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Arsenal at the Euros: by the numbers

I have been tracking Arsenal’s players who are playing in Euro 2012 and here are their numbers through round 1:

Top 5 Passing percent (20 passes or more):

100 – Alou Diarra, Midfielder, France (37/37)
– Damien Perquis, Center Half, Poland (55/56)
97.9 – Nigel de Jong, Midfielder, Netherlands (47/48)
97.4 – Ibrahim Affelay, Midfielder, Netherlands (38/39)
96.3 – Robin van Persie, Forward, Netherlands (26/27)

8 – Shots by Robin van Persie*
4 – Shots by Lukas Podolski (tie for 8th)
3 – Shots by Tomas Rosicky
1 – Shot by Nicklas Bendtner
10 – Key passes by Wesley Snjieder*
7 – Key passes by Andrei Arshavin (3rd best)
2 –
Key passes each by Robin van Persie and Tomas Rosicky
1 –
Key pass by Lukas Podolski
1 –
Pass by Theo Walcott
0 – Other stats generated by Theo Walcott
2 –
Assists by Andrei Arshavin*
2 – Through balls by Andrei Arshavin (2nd best)
1 – Through ball by Robin van Persie
1 – Accurate crosses by any Arsenal player (Arshavin, 1/7)

100 – Percent of people who believe that Andrei Arshavin’s “natural position” is in the center of the pitch
90 – Percent of people who believe that Arsene Wenger played Arshavin “out of his natural position”

Arshavin’s actual position on the pitch v. Czech Republic:

2 – Offsides by Andrei Arshavin*
9 – Total lost possessions by Zlatan*
8 – Total lost possessions by Samir Nasri (2nd worst)
5 – Total lost possessions each by Nicklas Bendtner and Robin van Persie
2 – Total lost possessions by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
6 – Successful dribbles by Fábio Coentrão (Portugal)*
3 – Successful dribbles by Andrei Arshavin (4th best)
2 – Successful dribbles by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
1 – Successful dribbles each by Rosicky and Podolski

1 – Successful tackles by each of Nicklas Bendtner and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
0 – Successful tackles by any other Arsenal player playing in Euro 2012
2 – Interceptions by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
1 – Interceptions each by RvP, Bendtner, and Podolski
1 – Number of Arsenal’s defenders who have played in any of the opening matches of Euro 2012
1 – Number of red cards by Arsenal’s defenders playing in the opening matches of Euro 2012 (Wojciech Szczesny)

10,310 – Meters covered by Andrei Arshavin
10,518 – Meters covered by Tomas Rosicky
10,637 – Meters covered by Lukas Podolski
10 – Number worn by all three of those players
20,000 – Leagues covered by Nicklas Bendtner in his Wondrous Nautilus


*Leads all players at Euro 2012 in this category

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All data via ESPN, Opta, and

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I wonder whether Arsene Wenger can legally sue Arshavin for not playing for Arsenal ( who pay his wages ) in the same manner as he did for Russia last week…. Just putting that out there.

Great work… Tim

Master Bates

It’s easy to find motivation if your fans don’t boo you


2 seasons – the amount of time AA23 was rubbish and didn’t try before the fans started booing him

Master Bates

18 – the number of assists that Arshavin had 2010/2011 ,leading the club’s assists table , and that was his worst season for us.

Face it ,we’ve been cunts to him and some of our players , booing doesn’t fix anything


Yes he had 18 assists in a season. How many goals? How many lost possession? How many terrible passes? Offsides? There are some important stats that aren’t quantifiable. His effort for one.

We’ve been cunts to Park! We stole his transfer from Lille’ and shown him fuck all in terms of playing time. AA23 was given chance after chance and still showed no heart or desire and didn’t produce the way he should. Wenger finally and thankfully benched him as he deserved.


Its easier to play in such a way that you don’t get booed. Like putting in effort, making runs, tracking back, not giving up when you have needlessly lost the ball. And losing a stone in weight.

Master Bates

so booing him will make him track back and not lose possesion ? The home is really hostile sometimes , I remember that Swansea Keeper also said something our players confidence when playing at emirates ,It’s shit supporting

and no we(fans) have not been crap to Park , he rarely plays and he never get talked about , Wenger bought him for RvP who never got injured.


I wasn’t saying the fans have been cunts to Park, I was saying Arsenal has. In relation to any player feeling unwanted by Arsenal and it would be Park, NOT Arshavin.

Master Bates


Ramsey does that that ,he gives 110% and attemps lots of tackles(one of the top tacklers at Arsenal) ,But still gets booed at


Its wrong to boo our players no matter what, why would we expect any to stay with us if we boo them?

Blue Bird

Ok, just Stop booing on our lads people. There’s Nasri to relief your booing shit.


Anyone who follows Ice Hockey knows that Russian players often have a reputation for laziness away from home. Certainly Arshavin doesn´t work hard enough to play hockey!


Arshavin at his peak would of made such a difference to us the last few years…fucking owl.


Seems like we’ll get the Arshavin for CAM out the door now.


Arshavin somehow ‘looked’ happier playing for Russia than Arsenal-whether thats down to his position or his teammates I’m not sure,but if he can find that form for us he is top quality…if not,time to sell (sadly) while he’s worth a few quid.


Great post Tim. It seems Podolski is a hardworker and like to shoot too; Oxlade Chamberlain is having a good game; RVP just have a bad luck in front of goal; and Arshavin is good when he want to be. A suggestion for the article is maybe it would be better if you could add Arshavin covered heatmap in one of the Arsenal game or maybe the numbers of meters covered when he play with us. In that way, we could compare him by the number when he is on the pitch with us and with Russia at the match.… Read more »


Sorry but I disagree, Denilson was a central midfielder, his job was to shore up the midfield, shield the back four and be the link between Cesc and Song. He is / was supposed to track back and defend. Arshavin was played as a left winger, which he does do for Russia as well, except he can pretty much go where he likes; unfortunately at Arsenal we had Cesc in the middle and everything went through him. The Olympiakos game and a CC game if I remember correctly, were the only two games last season where Wenger gave him a… Read more »


I see. Another reason to hate UEFA then..
Well, Arshavin is adore in Russia and similiarly was adore when he was great in his first season. I hope he could mantain his performance to help sellng him when Euros over.
And thank you for the reply Tim.

the only sam is nelson

Arshavin’s value will be on the up, excellent. Recouping a decent slather of the £15m spent would be very nice – this time 6 months ago we’d have been lucky to get a third of that back I reckon.

Nobody will want to poach Sczsz now, either – even better

Oleg Luzhny

Agreed. He doesn’t look as plump either. My money is on him going back to Russia. With all the attacking players at the club, some have to go. At the moment: Walcott, Ox, Gervinho, RvP, Podolski, Arshavin, Ryo, Vela, Bendtner, Chamakh…am I missing someone? And if the Giroud thing comes true? Hopefully those last 3 are at least sold.


“He doesn’t look as plump either.”
That’ll be the difference between a diet of Borscht and one of Pukka Pies.

If he loses another couple of stone he’ll *really* look like a Meerkat.


Players like Arshavin arent self motivated! his performances would be better if he were pampered. Last season we were under intense pressure to perform. Wenger didnt have the time of day to pamper him. IMO sell the owl. focus in the Ox.


Brilliant stats. They reveal so much more about the performances of players than all the ‘experts’ and TV pundits. Especially the stats about Arshavin show that the people commenting about football have an opinion, but lack knowledge in 99.9 % of the cases. There’s a reason you have a manger that takes decisions instead of letting the supporters, the media, the shearers and linekers or everybody else who never came close to top flight management or failed miserably at it take the decisions.


He wants to go back to Russia where he’s a hero. His wife and family love it in London. What’s an owl to do? Whoooo knows? See what I did there.


Ox was left frustrated in yesterdays game. He rarely recieved the ball, curious thing is that ashley cole plays in the same wing.
Ox’s job was to draw fouls and let the defence have a breather time and again. It would be nice though for chambo to come in as an impact sub so that downing can prove once and for all that he’s shit. The ox will then proceed to play each and every england game and I will have a nice smile on my face.


every time he plays a full game for england most of his teammates seem reluctant to give the ball to the ox, while i will say he does have a lot of work to do on his movement and positioning sometimes hes wide open and they choose to pass the ball to milner whose in a bad position, ridiculous, its like they want to avoid playing the ball to the ox, i just cant understand why


sorry not full game i meant start for england


Exactly, I thought I was the only one who noticed that. especially that scott parker guy and don’t even get me started on cashley cole. It’s like they are jealous of him. A number of times he was open but.scott parker would rather loose possesion than pass it to him–what cunts!!!!!!!.

Merlin's Panini

I’m trying to care about international football, but I just don’t.
I only support the Arsenal players, but then some of them probably won’t be Arsenal players next season and I’m generally just watching crossing my fingers that no one gets injured for the start of the season.
I can’t support England fully because of cunts like Cashley,Terry etc who I’d like to see get injured, badly. In fact every team seems to have cunts in it so I can’t really support anyone there. Oh well, at least it’s football in some shape or form (though a rather boring one).


I know how you feel. I enjoy watching the games, but I have no vested interest in any international teams. The only thing I pay attention to is if any Arsenal players have injuries.


I also pay attention to how players we’re heavily linked with play.


Must be watching every game with great interest then!



Although I don’t think we’re seriously linked with any more than 4 players and some are already on teams where Arsenal have players so I’m watching anyway.
M’Vila & Giroud – already watching France to see Kos and sadly no Sagna
Affelay- already watching RVP

I don’t know that we’re seriously interested in anyone else. Who am I forgetting? Llorente? Biglia?

Master Bates

Me too , I am supposed to be supporting france , but when that cunt scored yesterday ,It fucking hurt..GOD I HATE THAT PERSON!

I’ll be rooting for Theo-OX for the rest of the competition until real football returns


I personally watch euros just to see how the ox is doing. forget theo for a while-he had his chance and nothing came of it( some say he’s still having his chance) i’ve watching him since he was 17 till now he’s 22 and he’s still having his chance_a laugh

I am for the ox.

Master Bates

I like theo , I read a stat somewhere , that only Pires is the wide player with more assists than Theo for Arsenal …and if numbers mean nothing then why top players (bob for eg) have good numbers .


I want Italy to win it because I like that Di Natalie guy. Otherwise I could give a fishs tit about the whole thing. No injuries please. Also, I’d enjoy seeing Spain go down.


Well Rosicky just got a yellow for kicking one of the Greek players in the head. It was an awkward height on the ball and the greek player bent over forwards. I don’t think it was a yellow or dangerous. The Greek acted like he just got chopped in the head with an axe. It’s sad the state football is in due to diving and play acting!


And now he’s been substituted, okay i’m gonna stop watching the game now. Arsenal guy out and I’m out too.


How did he play? missed the game.


Rosicky played very well, was controlling the midfield for the Czechs, being his usual self running around and had a few shots too. Got subbed off at half time to my complete bemusement and the Czechs went on to concede


He had a nice through ball which led up to the second goal.

He has some injury worries now I think, that’s perhaps why he was subbed off.


Come on, Rosicky’s high foot was obviously a yellow. He didn’t mean it, but he hit the guy’s head. Acknowledging this doesn’t make you less of a Rosicky fan.


I love that photo, makes me chuckle every time I see it.


Which Arsenal defender ha played in an opening match ?

the only sam is nelson

Twitcher has just issued a denial that he’s quit or been sacked

time to get down the bookies to lay some notes on him being fired tomorrow, then


He was at the centre of every czech play and provided nifty through passes for the entirity if the 1st half. I especially loved the way he ran forward with the ball as if it was stuck on his feet. Him and selleise were czech best players in the first half.
The only downer is that he was forced off with an archilles injury.(hope it’s not that serious)


reply to gandalf.

Igor Stepanovs

Bring him BACH !!!


Arshavin may have been our record signing, but his short comings can only be directed at Arsene. It takes a certain type of player to play out wide in the system we do and arshavin was never that type of player. We’ve seen how well Ramsey and Bendtner play out on the left wing…………. if anything we should have used arshavin as a striker…. when we had our injury crisis up front 2 years ago he was the one playing striker and scoring all the goals. You cant put a square peg in a round hole. Good luck to the… Read more »


Did you actually see the stats above regarding Arshavin for Russia?! I see no difference between Arshavin Russia in terms of positioning/coaching to Arshavin Arsenal. In the EPL though, if you make mistakes/show wee bit less desire you are burn. Its more forgiving in the Russian league/International matches.


I’m quite amazed at the heatmap tech shown above. May i be pointed towards its source as i’d like to do some further digging on this.

Thanks 7amKO for the great stat work as always.


1 – Number of Arsenal’s defenders who have played in any of the opening matches of Euro 2012
Who was that then? Koscielny and Mertesacker didn’t play as far as I’m aware.

arsene's bottle of water

Squila… just kidding. I think he is counting keepers as defenders, so it must have been SCZSCZSCSZ


Theo had his chance and nothing came of it? 😀

Some people don’t even watch us do they? Just want their voice to be heard somewhere, whether they have anything to say or not.

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