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Galatasaray make Arshavin contact

According to a report in the Russian press, Andrei Arshavin is a target for Turkish giants Galatasaray after the winger’s recent controversial comments (following his country’s exit at Euro 2012) angered the owner of Zenit St Petersburg.

Life Sports claim that the 31-year-old was contacted by Galatasaray officials while on international duty in Poland and the Ukraine and a two-year offer worth around €6 million in wages has been tabled.

Arsenal are certainly unlikely to stand in the way of any such move should the Turkish Super Lig champions come up with a suitable bid.

Of course, on paper you can’t help but think Zenit are still favourites to make Arshavin’s February loan move permanent – discussions on the matter are bound to have been touched upon at the time. Either way, a second interested party can only work in the favour of Ivan Gazidis who’ll be looking to recoup a large chunk of the big money fee paid in 2009.

Should Arshavin move to Turkey it raises the rather comical prospect of the tubby Russian lining up alongside Emmanuel Eboue again…not something that bodes well for Galatasaray should they want to retain their title.

Thanks to @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up.

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I’m a bit tiered of all the eboue slander. He was an excellent servant to the club who put in %100 effort everytime he stepped onto the pitch.

Arshavin, not so much.


Oh and let’s just forget what Arshavin has done for us and call him fat and lazy and greedy. You know, because almost anybody can score 4 goals at Anfield(well at least when Liverpool were not shit anyway), and score the winner against Barcelona.

Runcorn Gooner

He’s small,he’s round
And he’s Turkey bound


How can someone not like this limerick?

Glory hunter

7 apparently didn’t!


Damn… i still wanna sing we’ve got arshavin FUCK ADEBAYOR!!!!!


I think we as Arsenal can be better and more gracious than this. Can’t we just simply wish them well? We demand loyalty from players we need/want but once they are passed their sell-by date we can’t wait to see the back of them and can’t resist to crack crude jokes. Eboue and Arshavin are the two players who got boos from their own fans while donning Arsenal colours and I dare say that is the saddest thing that can happen in a player’s career.


Shame he didnt refind his form, great player when he’s in the mood.


You might remember a certain game at villa park couple of years ago. I liked him even more in that game than the liverpool one.


Personally I think he’ll stay in Russia. He would be far more relaxed there than Turkey me thinks.

Anyway best of luck to him however it pans out.


Operation deadwood well and truly underway!


Shut up, Eboue…


I thought the picture was of a little old lady until I looked closer. Oops.


Such a shame the little meerkat was unable to sustain his early Arsenal form in his latter years. Such a talent, and surely has to be one of the funniest players around.


And my face just made contact with a nice smile.
Go arshavin, you were okay but your work ethic denies you a place in this arsenal side.

The guy puts in 80% thus making sagna and the likes to put in an extra 20%……

Thankyee for your time though.


For all of his bad games, I still remember the infamous four at Anfield, the screamer at Old Trafford, the cross for Henry vs Sunderland and the winner vs Barcelona. Farewell Anderi, and may your transcripts be translated into Turkish better than they were English.


Arsenal fans ar gud @ slammin playas wen dey fall out of favour….its nt a 9s gesture.all d same i wish him gudluck,he ws a 9s playa.


I didn’t quite catch that. Any chance of you rephrasing it in a slightly more eloquent manner?


Clearly you are not a 9s person.


? What school did u go to. Write properly u cretin


Okay, I’ll ask it…. what the hell is “9s”?

I think the rest translates as “Arsenal fans are good at slamming players when they fall out of favour… it’s not a ** gesture, All the same I wish him good luck, he was a ** player.”

Glory hunter

Nice! Obviously 😉

Le coq's pants

To some, english came on a ship so quit the jabbering (mocking) and try to get the message . You do realise arseblog is global not just in english speaking countries.

Cygan's Right Foot

But that’s mostly text speak and not English that “came on a ship” as you so put it. No one uses 9s to replace nice if it’s just down to learning the language as it’s not your native tongue. Learn the difference before you use a condescending tone in your comments.


Since when has anyone ever abbreviated “nice” to 9s?

Benny Blanco


Cygan's Right Foot

Tweight? What’s a tweight or even twate?


He did his time here, time to move on Arsh


Sorry? What did you say?

Cygan's Right Foot



Fuck being an off season fan. When arshavin leaves yeah, when lansbury (championship sub) is linked away, doom and gloom!
I like andrei, whether he leaves or stays but erasing any contribution he ever made to our team is fucking sad. He ended up a lazy fat lil guy but dont forget he started as a productive owly chap.

John M

Are Galatasaray running a shelter for those Arsenal players who have suffered abuse from their own fans?


Ramsey to Galatasaray – summer 2013


Ramsey to Galatasaray – summer 2012! 🙂



Cygan's Right Foot

Going with those requirements, we had better send them Koscielny and Szczesny who both got abuse for the mix up against Birmingham

Bendtner's Ego

Actually, in the last Russian game vs Greece, they nearly equalized because of a very precise AA cross. Unfortunately it went wide. Not his fault.

I thought he had an ok tournament. He did look in better shape.

Why is my name required

if there was a player who could score some lovely goals, its Arshavin. i shall miss them. and what about his goal celebration …? its beautiful. i shall miss it too.

You were a great player, and i shall remember your best moments

Glory hunter

Wow that clip brought back some good memories, I think he’s just past his peak, we got him at the top of his game and sadly he seems to have lost it!
Will he ever get it back?? I honestly don’t know.


Don’t go…


He will be God there! At least for the 1st year 🙂

Merlin's Panini

He’s 5’4″…



[…] […]

[…] 来源:  [Arseblog News] […]


Can we get Ramsey too?

[…] Galatasaray are showing interest in Andrei Arshavin, offering a net €6m over the course of a two year contract. While I fully expect him to be sold […]

Lord Teddy Ears

I wish the guy all the best and I am really upset it didn’t work out for you at Arsenal.


Lets not forget he some what saved our season when he joined in January, he was unstoppable, and I think was a key factor in us finishing 4th that year.

Igor stepanovs

Ever since the 2nd coming of Rosicky, I am thinking that we should keep player like Arshavin.

Arsene's bottle of water

If Galatasaray played him in the playmaker role he might do great there. Then the joke would be on us, wouldn’t it?


Arshavin should go to the MLS! Slow paced league a lot of the time and low skill players. He’d run the show. Also the missus would probably enjoy a larger American city. New York, LA, Seattle, or even one of the canadian teams. Vancouver, Toronto. Just sayin.


Galatasaray’s chairman told Turkish press that they are not interested in Arshavin. He said there made contact last year but nothing recently.

This looks like old news re-served by Russian media.


Dont know why you guys hate Eboue that much. Not his fault to be played out of position. Back in his early days, he was an excellent full back making a lot of interceptions and overlapping runs. then through no fault of His Le Boss decided to play him as a right winger and that was it. his form spiralled. So please get of his back cos sometimes i feel the hate towards him is because he is Black. he was better than some other players whose names i dont want to mention here.

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