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Wilshere targets July 9th return

Jack Wilshere is aiming to be fit in time for the first day of pre-season training on July 9th as he continues his rehabilitation following a long-term ankle problem which has kept him sideline for the whole of the 2011/12 campaign.

Speaking to Alan Brazil on talkSPORT radio, the 20-year-old central midfielder, admitted that the last ten months have been exceptionally frustrating but made clear that, aside from a couple of minor setbacks, his troublesome joint is fully healed.

“It’s been a frustrating year for me personally and I’m glad it’s over now so I can just concentrate on getting fit for pre-season and start again.

“To be honest with you, my ankle’s fine now and I was training towards the end of the season and looking forward to the Euros, then I had a couple of niggles and ran out of time.

“I got a few niggles, which is normal coming back from injury. I’m in everyday from 9am until 3pm trying to get fit for the start of pre-season.

“That’s the aim really, we’ll have to see how it goes and [hopefully] on the 9th July I’ll be training with the team.”

It remains to be seen if Team GB boss Stuart Pearce selects Wilshere for inclusion in his Olympics squad, although with the youngster unlikely to have kicked a ball in anger by the time the tournament gets going in late July it appears increasingly improbable.

Fingers crossed one of our brightest prospects can return in August, all guns blazing.

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Stuart Pearce can go fuck himself, the dopey tit.

Sorry, got the hump.

Mental Strength

I agree, Stuart Pearce can go touch himself as much as he wants or he can go and touch Kyle Walker. But he better stay the fuck away from Wilshere.

Midfield Corporal

Short notice cancellation on the mobile disco? 😉


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love him to come back and play like he did against Barcelona, but at the same time we need to be realistic that it may take him a month or two to adjust after a year out, so we must not pin all our hopes on him for next season, although I’d love to be proved wrong of course!

Old man grape

too right. it’s never good to put these young guys under too much pressure, especially after a year out. on the other hand, I am just so chuffed that he is on his way back. the guys got it all, and he will only be an inspiration to the young players around him on the field. I will never forget the game he had v cuntalona.. he was one of the best players on the pitch. ran rings around big mouth and co. we better be careful to keep hold of him though.. since he does have very strong Stevenage… Read more »


Some earth from the pitch probably got in his mouth from the Nou Camp so they will say barcelona is inside him…


I hate to say I told you so, but look at the news today! 🙁




please don’t jinx this summer with that saying!


Don’t worry Nick, jinx or no jinx Jack will be back, all he needs is a bit of mental strength.


Fingers crossed Pearce walks into a lamp post while writing the team GB squad down and scrawls David Bentley instead of Jack. They both played about the same amount of football this season, right?


So much talent in midfield!


What is a niggle exactly?


“slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.” His foot is anxious after having been out so long… hopefully he will swagger about next season.


Glad you cleared that up, I thought “niggle” was a word Jack had inadvertently picked up from John Terry. Suddenly his recent injury problems make much more sense.

A Gooner

Fingers crossed. Now we just Diaby to come out of his coma.


might not see the best of him till October time, but will be awesome to have him back.

Pretty annoying how we couldn’t play our best team at all, this season.

makes you think……………….

Terry Tibbs - talk to me

Just wondering has anyone had a similar injury in the past?
Any long lasting damage, should we expect him to be more susceptible to picking up injuries from now on?

Cheers lads

Much love,

Terry Tibbs


Wishere is going to be the new Arteta…


You sure? I really don’t think he has what it takes to match Arteta’s perfect hair.


Um guys?? Not to be pessimistic or anything but can we be sure that Jack’s gonna be at his 100% abilities-wise, and won’t turn out into another post-injury Ramsey?? I don’t mean to be negative here. It’s just a genuine question from me for a genuine answer.


I think Ramsey has been suffering from a lack of confidence recently and this has translated into poor form as he’s tried too hard to play his way out of his funk. I think lots of people have been too quick to judge him, especially bearing in mind that he’s been played out of position and been expected to play the “Arteta position” which I’m not sure is the best place for him. I’m no medical expert, but I think the biggest worry with such injuries is the damage it can do to a player’s speed. Therefore a long injury… Read more »

saint lawrence

Borderline medical professional here: Speed isn’t the problem with any major leg injury (except possibly achilles tendon ruptures or severe muscle injuries) as much as continued injuries. Usually after surgery, people return to equal levels of physical performance…although they’re often more hesitant to do so out of fear of reinjury. The bigger problem for workhorses in professional football is each small bone break/tendon/ligament/joint injury destabilizes the contralateral leg and causes compensations that aren’t biomechanically sound and increase the risk for further such injuries.

the only sam is nelson

Rambo was man of the match at Stoke He is a very good footballer indeed and would merit inclusion in the first XI when he’s on form without any trouble at all. He reminds me of a young Ray Parlour but I do think that he’s still learning and clearly having his leg snapped in two by Lenny didn’t help his development. Similarly, neither does the booing and slating of idiotic gooners help, it does the opposite. Wilshere will have watched Rambo getting a shoeing from idiot gooners, at matches and quite likely online, and it’s easy to speculate that… Read more »

Old man grape

well said… now if you could tattoo that on the forehead of all those twats who get a kick out of giving our players death-threats and wishing injury on them, then I would be a happy chappy indeed.


Might be a bit difficult to tattoo all that to someone’s forehead, unless all those people have Gervinho-y foreheads… 😛

Old man grape

an iron on sticker instead then… job done.


Two very different people. Jack is confident in his ability and thrives on pressure, Ramsey is the complete opposite. Jack will be fine.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

While true about them being different, I strongly disagree with your second conclusion. Ramsey has come back and is trying like crazy to return to form. He has shown he can take the pressure of his idiotic cretinous critics both outside the stadium and on the field. He shows up EVERY week with conviction and determination, despite being booed by the f**kheads who thrive on demeaning him and AFC. He may not seem to have much confidence BUT as Wenger said, he is persistent, determined and committed….that takes a certain degree of self-belief and mental strength, something you don’t seem… Read more »


Footballers are lucky bastards. Six whole hours at work a day.


And that too for playing your favourite sport with the likes of RVP!! Great innit??


And getting paid the wages they get! In another life I hope.


And having had very little education and seeing their career end at the age of 35 – and for the vast majority of them not having enough money to retire so having to work as a salesman or real estate agent – always being looked at the “one who almost made it”. Not what I want for my kid.

Though I love watching football!


If you’d said the same thing to Rooney he’d have said ” Ooh think of all the hookers you can have”. But I really doubt that that illiterate shrek can frame such long sentences at one go??

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ANDREW ALLEN 本文系Arseblog中文网原创翻译,转载请注明出处。 […]


Stuart Pearce must be put in a cage with 3 male gorillas on viagra.


Now now, we don’t want any letters from mad animal-rights people complaining about such abuse to the gorillas…




The idea of having Jack at 100% this season with Podolski, RVP, Ryo, Walcott running at defenses is mouth watering!

I do hope he recovers slowly and effectively before preseason starts and is used wisely by Arsene in pre-season. Pearce better not screw him up for us.


Today’s MVP. Exactly right mate, drool worthy.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Wilshere… but I certainly wish I only had to go to work from 9am – 3pm


Jack spoke to Alan Brazil on talkSHITE??
Transfer list him NOW,this is unacceptable behaviour for an employee of the Arsenal-whatever next,’RvP gives Stan Collymore exclusive news about his new contract’?!

the only sam is nelson

“Peter Hill-Wood in exclusive interview with Daily Star”

oh, wait

Midfield Corporal

Well said Rodders, I was wondering why the biggest talking point in this thread was why he was talking to that fat alcoholic jock and his turgid tabloid radio station. He should at least take. The opportunity to call Aidrain Durham a cunt live on air.


He must play in the Manuel Almunia Testimonial Match…


Really?? Wasn’t every match he played a testament to his unheralded, incredible and fabulous talents?? I mean, he played for WEST HAM guys. Think of the calibre you need to have!!


I think our midfield looks good for next season, even if M’Vila won’t be joining us (wow, how badly did we all get sucked into that rumour???), and I’m satisfied with our attacking options provided RVP stays. As for defence, my only question is about the central partnership, and as much as it pains me to say it (because I love Vermaelen), the better duo, based on this past season anyway, is Mertesacker and Koscielny. It’s up for debate, I suppose, but I think Mertesacker brings a ton of positional awareness and calm efficiency, which works well with Koscielny’s quickness… Read more »


Vermaelen as a DM or Big Mert in the middle of a back 3? Just sayin.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Like all things, Wilshere’s return and Podolski’s qrrival will change the entire chemistry of the team. Podolski is very much used to being behind the striker and playing across the front from left to right or vice-versa. He is disciplined, very attack minded, strong in the air and can defend very well when necessary. If Wilshere returns as an attacking midfielder, he could become the Pires to Bergkamp link we’ve needed for so long. RVP is so fluid in his positioning and play, while Podolski is very much an attacker, sweeping forward in either a 4-3-3, 4-4-2 or 4-3-2-1 and… Read more »

Mills N7

Your point sounds good until you ruin it with the idea that pace can beat a ‘park the bus’ defence. Unfortunately, when teams ‘park the bus’ they are usually camped out on the 18-yard line, meaning that there’s very little space to run into. Theo plays well against defences that try and hold a high line so there’s room for balls over the top…

[…] in fairness to Jack, when he said just the other day that he was hoping to make it back for the start of pre-season training, he must have been aware that this operation was scheduled. However, it does raise question marks, […]

[…] in fairness to Jack, when he said just the other day that he was hoping to make it back for the start of pre-season training, he must have been aware that this operation was scheduled. However, it does raise question marks, […]

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