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Arsenal promise strong side for Asia tour

Arsenal have promised to take a strong team on their tour of Asia, although the participation of some of the club’s biggest stars will depend on how far they progress with their respective countries at Euro 2012.

Speaking at a press conference revealing further details of the Gunners visit to Malaysia, Arsenal communications director Mark Gonnella confirmed that the likes of Robin van Persie and Lukas Podolski could feature in some capacity on July 24.

“We will bring our top players as the pre-season matches are a crucial part of our preparations for the new English Premier League season,” he told local reporters.

“Podolski’s presence here, however, depends on how far Germany progress in Euro 2012.

“He needs a three-week break after the Euros before he can play for us.”

Reflecting on the catalyst for a successive tour of the Far East, Gonnella continued:

“We are coming back for a second year running after the fantastic reception we received last year from the club’s wonderful fans and supporters just blew us away.

“Our intention is to bring our strongest possible squad as part of our pre-season preparations before we go to Beijing, Hong Kong and Nigeria.

“Our trip here last year was the catalyst for a truly momentous summer and we are looking forward to coming here again in July.”

Gonnella’s comments come just days after Ivan Gazidis outlined plans for greater communication between Arsenal and the Chinese football association during a webchat with the club’s fans in the country. Hinting that a relationship could grow through the exchange of coaching and training ideas, the club CEO also suggested that the Gunners could send Academy youngsters and the Women’s side for friendly matches int he future.

Having shunned international tours for over a decade under instruction from Arsene Wenger, it’s good to see the club finally recognising the importance of spreading the Arsenal brand on a global scale. It’s all the more important that these links continue to progress and prosper during the era of Financial Fair Play with huge sponsorship contracts and merchandise riches up for grabs.


Thanks to @MsianGooner for the link.

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“catalyst for a truly momentous summer”?

What planet is this guy on?


Man City TV


momentous in terms of spreading the brand Arsenal in Asia, not anything else.


The only EPL teams ‘well-represented’ and marketed in South East Asia are Man Ure or Chelski. When I was there in April -May I saw 2-3 people with Arsenal regalia and one of them was about 80!
The trouble is they just view it mainly as a betting game so only tend to support who is likely to win in any game.
Just thought I’d give a glimpse of how hard it is to market in Asia c’os they won’t support only 1 team but about 5. Depending on how they feel.


Source please, MJB.

You’re more likely to find Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea supporters in Asia because those are the teams whose matches are usually shown on TV. There might be “fans” who only see teams as a betting game but those are a minority. There are hundreds and thousands of supporters who are willing to wake up at ungodly hours just to watch games even on what shitty streams they can find. But hey, lovely generalization you have there on a whole continent btw.


I live in Southeast Asia (Indonesia) and can pretty much speak from years of experience. The dominating clubs in these parts are Man Utd, Chelsea, Barca and maybe Arsenal. Thinking Man City next. There are those places where you rent the futsal / football field for an hour or two right? And usually the shop owners and other lads renting other fields wear footy shirts right? Not until recently have I seen Man City shirts so often. I don’t remember any other year where I have seen ETIHAD on people’s shirts in here. It’s very much gloryhunting more than loyalty… Read more »


and no, most Asian fans I know do not follow football for the betting. Of course they do bet, and some are really winning things betting at Euros (with mates, not betting squares or paddypower etc), but they’d watch the football even w/o the bets.


MJB you came to that conclusion after 2 months in that region?
Those silly people I guess…FYI 80k people watched The Arse live back in ’99. Like everywhere else in the globe Gooners are not sheeple.

Merlin's Panini

I assume he actually said “A momentous turd of a summer” but that got edited out.

Jose Ozorio

I bought two tickets for the HK game. Just near the south stand a couple of rows from the pitch.

I also asked Mark Gonella a question on twitter and he got back to me within 24 hours.


How on eart did you get tickets for the HK game, I’ve looked everywhere but still can’t find them! HEEELP ….


oh my innocent fans, HE IS Mark Gonella in disguise.


love how he only mentions podolski as needing a break after the euros seeing as all our other players play for shit sides that wont make it far, i mean england, holland, poland, such small footablling powers it seems…!


I would imagine it was more the fact he was asked directly about Podolski. Mert is also in the Germany squad and wasnt mentioned plus it looks a couple of our other guys will go past the groups.


Jinxed it, only England have a possibility to go through now.


Despite being pre-season i still hope we smash Man City and there mercenary team of turbo-cunts for all of China to see! I don’t suppose any of the first team will want to play in a meaningless friendly so there reserve team (haha) might face us in my opinion.

Also does anyone actually know and can outline the details of FFP and when it will be introduced. In my eyes im sure Chelski and Shitty City will find a way around it some way.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

The entire FFP regulation is available on the EUFA website.


So definitely bringing Gervinho, Miyaichi, Song, Coquelin, Kos, Vermaelen, Santos, Gibbs, Walcott, Sczcesny, Arteta, Jenkinson, Ramsey…hmm who else? Van Persie, Podolski, Rosicky and possibly Chamberlain might need some rest I think. I don’t know, but if Giroud signs with us at least we’ll have a fresh striker for pre-season.

Elegbeleye oluwafemi

My club is entertainment club nd i love it up gunner 4 life.


Ryan, look up the Swiss Ramble on Google. Tonnes of info on FFP there. Lots of good Arsenal blogs there about our finances, commercial deals, transfer policy etc too.


Of course the Swiss Rambler, i been trying to find if Tim Payton has written anything about it as well. It just seems that there hasn’t been publicly alot about the subject, and yet some people see this as the ultimate demise of the big spenders of the PL.


Anyone read the news about City planning to sell 4 strikers to make room for RVP? It would be absolutely hilarious if City sold all of them only for RVP to sign a new contract with us. That way Mancini can take his smelly blue scarf and stuff it up his ass. That fuckwit needs to learn how to develop talents for once.


Pay no heed to such garbage. It’s bullshit rumor-mill journo-wank intended to get clicks or sell papers. I also read that story and hot tea was snorted out of my ears and nose in disbelief that a) anyone could print such pigeon guff and expect someone to believe it, and b) that anyone would actually believe it. If Arsenal struggle to sell players because of wages, imagine the problems Citeh will have. Also, they don’t even need the fucking money from fucking transfer sales because they suckle oil directly from the teats of billionaire Saudis and spit it around Europe… Read more »


Saudis do not own any clubs in the UK.


Got my new season shirt today. They are much better than in the photo’s. Black becomes Navy Blue and looks good.



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