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Pete and Bob chat about Rob

Peter Hill-Wood has made clear that the club’s hands are tied if Robin van Persie has his head turned by richer rivals offering lucrative contracts. Nevertheless, the long-standing chairman stressed that he is hopeful the Dutchman can be persuaded to stay for football reasons.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, while presumably quaffing a large tumbler of Glenfiddich single-malt and puffing on a fat Cohiba, the old-Etonian extolled the virtues of the Gunners captain, while also hinting that the signing of Lukas Podolski could be added to in the near future.

“He is vital to us and has been an extremely good captain,” growled Hill-Wood in a blissful haze of Cuba’s finest tobacco.

“But if somebody comes along and offers Robin £250,000 a week then I am afraid we cannot compete with that.

“With players, you never know what they are going to do.

“Some players say they want silverware but when they have the chance to earn extraordinary money that has been pumped into the game, then you just have to hope they will stay because they are happy and loyal where they are.

“There are players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes at Manchester United who have been loyal to one club but players like that are few and far between.

“Hopefully we can reach agreement with Robin and ideally he will extend his contract.

“We have already brought in one new player in Lukas Podolski and I believe we will bring in more. I am confident we will, in fact.

“I just hope that Robin will be with us next season because I genuinely feel we can make a real challenge for the Premier League title.

“We had an atrocious start to last season but we recovered to finish third which was a marvellous achievement when you look at the problems that we had with injuries.”

Hill-Wood’s words came on the same weekend, that Van Persie’s artist Dad, Bob, spoke to Spanish publication Mundo Deportivo about the future of his son. Dismissing the suggestion that the striker could move to Barcelona or Real Madrid, Van Persie Senior also made clear that a deal with another Premier League club was impossible.

“He’d never go to Manchester City as it’s impossible he would play for another Premier League side that wasn’t Arsenal.

“It would make no sense to go to Barcelona when they’ve already got Leo Messi.

“Real Madrid would be a good option, but they are not so much a team as a collection of star names, so he wouldn’t really fit in there either.”

Make of that what you will. Until Van Persie gets back to London  nothing concrete will be decided…of course, that could be sooner rather than later following the Dutch defeat to Denmark in their opening Euro 2012 game.

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At the risk of sounding unimaginative…… I truly hope RVP stays!!!!!!
Can’t wait for the season to start!!!!!

Come on You Gunners!!!!!!


at the risk of osunding boring, i think most people want him to stay apart from a few who say just let him go and collect the money, personally i’d give my right ball for him to stay

but right now i’d give both balls just for an answer already, all this hype/ wait/ rumours/ bollocks his dog said about how he only likes being walked in hyde park, is just too much

hurry up and sign him up otherwise im going into hibernation


It sees you’re really willing to let go of your testicles…
Hope it’s not cancer.


Its all bollox really.
Just media spin to spice things up when there is no news.

At the end of the Euro’s we will see that RVP had already signed his contract in APRIL!

Its just marketing and hype and general entertainment to either draw attention away or towards stuff that will happen anyway.

How else would we survive throughout the ‘interlull’?


Rvp already said it’s not about the money so hill should stop worrying about rvp and concertrate on improving our squad. Get arsenal the signings!.

Merlin's Panini

yeh, definitely more concertration needed…


Nasri said the same thing too!

Robin is right though, It’s not about money for the player but it is about money being spent properly on the team.


“Nasri said the same thing too!”

Yes, ‘cos he went to Citeh purely for the love of polishing benches with his backside and their impressive collection of recent top-flight trophies at the time. Not for the huge bundles of cash on offer at all.

I don’t think that the fact that a two-faced cunt lied in a two-faced and rather overtly cuntish manner has any bearing on RvP’s motivations.

Rad Carrot

Heard this story a couple of days ago, and it’s fair enough… but I hope he doesn’t mean, “we can’t afford to pay him more than 90k a week because we’ve got dead-weights on 60k messing up our budget”. RvP on 150k a week should be more than fair and more than tempting for him

If he goes for more money, then fine, I can accept that. But we have to try everything we can to keep him before we let him go.


Word on the street is, we’re close to signing Giroud. The chance to play with top strikers from Europe (Podolski and Giroud) might just convince him to stay and give him the impression that we want to keep him. About Giggs/Scholes, they’ve stayed with their club for so long because United have always been winning something. Yes, loyalty is rare these days, but players of their class stuck with the club because they knew it would always be in contention for the top. And United are where they are now because of players such as Giggs/Scholes. Success and the ability… Read more »


Dzagoev is a possibility too, or so I’ve been reading. Apparently he’s only got 6 months left on his contract so fee shouldn’t be much of an issue.

And this isn’t one of those ‘kid plays one belter of a game in an international tournament and is the next big thing’ claims, I’ve been following him since he was 17 (I’m big on following the young up and comers) and the kids class.

Merlin's Panini

Dzagoev would be good, but seeing as he’s had a massive impact at the Euros already I imagine everyone will be after him. Wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.


I don’t follow the Russian League but one name that has constantly been coming up since the past year or so is Dzagoev’s. The kid has been class for Moscow for a quite some time now, and I’d tipped him to be Russia’s star player before the Euros began. Thus far, I’ve seen him get linked with us only, but I’m not sure how credible those rumors really are ..

Merlin's Panini

It started in Twitterland about Giroud though, so it could equally be total bunkum.
I’ve never seen him play so don’t know if I could get too excited about the possibility of him coming to Arsenal.

Master Bates

I think players should stay where they are , If they want trophies then they should fucking win them , I am sure we can win the Mickey Mouse cups if players actually set out to win them , let’s take our exit in the FA cup for eg , they were like zombies and people blame Wenger for our exit.

Loyal players win you stuff , that’s why Manyoo have been winning things even with average squads . Players need to stick together and form an understanding


I’m almost wishing for the netherlands to exit the tournament just to end the heartache.

It would be a shame to have a quality side exit the tournament so early, but this waiting is seriously killing me


as an old-etonian myself (cue the thumbs down) im actually prettty confident that through his smokescreen from cigars Hill will do his best to keep our great captain and can see him scoring when he wants for us for the next 4 years…


“Real Madrid would be a good option, but they are not so much a team as a collection of star names, so he wouldn’t really fit in there either.”

Does he know that Real finished with 100 points?

Cygan's Right Foot

Does he know that La Liga is just a better SPL?


Real play pretty well as a team if you watch them. You might not agree with some of their tactics (Pepe and Marcello in particular) but they win.

Rumor is United and Man City are interested in Benzema but he’s not leaving Madrid, he loves it there.

I can honestly see RVP staying if we do sign Giroud, M’Vila and Affelay/Dempsey or any other class CAM.



Master Bates

hope we sign so we can chant “FEED THE YANK!!!!!”


Dempsey! Dempsey! Dempsey! Bring on Clint, sign Robin, and LET THE SEASON BEGAN!


No to Dempsey…he’s a big fish in a small pond at Fulham. Not sure he can cut it at Arsenal or any other top club to be fair.


Have to agree with Trevor. I feel there’s the possibility of Charlie Adam syndrome striking Dempsey were he to move to Arsenal. That being said; to compare Liverpool to Arsenal would be to compare Jay Spearing to Jack Wilshere.


if Arsenal can figure out a way to sign Affelay they should do it. He’s RVP’s best mate on the dutch team. That would the best way to keep him

Master Bates

hehehehe what if we sign all those players and he fucks off…because he won’t be missed. that point works both ways. I think he’ll stay because he likes Arteta’s hair

the only sam is nelson

more importantly, why is PHW not talking to the Daily Star any more?

or did the mirror hack just *pretend* he was calling from the star’s sportsdesk?

why is my name required

if Rvp stays, we will be more stronger. The spine of the team should never be broken

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I think you missed the point with that one, or rather I interpreted it differently anyway 🙂

I’ve said all along if he leaves he’ll go to Juve and if he does Theo will go next year. They’ve long been admirers of both players and unlike Barca or City they do things the right way.


The right way? Like match fixing and dropping down a league?

This isn’t the nineties top players in their peak don’t go to Italy. I for one would be surprised if he went


Truthfully, I don’t see us adding a third big name striker to the squad this summer, especially if its from abroad. I would prefer we sign a player like dempsey over girlish, as whoever we add won’t be getting the playing time these big egos sometimes want.
Getting rvp to sign an extension should be priority one, followed by song and walcott signing theirs. Then we can dip back into the market for new players… And offload others.


Looks like Fellaini wants out of Everton for champions league football.

Forget M’villa and grab Fellaini. He checks off many of the boxes:
– tough tackler
– already a good partnership with Arteta
– cheap(er than M’villa)
– dodgy hairstyle, so he’ll fit right in with our crew


Fellaini costed Everton 15 million, and he still has 4 years to run on his contract. Add in that he’s their best player and he will not come cheap. He’s not looking to leave, he said he’s happy at Everton but if an offer came in he would think about it.

I think it would be a really good signing, but a lot would have to happen for there to actually be a transfer

Kenyan goon

I do not like it when Hill-Wood talks like this…its like almost everytime he says something to this effect the player in question does the exact opposite!


Hill is the retard uncle you pretend not to be related to example his quote

There are players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes at Manchester United who have been loyal to one club but players like that are few and far between.

They woudl not ahve been so loyal had Utd not won bucket loads of trophies and the eason why they have is because othey invest in the team every season. They built on theirs success and maximise there commerical revenue.


I would LOVE RVP to stay. The idea of having combinations of RVP, Podolski, Theo and Gervinho plus Giroud is almost too good to be true. In fact, I feel like it IS too good to be true. Why would RvP wait until after the Euros to announce re-signing? Arsenal have made a significant offer and he hasn’t yet accepted so obviously he’s waiting to see who can, and will better it. Thus, the hope that he’s a player loyal to the club rather than his wallet seems a little far-fetched. I think he’ll go and the new go guys… Read more »

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