Monday, October 3, 2022

Van Persie talks about not talking about talks

Robin van Persie has confirmed that he and Arsenal have agreed not to talk publicly about his future while the striker is away at Euro 2012 with Holland.

While former players, Emmanuel Adebayor comes to mind, have used international tournaments as a means of venting contract talk frustration to gathered media, the Dutchman insists he’ll stay quiet:

“We have both promised that we are not going to comment on anything and I will stick to that,” he is quoted as saying by the Mirror.

“You can also see that Arsenal are acting in the same way, as we ­discussed. The club does not say anything either, because that is what we said we would do.”

Holland’s first choice striker, despite letting teammate Klaas Jan Huntelaar take the coveted number 9 shirt while he sports 16, Van Persie insists he is fit enough to lead his country to glory after a long season at the Emirates.

Revealing a chat with Thierry Henry, he also made clear he is more relaxed about the prospect of playing at the Euros.

“Thierry told me things about the big matches you face as a player.

“I have played 60 games this ­season, I have not missed a single league match for Arsenal.

“Now we have been playing all kind of friendly matches with the Dutch team. But Thierry says many of those games are about doing your job and keeping good form.

“It comes down to the big ­moments where I have to decide big games.

“I agree with him and it is good to hear. For me, the next big moment is when I face Denmark in Ukraine.

“I used to get worked up about big tournaments, but not anymore.

“I have the ­experience from my years at ­Arsenal and I can look back on a great season with my club.”

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Can’t decide if:

“I have the ­experience from my years at ­Arsenal and I can look back on a great season with my club”

Sounds promising or not… Could almost sound like a farewell or a statement that Arsenal is HIS club. Suppose it all depends on how he said it. Suppose I should stop reading so much into every little bit of information we get…


I’m as baffled as you are. I seriously had no worries about RvP staying with us until I saw this. Now I have no clue. These comments are somehow honest and straightforward, and also cryptic at the same time. Recently, my closest friend told me she had feelings for me. She proceeded to tell me that she doesn’t think dating would be a good idea, and then got weird and distant, and then stopped talking to me for over a month while also leaving the country to study abroad. It drove me insane trying to figure out what the fuck… Read more »


Great comparison. She’s not sure about her future. He’s not sure too.


Exactly what Cesc/Henry/Hleb/Flamini did


So… did you nail her in the end?


Yes, but in the Cesc/Henry/Hleb/Flamini cases, agents somewhat seemed to have “prepared the field” for a transfer and rumours were spread. Has Robin ever said that IF he’d leave, it would only be for this or this club? (cf. TH14 for exemaple…).

I rather think that in this case Robin wanted to honor Arsenal’s patience/agreement on not talking about a new contract before the Euros.


@Gandalf, she’s still in Australia, I’ll let you know in a month. I’d stick it in in a heartbeat, but it’s not looking that promising.

In her case, I’m not bothered at all if she’s off shagging other guys in Oz. If Robin shags other guys in Polkraine, however, I’d be worried about the diseases he might bring back with him.


Have you tried paying her £150k a week to stay and do you?


There’s no reading between the lines here mate.
The press came, he spoke his mind, period.
There’s no hidden jedi code or anything, just a normal footballer speaking………….nothing mysterious there.

Obi Wan

We are the club he’s looking for…

What's my name?

Key word here is “great season with MY club”, not former or last or ex-club. “It’s MY club”, says the skipper.

Matt F

He’s a footballer. I wouldn’t read much into the psychology of his choice of words.


We should just care he’s talking to affelay about coming home with him…


“I have the experience from my years at Arsenal
and I can look back on a great season with my

This gives me that glimmer of hope that he’s gunner stay.


I think it’s all on Arsenal Board shoulders to decide do they need stronger Arsenal or not! If Yes, then Rvp will be happy to stay for next 4 years.
They need to bring M’Vila and Afellay. He deserves those “presents” as well as Arsenal fans do.
That’s it.

Master Bates

huh! you think RvP has a list of players he wants Wenger to buy or else he won’t sign? that would be very douchy of him . where do you people get this stories ,Daily Mail?

He respects Wenger too much to do that


Hmmmnnn … I never thought of that before. The onus is on the Arsenal owners to decide if they want tsufi better. Where do you find this life changing insight? I wonder If they want their business to be successful or not? Why don’t they just flick the “good switch”?

larry kamvy

He shouldnt get big headed like hleb………..he needs to believe in arsenal… captain..he needs to instill this belief in his teammates…thats what a captain is suppposed to do………its not about trophies robin…its about the love of the game….please dont make this mistake……think of yo idol…DENNIS BERGKAMP….

Kevin Doyle

where are all of these affelay and de jong rumours coming from?? does anyone have a link or something.. de jong would be quite nice now that i think about it

Kevin Doyle's Mum

go sit on the naughty step. NOW


The talking to Henry bit is what fascinates me. He could have talked to anyone, but he spoke to the most iconic Arsenal player ever, who made an iconic decision to take the step away. Yeah. I bet they only talked about the Euros.

I like the sound of this media ban a bit more now. It sounds more like a professional agreement between club and player and not the club trying to shut him up about wanting a move away.


Doesn’t say when he had this conversation with Thierry though… Could have been when he joined Arsenal for all we know!


that’s unlikely, it obviously was recently and Hurley has a good point, Henry did leave the club despite saying he’d never leave…but seeing as Henry is still an Arsenal fan and legend let’s hope he did his thing and advised van Persie to stay with us


Hleb told Fabregas to stay at Arsenal last summer, and look what happened there. Clearly current players don’t listen to the advice of Arsenal legends


I’m didn’t say which way I think Henry influenced him, but it was at precisely this time in his career that he left and he had very mixed success. I would simply be amazed if the subject of Robin’s future didn’t come up if that conversation took place.


Hleb is an Arsenal legend?


If hleb is an arsenal legend then the arsenal ball boys must be too.


yes but Hleb and Fabregas are not on the same level as players…Hleb not having succeeded at Barcelona, and then telling Fabregas he wouldn’t either could well have been taken as a challenge by Fabregas – and, as he is much better than Hleb – one he did exceptionally well with, as full of shit as Barca are


So apparently people don’t get sarcasm…


the ball boys could probably shoot better than hleb


The cold, hard reality is if he’d wanted to sign on with us, he would’ve done so by now. I’m sure he’s been offered a new contract, and someone who has the intention of staying with the club does so as soon as he’s offered one. For example, look at Dortmund’s Mats Hummels. Probably one of the most in-demand center-backs in the world, signed an extension as soon as he was given one. Even Robin’s wife wants to stay in London. But this is looking more and more like Cesc from last year. HATING it already, the Cesc-saga was painful… Read more »


You could well be right, but a move away isn’t assured either.

The reality is we all want Robin to sign or tell us he wants to leave as quickly as possible, whereas his agent will be stalling for time.

I don’t think he’s definitely decided to leave just yet, but he’s definitely weighing up his options. If an offer from Real Madrid or Barcelona comes in he’ll be off, if the only club that bids is Dynamo Moscow I’m sure he’ll be happy to stay.


”The cold, hard reality is if he’d wanted to sign on with us, he would’ve done so by now. I’m sure he’s been offered a new contract, and someone who has the intention of staying with the club does so as soon as he’s offered one.”

That’s just utter balls. This is probably the most important contract of his career, I think it’s pretty justifiable if he decided to take some time to think about all his options and his future before putting pen to paper, even if he does have the intention of staying on.


I’m as big an Arsenal fan as any of you guys, and would love for him to sign on. And for our sake, I sure hope he does. We cant keep on losing players like him every frickin summer, while paying perennial crocks like Diaby and utter rubbish like Almunia and Squallci more per week than any of us make in an year!

7 Year itch needs scratching

Nothing wrong with RVP holding out for a few more quid mate……

I hope that’s what it is anyway!


Hummels is only 23, Dortmund just won the league and cup double, and there’s enough talent already at his club (and even more coming in) to suggest that he’ll continue winning trophies.

Robin is aiming for his last big contract at 28, and in terms of squad strength and advantage over competition (both relative to respective leagues, of course), Arsenal are in nowhere near as strong a position as Dortmund.

I don’t think Hummels quickly signing an extension relates to Robin’s situation much.


I think it’s very simple, if we buy good players then Robin will stay, if it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen by 15th August or so, he will leave.

Master Bates

It’s not that simple ,if all he wanted was good players ,then he should just fuck off to Manchester City , He loves the club,he is settled,he wants playing time and I think he appreciates his teammates very much… maybe he also respects Wenger not teach how to do his job

Tom C

We have quite a few good players already



Robin has a lot of things at Arsenal, but one of the few things he doesn’t have is trophies. The only reason he will leave is if we don’t have any kind of reasonable chance of winning trophies anytime soon. The *current* squad is unlikely to win the EPL, but if we buy good players (M’Vila, Vertonghen etc etc), we will have a good chance.

Master bates

well if he wants trophies ,he should just win know as player and captain and shit…..

And Yes!! this squad is good enough to win the mickey mouse cups ,no amount of spending can guarantee you trophies .It’s about players team spirit and continuity and shit

larry kamvy

Lukas podolski is his direct replacement….like for like….both with superb left feet……same movement around the box….about the same age……robin has made a mistake by leaving…..mind you,if we got gotze as theos replacemnt on the right…we would walk the league…..podolski..gotze….wilshere…….world class…FACT


Podolski wasn’t brought in to replace van Persie, it was to complement him and (hopefully) indicate ambition so that RvP would stay. Secondly, van Persie has better movement around the box, thirdly he hasn’t left yet, and why the hell would we play Gotze as a winger? Theo is lightning quick and is getting better let’s not forget, though he does still drift in and out of games seemingly at will. Oh and as for Wilshere, it’s no given that he’ll come back from injury at his previous world class level. If anything it will take time and he will… Read more »


that’s IF we bought Gotze, which is highly unlikely as he signed a new contract already.


gotze plays on the wing for dortmund sometimes

Kevin Doyle

we dont know for sure if lu lu lu is world class and can cut it in the premier league . i hope he is but just take a look a chamakh or reyes to confirm that. still i remain optimistic about him !

North Bank Gooner

I feel a bit like Gregos Traitorelli here, but why cant he have a slight thigh strain in training that keeps him out for 3 wks. then he can forget the Euro nonsense, come home and sign the damn papers.

pretty please 😉

Mills N7

Gregos Traitorelli or not, that’s an inspired call. Hamstring strain? 6 Weeks? We hear you, Gregos Traitorelli!

larry kamvy

Wilshere will start the season on fire……..he actually reminds me of a young diego maradona…..he’s that good……….theo needs to be moved on..we need an intelligent right winger..not a brainless one…..FACT……………….gotze on the right would bring back the days of ball retention..ala hleb………and robin is gone…….madrid or man city bound……watch this space…………..n please arsen..get falcao….world class striker..reminds me of a young pippo inzaghi……


gotze’s not a winger, and comparing wilshere to a young diego maradona is absolutely bizarre. Completely different types of players in completely different positions.

This fantasy most people seem to have of signing Gotze surely has to be belayed a couple seasons by him signing a contract extension with Dortmund right?


Larry…. Karmvy….. whats….. with….. all….. the….. full…. stops…. youre….. making…. me…….. feel….. high……..?


Let me preface by saying we have absolutely no chance at signing Gotze. However if anybody remembers last season 7AM kickoff did a statistical breakdown of some midfielders that included Gotze, and he stated the numbers show Gotze plays like a genuine winger. So Gotze could easily be a winger, however he is not about to leave his hometown club anytime soon.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla



Surely the fact that nobody is saying anything indicates there isn’t any good news. I can’t believe the club are going to allow another summer like last year’s to happen again

larry kamvy

Robin’s agent…..the same agent that represents cesc….must be shot…….its like he’s a manc supporter sent to weaken the arsenal………jack..please dont let darren dein become yo agent..please…………


Darren Dein is NOT Robin’s agent apart from sponsorship dealings.
Club and contract are handled by Kees Vos, who has the rare quality of not imposing. RvP will be solely accountable for his decision — which gives us the right to Love or Hate him uniquely.


RvP is going. Just like iSayed above says, if Robin wanted to stay he would have signed by now. We signed Podolski to replace him. Subject change: isn’t Roy Hodgson a complete arsehole? He had one simple decision to make, and he completely blew it. With a court case hanging over his head, John Terry should be no way near the national team. He should have been banned from playing for England until after the trial. Ferdinand could have then been selected with no problem. But Woy blew it. So now he’s had to select the reserve centre-half of the… Read more »


sorry ‘mate’ but this is arseblog, if you want to take time to talk about cunts like terry or even ferdinand, do us a favour and take it elsewhere

Jack Jumblies

And that’s why he’s called the Voice of Reason. 


It’s amazing how Fatgooner knows everything all of the time. Sometimes I wonder if he’s human after all. It sounds like a smart arse comment I admit, but I’m truly amazed that someone can be so sure of everything all of the time and continue to make predictions with such confidence regardless of how well/badly their past predictions have turned out.

Anyway Fg, if later in the year, your predictions come true – I will hold my hand up and tip my hat to you.


I’m just stating the obvious. I love RvP and hope he stays, but it’s clear that he’s going. We’ve become a second-rate side which can’t keep its best players. We can no longer offer the wages or the trophies that the best players desire – that’s why RvP will be gone as soon as he can find the right club this summer.

In the future, the likes of Wilshire, the Ox and Chez will disappear as soon as they’ve gained the experience and raised their profile at our club – which is now just a feeder one.


But then that is no different to how it has always been. There was a time when players used to clamour for a move to Nottingham Forest, then Everton, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Manchester United etc. Now Manchester City and possibly Chelsea as where everyone wants to be. Apart from a couple of purple patches where we won trophy after trophy and were a class apart, our best players have always left us. If ‘second-rate’ is your term of choice then that is what we’ve been for more than 30 years…maybe longer but I can’t really vouch for that. Even when… Read more »


Player power has gone into overdrive. A 21 year old player with no top league experience can now apparently demand over inflated wages and boom there you go. With that said, I hope he flops and flops hard.


Cobblers, AR! Arsenal – and football – has fundamentally changed in the last eight years. Yes, I can remember as far back as 1980 when Liam Brady left us for more money in Italy, but until recently we were never a selling club. Our great players such as Wright, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires and Vieira all left us when they were basically past it. Now look what has happened with Cole, Flamini Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and Adebayor and tell me that we are not a selling club. We are. Football now is all about money – and that’s why we can’t… Read more »


Agreed that money has destabilised and ruined the game, but then isn’t that equally problematic for every other club. You’re either a Man City/Chelsea or second rate to borrow your phrase. There is hardly any middle ground. The concept of ‘selling club’ to me just meant players leaving, forgive me for misunderstanding your post. My point wasn’t so much to do with why players were being sold, just that when a player at Arsenal has expressed a desire to leave either directly or indirectly – there has been a transfer and the club has moved on. Some of them like… Read more »


You’ve just said it. The answer is Usmanov. If you can’t beat them then join them.

Personally, I would love to see the introduction of a wage cap. That would stop this cheating at a stroke. But it will probably never happen.


You’re going to have to wait a long long time for either of those to happen mate. Kroenke might be in it for the money (debatable) but he’s a very shrewd businessman and Arsenal’s value is always growing regardless of whether we win trophies or not and the last thing he’s going to do is relinquish control to some fat Uzbek with billions of oil money. Kroenke doesn’t plan to make us a mid table side, he’s just not going to be involved in any way in the running of the club. He’s a majority shareholder and that’s how it’s… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

sorry AR, but cobblers again!

JT will NEVER stop being a cunt! 😉

Unreal gooner

I hear chelsea are launching a bid for sagna ang theo, what?, who the fuck do chelsea think they are, total disrespect. Their cunt of an owner thinks he can buy fuck everything. Somebody needs to get shot!


Don’t worry, whoever goes…I’ll still be here for you guys 🙂


And I’ll still be here for you gays. 😉


For me rvp sounds like a man with a year to run on his contract. he has told the club what he wants to see. So its over to them. he is in no rush to sign a new contract as he still has one. if the club bring in the right players he will sign. however if the club panic they will inform rvp his agent and other clubs that he is for sale. im quite relaxed about it. the worst case scenario is that he stays for a season and walks for nowt next season if he wants.… Read more »


Or 3 the club invest fuck all of the money if he’s sold And go with what we have,.


Or 4 usmanov comes in, we buy back all our ex-players save nasri-we’l find a place for him in the stables.

7 Year itch needs scratching

He talks when he wants he talks when he waaaaants…

Robin Van Persie, he talks when he wants.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually shouldn’t it be , “He doesn’t talk when he doesn’t wants” ?


Let me just say that I really hope he stays, and if he doesn’t then he goes abroad. I dont think my heart could take him at man city, that club inspires so much hatred in me and Mancini really is just intolerable. Never enough strikers, even 1 billion in, it’s pretty much despicable.


Ugh, wake me up when next season starts…

7 Year itch needs scratching

To be fair Robbie doesnt need a shop window…..I think this has been handled very well….Typical Arsenal way.

Lets hope Arsene has some irons in the fire regarding transfers incoming, to kee Robbie happy for the push for honours next season.



I respect very much that he and Arsenal are leaving the contract talks silent till after Euro. After the season we just had RVP has a serious chance at winning a trophy at Euro as well as the boot for top scorer. I think he wants 100% focus on Euro and he asked for the silence about contract talks because he didn’t want any distractions at all.

Him talking with Henry is a very good thing because we all know how much TH14 will encourage him to stay at Arsenal.


Or encourage rvp to build a home with an enormous fish tank in london so that the idea of leaving never pops up. I’m all for that

Real Gooner

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think RVP has already been approached by Citeh some time ago and is seriously considering a move. Check out his Twitter account and you will see that some time ago he started to follow a number of Arabs linked to Citeh including SH Mohd Al Maktoum, all the Arabs he is following if you dig deeper are linked to Citeh. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think he is contemplating a move to Al Wasl!!! I for one conclude that these talks are serious not going by what the gutter press are… Read more »


Maybe next time you’re doing some undercover journalism, you’ll pull you’re head out of your ass far enough to realize that rvp is Muslim and having Muslim friends on twitter is probably as normal as John Terry is a cunt.


Oh twitter: the only place where mountains are made from mole hills.


i hope one of the two things happen.

1.robin stays and we strengthen the team to justify our ambition.
2.robin leaves abroad and remains a gunner and also reveals how shite our is club is being run.

i want 1 to happen.
but,if the 2nd happens atleast we will know what is really happening.


Already we know, for the last 5 years, best players are leaving, and I am not counting adebayor and na$ri.
I hope we won t count Rvp in that fashion


Why do people on blogs keep ignoring the fact that he has 1 year left on his contract? For once we have the player by the balls. Why? Remember Fabregas wanted to go for a few seasons back, we said no. He stayed until last summer when the pressure had become too much for him and us. Robin is Arsenal. His family are Arsenal. I’m Dutch and Arsenal are the English team that kids pretend they’re playing for when they play football on the streets. I just don’t think people realize how much Arsenal are loved in Holland and no… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I Want To Believe……….but your name is bongo 🙁

Nah, just kidding. You make a very interesting argument for him staying there, and not one many people would have considered. I hope you’re right.

Sorry about Michael Caine’s running gag about the Dutch in Austin Powers’ Goldmember.


Now that spurs are in the europa league and pose no threat with the mass exodus coming, I think i’l have to channel all my hatred towards mancity, I hate them with a passion and there manager really doesn’t help. He’s an overpaid pillock who happened to land in a club full of petro-dollars and his job was to sit back and watch them define their price tags-hardly any work put in there. Yeah well, life’s a bitch and mancini is enjoying every bit of it while wenger’s busy courting the woman of his dreams…..sigh!
Good luck wenger.


Don’t sell yourself short, you can hate Spuds and Oil City equally like I do!


Such levels of hate are possible if you only try hard enough

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, man up and hate them both. And Stoke.

The real challenge is to multitask. You have to hate two or three clubs at a time while simultaneously laughing at Liverpool.


You guys are all weak. I hate like 200 clubs. If you’re not the arsenal. I hate you. End of story.

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If it was good news why would both patties agree not to talk about it, if he was signing what Is there to stop either saying so. Don’t look to promising to me.

Harry Potter

I’m coming for you, you snake eyed – flat nosed bastard


Do your magic potter and get him to sign then.

Chuck D

Don’t believe the (media) hype!

Master Bates

or he is just holding our for more money.. Or maybe the talks haven’t even started ,or maybe contracts take a while .

In my experience playing Football Manager , Contracts take more than a week , so obviously they couldn’t have reached an agreement in a very short time with him joining Holland for the Euros and concentrating on football


i never understood why we allow these footballers so much time to decide a contract, we everyday people can deal with the short time given to us so why the hell cant they? hes had 2 years to think about the contract, either sign or leave just make it quick, thierry henry was much better then rvp and he left us but we still stand .. no player is bigger then the club the fact hes stalling this long means hes not sure so fuck off i say


The first rule of RvP’s contract negotiations is that you do not talk about RvP’s contract negotiations.
The second rule of RvP’s contract negotiations is that YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT RvP’s CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS.


Wait, what’s the third rule again?


The third rule is far up your arse.

Real Gooner

RVP will probably stay if Arsenal make good on promises made to him during negotiations, but it doesn’t look good. I think Arsenal know he has a serious offer and landed Podolski early to soften the blow. But I think Wenger can turn this around by securing Afellay from Barca who is known to be close to Van Persie. We could also negotiate the fee based on what Barca still owe us from the Cesc fee. I can only hope Van Persie is playing Arsenal into submission to finally breaking the bank to secure new additions and offset old deadwood… Read more »


I’m still trying to figure out why Barcelona bought Afellay in the first place.

Rad Carrot

Don’t buy the theory that “he would have signed by now if he were staying”. It’s a negotiation between the club and the player, so surely Arsenal have not yet done enough to convince him to stay. Fair enough. Whether it’s higher wages or the promise of investment in the squad (probably both) I don’t blame Robin for holding off contract talks until after the Euros. I’m not going to start worrying until August.

Would still like this resolved soon, though. Another long summer of rumour is only going to damage our morale and reputation.

larry kamvy

Robin is just a one season wonder…FACT…..he can leave..we’ve lost more inspirational players than him. What we need is jack wilshere playing again with chamberlain as our leading striker..


mate you just have no idea do you?


You can’t fool us ‘Arry. Get out of our site you twitchy bobblehead.

North Bank Gooner

oh i……….. agree larry, hes ……been a 1 season …..wonder for years!!! Fact….


At the end of the day, people move on. We must also look at it from a basic poit of view. Football is his job. Now, if you really wanted to get employee of the year at tescos but didn’t think you could do it, you’ll think about moving to waitrose…. It’s the same kinda thing. It’s the perks of the job. We must remember life moves on, he is not going to be around forever. If he stays, yes I’ll be happy, if he doesn’t, no I won’t be happy, but LIFE GOES ON.
(Hope he re signs)

larry kamvy

Guys think about this for a second…..chamberlain is our rooney….this boy is that good…i say stick him up front n let him tear up defences all over england……n sell robin asap if he doesn’t wanna extend his contract…enough already…nasri saga version 2 me thinks…


dude youre boring us to bits here, please just.stop.posting

larry kamvy

fuck you guys, might as well support spurs with an actual good fan base

Rad Carrot

…What did you just say?!

Merlin's Panini

Go and support Spurs with their “good fan base” then Larry. Enjoy communicating with the mouthbreathing, knuckle dragging, shirt-off bitch-titted morons.

North Bank Gooner

please go and support the boys from enfield, they need to increase their fan base to finance the clean up of the flood damage caused by all those tears after the C.L.

enjoy thursday nights on 5!! 😉


Robin is looking at ARSENAL with more ambition .

larry kamvy

Loyalty in football is gone….FACT….its all about the money.AT least abou diaby is…

larry kamvy

Spurs are turds…FACT…


Congratulations, you are so unpopular here that you managed to get thumbed down on a post solely criticizing Spurs. That takes a special kind of talent.

larry kamvy

Alex hleb was a remarkable footballer…think about it..2007/2008 was all him and cesc really..
Ball retention is something this arsenal side currently lack…FACT..

larry kamvy SHUT UP PLEASE




Arteta = ridiculous amounts of ball retention and pass completion.

larry kamvy

We have the best center back pairing in the league……jus sayin…

Arry cuntme

Bollocks it was Arsenal who had it and spurs who bottled it.


You forgot to add:


larry kamvy

Jack wilshere should inherit the #10 jersey when rvp packs his bags in july…..jus sayin


the media blockout is very professional… I dont see any disadvantage though if Arsenal were to come out and say that RVP wants to stay and we are happy and delighted with this decision.
This indicates to me that any deal is far from being done. Simple. RVP would never slag the club, so I imagine this is about money. Arsenal will be restructuring finanaces around him, or they cannot afford what the other clubs are paying.


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
–George Santayana

That’s just a pretentious way of saying that this summer is starting to remind me of last summer. The question is, does the board–and Wenger –remember last summer? If not, what we’ll have will be a lot of flailing about to keep RvP, a failure to do so, and a panic buy at the end of this silly season.

Gunsen Gurner

According to ESPN, VP has said that Juventus are a great club. Ignoring the fact that this was very obviously a polite answer to a direct question, this means that VP has decided to leave us. Because clearly if he were going to stay and a journalist, trying to get some information out of him, asked what he thought of one of the world names in soccer, he should respond that they and everyone like them are complete muppets and Arsenal are the only team worth talking about… Sigh…


Guys relax….. We all want him to stay but at the end of the day if he elects to leave then its ok. Its not the end of the world. We been here before and its not new for us but Damn it why can’t the board learn their lesson form past years?


Hmmmmm….. Well, forgive me for breathing, but I happen to know a thing or three about negotiations….. I mean, I only happen to do them for a living…. every day. Rule # 1. Never say what your final position is…. or you will never get there. Rule #2 Always remember that the other party has interests (as opposed to postions) too….. bear his interests in mind while pursuing your own. Rule # 49 (heh heh heh) NEVER, NEVER, NEVER…..EVER conduct your negotiations in the media or the public sphere generally….. its a lose-lose situation. Na$ri did that and now he’s… Read more »


I love Robin Van Persie, but if he goes to city he’s dead to me. Finito.


ANYONE who goes to the Best-Team-Money-Can-Buy is dead to me.

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