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Wenger: today was a great send off for Pat Rice

In the 92nd minute of today’s 3-2 win over West Brom, Arsene Wenger clung to his erstwhile assistant Pat Rice. It was a mixture of fear, terror, nervousness, horror, trepidation and anxiety as he knew one goal for the home side would see Arsenal finish 4th and our scuttery neighbours Sp*rs qualify automatically for the Champions League.

In the end, thanks to Kieran Gibbs incredible late block, it’s Sp*rs who have to watch the Champions League final in dismay, hoping that Chelsea fail to win so they can get to the qualifying rounds.

And Arsene feels that today was an apt send-off for Pat Rice who has spent 44 years at the club.

“I am very happy to give him that present today,” he said. “I would have been sad for him to leave the Club today and not be in the Champions League. It is very emotional for him and for me as well because I arrived here and he was always my assistant.

“Pat has many qualities of the ‘Old Guard’; that means he is a fighter, he doesn’t talk too much – but when he talks, he talks! He is mentally strong.”

Finishing third when we started the season so badly is, under the circumstances, quite an achievement, something the manager was keen to acknowledge, whilst admitting it wasn’t something he thought about early in the campaign.

“In September certainly not. We were 17th in the league then and in the first seven games we had lost four.

“When you have played seven games and lost four you think there are 31 games to go and it is very difficult to imagine that you will finish third. But we had an exceptional run after our exit in the Champions League.

“I think if you look at the season as a whole, we lost only two of the last 16 games and created a fantastic run. In the end we finished with 70 points, which is respectable, and we qualify for the Champions League for the 15th consecutive year.

“Of course we are very proud of that, especially this season having started where we started.”

And when the board went up for injury time, Arsene was as surprised as anyone to see 5 minutes, despite no real injury stoppages and a regulation number of substitutions. The boss said:

“I am still thinking of suing the referee for the five minutes of added time because my heart suffered immensely!”

I think we all know how you feel, Arsene, but let’s just enjoy the fact we got where we needed to in the end, and that the Sp*rs chucked away a 10 point lead.

The shit, bottling twats.

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Pat rice: a true legend. I’ll be sad to see him go but excited for what the future holds for arsenal

Ace McGoldrick

Thanks for everything Pat. True Arsenal legend.


Up the Gunners.

Arsenal till I die and Beyond.


I was so glad that Pat had a happy final game. Good luck in your retirement, Pat!

Brian Mendoza

Fuck yeah Arsenal. Fucking LOL Spurs. Fucking come on Bayern.

Brian Mendoza

And cheers to Mr Pat Rice, thank you for everything.


come on bayern? this is the one time in my life that I will want to see John Terry lift a trophy because hearing the sobs of Arry across London would be so priceless

Old man grape

wtf is wrong with all these chelsea fans on our site today?

can’t believe i just read that….


Well I would say chelshit should lose badly .. will be a sad day to see the chavs and especially Cashley lifting the UCL … as for sp*ds let them enjoy a few more days … they will not make it past the qualifying … MUWAHAHA!!!


Would you rather hear Chelsea goons giving it all that until the end of time than have Spurs go into the CL qualifying stages?

Fuck that, I’ll take that chance. Mon Bayern!


I don’t get the hate for Chelsea. Cole and Terry and cunts (and Drogba’s a diver) but the rest are fine. And do you guys dislike Chelsea more than Tottenham? I would rather Chelsea get Champions League than Tottenham. Modric to United and Bale to Barcelona! Then we’ll sell them Denilson and Squillaci.


why choose between 2 piles of dung? I definitely do not want to see chelsea lift the CL trophy. Anyway i do not use how the germans will fail on home soil. Let Spurs take the final CL spot, let them draw Malaga or Udinese and see them get walloped and dumped out at the qualifying stage would be even satisfying


I’d much rather see Spuds get a chance in the qualifier than Chelski to win the whole thing. And anyone thinking anynthing else is a fucktard. I’m actually locking forward to seeing all the little spuds getting their hybris on and then just lean back and watch as the tottanic sinks.


Excuse my spelling and grammar. Still a bit drunk….


must say I was very touched by the Wenger-Rice interaction during the game. Rice is genuinely a big cuddly teddy bear.

Simao Segunda

Pat Rice is a legendary Porn Star – Once again, he’s been a key member of the team that has fucked Tottenscum for the last 17 years.


And now the CL final will be hilarious either way!


Its jus a great win win for us, chelsea lose, good fuck chelsea, chelsea win, good tottenham can fuck off to europa and lose all of their good players and end up mid table where they belong.

Alan Tipping

Lets be clear here. The idea that Chelsea can win in a sporting sense the CL is simply wrong. First, the irony of the most xenophobic, BNP sympathetic bunch of pond life lifting the premier European trophy is an insult to nature… secondly, always remember the mantra “The only thing Chelsea won was the lottery, the rest they simply bought.” Next Saturday we’ll all Bayern fans. Then, when they’ve dismissed the Battersea Botherers we’ll be supporters of whoever has Spxurs in the CL qualifer.

eric blair


North Bank Gooner

got to admit, i sat teetering on the chavs side of the fence, just out of hatred of the enfield scum. but someone mentioned Ca$hley Hole lifting the C.L trophy, and i belched sick in my mouth. even the thought of Arry twiching his way to the asylum as he got dumped out on his ” not the England manager ” arse couldn’t stop the image in my mind, i think i need therapy. after getting rid of the vile taste of vomit, i have to do an ungraceful u turn. im off to buy german sausage and some leather… Read more »


Thanks Pat Rice, arsenal legend. I’m glad to see this season end on a high. Wenger deserves credit for rescuing a sinking ship (even though it was his fault we got into a shite situation) its only fair he gets the credit he deserves, after all we were all only to happy to blame him earlier this season…

Lord Teddy Ears

Respect to Pat Rice for his help and love he has given to Arsenal. What a goodbye to him sticking our 2 fingers upto Tottenham.

Take care mate !!!!


And if you hadn’t noticed, santos, that’s a nice gay you are carrying.

Thanks Pat. Once a gunner always a gunner

Le sausage

As much as I love the fact I grew up watching the greatest ever premier league squad in the Invincibles, part of me wishes I was around to watch Pat Rice from back in the day, Liam Brady, David Rocastle etc… Pat Rice will be one of those legends that has spread across many a generation, and his legacy will always be felt. I kindof feel emotional, I will seriously miss his antics with Le Boss on the sidelines! Never forget yesterday, but whats done is done, so whattupp Mr Bould?! I fucking love these men who eat sleep breath… Read more »


Hmmm…the chavs beating Bayern or the totts ‘qualifying’ for Europe’s premier competition…
blimey,that is a TOUGH call…

the only sam is nelson

not really, bayern to beat the chavs and spuds to lose their qualifying game = best outcome

Eric Irish gunner

Spot on that would be best outcome


Massive thanks to Pat Rice for 44 years of dedicated service to the club. Very hard man to replace but Steve Bould is the right choice. Here’s to the next 44!! ARSENAL TILL I DIE

Why is my name required

Pat Rice deserves this. Thank you pat for all the dedication you have given the club. We will miss you. Wish you all the best in the future

Trex d' Gunner

Congrats to all gunners worldwide, we did it again. Its now time to win at least a double next season. Thanx to Pat Rice for 44 years of absolute service and loyalty.
Happy St. Tottenham day gays.


Pat Rice was one of the famous Irish seven at the club in the 1978 season. For this reason I started to support The Arsenal. The irish contingent might be one less after today, but I wish him all the best.
Great to see him go out on a high. Enjoy your retirement PR.
Here’s to the future red and white.


I watched Pat play as a young man….fuck I feel old. I remember a goal he scored against Birmingham at Highbury in the mid 70’s, a screamer! Statue anyone?
Really interested to see if we defend better next season with Bouldy as no.2.


” I remember a goal he scored against
Birmingham at Highbury in the mid 70′s”…………………yep that gave you away, you, sir, are an old person.

North Bank Gooner

cant think of a better way to “arsenalise” than a statue alongside our other greats. He was great as a player, and he played when it was a mans game! 44 years of loyalty, thanks for everything Mr Arsenal

Eric Irish gunner

Thanks pat best of luck


Thank you, Pat!! How can we repay you! I love being a Gunner…And you, Pat are a true, Gunner… Retired or not, I am very sure we’ll still see a lot of you!

Meanwhile, RVP’s wife has spoken… Interesting article, and made me love the Arsenal that much more… As if that was even possible!! Still on our way up and up, Gunners!


suddenly this summer doesnt seem as scary a proposition as summers gone by have. No cuntalonians declaring their desire to have cesc, no greedy cunts like na$ri and adebuyme whoering themselves around to the top bidders for some extra dosh they probably don’t even need. The spine of our team is staying and it can only be improved on! happy times, happpy days and a happy st. totteringhams day to all! especially you pat!


Looks like RvP is leaving then

Bilyaminu Tambuwal

Pat Rice, Thanks 4everything, we wish u best luck.


Is it wrong to love the fact that Piers Morgan told off Na$ri on twitter as soon as Citeh won the league? Morgan may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but he’s a gooner!


and one of those people that you wished supported spuds because that would fit his cuntiness much better

Old man grape

he’s just a scummy cunt.

the only sam is nelson

it is wrong, as you were polite enough to ask

in other news, spuds on motd – what a bunch of hair criminals


He’s one of those shit gooners that luxuriates in our successes but is the first to demand everyone get sacked or sold as soon as we have a bad result or two.

Fuck Piers Morgan in his gigantic flabby face.


Fucking likes to talk with his hand in his mouth, just hate that we got him as our.celeb.gunner.


Osama Bin Laden is our celebrity gooner.

Piers Morgan is just some twat.


This celeb thing can be sorted out by Ramsey in pre season surely. The thing is I don’t really wish death on anyone, it would be so heartening to find out that Piers Morgan is actually a spud that got bullied too much and is pretending to be a gooner. Actually, I can imagine that scenario quite easily. I think it’s the truth. There Ramsey doesn’t have to worry now. Piers Morgan and Lee Morgan. Ring a bell?


Rvp is going


oh dear. please give us more inside info


atid must have meant RVP is going to the Euros :-D. Then he’ll return and score when he wants all over again. Good times!!


Thank you for 44 years of service Pat. We will miss you.

jim jimminy

Thanks for everything Pat. Here’s to a nice quiet summer.

Mike Hawke

“He is mentally strong.” Anyone else chuckle when you read that? lol
Oh to be a Gooooooooner!!!!!!!

Arse Is the best

Sky sports are united fans fact

Dan yates

If the chavs win do we have to pre qualify for cl group stages?




i love both of our left backs

Bob the Gunner

Good job gays.


home spuds face udinese if chelski loose the match !! come on Di Natalie 😛


For me, the hero today (apart from Pat Rice) was Kieran Gibbs. The way he threw his entire body at the ball to block that shot at the death was nothing short of inspirational.

Pretty sure I am still in some kind of emotional/mental shock.

Midfield Corporal

All the best Pat.

I hope Pat gets a statue or something named after him, he truly deserves it. Ken Friar and Danny Fitzman did alot for the club but surely naming the bridges after them when great players like Pat and Dennis go unrecognised is not right. We are a football club but are Acknowleding our directors above our players. Is anyone really interested in seeing a bust of Dennis Hill Wood?


First of all i want to thank mr pat for being loyal all these yrs its incredible u had been loyal to the gunners you are the example a legend we will never forget you dad you open a new chapter in life we will repay you lifting titles next season MAY GOD BLESS YOU.Second congrats all players & fans for being together & achieve 1. 3rd place 2.ucl direct qualification 3. above spuds 4. rvp golden boot & other personal awards 5. tribute to wilshere,arteta,sagna, they deserve lastly keeping our stars will be even major success so does silver… Read more »

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Cheers Pat. Enjoy retirement. Relax on the sofa next season and watch the gunners tackle europes elite!


Did anyone else notice in those nervy last few minutes, Pat Rice telling Arsene “it’s always fucking the same”…thats why I loved Pat, I always felt he knew what the fans were thinking. The guy’s a legend.

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