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Arsenal to face Sunderland on opening day

Arsenal will play Sunderland on the opening day, August 18th, of the 2012-13 Premier League season.

In a relatively tough opening to the season, the Gunners will travel to Mordor to face Stoke before a trip to Anfield on September 1st. After the Interlull we play newly promoted Southampton at home, followed by Champions Man City away and we round off September when Chelsea come to visit and hopefully John Terry falls over on his face (assuming he’s still playing football and not breaking rocks).

The first North London derby takes place at the Emirates on Nov 17th with the return fixture scheduled for March 2nd.

Our final league game of the season is May 19th away to Newcastle.

The full list of fixtures can be seen on – and it’s worth remembering that these games are subject to change due to TV scheduling.

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Nuno Moreira

Did anyone else notice that both our Chelsea games are marked as away in the Arsenal site. In September and January


Aha yeah I did,but i guess they’l change it now because a human being noticed the error.


They decided to play one fixture at Brisbane Road. For the lulz.


Isn’t there a rule to the limit of away fixtures in a row?
(City, Chelsea, WestHam and Norwich, all one after the other)


What? It’s Chelsea H, West Ham A, Norwich A, QPR H.


Indeed the opening fixtures are tough, however what im more interested in is the fixtures towards the end of the season. If we could replicate the form we showed at the back end of last season we could find ourselves even nearer the summit (dare i say leaders?)


J-dizzle my rizzle


OH and btw… according to we play chelsea TWICE AWAY… lol… they might change it by the time you read this


Wouldnt mind that if RVP scores a hat-trick each time.


don’t you mean “when RVP scores a hat-trick each time”?


wouldn’t mind watching John Terry falling face first into the ground again while screaming “I’M NOT A RACIST”


Wouldn’t mind cashley coles face being frimponged…(fingers crossed)


As long as he scored it for us he can score what he likes. Oh and when he like.

Mike Hawk

We will crush those Sunderland hello kitties and Stoke orcs/trolls before laying waste to Livershit, Chelshit and Man shit all without breaking a sweat.. We will remain unbeaten until a draw in January…


Even after the draw in january we will still be unbeaten

Mike Hawk

Haha, indeed..


Last game away to newcastle
See that pardew (cunt). We.get to beat you at the end of the season………awesome! 🙂


Am I the only one tired of playing at Old Trafford first instead of the Emirates? If we get a result against them at home then we could get the confidence to get a result away, but we always seem to lose against them at their home :/

Rad Carrot

December looks like our easy month, which isn’t that bad. Not the worst round of fixtures I suppose.


should be a good christmas i hope lol

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So we lift the trophy at Newcastle?


NO…we fking lift it when manu visit us


Fuck all, Fuck all, Fuck all, United have won fuck all, and the cockney Reds are going outta there heads, United have won FUCK ALL.

Hope this will be sung to all the glory hunting cunts when they come round!


As I go down the list I’m going, this one’s not easy… that one’s tricky… oye that one is a big one…. this one not easy either…. Given our tendency to play shit against weaker teams and to make fans suffer until the 90th minute against better ones, this looks like yet another nerve-wracking season.

Good luck to us Gunners fans – I’m off to get a pacemaker…



When people go CCCCOOOOOOOYYYYYYGGGG!!! Its like saying LOOOOOOOLLLL! R u going: laughing out out out out out out loud loud loud?


I prefer to assume they’re shouting KOOOOIIIIIGGG!!

Johnny D

3rd season in a row we finish with an away fixture!
Since the 2006/7 season 5 away games on the final day, during the same the spuds and chavski have both only played twice. Manure, shitty and the scousers 4 each. I would check out the rest but cannot be arsed……
Nice that the premier league are considering our huge fan base when deciding on fixtures.


Well… it’s good that there’s at least one person that gives a shit about this.

Consider that half the teams in the Premiership finish their season away.


I view this start as a way to get an early 3 point advantage against all our rivals. Hope poldi scores an hat trick against at least one of those shit teams. COYG


Anyone else noticing a change in Arseblogger since he has been back from hols. He far more calm and measured… a bit like Hannibal Lecter. I, for one, am very uneasy – I read on, expecting the ascerbic, razor sharp vitriol to be unleashed but there’s more calm measured stuff.
Guys, stick with me on this one, he’s up to something. Don’t get lulled into this new “puppy love” blogging. He’s going to let rip when we least expect it.


But will Van Persie play against Sunderland? Now that the Dutch have yet again self-destructed at a major championship, our super-striker is free to sort our his future.

I think that he’s going, but hope that I’m wrong.


“I think that he’s going, but hope that I’m wrong” – How could any give Fats the thumbs down for this. Doesnt anyone read what Fats writes anymore? He is wrong most of the time but he’s not wrong ALL the time.


Possibility: Constant miserablism is tedious. Every Arsenal supporter hopes he stays but knows there’s a likelihood he might not. Ten commenters say as much in every article.

Change the record!



How the fuck is saying that I hope RvP stays is “miserablism”?



January looks tough




We will then proceed to lift the FA Cup 2 weeks later and the Champions league days after the FA Cup triumph. 😀


Does the PL computer hate us or something?! That’s a ridiculous difficult start to the season. Let’s get the summer deals in early and hit the ground running. Well, at least we start at home this time around. COYG! 18 points from the first 6 games! 😀


Can’t wait for the season to start! This is torture! … It is not at all like a kid in a sweet shop… it is more like kid standing outside a sweet-shop glaring through the window and being told that he can have all he can eat……. but he has to wait for 2 months….
2 months??!!! That is a life time for any kid! And I am as excited as any kid in/outside of any sweet-shop!!

Please put me to sleep for the summer and Bring it on!





Never had a stripper put me to sleep before.. so, thanks!


How about how hideous January is: Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool all in a row.
Not a bad run in – tho’ Utd with four games to go could be immense, and Wigan there to try to trip us up again…

Rad Carrot

Traditionally, we always fuck up slightly in January.

I’m actually okay with fucking up against the larger teams rather than going on a four-game losing streak against the cunts of Stoke and Aston Villa.

Mind you, if we actually do have a full squad that can play football, we might just do it next season. We’ll see.


we beat all three of them last season with one of the worst arsenal squads in years so now we just get to beat them in a row

Chris Dangerfield

Great news. Now I can book my holiday.


Same teams, different order….so what?! We thought we’d beat Newcastle, Liverpool and Blackburn early doors last year.
Let’s just bring in the quality we need….then it matters even less who we play.


Am I the only one that thinks this is a decent fixture list?

Don’t see what everyone’s qualms are about. We can’t expect the order of games to “help us” win the title – it’s up to us, not anything else.


The Capitol One cup is ours.


Capital One Cup? Is that some kind of Nascar race?


That’s the new name of the Carling Cup.

Tom c

Maybe they’re shouting so loud it echoes. I doubt anyone who does that ever
a. thought that deeply about it, and
b. feels the need to explain it
but if you fit both of those categories, you’re welcome.

Tom C

This was meant to be in response to count re: LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL all the way up there. 🙁


We’ve got the same teams in Jan and Sept. huh.


And after that we will fill the bars and drink to our fill while singing songs of praise to the arsenal. We will then fill the streets and to the top of our voices laugh at manchester united, city, chelsea and definetly the sp*ds.


Januart looks tough, September’s a piece of piss though.


The first crucial phase of the season is the start of the season. Last season was a tough start, but this is tougher. We really need to hit the ground running. We get 12-15 points for the first 6 games should be decent.

[…] domestically, the fixtures for the new season were announced yesterday. It’s a pretty tough start to the season for us. Sunderland at home is all right, but […]

Naija Gunner

I say bring it in….! Can’t wait for the season to start, I feel like I was in the desert, without watching the red and white of Arsenal play football for em…em …is it up to a year?

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