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Montpellier confirm Arsenal interest in Giroud

Things you’ll need before reading this article. (i) salt (ii) the necessary digits to pinch aforementioned sodium chloride.

According to Montpellier boss Rene Girard, Arsenal are ‘interested’ in Olivier Giroud (pictured right watching Koscielny do a Tiger impression) as speculation mounts that Arsenal could make a bid for last season’s Ligue 1 top scorer.

Arsenal’s burgeoning Twitter presence has been touching itself in a naughty place for a few days at the thought of a deal being done, although until Girard’s comments on French radio it appeared to be nothing more than salacious gossip.

While there is certainly no suggestion that official contact has been made by the Gunners hierarchy, it is interesting to note the boss admires the 25-year-old’s qualities.

Speaking to French radio station RMC, Girard remarked:

“Arsenal are very interested and Giroud wants to play in England, if Arsene [Wenger] agrees with the president [Louis Nicollin], he will sign for them.”

I think the most important word in that is ‘if’…

25 goals and 11 assists in one season and a clause in his contract which makes him available for around €12 million certainly suggests that we won’t be the only ones interested.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out and indeed whether our pursuit of another striker is tied with the respective futures of Robin van Persie, Marouane Chamakh (a possible makeweight) or that Korean fella whose name I forget.

Still, suppose it makes for a more exciting topic of conversation than yesterday’s news that Bendtner has a new agent or we owe a suitcase of unmarked £50 notes for letting Squillaci out of his cage.

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His name is Park Chu..
Wait.. I forgot.


“Park chu – every other asian guy”

Runcorn Gooner

Check out the Qatar v S Korea WCup
qualifier last Friday.S korea had 3 Lee’s and 2 Kim’s in the starting line up
plus 6 Kim’s on the bench.They also had an Oh who felt a bit left out.
What happens when someone shouts
out leave it to Kim in training.


They probably have a series of amusingly lad nicknames, like Fat Face Kim or Big Tits Kim or Fit Mum Kim.

Or they just use first names.


HAHAHA just woke up, thank you for making my day 😀


Kos: “I got this, boss.”


“Draw me like one of your French girls”


He became a very busy agent this summer, trying to rope in M’Vila & Giroud for us.

Good job, they are quality players!


It was Park Bench if I recall correctly.

Anyway, interesting news that. Finally something with a little bit of substance in it (quotes from an actual manager rather than a friend of janitor’s dog at the club).
We’ll see.

I'll see myself out

Truth be told, Park Bench probably ate that dog for lunch.

Unreal gooner

Dont really know much about the guy but it’s a start.


All I know is he scored against my unbreakable defense twice in fifa 12. Based on that, and that alone, I say we sign him.


Was Chamakh not top goal scorer for the French champions when we signed him?


Nope. He was never prolific in France, I think he had about 14 goals to his name in his last season.


Dont recall chamakh playing for the french champions or being the leading goalscorer. perhaps you are thinking of gervinho who in my opinion has not reached anywhere near chamakhs heights.
chamakh 34 starts 12 goals
gervinho 26 starts 4 goals

Master Bates

Gervinho is a winger…..I could be wrong


And Chamakh could have scored most of those goals in the space of about three months…


Master bates – he is defo no winger have u seen his assist ratio? worse than chamakhs and paltry compared to walcotts and even benayoun. he might play on the left of a three as does walcott arshavin and benayoun but none are wingers. they are simply forwards.


he play for bordeaux of laurent blanc who one year before he leave were champions. and yes he never was really prolific ,he is a great header but he got 2 left foot


i m talking about chamak 😉


Chamakh was instrumental in Bordeaux winning the league in 08/09. We waited one more season to sign him on a free rather then pay around 8m for him. He did well in France, but remember it is a low scoring league.


Damn.. Giroud is one pretty boy…

Stay aside Gervinho, Chamakh, Park..

Naija Gunner

Mmmmmmm let’s hope for the best signings!

But that chap’s name is Park something.


Bad news. If Podolski was not a RVP replacement, then Giroud certainly is. It is either Giroud or RVP, there is no place on the pitch for all three.

Simao Segunda

Yes, because obviously every player has to play every minute of every game. Or not. You need to have competition for places, and you need to have cover. That’s a bit like saying “No, we shouldn’t sign a new goalkeeper, we already have one. What do you mean, ‘injured’? What do you mean, ‘out of form’?”


You see, we have a little problem here, mate. Giroud was the top striker in France last year in a team which won the league. So this is exactly the question Giroud will ask: “What do you mean, “injured”? What do you mean, “out of form”? This guy is clearly in a position to demand a CERT starting role. Especially with a club that can not promise any trophies. It will be the first question he will (ans should) ask : “Will I start every week?” As soon as Wenger says “cover”, Olivier will leave the room. Be realistic.


Thing is, with his addition I think we can be making claims for getting some of our players trophies finally

Rad Carrot

But no player is guaranteed a starting place. I didn’t see Dzeko getting every game at Shitteh. Just because the Arsenal way recently is to have 8-9 good players, a couple of make-weights and a bench full of untested youngsters and failed signings doesn’t mean that’s what we should continue to do. RvP cannot play every game again this season – he needs to be rested. Plus, if we change formation, then we’ll need two strikers anyway.


I am so ready to see a system with two strikers out there. RvP looks like he is stranded on an island when he has the ball sometimes around the opponents 18 yard box.

Blue Bird

It would be a luxury thing for us to have 3 top scorers in the squad. But remember our boss man is Arsense he never like luxury shit.


Or maybe he’s just a cover. For 12 million it’s certainlky worth it.

Master Bates

Or Or Or he is a replacement to Chamakh.

Plus we’ve had top forwards as squad players before , Wiltord ,RvP,Adebayor

Rad Carrot

Agreed, remember when we had Bergkamp, Henry, Wiltord and Kanu to choose from? All 4 were quality strikers. Granted, we played a different formation back then, but it was still great to have that quality across the board. Just having RvP as an effective striker has damaged us somewhat.


When RVP, Ade or Wiltord joined Arsenal they were not even nearly as big as Giroud currently is in France. I am not saying he is better, but his current status is completely different.


it’s called rotation, look at man shitty attack.. Also i highly doubt Giroud, being a french player will snub the opportunity to work with Wenger nor would he be disgruntled at the fact he must start from the bench and earn his spot in the starting XI since it will be boast the likes of RVP and Podolski


Perhaps podolski is a replacement for arshavin and giroud a replacement for chamakh?


I tend to agree with you, should it happen. It all depends who, if anyone, leaves (not counting RvP).


Not really.

Podolski can drop back into Winger/Midfielder easily…




Yes. Absolutely yes. How killer would it be to have RVP as the one, just behind a big man with technique in Giroud, and pace and power in Podolski. Not to mention Theo wanting a more central role, then we have the choice to stick him on the shoulder of the last man if defences want to play a high line. If they don’t play a high line, we kill them in midfield 😉


Let’s also be real for a second. Whether Giroud is intended as a replacement or an addition to our current attacking lineup, he is set to earn a healthy pay raise if he were to sign for us. I don’t believe Montpellier have any players currently earning over 20k p/w. I would assume we would give him a contract in the 50-70k p/w range. While we have had players leave us for money, we can still attract young players and those at smaller clubs with money ourselves.


Anyone else think “Girard” just sounds like a Brummie version of “Giroud?”

Red Cannon

There’s a famous French philosopher named Rene Girard. I thought he was a professor at Stanford University, but maybe he put his books back on the shelf and decided to coach a football team.


there’s also a famous french guy called remy gillard who runs around france fucking shit up and getting arrested and posting it on youtube for everyone to see

Rad Carrot

Imagine that, having both Giroud and Robin, alongside Podolski who could play on the left but also fill in as striker as required.

I’d love to think these rumours are true, which, if we got him, would result in a change of tactics – maybe back to 4-4-2? We’d certainly have enough firepower up front to trouble even the strongest defences.

I can’t help but think though that we’re only interested in him as a replacement for Robin should the worst happen.

Ah well. I’m sure we’ll know in the next month or so.

Borneo Gooner

But we have 1 too many central midfielders. Jack, Aaron, Frimpong, Coq, Diaby, Rosicky, Song, Arteta. I’m not sure where to play these players if we revert back to 4-4-2 and to keep them happy at that. I think the current tactic, 4-2-3-1 is the best given the players that we have now.

Rad Carrot

Agreed, but Coq and Frimpong are by no mean certainties to play, and Diaby still may be a worry. Our formation is good at the moment but does rely too heavily on the striker performing.

Master Bates

I am not very optimistic , this is how their president looks like×405.jpg


he was a bet that if montpellier was champion he was doing something like that and he always keep his word loulou nicolllin


Welcome to the Arsenal Giroud!

Podolski, Robin, Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain, Gerv .. looks like we’re pretty much set as far as the attack goes!


Cue interest from Man U and Chelsea . I can hear Giroud’s agent saying that there are many EPL clubs talking to him so no decision has been made and terms are still being discussed. Possibly another Juan Mata style saga on the horizon.

Master Bates

Well first off all the interest must be there , Do Chelsea and Manyoo really want him ? Second Giroud said he wants to move to Arsenal unless ofcourse he is a whore like Hazard this deal won’t be hijacked

The club has every right to sell to the highest bidder , but it’s up to him to which club he goes , if he choses Man City now , the we don’t need him because he could have used us as a stepping stone and leave after a couple of years


Every player, if offered the right amount of money, is a whore.

This is why Arsene likes to conduct his deals in secrecy, and never gives out any details about potential signings/targets.


Man U are after lewandowski supposedly, Chelsea are potential suitors though given Chelsea utter reliance on poaching players we have targeted post-media reveal we are after them.

The guy has said he’d like to come and play for us, and you have to think playing in a team coached by a legend and playing alongside two frenchman, one in Koscielny who he could be playing aside for years at national level (same age) has to be tempting. He’d make more at chelsea, no doubt about it, but he’d get more out of his career with us.

Master Bates

If that was the case we wouldn’t have got Poldi , Anzhi mahakakasdkakaka wanted him .

If he choses money now , then we don’t need him


didn’t anzhi makalakadingdong offer podolski like 250000 a week or something


OMFG.. I laughed so hard.. “Makalakadingdong”.. Genius..


and of course Spuds will come in coat-tailing us as usual. They want Adebayor but can’t afford his wages on the permanent. When they lose Modric to United I’m sure they’ll come after Giroud and anyone else we’re after. Cunts


Arsenal will soon become this big group of friends working together for the good of the club. I see great times ahead people. Koss is single-handedly dictating girouds transfer while sagna’s sweet-talking m’villa. I can almost see Andre santos sending rvp texts promising him of a great future with the gunners. Arteta is ofcourse guiding songs hand through the final touches of his renewed contract. Elsewhere in poland, the ox is taking walcott through his paces as szczesney watches closely.

Ok i’m awake now.


Yes sir! BFG helped talk to Podolski and bring him in. Sagna is working M’Vila for us and Kos will help deliver Giroud. We are gonna be deadly next season if these moves happen.

We need Santos to call that gay Lucas Moura and get him in!


So what the bloody hell are we paying fox and gazidis for. lets give players extra responsibility and they can negotiate the deals. hopefully rvp can lure affellay. walcott can nab butland.


Hahahaha “nab butland”. No thanks mate.


Giroud would be a fantastic signing and would add a whole new dimension to our attack. From the clips I’ve been watching of him he’s a clinical finisher – the type of finisher we have really been looking for. Part of what made RVP so prolific this season was he ability to be in the right place at the right time, he had his fair share of incredible strikes but the ability to be there for the tap in is just as much of a game winner – look at Mario Gomez. If you look at our offense and add… Read more »


Fellaini has said he’s had interest from Real Madrid and Chelsea, we’re not gonna go after him.


Get that swap deal done and dusted soon enough so we can embark on another swap, messi for Ju young who


good news my fellow family is having a great time in Kiev.other than that we are trying to sweet talk some players to sign with us.hope they will. met m’villa the other day .an interesting character.


Kick nasri in the face while you’re at it.

Blue Bird

.. and would you mind to add another punch on that cunt’s face for me?

North Bank Gooner

and put one on his chin for me!!!!!

oh bollocks, he hasnt got one……………


We should throw in Park and Squillaci as part of the deal

Campbell, Van Persie, Podolski and Girioud would be great as our strike force


Perhaps use squillaci to get yanga-mbwia


That Kos image is just begging for a photoshop. Until someone who knows what they are doing steps in, this will have to do:


We ain’t even signed him yet, and you are all talking about he is replacing so and so. Lets just wait and see what happens, because lets face it we are linked and close to signing a number of players already and none look like happening (M’Vila). Arsenals transfer policy is to drag things out as long as possible until all involved have a bitter taste in their mouths and they go elsewhere, so until I see him holding up an Arsenal shirt then I won’t be getting excited.


I don’t think Chelsea would be interested in Giroud. Seems the Russian is keen on hulk/falcao.
Arsenal seems perfect fit for him. French coach(a legend at that),close friend(kos), rather “frenchy” environment( seems alot of them can speak French in the squad) and a good striker to learn from(rvp) and CL football. & if he has a buyout clause that would make him “cheap” for an international class striker and would suit Arsenal’s “spending wisely” mindset.


He is a good cover for RVP


Deal isn’t done and it will not be at least until after the Euros. All the articles posting about this actually points to one most likely outcome – Giroud WILL NOT be joining Gunners for 2 simple reasons: 1) When has any dealings for the Arsenal went viral just like this Giroud transfer and actually went through in the end? I can only remember the ones that DIDN’T eventually. Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Ricardo Alcarez (or something like that) (Inter Milan), Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), and many more that I’m lazy to list. Thing is the Arsenal are known to make… Read more »


To your question.
1) Gervinho was the latest “high profile” transfer in terms of media coverage. Chamakh,Arshavin even Arteta wasn’t exactly kept secret.

2) Kos is like a brother to him. Roomies at the Euros and hell he even sit next to him on the coach. Would listen more to Kos.

But after saying that, lets just all wait and see what goes on

Merlin's Panini

Erm, what about Podolski? Everyone and their dog knew about that for a good month before. There is no formula. We can’t say it will or won’t happen because we don’t know. Just have to wait and see.

Rad Carrot

What about Poldolski? And even Walcott, if I remember correctly. It doesn’t always end badly for us, and to assume it would is pretty negative. I’m not going to get properly excited about the news until I see him in an Arsenal shirt – same as M’Vila – but we’re a big club and shouldn’t feel that all our targets are automatically going to go somewhere else. Man City don’t need to strengthen their squad, Man Utd aren’t that interested in more strikers, and Chelsea are after larger big money signings. I’d be very surprised to see Girourd and M’Vila… Read more »


You need to get a grip – all Nasri said was that the fans at some games were a bit “meh”, not that Wenger was beating the players after every game and that he feared for his life. Ask yourself whether it looked like Nasri had a hatred for everything Arsenal in his heart yesterday when he was hugging Theo, or earlier when he was turning up at the Emirates to watch the odd game. Some people need to accept that just because they treat football as some kind of ridiculous soap opera, doesn’t mean the players see it anything… Read more »


Yeah, I did see Nasri and Walcott sharing a hug. It’s difficult to accept that sometimes we do see football as a pantomime, and we all need our villains even if in real life they might actually still be somewhat friendly toward their old club.

Still, can’t we just boo him all the same?

GUNNERS2013 son

nasri is still a cunt.fouled Chamberlain at every chance


Yeah then put his finger across his mouth signaling us to shut up. Only the finger was too small to cover his big horse mouth so I didn’t really understand what he was getting at.
What a cunt.


Probably remembered his encounter with Frimpong in the Carling Cup and thought “Oh yeah, that would totally work!”

GUNNERS2013 daughter

(nasri)he is the ugliest player in euro alongside ofcoz Ribery.

Merlin's Panini

Lescott anyone?


Cameramen had a tough tough time.


It’s a real toss-up for me between Lescott and Ribery! Nasri is just a cunt with no chin and a donkey smile.


You all seem to be forgetting ugly girl!


And Rooney looks a bit funky too.

Rad Carrot

Don’t ever forget the English/Arsenal defence of the late 90s, with such underwear models as Tony Adams, Martin Keown and David Seaman.

Attacking players actually ran away from them.

Merlin's Panini

If you wanna go old school check out the devil face of Dane Whitehouse of Sheffield United 93-94:—dane-whitehouse-212-panini-football-93-collectable-football-sticker-49351-p.asp

Or there’s always good old Ian “Sloth” Dowie:

The old Arsenal back four were stunners compared to him.


Ooops, I forgot Carlos Puyol. Is the sheepdog playing or is he injured again/still.

Merlin's Panini

This guy would surely be coming in to be a sub or for a bit of rotation so the onus isn’t always on Robin to score, if he is actually that good. I think Podolski is there to play on the left and Walcott on the right, with Gervinho and Ox able to play either side too. I don’t see a formation change, just more strength in depth, which is what we need, but if Robin goes then I suppose this is our replacement too. I’m hoping we’re still after another defensive midfielder really, but how long have we been… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Is the M’Vila deal really that dead? I haven’t heard suggestions to the contrary.


Well there’s a funny tweets on M’vila deal being listed on the stock exchange. The twitter world has absolutely exploded with it.
The catch? Rennes is privately owned and not listed. So it remains to be seen.


i would love to have a very fearful attacting trio.. podolski van persie hamsik sub walcot,gervinho.giroud,ox…anyone seeing this


Hamsik? Um okay…lay off the fifa 12 dude.


perhaps RVP will play out the last year of his contract and Giroud will be eased in to EPL life, so when RVP leaves at the end of the contract, Giroud won’t have too much pressure with settleing in and getting used to the EPL, and hopefully hit the ground running.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


If this goes forward, I don’t see rvp staying with us next campaign. While giroud looks like a quality player, and his stats back this up, I think he’d be brought in as replacement for rvp… Which saddens me a little.
And to reply to someone up top there… Chamakh was part of the bordeaux squad which one the league and cup double the season before we signed him. He wasn’t top scorer, but was used as more of a holdup player… Much how we used him the first six months he played for us while rvp was injured.


Who the fuck is this chamakh chap I keep hearing about?


This looks like a sop to the fans for the Van Persie departure.

Park-Chu Young

MY NAME IS PARK CHU YO- oh look a bench..


One big thing I’m worried about is are these rvp replacements or future team mates. Hoping for the latter time to pray a front 3 of poldo, giro and robbo goals galore I tell ya

[…] are reporting a deal could be done by the end of the week (via @mattspiro), which follows quotes from the Montpellier president that we’re interested. He’s left-footed, apparently, which means we’d be […]


I do think eventually Giroud will replace RVP. not this season. I expect Arsenal/rvp to run down his contract and at least by then the blow will be soften. I think that’s the “big announcement” both him and Arsenal has agreed to. it’s a win-win for both side. RVP can see whether the squad can compete and show ambition then decide whether to sign a new contract while Arsenal gets to bed in Podolski and Giroud.


Arsen wenga should sign M’Vila and conferm and complete the signing of Giroud, he should also part Bentner with Monttelpelier 4 Lewandoski. RVP can go to hell because he is going to fumble next season to prove he want to go out.

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