Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Wenger eyes further ‘Arsenalisation’ of Emirates Stadium

Arsene Wenger hopes that Arsenal can make further improvements in and around the Emirates Stadium to help improve the matchday experience and atmosphere for home supporters.

The boss has been a central figure in not just pushing through the initial decision to build the Gunners new(ish) home, but also in identifying and implementing  bespoke elements in the arena’s design for both the players and fans.

The ‘Arsenalisation’ of the Emirates has been in full swing for over three years with internal concourses being brightened up by graphics and montages, the exterior of the stadium being wrapped in a giant homage to the club’s former greats by illustrator Tavis Coburn, a replica of Highbury’s famous timepiece being installed at the renamed Clock End and Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Herbert Chapman all having statues erected in their honour.

Eager for Arsenal fans to further enjoy their visits to N5, the boss stressed to the club programme ahead of Saturday’s last home game of the season with Norwich, that he would always push for further improvements.

“As a home for Arsenal Football Club, this stadium is getting better and better.

“There is still some work to do – I would like there to be more lighting around the stadium at night and for it to feel like the centre of the city, and want to make sure it is a place where you can talk, communicate and be in touch with the history of the club – and, of course, somewhere that you can have a good time with friends.

“We are working on it, and would like to congratulate the people who have come up with the many ideas that have been implemented so far.”

It remains to be seen what the next stage of ‘Arsenalisation’ will entail, although by the time the new season rolls around I’m sure we’ll have found out.

In the meantime, Arseblog News welcomes with open arms all those who sign our petition to see Amaury Bischoff  honoured with a statue on a scale usually reserved for deposed Soviet-era authoritarian leaders…

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Arsenalisation is just another word for “Make us more money and try and disguise the fact we’ve won fuck all recently!”

Although I do like some of the decoration and history around the stadium, its just all money-making.

The new limited edition kits released every season (usually commemerating a past triumph, eg 89 season away kit, 125 years kit, highbury maroon kit) are a perfect example of this.


The club have actually been quite reserved with the home kit. Chelsea, United, Tottenham and many others have changed their home kit every season for at least the last 5 years.

Old man grape

agree on the kit. but I think we’ve done a great job on the stadium. bringing back the clock for example (can’t see how they can make money from that =-D). and all the other additions feels more like an attempt to keep a dialogue with our past. something which can be lost very easily with the move to a new stadium. the FA have managed to completely fuck up the new Wembley and can be seen as a great example of how not to go about it. although i would have loved us to keep the old style Art… Read more »


Or a statue of him kicking a bottle of water, with a little fountain squirting out the nozzle..


I would rather have a statue of le boss holding up a golden plated trophy. Heh


The club is trying to make money? How dare they!
They also erected statues of those that made the club great, and the exterior is wrapped in homages to the great history of the club? Awful, it must all be a money making scheme.

Do you ever read what you just wrote before posting?


What an idiotic comment. Just because we haven’t won anything recently doesn’t mean that everything the club does is a money making scheme.

The club’s attempt at improving the atmosphere of the stadium and making it feel more like a home should be applauded. I admit though that it probably won’t feel special until we win something but that shouldn’t mean spoilt brats you complain about every single thing.

Ps. The maroon kit we wore in 05-06 was sexy


Second favourite kit, after our ’71 homage in 03-04


I think lonsdale is too old to be blogging.


Don’t be daft, of course its money making! It is also offering the fans what they want, so they pay for it and the club generates more money to improve which makes us, the fans, happier.
Go do some basic GCSE business studies, I think you’ll find that this whole money thing is pretty fucking important!

Goon Era Dam

Other ideas? A cannon on the roof of the ground, permanently loaded and pointing at the Shit Hole.


Rename Holloway Road to Arsenal station.

And Arsenal station to Arsenal 2.


Actually a cannon that shoots every time we score.


better yet – a canon that shoots a chicken?


A cannon that shoots a basketball at a chicken everytime we score.


A canon that shoots Gascoigne’s liver at a chicken? I keed, I keed!


And get a permanent cleaner who will accidentally put the trigger every week.


The only arsenalisation of the stadium I want to see is the addition of a trophy. That will add more money to the coffers than any Restuarant, bar, mural or statue.

Ryo's Miyaichi

As mentioned above, if this really was all for the fans and not financially motivated too then they’d change the name of the stadium… I know it’s not as simple as that but still. The Grove!


They have a contract with Emirates for the stadium name until 2021. Without that money the stadium would not have been built.

Get over it.

Ryo's Miyaichi

Which was my reason for saying ‘I know it’s not as simple as that’.
It what normal circumstance would anybody react to a none offensive statement so bitterly when not sitting behind a computer?

Old man grape

I imagine its because so many people complain about how we don’t expand our commercial prospects, and then complain that its all about making money.
that can be quite annoying tbh.

Ryo's Miyaichi

Fair enough, wasn’t meant to be a direct dig at financial exploits of Arsenal. I was just saying it would be nice if the stadium wasn’t named after a sponsor. I understand the money that comes from Emirates is essential.


I agree it would be nice too, but it is, it wasn’t a mistake, there’s nothing anyone can do about it and whining about it is just extremely silly.

Rectum Spectrum

i think its sexy how’s you’s made up there

Cygan's Right Foot

Can I just ask – If you knew they couldn’t rename the stadium, why did you bring it up?

Ryo's Miyaichi

Because I wrote a comment on a blog site in work that I spent about 30 seconds on and didn’t expect to get such a tirade of abuse and criticism. I rarely moan about Arsenal, and wasn’t even moaning here and even conceded it was probably a rushed and ill though out comment. But then you get the people who seamingly prefer feeling popular on a computer to being part of something bigger (AFC). There are people who say far worse things and criticise specific players (i.e Rambo) who hardly get criticised enough. Rant over.

Ryo's Miyaichi

* I meant the people who needlessly abuse and over criticise certain players deserve criticsm themselves not that the players who are insulted deserve to be insulted further.

Rectum Spectrum

there’s your mistake. i spend several hours pouring over each post, peer reviewing with my colleagues before hitting submit.


they are contractually obligated to have give the naming rights to the emirates for the next few years at least, it was orignally meant to be called ashburton grove or nw higbury, Fifa 12 commentators will tell you this much


Add some Parisian-style bistros to the the external concourse of the stadium and we could be talking about the next Upper St.

Adam, Watford

I quite agree, the Holloway Road / Finsbury Park area could do with something smart on their doorstep !

For those not ‘ au fait ‘ with Upper Street, it is the ‘ trendy ‘ main high street through Islington and hub for nightlife, running to and from Islington and Highbury.

Old man grape

with the blue nun at the end,
full of fat slappers =-D


Fuck Upper st. Not enough kebab+pizza shops.


I welcome it gladly. The more individual the stadium is the better. Even corny and childish beats souless and concrete.

Do you guys reckon all this good news is being eeped out in order to distract us from how awful the new shirt is? Anyone? No..

Ryo's Miyaichi

god that kit is atrocious. Saves me £40 next season though! I’ll be purchasing a replica 60s or 70s kit I think.


70s replicas are still £30. So you’ll not save £40.

Ryo's Miyaichi

Ok maybe I should have worded it as ‘i think I’ll buy 60’s or 70’s replica with the money I save’. Chill out mate,

Adam, Watford

Yes, I totally agree . . . there’s going to have to be a constant stream of good news and a trophy or two to distract rom that abomination.

Of course the danger is that if we win the Champions League in that kit , you do realise it will be trotted out again to be worn in a significant anniversary season of winning the champions League . . . will the torture never stop ?

Nike, you simply don’t deserve to design the shirt, let alone make our players wear it.

Old man grape

I think we do well whenever we have a crap kit. the invincibles one was so rubbish, we had to go unbeaten just to forget about it..

Midfield Corporal

2002 double kit my favourite. I can still see Bobby in it now, ooh I’ve come over all feignt.

I thought the club had erected a 4th statue along with Thierry & Co’s but it just turned out to be Arshavin standing and watching his man bear down on our defence.


Hi Guys

Speaking as a Sp*rs fan, may I say how much I envy you Gooners for the lovely modern stadium and the generally progressive and sustainable way in which you do football? My shitty little club has sooooo much to learn from you.

Old man grape

people pretending to be spuds are actually worse than spuds.


damn fool. i aint gittin on no damn plane

Old man grape



I’ve seen the adams and henry statues outside, and I must say that they are an amazing addition! If only cesc had stayed for a few more years, we would have him out there (probably telling Pubis to stfu)..
Oh well, we always have RVP!

Arsene's bottle of water

We need a Bergkamp statue ASAP

I would prefer ray parlour with a pint in his hand and a ripped up betting slip on the floor =-D


We can always build Cesc a garden gnome.

Arsene's bottle of water

We’re gonna have cannon-shaped patterns on the grass cut. You heard it here first!


I did that in my back garden when we did the Double in ’98. Took me ages.

The missus wasn’t impressed to say the least.

the only sam is nelson

did you face the canon the wrong way or something? why wasn’t she impressed?


I think she thought it an inappropriate use of the lawn Sam. I thought it looked mustard, then again I would.

the only sam is nelson

if next season is as harrowing as this one you might want to start practising your next sculpture in the lawn http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/f/f4/The_Scream.jpg/220px-The_Scream.jpg

Old man grape

The cannon was the wrong way round then wasn’t it?
I still miss that badge…

Ivor Biggon


Old man grape

they talk on the tuesday club about that. they say it wont be there next season, but still looking for a substitute song.


Perhaps the theme from Platoon.


Tommy Daltry is a Gooner. What’s wrong with a stonking Who track? My Generation, Join Together, You Better You Bet, Baba O’Reilly, Won’t Get Fooled Again … take your pick!

Old man grape

My generation would be fucking cool.


It has to be this, innit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fjvHQ1tUw8

Old man grape

yep… that’s pretty, pretty good.

Eric Irish gunner

Champions would be nice before the last few games

Graham Palmer

Bring back the Singing Bobby and Marching Band! (Great to see the Band dodging the sprinklers)

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

I heard some years ago that this was the first song to be played in the sound system at the Emirates when it was tested for the first time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOEpkQGaQlY


Indiana Jones theme?

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Nanananananananana ARSENAL!


hilariously terrible idea


Or hilariously brilliant idea?

Gooner Sam

Ivor I couldn’t agree more…god I hate that song! You can’t tell me that the song motivates the players or the crowd. Whatever happened to ‘Right here right no’ by Fatboy slim….now that was an anthem for the atmosphere!!

the only sam is nelson

ummmm they *do* play RHRN before all home games nowadays, it was reintroduced earlier this season

the elvis embarrassment remains but is now played about 10mins before kick off


A last supper tableau of Pizzagate would be great, or just a poster of Fergie with a slice of Pizza sliding down his face. As would be constantly changing videos downloadable for free via bluetooth would be good.

Jim Jimminy

I went to the game when they used the clock for the first time after renaming the stands and they had Queen – We Will Rock You. That created an awesome atmosphere and really got the crowd going, and we won.

Mental Strength

Fuck Bischoff. I want a Senderos statue suspended mid air where he is trying to score a header goal but scores an own goal instead!

Mukul Sreenivasan

I have a suggestion. We need to have a pre-match ritual. Like Benfica’s eagle(named vitoria) flying ceremony. How about a Cannon fire at kickoff wistle? And how about playing the sound of cannon shot for an Arsenal goal?
Got the inspiration from a youtube video. Take a look at it 0:24

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

That’s brilliant! Also, when Poldi scores, this has to be played http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz8QJibXcpo#t=56s


Sam, talking of cannons the wrong way round, I had,have a tattoo on my arm of a cannon facing the wrong way, result of a beano to Southend in my teens, not sure who was more pissed me or the tattooist.
Not one of my finer moments. Mates loved it !

the only sam is nelson

ahaha so you’ll have been pleased when they unveiled the new logo a few years back and claimed that reversing the canon made it the same as the “original” canon

or something

i was baffled by the whole shebang

surely people just see the canon and think “gooner” or do you actually know people who are pedantic enough to query the fucking direction it’s facing???!? i mean people on the internet are pedantic enough to question that (*waves*) but then again we can’t see your tat.

Old man grape

they changed the facing of the cannon because they failed to sew a guy selling fake merch outside highbury so they needed to redesign the badge and copyright it so they could sew any one else that tried later.
just beeesy-ness.

I still think this new badge sucks balls.. would love them them to go back to just the cannon or the letters. the new font looks like its from a chocolate bar or the like.


ROGER Daltrey (re: my previous comment). D’oh!


It’s total rubish, the bloke had no idea what he was doing. I never noticed to be honest, got back to the pub all proud and got completely slaughtered when a fellow gooner noticed and took delight in pointing it out.
Only comes up in conversation now when reminiscing about the past.

Naija Gunner

Am here in Nigeria supporting, watching and loving the Arsenal, so I wouldn’t know much about the Emirates looks like but I have to be there with my wife and kids on of these days.

Anyway keep up the good work. Arsenal for life!

Ivor Biggon

They should play some drum and bass! Proper get people in the mood!


Can we start a petition to get this going please?


I can’t see the directors, the prawn sandwich eaters and the family of 2.5 children bopping along to that. Teenage Wasteland was a good shout up above.


How about a statue of Arsene with his hands outstretched in the fashion of the United game when the dippy ref sent him to the inaccessible stands. Stick it on a plinth in the corner of the ground and have the players kiss his feet when they walk out onto the pitch.


Can we get Arsene a new overcoat for when it’s too cold out to replace that sleeping bag he wears? He looks ridiculous on the sidelines in that oversized thing. Get something classy on the man!

Cygan's Right Foot

I bet it’s bloody warm though

Old man grape

have to think the same thing every winter! ..lol.. we have the third least fashionable manager in the league.. just happy that he’s pretty good at his job.

least : pubis
second least : MR IRA
tracky bottoms and baseball caps..

Ivor Biggon

I am going mental at my desk right now. If anyone comes in, I’ll just pretend there’s a wasp or something.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_JmXCNPs6Y – artist’s impression.


‘We’ll win the fucking title just stop that infernal racket!’ Could work.


We should come out to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture on full blast with Arsene signalling the start of the game by firing cannon shot straight into the away supporters/dugout whilst wearing a bicorn hat.

Failing that some red lighting ala All Allianz Arena would look pretty cool.


By the way, I know this isn’t quite the place for it, but I didn’t know where else to post it, The Arseblog is doing a great service to The Arsenal and extending the process of “Arsenalization” to much of the eastern world with the Chinese version of the blog. I wanted to tip my hat to the team.

Kenyan goon

I have never been to the emirates 🙁
one day though, one glorious day….

Steve I

I hope this arsenalisation means nicer and cheaper food for the masses. Have to say, as much as I hate Stoke and all they stand for, their £2:50 (or something close to that) Sausage roll I had knocked spots off the carboard flavoured chicken thing I had at the emirates a few weeks ago (double the price of the stoke sausage roll too!. In the last four years I can recall and average of once a year I think “hmmm I’ll try one of the tasty offerings they seem to have available” only y to immediately recall the lessin learned… Read more »

Steve I

Heck my spelling is bad


Presumably if you’d got food poisoning, Stoke would have claimed it was accidental as it’s not that sort of sausage roll.


Slightly OT, just saw the new kit; we look like a fucking Pepsi-advert! Why on earth? I am not one of those who hate change just because it’s change, and I think sone of the kits we have worn though the last couple of yeats


Slightly OT, just saw the new kit; we look like a fucking Pepsi-advert! Why on earth? I am not one of those who hate change just because it’s change, and I think some of the kits we have worn though the last couple of years have been ok once you get used to them. But that is just dreadful. If the stylish man known as RVP refuses to sign now, at least we know why.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ANDREW ALLEN 本文系Arseblog中文网原创翻译,转载请注明出处。 […]


I would dearly love to visit the Emirates but the 8,000 mile distance puts a crimp in that. Maybe one of these years I’ll be able to do it, even though I have a flying issue almost as serious as Bergkamp’s.

Rectum Spectrum

there just isn’t another manager that takes this much interest in their club. its amazing to see.


Am I the only person that likes the new kit? I especially like the long sleeved version.


Apparently so.

Sydney Gooner

What I really want is the Emirates to get an expansion. I want us to have an 80-85,000 capacity stadium that intimidates the shit out of opposition players and fans.


As for the Elvis song, I actually like it. Not because the song is great in it self, but it’s one of those weird, slightly eccentric elements that make Arsenal such a wonderful thing to be a part of. The wonder of you, litteraly. It’s all about creating so-called tribalism, not about hearing a cool track as part of your “entertainment”.

the only sam is nelson

the sentiment is right but the application is wrong – we’d all love to have our own “special” arsenal anthem but TWOY is most certainly not it, unless the idea is to make away fans fall over having fainted due to laughing at us karaoking the shit out of an elvis song

we ought to try another song, then another, then another, until we find the right one. persevering with something that hasn’t quite come off is daft. i mean, it’s not like we’d see that on the pitch is it… oh, wait


You’re spot-on with with your comment about TWOF, but I’m thinking about another Elvis song. I once had a Chelsea fan suggest to me that the Arsenal fandom had a criminal element (don’t ask), so how about “Jailhouse Rock”?


Well, if Gooners in general feels this way about that song, surely the ones in charge should change it. I can`t think of any logical reason for Ivan and his team not to listen to supporters in this regard. Perhaps someone could initiate a poll, at the official website for example, where supporters could vote for a shortlist of songs, and then cast their votes for one of those, who will then become our “national anthem” for years to come. To get the ball roling, I vote for Ride of the Valkyries with the sounds of cannon fire added on… Read more »

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