Thursday, August 18, 2022

Arsene has van Persie situation licked

Arsene Wenger has told an Italian journalist he’ll buy him an ice-cream if Robin van Persie moves to Juventus.

Perhaps the boss was looking for 99 reasons why the skipper would stay, but via the Independent, he told La Republica that a move to the Old Lady, or indeed any other team, was unlikely.

“He will stay at Arsenal,” he said. “There is no reason why a top player, a big champion would want a move to Serie A – in terms of the prestige of the league, the level of play or financial considerations.

“If he moves there, I will buy you a caramello.”

Now, Arseblog News is aware the manager can sometimes be a bit flaky, but we’d have to take these comments with a very large topping of hundreds and thousands. The club and the player agreed to say nothing of his future and we all know Arsene is the master of saying nothing – even when he does say something. So it seems a little unlikely that he’d be so definitive about the situation unless he was suffering from brain freeze.

Meanwhile, reports in the US press suggest Arsenal are interested in under-19 captain Benan Jeri and his national teammate Hagan Daz. Both players are extremely versatile and are known to be widely available for very reasonable fees.

We’ll keep you up to date if and when we hear more, or you can check our Facebook Walls.

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Now RVP is out of the Euros, I expect him to have a little holiday and for an announcement to be made before in the next couple of weeks.

Need to get this wrapped up, regardless of what his decision is.

No. 2

Yes Mr. President we are on that. And plan 2 has been confirmed, if he does not sign then the grassy knoll it is.


hagan daz? are we still talking about ice-creams?




i bliv if he goes Arsenal will remain a gr8 club


I laugh in Chinese. Muhemuhemuuulegagagaga


I definitely didn’t totally miss the ice-cream reference and type Benan Jeri into Google.

That would’ve been idiotic.


On the back of these brilliant ice cream players we should now go and buy FK Vardar’s midfielder Osa Guobadia…

Genuinely his nickname is Ice Cream


Haha…I get it now. Lol very naice!


>Haha…I get it now. Lol berry n’ice

Fixed that for you.


hahaha you beauty


Hagan Daz! What a player.


So I am told, but he tends to melt away in the warmer weather…


Stoke in december should be good though.. Our super sub

Double '71

Nah, I hear he can be a bit flaky.


I’m not sure we’ve got the lolly to buy him.


He looks like a plain old vanilla player to me. But who knows, maybe he’s got a chocolate leg just like Van Persie.


Was with the guy yesterday, gave him a nice pep talk on why he should stay and he agreed he would so we should be okay.

(if only)


Sounds to me like the journalist had just back him into a Cornetto. The press would have a Feast if AW had said anything else.

Tarang Jacob

Wenger talks about ice-cream and we’re linked with a player called “Hagen Daz”. Wow.


Phew, I thought I was losing.


I’m not sure whether to like or dislike this comment.


Wit; it’s not for everyone…


That’s such an odd comment.


I would like to buy Robin an ice-cream if he stays.


Arsene just took a dump on the Serie A.


i think serie a would take a turd over their current situation.


With a flake in it


Arsenal transfers and ice cream stands – once burnt, twice sly.


No need for anyone to get their knickers in a Twister over this story, or make a Feast of it.

It’s a shame for RVP that the Orange Maid his summer a miserable one, but now he’ll appreciate how Fab he’s got it at the Arse.

If RVP stays and Jack can get his Funny Foot sorted out, we’ll Zoom up the league next season.


i scream that this is turning into a Marathon topic


Is being lactose intolerant a good enough reason to Google Benan Jeri?


What lies Arseblogger, Benan Jeri is a veteran 34 year old and Hagen Daz is an experienced campaigner at 51! It will be so embarrassing if I subtracted the years wrong. On a more serious note though, if I was a top player, I would definitely not go to Italy, the league is corrupt – again. They only have 3 UEFA spots and fail to attract big players. The only league worth going to would be La Liga, but I would only go to Real or Barca, and Real already have 2 world class strikers and are unlikely to spend… Read more »


Realistically there are only a handful of clubs who could pay him that money and match his standards anyway. IF we take out England, there’s Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus who play in Seria A. Of those I think only Juve is seriously interested.


Just uploaded my “Welcome to Arsenal, Benan Jeri” highlight video to YouTube set to a Nickelback and Coldplay mash up. Check it out!


I don’t believe that arsene said those words. His past actions on transfer rumours have been cold and answers nothing. Ps: You almost got me on the US u-19 kids!

Master Bates

what’s the difference here , His answers are still cold

“If he moves there, I will buy you a caramello.”

I find that statement very ‘cold’


And also delicious.

Naija Gunner

I don’t know the reason for keeping everything in the dark? Just say what you want we’ll all understand and love you or hate you and finally forget the whole thing. But some will crucify him for leaving and hate him for life.

I wouldn’t blame him much, if he leaves, he is at his peak and needs a good retirement package not everyone will be like my man Rosicky committing to Arsenal even with higher wages at some other clubs.

Arsenal will always be here for us faithful fans and players too, UP ARSENAL FOR LIFE!!!

Master Bates

if he stays at Arsenal ,he’ll be better financially when he retires, Him an Arsenal legend and all that compated to being a part player elsewhere .

More reputation = more money.

I am sorry I can’t explain it properly ,let’s just say Adebayor won’t have the same reputation like RvP when he retires


Good point, Mr. MB. I don`t think we can be absolutely sure this is how it would work out in real life, but as a hypothetical scenario, I think it makes a lot of sense. Let`s try to “test” this; H1: Robin is better for it financially by staing at Arsenal What would support his hypothesis? A(very good) player that stays at a given club for most of his career becomes a legend, and thus his standing in the world game is strenghtened by building on the neverending support from said clubs supporters even after the player retires. This ensures… Read more »


lets just sit back and eat some god damn Ice-Cream and watch the madcap summer unfold

plus Jhon Terry just visited my collage to lift the inter collage trophy for best female supporting act.


I love that Troll face, indeed.


Just overheard someone say Arsene just left Iceland with a Neil Politan.


This was your Magnum Opus blogger.

Master Bates

I didn’t get the ice cream references at first…I am such a moron 🙁

Runcorn Gooner

I scream over all these references.


Another “scoop” for Arseblog News…


The ice cream was good physically, but mentally, the ice wasnt strong enough…

Benan Jeri

Oh my. I’m just melting about the possibility of playing for Arsenal

John Terry

I think Chelsea would suit you better instead.. 🙂 You have a wife right?

Wayne Bridge

Listen to me. Do not go to Chelsea, I repeat DO NOT GO TO CHELSEA!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Omg @feygooner, I misread your handle and thought it was Fatgooner being positive and commenting about proving Van Persie will stay at the Arse!! Immediately I went like ‘something must be wrong with the Fat one today…”


Reasonable, Ben and Jerry’s are over £5 at my local co-op


It would be classic Wenger to make a bet knowing full well he could be paying out, hence the rather low stake. On £7M a year, I’m sure Arsene can afford to buy someone an ice cream.


Well if he’s not leaving, then why hasn’t he signed a new deal instead of leaving everyone hanging with the accompanying speculation? This isn’t some special Wenger trick, it’s our captain not wanting to commit more than a year to Arsenal. Thumb me down all you like, but you know it’s true.


You still don’t get it.
Another Thumbs down for ya!


Thumb away. I get it perfectly; Robin is up for sale as he won’t sign a new deal. Arsene can make all the ice cream related quips he likes, it changes nothing.


I live in Holland. The Dutch media plus public/fan are very busy trying to find out what went wrong with the Dutch National Team. Therefore, there are a lot of gossip of disunity of players, some players behaved bigger than they are etc. Sometimes it looks as if they are looking for excuse/blame. Some guess that it was Huntalaar and Van der Vaart but no one will confirm. Therefore it’s better for van Persie of lay low – go on vacation and sort out the contract issue later on or when things quiet down here – I think.

Merlin's Panini

Well let’s hope Benan Jeri doesn’t freeze when he’s given his big chance.


I’ll have Chocolate Leg over Benan Jeri day.


Ive heard we are chasing Spanish u17 twins limon Solero and his refreshingly talented twin Orang Solero. That would be a great deal after losing Fab to barca and I’ve never got over them nicking our Over-Mars

‘Gets coat ‘

Merlin's Panini

you could’ve had I’ve never forgiven them Over Mars…


I really do feel that the Netherlands shite helps us out. Robin has to realize that just going to a team with star players means nothing, as he has not chemistry with those men. I hope its an eye-opener that he can make an impact in the team he is already at and now that a few players are coming in, he can make an impact without having to do it all. Also…for once we can finally be thankful for our high profile departures as men like Hleb, Adebayor, and even Fabregas so far never saw success after they left.… Read more »


I’m feeling okay about this VP situation for reasons suggested by Wenger up there. I just can’t think of any team Van Persie could move to that would give him what he couldn’t realistically get at Arsenal. If we’re to believe his dad, then every English side is out of consideration – and that’s even before you consider that Arsene would probably sooner kill VP than let another player go play for a direct rival. Nasri was one thing – good as he is, he’s not essential to the team. Van Persie is. I can’t see any other team in… Read more »


I completely agree. I suspect that we’ve been using RVP’s contract to our advantage to keep other teams from driving up the market for some of the strikers we have an interest in.

Thankfully, the richest teams in the world also have an embarrassment of riches insofar strikers is concerned, so for once things seem to go Arsenal’s way.

the only sam is nelson

Personally I think we need to buy the young Dutch lad, van Illa, he’s reputed to be as good as bergkamp. a new ice man. lovely


I thought he was French and I thought his name was Yann m’vanilla.


Seriously, that Benen Jeri fella is phish food, and we don`t want that. I would get Schweddy Balls if we signed him!

Thierry Henry's foot

Benan Jeri, Hagen Daz
Sound like made up names from ice cream companies 🙂
I wouldn’t be surprised if some other fake journalists and cheap websites like will publicize this…
Arsenal interested in two more youngsters Benan Jeri, Hagen Daz!

Glory hunter

Made up names???
Where have u been both youngsters have taken over the MLS like freezing weather. They have ice in their veins and are very cool under pressure.
A joy to be-hold 😉


Dont think I didnt catch your fat joke about Americans.

Merlin's Panini

I hear we’re also after a former luxury player who disappeared into obscurity with a move to Iceland. We should be able to pick him up very cheap. His name? Via Netta


Where’s the pzazz in this article. There really lemon fizz no rum or raisin for such a story.


There’s 31 reasons to reject this story.


Benan Jeri is overrated. Way too dribbly.


What club does Benan play for?




“Benan Jeri and Hagan Daz.” Dear Arseblog News, you’ve just made my day.


Arseblog i just love this blog. Oh my days lol ur a funny dude .i love it. You got to love da gunners .arsenal 4 life. Keep up the good work mate. Ps i love arseblog.

[…] somewhere in the mix. Arsene Wenger has dismissed talks on his potential move to Juventus and he promised a reporter some ice cream if van Persie joins the […]


i feel totally stupid for typing in benan jeri on google. very clever

[…] He must have experience first hand what it might to be playing in a team with so many star names and such massive ego’s, as the present Netherlands squad. A situation where he may have to face, should he make a move to Juventus or Real Madrid. Arsene Wenger certainly thinks he won’t move, and should he move, the press will be treated to a nice round of ice-cream. […]

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