Theo Walcott faces a late […]

[…] it was Arsene’s press conference yesterday there was a bit of team news ahead of West Brom on Sunday. The most significant piece of that is Theo Walcott faces a late […]

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