Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sevilla sign Arsenal youngster

Sevilla FC have announced that they have signed Arsenal youngster Alban Bunjaku.

The 18 year old is not one of the names regularly peddled as a potential star of the future, and will join Sevilla’s ‘B’ team squad next season.

The Spanish club describe him in their announcement as ‘the classic English central midfielder, a box to box player’. In his profile on the official website he’s described as an attacking midfielder who lists Abou Diaby as his Arsenal role model [insert joke about injury here].

In an article on he spoke about his desire to step up and train with the first team. “I have not yet properly trained with the first team but would love to get a chance this season,” he said.

“I have the belief that I will do well, I believe I am good enough and, hopefully, if I carry on playing as I am at the moment my chance will come.”

Obviously that chance never presented itself, but it’s interesting to see an English youngster go abroad to try and make a career. Despite the many young foreign players who flock to the Premier League, it seems it rarely works the other way around, so good luck to him in Spain.

Don’t forget to siesta, it gets very hot down there.

Thanks to @jamiedalton82 for the heads-up

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Arshavin is one thing…but now Bunjaku? Surely this is a sign of the ends times brothers. Classic Wenger…getting rid of our youngsters and signing experienced players….wait a second


Cue the Wenger Out Brigade…


Wenger out!

big dawg

I don’t know this guy but best of luck to him, hope he does well.
And he kicks Ronaldo. Hard.


I’d rather he kicks the whole barcelona team hard.

Okay, okay …..i’m a ronaldo fan.

Merlin's Panini

A Ronaldo fan?

Jesus wept.


a vote for ronaldo is a vote against messi and the rest of FC backpass. thats worth it in my opinion, insufferable twats


I hope he kicks everyone who tapped Cesc in the groin and make them impotent.


they tapped cesc in the groin? that explains why he left…

the only sam is nelson

Roll on 2017 when Jack Wilshere is telling hacks about the young Barca skipper Bunjaku’s “Arsenal DNA” etc etc. see how they like it…


talented but very poor attitude……. he really needs to calm his nerves and ego!


Probably read it off Young Guns and now assumes he knows all about the lad.


watched some youth matches of arsenal two seasons ago… i heard he could make it cos of his attitude….


Last I heard, he had issues with some Arsenal coaches and refused to train.


Young Guns would have to have updated. Sanderson is just writing fictitious transfer shit for Metro and calling himself a scout haha. Jeorge Bird will have the juice probably on his site or his next column on here.

Bobby Pires

Bunjaku is of a Kosovo-Albanian background and my father knows some friends of Albans’ parents as im Kosovo-Albanian too.
They told him that it was because the coaches werent allowing Alban to pray at the training ground as he has a very islamic family.
He seemed like a decent kid and people shouldnt be painting their own portraits of the lad based on a few stories.

Hudson Hornet

I dont believe Arsenal would deny the lad a chance to pray…


That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard and seems totally counter productive.

Maybe that’s the real reason Nasri left and Chamakh’s form has left him…


Apparently van Persie is a devout Muslim, his form hasn’t exactly deserted him this season.


Oh man, come on. Kolo is devout Muslim and he was allowed to pray and fast while he was playing for us. I even remember him subbed during the invincibles era and a friend told me that he was subbed because he was on Ramadan.

Also Diaby is Muslim, he barely kicks a ball, and he prays in the physio room and nobody bothers to ban him to do that. Maybe, because he’s French and Arsene loves him.


Ridiculous. Arsenal have had a ton of Muslim players. In addition to the couple mentioned Anelka, Traore, and even Sagna were Muslim from what my quick search turned up. I truly doubt we wouldn’t let the kid practice his faith when so many others had no issues with our training staff over it.


Apparently he was all set to go to West Ham, but that fell through. No idea why.

damien joyce

Cos their manager is a cunt!


*A fatcunt

Hudson Hornet

Didnt stop the lad Lansbury.

Who should be let go too. Cant get in West Ham team for crying out loud.


cant be all that bad? he’s got back to back promotions, and everytime ive watched him play for england under 21’s he’s been the star man……….

i wouldnt mind him in the squad at all. plus he’s on a long term contract is he not? thought he re-signed last year? Le Coq is obviously a far better option though. look forward to seeing him grow next season.


well nice leap boy, at least something refreshing for England talent. Good luck..

Arsene's bottle of water

Great!! I see we’re getting the biggest earners off our wage bill. NOT.

Seriously though, I don’t know this kid is, but if he’s a Diaby fan that’s enough for me. Show him the door.

Let’s get some Ray Parlour fans now, yeah?


You dislike Diaby because he hasn’t recovered from injury? Let me guess – you like RVP and Rosicky, right? Not very astute.

Arsene's bottle of water

Where can I start?
Diaby is a big fella who doesn’t know how to use his body strengh, he’s slow, has got a piss poor first touch, gets caught sleeping on possession too often, doesn’t pull his weight defensively, he’s lazy, and dumb as a door knob (either that or just puts personal feelings ahead of the team when he gets sent off for stupid reactions such as that one against Barton).
I can’t name a single area where Diaby excels at. Can you?

PS: 3 Diaby fans DETECTED! 😛


@Arsene’s bottle of water, I’ll tell Wenger to take it easy on you next time. You obviously have suffered brain damage from all the throwing and smashing.

Arsene's bottle of water

Yeah I guess I did… sorry I typed Patrick Vieira instead of Abou Diaby above. Oh wait, I didn’t. I really don’t get all this Diaby love around here. He may be a good chap, but a good midfielder he isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the boy because of his injury record, but let’s face it: Wenger has to accept it didn’t work out for both parties. It’s time to move him on. He did it with other players, look at Eduardo: he had a horrific injury too, but made an impressive recovery and plays regularly… Read more »


No he probably dislikes him cause Diaby when he plays has shown little skill other than giving the ball away, reacting to wind ups and own goals.


@Arsenes bottle of water….
i could not disagree more with you about diaby’s comments. his touch and ball skills are phenominal for someone of his size. he can finish, hes good in the air, he’s just very injury prone?…..

But as someone pointed out before, what if we had given Rosicky the boot when he was having troubles? we certainly wouldnt have finished 3rd last year without Rosicky.


I agree cut the guy some slack it is a pain that hes always injured and i agree he should be moved on but don t doubt his ability Diaby is a very good player. He is twice the talent of Alex Song and if we did sign a DM like M’Vila and Diaby could stay fit for the pre season and go into the new season fully fit, Song would struggle to get into the midfield. He wouldn’t play DM over M’Vila and he hes not technically good enough to play as the second midfielder over Diaby or Arteta… Read more »


Who needs Sp*rs fans when we have you.

We stick with Diaby because he’s Arsenal. Just like we did with Robin, Rosicky, and Eduardo.

Diaby will return to fitness, but even if all our work with him never pays off, it still says something about us that we can all be proud of.


Ten thumbs down for the “NOT” joke. You suck.


Easily the best u18s player last year, but never given a reserves opportunity or chance to train, with the 1st team. Fact is he is better than Toral as he was a highly paid import and supposed to be the next Cesc. Fact is Bould and Banfield refused to back him and treated him like a stepchild eg f…g pass it after a couple of touches or denying him a proper room to pray in as hes a muslim plus refusing him playing time in front of Wenger in his favoured position. He possibly could have claimed constructive dismissal but… Read more »


let me guess, you’re a relative?


What does he need a room to pray in for? Go home and pray. It’s a football club not a religious sanctuary.

Hudson Hornet

Yes iv had it with these diva’s and their demands.

One twat wants 100K

Another ones “trophies”

One has the wrong DNA up his backside

And the young English hope support Terry on twitter.




Good luck to him, incredibly talented attacking midfielder but obviously something wasn’t working out at Arsenal. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s not Bunjaku in the picture.

Arsene's bottle of water

I saw a small thumbnail and thought it was Denilson. Got all excited with the prospect of shipping him to Sevilla. Oh well.

Master Bates

this explains why we bought Giroud .

Merlin's Panini



Happy Gunner

This summed it up better than anyone. I’ve never heard anything about him before now, so I have nothing to say other than whoop de doo Basel.


bingo- no im irish not not kosovan you retard.


Irish people must only understand Irish as I detected a whiff of sarcasm there.


New away kit to be revealed july 12.

Hope it’s not an epic fail or table cloth like *cough uniteds’.
we need our guys to look good in it.

*Another thing, why did rvp change his twitter profile pic from the one he was in an arsenal shirt to the one he’s in a netherlands jersey. ( Might be paranoid but concerned)

gunsen gurner

Might be because he was playing for the Netherlands in the Euros and wanted to show his devotion to the national team?


Clearly he’s lining up a big move to ADO Den Haag.


He’s a kid, he’s gone; who cares!

[…] 来源:  [Arseblog News] […]


Do you really think people are going to believe you’re some relative to him? I’m not a relative. But. My auntie is friends with his mum and we went to a wedding about 2 years ago in ilford which his family was at. (not him) I made my auntie ask his family about him and what was happening with his career. They said he was doing well and was looking to sign a professional contract next year (last year) Recently mu auntie spoke to his mum and she said to her he’s off to spain to play for some club… Read more »


His imaginary brother told me that is was because Frimpong DENCHED him.

Cygan's Middle Foot

i believe diaby is a lad that will leave us for money once he gain his touch


A year or so back, saw this compilation of clips from youth games ( and thought he had a bit of the Cesc about him. Shame that it didn’t work out for whatever reasons, since he seems to certainly have the talent to make it, and from Romford no less, so no Barca DNA. Not hyped up like some of our other youths since he came through our system since he was 8 years old, but still looked really promising, so yeah, shame 🙁


(Oh and that picture is definately not him ;))

Kano gooner

Having watched that video on youtube through the link given by Bob, I asked my self this question: “how on earth that boy failed to get chance with our senior team?”

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