Arsenal confirm Giroud capture


Arsenal have confirmed the signing of French striker Olivier Giroud from Montpellier. The 25-year-old put pen-to-paper on a long-term contract at London Colney on Monday evening having flown straight from his duties at Euro 2012. It is believed he cost the Gunners a fee of approximately €15 million.

The news hardly comes as a surprise with media reports, teasing quotes from Wenger and a statement from the Montpellier chairman all being reported in recent days. That being said, given the manner in which previous players have slipped through our grasp it’s a great relief to see Ivan Gazidis and the board pulling out the stops to do business early.

Giroud follows Lukas Podolski as the second signing of the summer, with expectations still high that Yann M’Vila will also arrive soon.

Speaking about his countryman, Arsene Wenger remarked:

“We are delighted to have secured the signing of Olivier Giroud.

“He has a very good physical presence and is exceptional in the air, with a great work ethic. We are excited about Olivier joining us and he will add an additional dimension to our attacking options next season.

“He has proved that he is capable of performing at the top level with club and country, and we saw what a big influence he was in Montpellier’s championship-winning side last season.

“We all look forward to Olivier joining us and seeing him play in an Arsenal shirt.”

Meanwhile, the player himself also spoke with pride at following in the footsteps of some of his country’s greatest ever players: “I am delighted to be here at Arsenal and to be part of one of the great teams in English football.

“It’s a huge satisfaction to join this great club and it’s been a dream since I was young to play in the Premier League.

“I was attracted by the philosophy of football and Arsène Wenger’s ‘touch’ at this club.

“I have always admired Arsenal with its great history and reputation, and I now hope to achieve great things here. I’m very proud to be a Gunner and I will give my best for all the Arsenal fans.”

Arseblog News welcomes Giroud with a swoon and some mild whooping.

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Master Bates

AH! finally 100%


Good times….good times!


this guys going to be as good as good as Pires! OLIVIER GIROUD. bring it

Ace McGoldrick

Two quality signings before July?! Can’t be Arsenal surely.


arsene just mentioned ‘he adds another dimension.’
please tell me RVP is staying.


Why do people always go the extra mile and try to read between the lines. Wenger was simply talking after securing a new signing.
im happy now, the future can suck it!!


I absolutely love the ‘signing a genuinely good, new player’ feeling.

love it to death


Hmmm, i wonder if he still has that “new player” smell?

ickenham gooner

Amazing to have 2 very decent players signed before the end of June.

I suspect just a midfielder to come and then we’ll shut up the “buying” shop. Whilst a GK would be nice, I think the injury to Fabianski will mean he will stay on as No2 for the moment.


So who is on the wish list next? A creative midfielder, a defensive midfielder, a right back, a back up GK?


Lay off the FIFA 12 mate.


If Park doesn’t accept to give him the number 9 shirt, I think he will regret not to have gone to his military service earlier


The Cursed 9?! No, I think Park should hang onto that for a few years…


He has #Gunner9 written in his twitter profile


Park has to be one of our most intriguing signings ever. I don’t think he’s all that bad a player and I feel there’s more to him not playing than just his ability. As an aside, in this month’s magazine there is a picture of the full squad and the only ‘senior’ player missing is Park. It even has Ryo in there but no Park. So he may not exist.

Maybe Giroud was talking about Park when he said ‘Mythical Arsenal’.


M’Vila next. Drop the dead wood and we’re done.


because of what? Whoever wrote this article doesn’t write very well in English….


Well, the author of the “article” is saying that M’Vila might get punished by the French Football Federation for no traditional handshake with the coach and Giroud when he got substituted in the match between France and Spain. Ironically, the same author never mentioned the fact that M’Vila apologised right after the match, and said it was “down to frustration”. “I would never do that intentionnally, I have too much respect for the coach” he said.


“… and for my teammates.” You can read it on his official website here :
and heh, the author can’t write english very well either.

Cygan's Right Foot

You do know that all M’Vila did was be bullish of their chances against Spain –
Wow, i mean who would want a player with fighting spirit that thinks his team can beat the #1 team in the world right now???


How was it not intentional? Is he claiming he just forgot to do it? Is he going to forget again when Wenger subs him off for Giroud when Arsenal are chasing a game?


“Arsenal have confirmed the signing of French striker Olivier Giroud from Marseille.”

Damn. I thought we were getting the Giroud from Montpellier.. 😉

Still early I ‘spouse..

Come on the Arsenal!!


Well spotted, you handsome devil.


How did you know?! 😛

My wife actually quite fancies him.. which is good, might mean I get more green cards to have the Arse on the Arsebox.

+ He’s bigger than Drogba!!! Aerial assault vs Stoke.. can’t wait to see muggin Pubis’ face when Bac launches some big balls into the box.

Merlin's Panini

I’d like to see le Coq get on the end of those big balls too

Le coqs pants

Le coq doesn’t need more balls. He’s got Two quite good ones.

Hudson Hornet

1 headed goal last year.

Not sure hes much of a Aerial threat. Still a good player.

Gunner Paddy

Get in! 🙂


That was actually Arsenal’s tactic to confuse poaching clubs. Since they just read who we are interested in and throw cash around.


Swap Chamakh and Park for Giroud and Podolski?

Keep Van Persie?

Have orgasm?


Add a DM in there then we have a better and longer orgasm.


add Le Coq in there and you’ve really got something


Already there.


Yes! You handsome Frenchman!


Seriously guys I nearly creamed myself on seeing the photo of giroud with the arsenal shirt.
So fucking happy right now.


Great! Just hope he keeps up that work ethic! 🙂


Now we can get rid off Djorou and still be able to sing T-rex. Metal Giroud ! Welcome to Arsenal.


Promising signing and a signal of intent from Wenger. I hope he can adapt to the PL. Are we going to let Van Persie run down his contract as we now have Podolski, Giroud, Campbell etc?

Now we just need a creative, goal scoring midfielder!

Saleem Sinai

Erm, Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky, Aaron Ramsey.

Jack Wilshere.


i doubt they can score the same number of goals and assists compared to when we had Cesc and Nasri

Merlin's Panini

Wahey!!! Now I can believe it.
I like the pictures. When he’s holding up the shirt he looks like he’s saying “what? I have to wear this? Are you joking?”
and then when he’s wearing the shirt he looks cool as hell.


Even our new home kit looks fab on him lol 🙂


Seems he hasn’t got boots yet so let’s all chip in and get him boots as well, then he will be even better


i think the no shoes thing is a kit sponsorship thing, as a lot of players wear adidas and other shoes while we are sponsored by nike.

i remember the andre santos and park pictures were barefoot, whereas giroud was at least given socks


Inappropriate man feelings…. *SWOON*


Hey, I think we’re gonna see a lot more beautiful ladies at the Emirates to watch our handsome new Frenchman


Come on!!, gay gooners should get in there as well.


This is turning out to be a genuine title-challenging team now. All that’s needed is the addition of M’Vila (who I’ve heard Arsene is no longer interested in, via Twitter of course), a proper Cesc-like CAM (very important), and sorting out the contracts of Theo and Robin. A treble-winning team right there!

Cygan's Right Foot

The problem with the Cesc-like CAM is that players try to put everything through them which hasn’t worked for the last 7 seasons. When we had a midfield that could all take the ball and play through balls and/or pass it around, we won trophies. The whole focal point player doesn’t really work unless you have a Messi-type player.
We would be better if we started modelling out midfield on our pre-2005 midfield design.


Good signing, but i’ve worked out why we haven’t won anything for a while. All our signings are too pretty. We need to get back to the hunchback of notre dame type of player. Keown and Parlouresque. Come on Arsene, we’re in desperate need of some Cygan style munters. You’ll win notjing with pretty boys.


Na$ri is quite pretty and he won the league.

HAHAHAHA. Just kidding, he’s a cunt, butt fucking ugly and did fuck all to contribute to them winning the league.

Ahh.. I amuse myself sometimes..


That’s unfair. I’m sure that if you are a lesbian horse he’s lovely.


compared to other prem teams we’re drop-dead fucking gorgeous. but compared to real life we’re nothing spectacular!

(apart from arteta, of course, and now this french dreamboat)


He joins from Montpellier, not Marseille. Apart from that, great news!


“Je suis un little teapot short and stout…”


Good, we haven’t had one of those since Jens Lehmann left.

Brian Mendoza

Oh Jens

Matty Gooner 4 life

This is such a contrast to last summer. I am buzzing at the moment. Two very good signings before the end of June!!! Well done Wenger, Dick Law and Gazidis. This is just what we needed after the shambles of last summer. I get the feeling there’s more to come in July as well. If we keep RVP I think we are only two more signings away for that premier leagu title! Love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!



Get in there you sexy motherfucker. Surely now we not only have the best team in the PL but the best looking team by far.

Lots of shirts sold to those little Asian ladies.

Matty Gooner 4 life



While reading about the terrible Daily Fail yarn on Giroud’s appearance on a gay men’s mag (with the cover photo emblazened on my monitor), my female housemate, who holds no interest in football whatsoever, was heard to remark on the ‘exquisite’ nature of said footballer. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s just that Giroud’s ‘swoon’ status is 100% official.

Merlin's Panini

Olly giroud could it be
You’re gonna score a hat trick for me
We’ll go wild you know
In Arsenal style

Olly Giroud is it you?
Olly Giroud is it you?
He comes from France and he makes us dance

to the tune of Metal Guru by T.Rex (who I actually hate, but there you go)


Great news. Another strong, physical player, who has proven goal scoring record. Loving him and Podolski as our two first signings. Need a decent young back-up keeper (Butland would be good), and another centre half and keep RVP. If we can do that I will be chuffed and my annual £50 on us to win the title will be re-instated. Line up for me next season: Sczezney Sagna Konscielney Vermaelen Gibbs Arteta Song Wilshire Walcott RVP Podolski Subs bench looks so much better too: Mertesacker, Santos, Frimpong, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud, Unkown Keeper And great additions if they prove themselves: Diaby… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Butland is a year younger, shows no potential to be better than Martinez and has only gained exposure because of his England call up. This was shown by his value being 150k all through the season and now he’s suddenly worth £5million.
I’d stick with what we have rather than spending for no reason


Ok now we all like the new (disgusting) home kit because of this cute boy. Hurray..!


I’m in Pakistan right now and the power just came back… am delighted to see this signing.
With me only getting a few hours of electricity a day, I get pleasantly surprised every now and then instead of clicking the refresh button…. More surprises please.

(p.s. I hate Nasri even more now, whenever I type my name it autocorrects to Samir…. The ugly cunt


I am underwhelmed with this signing….. Let’s see if RVP is too.

Merlin's Panini

try going to Le Grove, I’m sure they’ll be happy to have you there.


What a ninny!!!.


If you want to see a ninny, check out the face that’s staring back at you the next time you shave. Arseblood has an opinion that most don’t agree with, but he should allowed to express it without the namer calling–and the thunderous storm of thumbs down.


Arsenal sign a player?? SOMEONE CHECK IF IT’S AUGUST!!!!
Jokes apart I think this is an excellent signing. Remember what used to happen when we had a French-Dutch partnership upfront??


Now we need m’villa nd a versatile fullback


Crikey, where did that one come from? Didn’t expect this! What a surprise…


Even more surprising has to be the fact that it´s on a “long-term contract” and, wait for it, for an “undisclosed fee”…

Next season? Bring. It. On…

P.S. Regarding earlier posts, The Cocksuckers are welcome to Vertonghen, we don´t want him here…


Welcome home Olivier Giroud! Tear the opposition defenders with your beautiful face!!


Lé mot***** look like spartacus!

Gus The Fox

My sweet Lord.

I’d do him.

I’d do him hard.


Just to say the M’vila rumour is untrue, still expected to join :))


Now let’s just hope that we can keep RvP. Robin, Giroud and Podolski together will scare the shit out of any defence. If we can sign a quality defensive midfielder, and if Bouldy can sort out our defending, then we just might do something next season. The one other thing that I would like to see now is the departure of the dross. It would be nice to hear that Squilaci, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner and Arshavin have all be sold before the season starts. And if Walcott won’t sign then he, too, should be shown the door. Things are finally… Read more »


Am I being greedy wanting more signings ?

Maybe the early signings are to cover up the dissapointment the unveiling of the new away kit will bring, which is horrendous if the leaked images are anything to go by.

Merlin's Panini

yeh, I thought it looked a bit too Man Unitedy if that is the real deal. Fucking Nike.
Can’t we just have a nice yellow one?
I think we should go back to adidas. Those kits were way cooler.

Hudson Hornet

Yes lets blame Nike – not the cocks that bendover for them.


Pics? Could it be worse than the jockey kit we’ve been humping this last season?


There have been various “leaked” kits going about for about two months now, with differing colour schemes and many of them clearly Photoshopped. Not worth commenting on until the away strip is actually released.


You can never tell, but I have a good feeling about this signing.


Now its time we cashed in on the greatest striker that eva lived now dat every club in the world is after him…hehehhehehehehehe….


Heskey is currently a free agent. Think he’s Barcelona-bound.

Cygan's Right Foot

Francis Jeffers?



Cygan's Right Foot

Good comment 😉


he’s clearly just speechless

Hudson Hornet

Wenger says:

“He has proved that he is capable of performing at the top level with club and country,”

Montpellier is not top level and he has hardly played for France. Overlooked for that prat Benzema.

So in summary, dont believe the hype.

(Ofcourse I wish him all the success, and hope hes not ChamaKh MK2)


Montpellier not top level? They just won the Ligue 1 over PSG(Bottomless pit of money club)


It’s common sense, he was the big ass mutha in the french league with smaller more faster+agile defenders and still scored goals, now he comes to England where the defenders are bigger (nothing he can’t handle) and SLOWER!!!!! So on top of his brute strength he will also enjoy having his speed as an advantage in England. And when it comes to quality of leagues I can’t understand why people bring it up since his finishing is his finishing regardless of the pitch he plays on and his left foot is a cannon!


Is there some higher level of football in France than winning League 1 that I’m not aware of?

Hudson Hornet

Oh sorry I forgot the French league is top level. How silly of me.


I’m sorry I forgot that not everyone that uses the internet can read: Wenger was clearly referring to him playing at the top level in France – which is Ligue 1 – and the top level internationally – which is for the French senior XI.

Merlin's Panini

He is definitely not Chamakh MK2. I haven’t seen much of him but judging by the quality of some of his goals he looks like a pretty solid and reliable striker.
He scored over 20 goals last season. Chamakh only scored around 14-15 max a season in France.
Giroud was also selected in the France team ahead of Gameiro, Cisse (a dick yes, but a good finisher) etc so can’t be too shabby.
Chamakh is competing with a bunch of no hopers to get into the Morocco side. ‘Nuff said really.

Hudson Hornet

Time will tell.

Until then excuse me if I dont hold hands with the “hes going to be like Pires” bandwagon.


Doc Hudson (you’ve seen Cars, right? I’ve only watched it about 600 times with my 5-year old), Just out of curiosity (and no dig intended), did you watch Giroud play for Montpellier last season? I agree that we shouldn’t hype new players unnecessarily, but it’s also clear that he was one of only two strikers picked by Blanc for the France national team, and that he was joint top scorer in Ligue 1 last season, his goals crucial in his team winning the title. Ligue 1 is admittedly an inferior league to at least four others, but it does tend… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

6 caps for France.

Well her certainly has cracked the national scene.

I am just promoting caution – the same people hyping this lad will be ripping bits out of him should he fail to settle instantly.

i.e. Gervinho.


He doesn’t need to use physical strength. All he needs to do is just smile then the opposition defenders will be mesmerised and he just walks in there and score. 😀


Once again…

Giroud’s French
Frimpong’s Dench
And Nasri’s still on City’s bench
Olivierrrrr Giroud!

RVP's Right Foot

Giroud’s French
Frimpong’s Dench
Judi’s a Dench
And Nasri’s still on City’s bench
Olivierrrrr Giroud!


Finally. Only M’Villa left then?
PS: About today’s arseblog post….I hope Ramsey doesn’t go. I believe he just needs more time, we could maybe send him out on loan, but selling him is a bad decision.


Anyway, here’s hoping Giroud will be a wolf in the penalty box.

Merlin's Panini

he’s certainly already a fox! guffaw

Rad Carrot

Excellent news. Was almost certain we’d got him already, but you never know until it’s been confirmed.

Great job Wenger, excellent attacking options now. One happy Gooner today.


Good news. Best of luck to him!


is it just me or should someone have ironed his shorts on the pictures on


its gud gud gud to be gud to be a gooooner