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Squillaci + 9 minutes = €250,000 to Sevilla

According to Spanish radio station Cadena SER, Sebastien Squillaci’s nine minutes of Premier League playing time last season will cost Arsenal €250,000.

The Gunners must pay Sevilla, the Frenchman’s former club, the aforementioned figure after the Gunners third place finish in the league triggered a clause in the much-maligned centre-back’s contract.

Squillaci made a total of six appearance last term, including one cameo appearance in the league at Sunderland, and is fully expected to quit the Emirates this summer after an unhappy two year spell in London.

German newspaper Bild reported last week, that Bundesliga side Werder Bremen would also benefit from Arsenal’s qualification for Europe’s premiere competition with the deal for Per Mertesacker containing a similar clause.

In other news, Nicklas Bendtner has drafted in an extra representative to help him secure a move this summer.

Until recently, the Dane’s father, Thomas, took care of all his son’s contract negotiations, but his running of Nicklas’ burgeoning jewellery business (we’re not kidding you) is apparently taking up too much time.

As a consequence, Bendtner Jnr has entered into an informal agreement with Tom Brookes of sports management agency ISM – the only company brave enough to take on the challenge of marketing the greatest striker that ever lived.

Tom is due on a NASA flight to Mars later this year where he’ll look to tempt Zarg United of the Major Milkyway Soccer League to sign the Dane. He’s taking a couple of shiny broaches and a charm bracelet from Bendtner’s Autumn/Winter collection in the hope of wooing their alien ways.

Cheers to @SiuFay for the links

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Clear All the Dead Woods.


Thats what she said!

*dodges thrown rotten tomatoes*



Yet more evidence of Arsenal’s crack negotiating skills there.


Arsenal would love your expertise. Why don’t you give them a call?


Tell you what if they pay me what they pay Gazidis I’d that a crack at it. I couldn’t be that much worse.

Master Bates

You are soo awesome Michael

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Oh yes you would do far worse than Gazidis or anyone else at AFC you wanker…..Fantasy Football manager experience doesn’t count, nor does wishful thinking, blind faith in your unproven ability and all the other AAA bullshit clowns like you live on.
Stick to cross-dressing in the closet like ‘Arry and most of the Spuds do.


Squillaci + 9 minutes cost more than one of Bendtner’s diamond rings? Preposterous!


I still don’t get why we went for Sebastian Inglehart in the first place. I remember we were after Emir Spahic and Squillaci that summer. Both experienced players most certainly, but never the biggest or the greatest performers for their teams. I don’t know about crack negotiations skills but this fella here is proof of crack recruitment policies.

How Arsene thought this guy would make it in a team challenging for the title and europe every season in the best league in the world is beyond me.

Merlin's Panini

It’s because, at the time, he was in the France national team. That’s why he thought he could do a job. I thought so too, oh well. I remember he actually looked quite good in his first few games, and then something seemed to haunt him. I think it might have been Almunia’s ghosty face.


Mexes also starts for the French National team. They have quality taste in CBs…


Haha ”And it’s Inglehart”. Clear Squidward found out he was up against TGSTEL in training and lost all hope in the world!

North Bank Gooner

i think squillaci being signed at all shows someone was on crack!!!

North Bank Gooner

oops, this was meant as a reply to isayed


What say you to the signing of the fly-eating Silvestre?


I was just trying to help…


But you didn’t, did you? DAMN IT SQUID !



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, Ivan please can we keep him?? Can we huh??????

Pascal Cygan

And so do I

Merlin's Panini

I love that last paragraph AA. Though I think a move to Uranus would suit him better, they need more cocks in Uranus.


Lord Teddy Ears

I say we give him back as payment !!!


I think the 250 is simply one of the add ons that make the total package 6m. if i recall from the shareholders meeting we actually paid 2m for squillaci with loads of add ons that could bring tbe total to 6m. winning the.league and champions league were 2 of the add ons cl qualification and appearnces were others


I say we dump him in malaysia or indonesia when going for pre season tour


And we don’t mean give him to another team…like literally dump him…in a trashcan and drive away


It’s strange how many good solid centre backs/defenders Wenger buys are suddenly crap when they play for us. Coincidence? or the fact that we can’t defend as a team, always leaving the defence exposed time and time again. Our great back four had Petit and Viera in front of them, squillaci and Mertasacker have Song and Ramsey….that’s why they look bad.


And what about Koscielny and Vermaelen?

Koscielny’s become exponentionally better playing for us…


Kos and Verm are good but we are still conceding goals like crazy. The defensive problems are nowhere near over.

Glory hunter

Well said mate, i applaud ur bravey in thinking against the grain! Gallas, Toure, Senderos, Toure, Djourou, Clichy, Squillacci, & every single one of our current CB’s have all at one point or the other been described as dodgy. its obviously no coincidence! If Arsenal had, Smalling, Johnny Evans, Phil Jones, the Da Silva twins, & even O’Shea we would have labelled them cack, and blamed them for our failings. Whereas if United had Djourou, he would be of sensational, i just dont get it. Look at Clichy for City, we consistently blamed him for his lack of concentration at… Read more »


One major notable fuck up from Clichy was in the Community shield game when he came off the bench when City were 2-1 up and his cock up let Utd in for 3-2… And he had a shocker against Sp*rs I think… So the mistakes are still definitely a big part of his game, thing is he makes mistakes all the time but with his pace he recovers and has another crack at it before the team gets punished.

Master Bates

Players from other teams makes mistakes everyday..the difference is We moan a LOT!! we like scapegoating . Caragher,Evans,Savic,Lescott have all made lots mistakes, Phil Jones too he leads in own goals , We Arsenal fans like to him a man in the balls when he is down until he is sold..and no I am not talking about Squillaci whose at the end of his career , I am talking about us bashing prospects and established patience at all . the seven trophyless years will be brought to moan about any for instance Djourou is shit because we’ve gone… Read more »


£250,000, wow thats exactly squids’ selling price according to arsenals dreadful negotiating skills. The arsenal I know would rather give them squillaci instead of paying such a preposterous amount.

Old man grape

The gift that keeps on giving

Squillaci's father

My son wanted to expand his Horizon and wenger came calling but the main reason we left was cos of the weather in london,very cool


if you’re the one that taught him football i think right now you should be held up in a cave somewhere hiding
Shame on you


If you close your eyes and listen carefully you can still hear, after 2 years, loud laughs coming from Sevilla’s HQ.

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How much do we still have left to pay for Park?


3m I hear!

Naija Gunner

I wonder how we’ll be paying for Park?


Surely Arsenal can sell him back for 250k euros and make it quits.


Damnit…I am really tired of Zarg United poaching our players. Bunch of a-holes if you ask me

Bendtner's Ego

Let’s get your facts straight. The Greatest Striker that Ever Lived still only has one representative. The new agent represents solely myself, The Greatest Ego that Ever Was (TGEtEW) and I was also looking at potential barristers for an Intellectual Property suit for damages against The Greatest Blog that Was Ever Hosted (TGBtWEH) and his Mick Bendtner parody, until the court threw out the case because, while The Greatest Ego that Ever Was is highly intellectual, I am, however, the property of no one.


Plz don’t post with my handle. Thanks.


Watching the Euros on French TV has one benefit for Arsenal fans – to hear Wenger give occasional glimpses of his thoughts on players (Arsene is a commentator on TF1). Two nuggets came out during the Germany-Portugal game. First that he considered Ozil the best #10 in the world and that the player hesitated between RM and Arsenal before choosing RM (Arsene was after him). Second that he started the negotiations on Podoslki back in December.

Not earth shattering stuff but I thought I’d share them anyway.


Glory hunter

Real Madrid or Arsenal???
Madrid or London??
I mean im a gooner and im thinking about it!!!


Really have u ever been to madrid? london pisses all over madrid as a city and lets not forget in london you have around 12 pro teams to choose from in madrid i think you have 2 the government funded team or the other one.


4 actually , Real, Athletico,Rayo Vallecano and Getafe and it’s all a matter of perspective as to which city is better.


I wish i could here some of the greats who are in the game right now share more knowledge. Not Phil Neville or Alexi Lalas (for us poor american schmucks) anymore dammit.


What is going on with France, can’t create Desailly/Lebouf/Thuram/Blanc standard CB’s anymore!


I can’t believe squilachi made it as a pro footballer as he’s so poor , as an arsenal fan every time I have seen him play exept for stoke at home last season he sends me into a rage as he normally throws the game away. I would give him away free or even pay a small fee to get rid of him, also flapianski,manone,djourou,santos,denilson,diaby , bentner,Vella,Arshavin and buy a few classy replacements , up the arsenal

Master Bates

He has won a league title and a couple of trophies , his career has been rathe succesful than most footballers.

I like how you mentioned 9 of our players to be sold and replaced with others team’s players…and finished your sentence with up the arse.. you don’t get to say that if you are not supporting OUR players especially the first teamers like Santos,Diaby and Djourou..Arshavin too


Its better we sell sebestien before he becomes a liability…and don’t you think buying giroud means RVP is leaving? We should have got vantonghen n sold djourou n squid


Huge fan of Zarg United.


All players have these clauses in their contracts.

In fact, if Arsenal hadn’t made the Champions League, all of these players would have taken a … dun dun dun… PAY CUT!

The more important question is how do I get my, erm, hands on one of Bendtner’s Cobra Kai Cock Rings?

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