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Szczesny: I’ve been working with a psychologist

Wojciech Szczesny has revealed that he works with a psychologist to ensure that he is fully focused on football when he steps onto the pitch.

Speaking to the Polish press, the shot-stopper confirmed he made the decision after personal problems, combined with Arsenal’s strife on the pitch, saw him struggling to juggle the pressure of his newfound prominence.

“For about a year, I’ve been working with a psychologist,” Szczesny said.

“Twelve months ago I was surviving hard times. Personal problems were matched by problems at the club and then I thought about using a psychologist.

“Now I know how to not transfer problems on the pitch. I can totally put off those thoughts during the match.”

While the use of psychologists by sports fans is nothing new, you wouldn’t necessarily associate Sczesny cocksure public persona as one in need of extra help. Nevertheless, it does appear to fit with the 22-year-old’s determination to continue learning his trade to the best of his ability.

“Now I try to listen to wiser people and do what they tell me,” he continued.

“I realise what others think about me. Many people think I’m very self-assured and that I think Wojciech Szczesny is the best player in the world.

“However, I know that in football there are people who have more knowledge and have seen more than me. I listen to their advice, it’s what others call a football education.

“I’ve played less than 80 in Arsenal, but it’s still a big number for me as a 22-year-old. I make mistakes, sometimes I make big saves, but basically, I’m focusing on my bad sides and I’m trying to fix these. I don’t treat myself like a best keeper in the world, but I’m motivated to become the best.”

This summer Wojciech’s burgeoning reputation will be under the microscope. Carrying the hopes of host nation Poland on his broad shoulders he’ll be watched by a global audience next Friday when his homeland play Greece in the opening game of Euro 2012.

Let’s hope he excels and comes back to Arsenal in pre-season in high spirits…


Cheers to Matt at for the translation.

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Everything this guys says makes me swoon and fantasize about the next 15 beautiful years we’ll have together.

Jack Ruenprapan

Don’t think he’ll ever switch to another Premier League club, but I would not be surprised if he makes a move in his prime to the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona.

(After having lifted all the trophies for Arsenal, of course )


or maybe retire at Arsenal a legend….


This guy just keeps on amazing us

Ca$hley Cole

I love Szczycho Szczesny!


Definitely brains beneath that cocky exterior!


I really like it when he gave up Twitter to concentrate on his craft after a mediocre run of games in late December / January. Shows maturity and dedication to his profession, his club, and his teammates.


I think TGSTEL needs the psychologist more than sir chesney.


Top psychologists would demand danger money for taking on an ego that huge. Too expensive.


The other day it was vermaelen proclaiming his love for arsenal and now szczesney goes on about how he can be a better custodian for us….
I seriously love arsenal f.c


LOVE this guy! First choice for years to come

unreal gooner

Arsenal legend enough in my book.


I like how he talks about seeing a shrink…and then mentions himself in the third person

Arsenald Gunnington

Your name is amazing


haha heck yeah man =)


Rob Schneider in “Herpaderpadiddlyderpa”

unreal gooner

I’ve been in a relationship with arsenal for the past 2 decades and it’s only safe to say that news such as this is what keeps me going.
Arsenal forever!!!!!.


…of course you have


Just want to know what I mean to Arsenal fan.

Trex d' Gunner

Na$ri, you will always be known as a chinless cunt.


If you had to pick between Ibrahim Afellay or Christian Eriksen to join Arsenal, which one would you pick.

Burak E.

Christian Eriksen


Afellay, no question.


definitley applepie.


I’d go for eriksen. can you imagine le coq and “erection” in our team.. all the nasri’s of the footballing world would be freaking out. 🙂


Eriksen! DB10 loves that guy and that’s good enough for me 😉

cape town gooner

He is a legend at 22 dude his passion and dominance in the box at his age is remarkable.then seeing summin like this. Just makes me love this dude even more the maturity he showed in making this decision,I’m sure his dad had summin 2 do with it.I also can only smile and. get that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomache thinking about the next 15 20 years.and just 1 more thing its so so cool that he wears 13


Scezny arsenal legend


I hope so.


This kind of makes me feel better about myself as I used to go to a psychologist when in my early high-school years. 🙂


All goalkeepers are mental.


top arsenal goalkeepers 2012
1. Fulop
2. Szczesny
3. Fabianski
4. Vermaelen against man city
5. Mannone


Mertesacker made more saves than Mannone! Remember that crazy, slow-motion goal-line clearance.

Henry's Crown

Arsene told Roy that if he places Ben Foster in that last match then no Chamberlain for Euros !! Fulop came up with a big heart and slippery hand ! what an assist it was to koscielny ! 😀

O Death

What about Henri Lansbury??


he was out on loan, therfore by my very specific rules, he has been ruled out to participate, in top arsenal goalkeepers 2012


But i’ld have szcz first


Tha was a reply to
JUNE 3, 2012 AT 1:26 AM
If you had to pick between
Ibrahim Afellay or Christian
Eriksen to join Arsenal, which
one would you pick’


He can be our number one for the next ten years no problem. You need confidence as a goalkeeper, and he has bundles of it along with a more realistic perspective on things and a determination to improve. He can become one of the very best.

Henry's Crown

looks ike our youth products are good fortune tellers too (not to mention highly talented) !! both jack ad wojjo predicted Spuds will be in europa – and they are !! my gosh !!


Lets not get too excited about sir chesney. if we dont win some tin soon like all the top players he will question the board. lastt seasons protests were misdirected. people trying to blame wenger and sure he has a small part to play as do the players. but it is the board that is preventing investment. it is the board that is content with mediocrity. It is the board that can change things or need to be changed. i actually believe they are running the top players contracts down to a final year on purpose to create the situations… Read more »

Sami Rockfeller

Are you Le Grove in disguise?


So you are happy with the board then?


Move over, arsenal faithfuls only.


Name like tim.who is the cunt?

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Prove what you say or slink back to your AAA sewer BC………….


What is a legend? An unreal mythical story from the distant past. It is not a footballer currently playing only his 80th game. Let’s wait for him to actually win something or be a part of something special before we assign the term legend to him.


I’m actually quite surprise Arsenal doesn’t employ a sports psychologist judging how we have tend to crumble when in the lead. Would have been useful.


Arsenal do have a sports psychologist. Probably have more than 1.

Sancho Panza

watching the englnd belgium match made me think that Bendtner has another guy in the self delusional dept – Eden Hazard ! the Ox is wayy better !


I’m not sure that the Ox is better than Hazard, but I agree with you about the Belgian midfielder. I know it’s only one game but I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Hazard looked very ordinary to me.


He lOoks like he will fit in perfectly at Chelsea. You know, a total cunt.

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Potential Ri(s)k

So glad Szczesny is finally fulfilling his potential and claiming the number 1 spot but I still can’t help but think we’ve got a bit of a keeper issue to deal with this summer. It looks like we’ve got 3 keepers on the way out. Almunia has already been released along with both Fabianski and Mannone looking to hand it transfer requests. I would be very surprised if Wenger didn’t Invest in a good back up keeper in the event that Woj gets injured (As well as maybe providing a bit of healthy competition). I was thinking that Jaaskelainen might… Read more »


Sorry mate, he´s already signed for the Hammers..

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