Arsenal to earn UEFA handout thanks to Nasri & Fabregas


Arsenal will earn a tidy little sum from UEFA this summer if Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy feature for Spain and France respectively at Euro 2012.

The Gunners, will similarly receive payments for the attendance of nine other stars including Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Robin van Persie, Per Mertesacker, Wojciech Szczesny, Laurent Koscielny, Andrei Arshavin, Tomas Rosicky and Nicklas Bendtner.

A €100 million pot of cash, ratified at the XXXVI Ordinary UEFA Congress held in Istanbul last March, is set to be shared by domestic clubs as a thanks for their role in making the tournament a success.

The specific amount earned in reparations appears to depend on a number of factors. While a player’s participation in the tournament and their country’s progression determines an overriding figure, where that cash goes is contingent on who has held player registration over the course of the qualification period for the tournament proper.

On paper it means that the likes of van Persie, Walcott, Rosicky, Koscielny and Szczesny could earn the most for Arsenal should they play every game for their country and win the tournament. It’s possible that Nicklas Bendtner and Andrei Arshavin fall into the same category although I’ve yet to figure out if their loan moves this season complicate matters.

The departed Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas would earn Arsenal cash having been registered at the Emirates for the 2010/11 season (although that figure would be shared with Manchester City and Barcelona who signed them for 2011/12). Participation by Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mertesacker would see the Gunners share further cash with Southampton and Werder Bremen from whom the duo were signed last summer.

Speculating on how much cash could end up in Arsene’s coffers seems nigh on impossible at the moment, not just because we’ve no idea how far certain countries will go, but because UEFA hate Wenger and could well withhold it all in lieu of future fines.

It also throws up the rather sick possibility of mindlessly cheering Nasri because we could have an extra tenner to give to Chamakh…


This Polish article (sent our way by @SiuFay), which forms the basis of this piece, has a crack at specific figures.

Feel free to use any mathematic qualifications you may hold to work stuff out in the comments section below. Marks will be awarded for showing your ‘working out’…as teachers used to say.

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Just let Frimpong play at the tournament and we are happy, being Frimponged to death is something money can’t buy.


I don’t actually know why he elected to represent Ghana. Looking at the England midfield for this tournament, I’d much rather have the likes of him patrolling the centre than Parker or Gerrard.


Yes but he probably didn’t have the feelings of England fans in mind when he chose! I doubt he wants to be anywhere near parker or Gerrard in the middle anyway.


I hate Scott Parker. He irritates the hell out of me.
He also ducks when the other teams are shooting penalties.


Love the article Andrew. It make me laugh. I always show my workings.


I just beat some faggy spuds fan on fifa with two very unrealistic goals by Frimpong. Yeah!


Cesc is clearly fucking Nasri in the ass .

Tom C

Nasri is clearly fucking loving it


With all due respect and as a non-English Arsenal fan I can tell you only an English man would want to play for England given a choice. A massive generalization it’s true and there are exceptions but the English media destroy their national team, the fans expect their always mediocre team to win everything and the players are creamed and blamed for everything. Plus it is the height of arrogance to have a brass band play the national anthem all the way through the match. It just goes to show that only the English think their team is one which… Read more »


Sorry hit the wrong reply button. I’m used to them being at the bottom 😛


Such is the English media and, unfortunately, a large percentage of the population go along with it.
I think this could be why Gooners can’t really be arsed with all this euro 2012 crap. They have more intellegence than most and can see through the media bollox.

That said might be interesting to see how the ox develops now he’s become a ‘media darling’.


As an English, speaking only for myself and people I know, I can say we haven’t expected England to win anything since 1996. And they hate the brass band (I kinda like them).

I don’t know how they could be seen as arrogant, though.


probably the funniest comment i’ve read on this blog


I’m honored


So honoured that I spelled honoured wrong.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Nope you just Americanized it!


Its great that the club will be getting some cash. Big whoop! But how about putting some of it to use by spending it on reinforcements the club so desperately needs. #AskIvan


Arsenal Football club has been renamed to Arsenal MLM / Bank.

Master Bates

the amount is 100 Million for ALL clubs that have players in the competition , so that’s us,liverpoo,chelsea,manyoo,citeh,sp*rs,juve,milan,inter,barca,real,valencia,zeenit,cska moskow,lille,psg,montepellier,levante,bilbao,newcastle,udinese,bradford city,palermo,deportivo,oxford united,portsmouth,lecce,napoli, etc etc etc

There are more than 20 clubs with players in the competition ,So that means it’s will be somethinglike 1-9 Million. which is not enough to buy you the Hazards that you people so much want ,infact it’s not even enough to sign up Kalou for Free

Blue Bird

Why do we want Kalou?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think the number will be closer to 40 than 20 as many of these players have moved over the qualifying period.

If I understand it right there are 16 teams each with 23 players there? That’s 358 players. I reckon 250 might see at least a bit of game time.

We’re likely to be looking at a couple of hundred thousand at most unless the French or English go all the way and all our players are picked as starters regularly.



Matt James

100m euros divided by 368 players (16 squads of 23) is €271,739
So, €136k perr player per season.
5 players played for both seasons – €1,358,695
7 players played one season – €951,086
So a nice €2,309,781 earner.


Maurice A

Impossible to calculate cos depends on how far the players go

Gee Five

€2,309,781 !

That’s half a Squillaci! LOL!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s half a Squillaci and you haven’t even paid his first week’s wages yet!

the only sam is nelson

aha but isn’t it also distributed on whether players get time on teh pitch + how many games we’ll play? so for example Rooney won’t earn the Glazerhawks much as he’ll miss the first two games and the dead rubber we play in the last group game before coming home can’t be worth a great deal our french, german and dutch players along with cesc would be the obvious choices for going a reasonable distance (ie playing at least 4 games) and therefore racking up the cash for Arsene’s UEFA swear box. let’s see then. group stage = 24 games… Read more »


why is everyone so happy as if it’s their’s all part of the’s a funny thing whenever people here something about cash in flow they immediatley want transfers.get a life.we get money from various’s either we don’t have enough to spend or the directors are a bunch of cunning basterds.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I went to see Arsenal at Highbury in 1984 two days before I emigrated to Australia. It cost me 2.50 to get in (See, no pound sign on Australian keyboards) and 20p for the programme.. I don’t remember Arsenal buying anybody immediately afterwards. They let me down badly. We won, but that hardly showed real ambition, did it? Where did my money go? That’s what I want to know.

a gunner

God knows where all this money go to

Master Bates

to fund the running costs like groundsmen,pat rice’s shorts , paying the tea lady etc etc


Wengers water bottles. I’m sure those things take a huge chunk of the £100 milli

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…Holding meetings with the fans to explain yet again why we can’t just splurge 100 million

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope Pat Rice handed in his shorts when he retired. Steve Bould will be needing them. We can’t go round buying new shorts every 44 years. Not financially sensible.


The “compensation” system is a good idea, I’m just not sure if it pays off for the good of the league(s) in the long term as the rich clubs will get even richer whereas the poor teams will struggle even more.


Plus, our club doesn’t really need that money as we’re not going to spend it anyway 🙂

So, comparative advantage to the City’s of this world…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Southampton will get some, perhaps…or do they instantly qualify as a rich club now that they’ve been promoted?


look at united hate it or love it that club is run with success on the pitch being their main goal, they narrowly missed it on the championship and what they do but a highly sought after player in kagawa , meanwhile we scramble to finish third and clearly needing players of the caliber of kagawa and we just sit there thinking about rvp’s contract situation.. typical arsenal.. and before anyone says it i know we bought podolski but we need much more then him to mount any sought of serious threat to bring the champions league or the prem… Read more »


What about last year when they wanted Sneider and Nasri? How’d that work out?

Good Omens

Little bit blinkered there methinks. Kagawa is an excellent player no doubt about it; do we need him though ? Truly, I think not. He is a creative playmaker of the Wilshire sort, so we buy him and ship Jack out do we ? We all want signings, we all agree on that, as fans we all want to see some new faces strengthen our side, but we can’t buy EVERYONE, and nor should we. We need to get the right players in the right positions. It is always a pain in the ass to see rivals pick up top… Read more »


Sorry, but to put all our hopes on Jack is unfair and abit unrealistic since he’s just missed a season of football, we need a better squad to challenge next season we have a good core of players but like many times last season if we miss one of them we suffer and we don’t have the necessary cover that’s not my opinion that’s a fact, the table doesn’t lie and we were very lucky that the chavs had a really poor run under AVB and the scum bottled it towards the end.

King Kenny

But I swear this happens every year. Quiet. Waiting. And what happens. We signed Santos, Arteta, Benayoun, Chamberlain and Gervinho.

All good players but Arteta was the gem. Benayoung was a nice signing. And Chamberlain is the future. But I am getting a bit pissed off seeing other teams sign players than come straight in and blow up the Prem, like those twats in black and white NOOKUSSLE with Ba and Cisse. Cmon Weng, unearth those fucking diamonds you swine.

Good Omens

I never said anything about pinning all our hopes on Jack, simply that we have to be realistic about where we need to strengthen. Creatively going forward I think we are well served and I can’t see how he would be a vital improvement over say a solid defensive midfielder, which in my opinion is much more vital to this team. I understand the that we need players challenging for all positions, for squad depth and to keep the team honest, that new signings are exciting , but truthfully I can’t see what Kagawa would bring us over and above… Read more »


How many weeks has it been since the season ended?

There’s your answer.

The Law

Let’s see here:

Arsenal sign Podolski very early in the transfer window. Later, Chelsea sign Hazard (after he’s flashed his knickers at every fucking team in Europe [including Sp*rs]), Man U sign Kagawa, and suddenly, “Arsenal haven’t signed anyone” becomes a running theme.

It’s sickening to read and I am ashamed to call those who spout this rubbish week after week “Gooners”.


your deluded its crazy, chelsea just won the champions league, man united almost won the league hence the fact that they didnt need to rebuild their squad on the other hand we just about got third place and you seem content with only one addition what kind of fan are you


And what kind of an impatient gooner, no, twat are you @ jacob. This aint football manager or FIFA career mode. This is reality, transfer dealing takes time to materialize. The summer window aint even open yet. Watch out man before you go suicidal. I shudder to think what you would do to yourself if come September 1st Arsenal has failed to add to the squad. I advise that you give it time so that you can last the summer. Then you can shoot yourself if the worst should happen. But for me, I will live through it and be… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Man United bough Kagawa. That shows the ambition we don’t have.
We bought Podolski…But we need much more than just one man, so it isn’t good enough.

You judgement seems rather strange. Man United need more than one player as well, but it is only us that you complain about? In early June? In a year when there is a Euro Championship about to start?

Th ledgend

Will that be enough to cover the cost of our players getting into the famous red zone and more than likely getting injured spending weeks if not months on the sidelines (jack comes to mind)


Forget the money, the best way to repay us would be nasri to get a boot in the face by szczesny and when he lies down in pain, szcz slaps him and tells him to get up. Then the ref has no choice but to show him a red for distracting szcz, on his way out I pull out a sign”nasri the horse-faced cunt”(hope it’s caught on camera) and that ladies and gentlemen is my euro 2012.


That photo should be in Up The Arse Corner.


That’s why tony pubis is moaning about crouch and that cunt not being selected for the euros


‘Pubis’ , ‘Crotch’, ‘Cunt’.

What are you getting at exactly?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think he’s trying for the clitoris.

Not sure which Premier League personality best fits the title though.


it’s 832.2348234. that’s the answer.


Well basically when UEFA apply their very own formula of curruption, divided by the potential money UEFA can make, minus the square root of pointlessness we are given the answer:
Fuck all.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

UEFA need to make all the money they can in order to be ablr to pay out on all the major compensation claims that will be made in the fallout from the Euros. The riots, the racism, the vandalism, the injuries to players who are forced to stay on the pitch when the Polkrainian Ultras turn nasty but the refs take no action to get the teams to safety, the fan deaths…. It’s going to set European football back 60 years, but it will be the end of Micky Platitudes. Then again, it might be a good tournament with no… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

* able *


UEFA are bunch of crooks they make so much cash they just handing it out now days, FIFA and UEFA are a disgrace to football CAF also is a mess


Surely as we have TGSTEL on our books we get the whole 100 million?


I say put the money of FD, Gold, Oil, Shares and use it after 15years to buy erm Park Chu Young Jr.


Maybe they can get a loan deal for Sneijder somehow. I know this is truly wishful thinking. He’s on ridiculous wages though, and I’m just trying to justify it in my head that bringing in another Dutchmen will keep RvP here. Inter didn’t make CL, so he could be looking to move. Yes, I’m clutching at straws!


Dude, Schneider and RvP hate each other’s guts. Schneider spent the last world cop not passing to RvP!

If you want RvP to leave for sure, bring Schneider in!


Nasri you are shit.

You are nothing more than a chinless passenger in that side.

Cesc just come back.

Barca have peaked and are in for a Real (geddit!?) buggering for the forseeable future.


Will UEFA practice financial fair play amongst themselves?!

Good Omens

Nice point – made me chuckle.


@Admins: could you guys please not post pictures of that c**t Na$ri in an Arsenal shirt? It makes me want to punch him. Thanks.


I hope they get as much money as possible.

Naija Gunner

I’ve been laughing since I started reading this article and comments, this is the best football blog family I’ve ever been to, thanks you all and to the haters let’s wait and watch Wenger do his job!