Arsenal need Jack back, says Thierry


Thierry Henry says that Jack Wilshere is exactly the kind of player Arsenal need to make progress, regardless of other signings they might make.

The former captain extolled the footballing virtues of Wilshere, but also the fact that he’s an Englishman (not always a necessity to ‘get’ Arsenal but we know what he means) and an Arsenal fan.

You want Jack Wilshere around,” Henry told Sky Sports News. “He reminds me of when I first arrived when the old guard was there. He’s an Arsenal fan in the first place and you need this type of player around in the dressing room.

“It’s not only that he’s an Arsenal fan, and not only an Englishman, but he’s a good player, it’s as simple as that. What a shame that he stopped a bit because he was on his way. I just wish him all the best that he can come back quick and wear the shirt he loves so much.”

And in a style which might make fans think he’s had some coaching from Arsene Wenger (of the media, not football kind), Thierry echoed the manager’s words about how bringing players back from injury can be boost to the squad.

“I saw what the boss said the other day and I will say what he said – hopefully they will sign this year Wilshere and Diaby. I thought it was a clever thing for him to say as usual.

“You need those guys around. Mikel Arteta did extremely well, but you need those guys also in the squad.”


LANS = Like A New Signing

L2NS = Like Two New Signings

LANSA = Like A New Signing Again (used when a player is injured, comes back, is like a new signing, gets injured once more and makes a return).

LANSBNP = Like A New Signing But Never Plays (see Park Chu Young)

LANSBIWIHSH = Like A New Signing But I Wish I Hadn’t Signed Him (see Marouane Chamakh)

LAPS = Like A Poo Signing (see Mikael Sylvestre)

NLANSAABJAPCBFI = Not Like A New Signing At All But Just A Player Coming Back From Injury (never used).

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I can see this lingo prospering long and hard if Henry became manager.


OK try this. Ranking in order of preference which of the following six would you welcome back to manage Arsenal:

Henry, Adams, RVP, Patrick Vieira, Keown, Dennis Bergkamp.


Seeing as most of them will never become decent managers (Alan Shearer was a ‘great’ Newcastle player, look how well that ended up), the only real hope lies in Henry and Bergkamp. Smart cookies they may be, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be up to managerial standards.

Dr Baptiste

Tony Adams. Mr Arsenal is Arsenal through and through. I don’t think he would take shit from players disrespecting the shirt.
Martin Keown. Really the same reasons for Adams.
Dennis Bergkamp/Thierry. It’s a toss up between Dennis and Thierry for 3rd and 4th. I think they’d both make better assistants at this point in time
Patrick Vieira. Low due to his sudden love for all things Man City
Robin van Persie. Because he has to be on the list. Not management material in any way.


Keown is intelligent as fuck when he talks about football. DB10 is learning the ropes at Ajax so him second maybe. Henry, then Adams, Viera and RvP can fuck off! Pair of bitches. Good question!


Let’s bring ian wright back, rvp needs some company talking about cuntish ambitions for cuntish reasons over some cuntish breakfast.

Midfield Corporal

Just wish Arsene would publicly strip Van Oersie of the cataincy and if he must train with us give him a plain white tee shirt to do it in as he doesn’t warrant wearing anything with our canon on it.

Midfield Corporal

Apologies for the poor spelling.
Oersie – Persie
Cataincy- captaincy


Robin van persie has just taken a six month holiday to be a cunt, twice a year.


RVP? I’m sorry Robin Van Pu**y?


Bergkamp would be my choice–if we could take care of the flying issue.


DB10…. he’s class and intelligent. and already learning the job at Ajax.

Declan O, Donovan

Is it just me or does anyone else think rvp is gonna re-sign?Maybe i,m just massively in denial but i just cant see him going! ….When i hit submit he still better be an arsenal player ha


Oh he could go alrighty, I just can’t see him going to another Premier League club. His reputation would be toast if he went to either of the Manchesters.

It’s possible he thought that there’d be more choice. Maybe even from the two in Spain.

But it is possible he’ll stay, just not probable.


I dreamed he signed a new contract some days ago, and even in my dream I diden’t believe it!


when youre a cunt youre a cunt, in my opinion van persie would absolutely love to go to shity if they give him a fuck load salary, united too. dont get me wrong, I myself was hoping he wouldnt leave, but nothing from him even saying he wont go to another english club, its done and dusted, he’s leaving no doubt. that just leaves arsene to decide when to sell/let him go.

I just wish someone would fuck him before he leaves, in some disturbing way it put a smile on my face “van persie gets fucked and leaves” hahaha…


And let’s not forget Steve Bould who, according to Bartley’s quote in the Sun, “could be as big as a signing”! (ABAAS)

The Wengerisms absolutely reach the players.


Gunner A: Ramsey was shit today
Gunner B: No, you’re shit, out!!.
Gunner A: Song today was a not himself, he lead to the second goal with his wayward passes.
Gunner B: don’t think you can blame that entirely on song, the whole team looked off.
Gunner A: oxlade should have started the match!,what was wenger thinking starting walcott.
Gunner B: relax dude, today was not walcotts day, just get behind the team will you?

Oh how I miss match reports, come on the new season!!!.


I’m starting to think you don’t like ramsey that much.heh. Took it alil bit too far, but still haha.

Dr Baptiste

Does blogs have to remove his own comment for the text speak?


I think blogs was referring to some of the posts he sees in here……..

So here; ramsey shitly playd today, why wenger put dat man in?,

Rad Carrot

“Did you see that ludicrous display last night?”

“The problem with Arsenal is they always try to walk the ball into the net.”


He posts what he waaants! 🙂


actually someone comment the same about denilson in a friendly away at valencia few years ago saying he was the worst player on the pitch blablabla the usual drivel , until someone point him out that denilson was injured and was in london … silence 🙂




So I decided to watch dora last night and i’m never doing it again.

Dora: Say map. Me: (eating cereal) Map.
Boots: Louder! Me: (knocks cereal off
table) F*CKING MAP!

Seeing as no one is actually relating to the post.

Declan O, Donovan

Yeah was thinking that aswell that he was thinking madrid an barca were gonna go ape shit 4 him, Oh yeah tottally agree his rep would be shattered as an arsenal perspective if he went 2 manchester who ever! u cud argue his rep is already goosed, from what he/agent said, but a nice not 2 long blow smoke up our arse apology n name on dotted line wud do it 4 me..


Pretty sure this is a direct quote from Finnegan’s Wake.


Yeah if he (in this order):

did a Rooney and decided that the club actually *did* match his ambitions

did a BP and made a real soapy titwank of an apology

and then did a Berkamp and was a legend until retiring at the club oozing class from every orifice

then I reckon all would be forgotten. Not holding out much hope for this mind you 😉


*Doing a rooney should mean………having a bad hair day at the barbers’.


Or possibly getting caught shagging the village penny farthing


No text speak here. Speak only the Queens English/ or the Pale English.


And why was gervinho running to the end of the pitch everytime?. And why was the ball not at his feet?

And why didn’t vermaelem not kick terry in the nuts?

And why did howard webb smile when sending song off?

August 18!. Come the fuck on!.



Big Dave

“LAPS = Like A Poo Signing (see Mikael Sylvestre)”


Poo is funny 🙂

Cygan's Left Foot

NLANSAABJAPCBFI, This one will be used on Diaby this season, one can hope. We can’t keep calling him LANS, LAN2S, LANSA, LANSBNP for ever.


i cudnt stop laughing in the office as i read those signing lingos….good one ‘blogs!

Cygan's Left Foot

I am looking forward to see a REAL LANS if given the chance, that is the NEW young Eis(field) Man!!!!!!!!.


If we sign new naming rights for the Emirates will it be Like A New Stadium?


Must be frustrating for jack. Wish him a quick and firm recovery and hopefully the october date be the last time we have to push his comeback date forward. He’l be like the newest of signings, no doubt!.


Henry is actually pretty much set-up to be a devoted assistant manager if Arsene wishes.


“Everybody comes and goes,the year i left people cried and after they were 8 points ahead”……..henry


Everytime Thierry talks about Arsenal, my eyes got watery a bit.

Persie out, arsenal lives

And I get a tingly sensation in me pants.

You should probably get that checked out


And as a doctor is saying that, you’d better listen.

Persie out, arsenal lives

Haha you guys are just…………..oh there’s the tingly sensation again.

What now henry?


Ha, his crab sense is tingling

TGSTEL's First Touch

I’m all for signing new talents to bolster the midfield, but who is this Diaby chap?I never saw him play.

Fergie the Gooner

We need a handbook for these Arsenal acronyms.

LAHDOAS = Like A Handsome Devil Of A Signing (see Olivier Giroud)
LASWLH = Like A Signing With Legoman Hair (see Mikel Arteta)
LASFARDS = Like A Signing From A Roald Dahl Story (see Per Mertesacker)

Fergie the Gooner

LASFARDS also applies to Olivier Giroud (Fantastic Mr Fox) and Samir Nasri (Giant Peach).


NLANSAABJAPCBFBC = Not Like A New Signing At All But Just A Player Coming Back From Being a Cunt (Might be used if Van Persie signs).


haha, classic!






What`s tgstel? Oh, anyone remember what arseblogger used for Flamini contract?


WAS.- Want Away signing. see RVP and na$ri


NOOOOOO, sorry this should sound better (bitter?):
MC: Mercenary Cunt.

Midfield Corporal

I object sir, people use MC to refer to my good self……. And I’m certainly no mercenary!


Then again, Man City’s initials are MC, and they certainly are mercenary cunts.

walter the gunner

Henry: arsenal need wilshere back

keown: arsenal need a ‘world star’

glory hunters: arsenal need to spend.
big and buy a trophy


wenger: keep calm.I know:)

Me: WTF…!?? don’t wake me up!


How about ASATM? Almost signed according to media: Mata, Frey, Cazorla etc…


I heard rumours that Wilshire’s injury is serious enough to end his career.


And we sure as fuck don’t want that, so I will ignore those rumours.
Oh shit, now my brain is about to explode!.aaaargh.


I heard rumours that am blind……….wtf?thats spuds banter

big black clock

I’ve heard rumors that my dad’s a transvestite. Doesn’t mean they’re true


Ha when I read that it appeared that you were saying the story about the guys dad being a transvestite were true.

I thought, man that’s a little rough. Haha


Apparently the Queen is a reptilian.

TGSTEL's First Touch

What do you mean “apparently”?
Of course she is. Poor misguided boy; what have the chem-trails done to your brain?

Andy Barr

Please, please…no GodLikeProduction nonsense on here…next we will be affixing everything with -tard or -fag….


what we really need is a YGTBKM (you’ve got to be kidding me) signing that blows our collective minds


You mean BOM?! Blows our minds!?)


how about people actually make serious relevant comments rather then everyone trying to come up with jokes?


How about you lighten the fuck up. It’s all for passtime really.
He’s out injured, he’ll be back october.
Henry wants him back, everyone wants him back. There.

Fergie the Gooner

Because the reality that Jack might not be back this year is traumatic to say the least!


Because this isn’t a shareholders meeting?


I think you are an old man sir.

and I have no doubt whatsoever over what I just said.


Easy on the “old” jokes dude. Some of us old farts are in our second childhoods and try to contribute to the general merriment,


how about You remain responsible for what you write and not try and curtail humour by writing stupid comments like that.


Upon seeing this article, Lansbury immediately painted his whole house red, got an Arsenal badge tattooed across his forehead, and took to shouting at dirty johnny foreigner in the dressing room


We need to forget about wilshire. he was a 19 ysar old kid with one season of first team football. If and only if he returns lets consider him. its not like he is making a difference to the 25 man squad for this coming season or even next. Lets stop pinning our hopes on a kid who has been injured for far longer than he has played in the first team. sign his replacement then if and when he comes back it will be a bonus and after he has played a full season may be he.can be.considered as… Read more »


Pls come again,i dont really understand everything but i get that its about wilshere


Next I see a piece of shit on the ground, it will remind me of what you posted.


That’s some great loyalty and support you got there.


Can someone help me pronounce L2NS. hahah luh-twoons?

Merlin's Panini

How about LANSI= Like A New Spine In (RVP, Na$ri, Adebayor etc)


i’m off for a WANK

a Worry About Not Knowing-if jack-will-ever-be-back 🙁


i’m feeling SHIT

Scared He’s Injured Terminally

big black clock

Henry: “In 1999-2000, we finished 18 points behind Man United. The same Arsenal team won the double in 2002. It’s do-able.”


whatever else happens im really excited we’ve been shopping at the GAP – Giroud And Poldi

im quite excited to see them play 🙂


I’m going to keep my expectations low around Jack for this season. It will take a long, long time for him to get back to where he was (possibly this whole season). This is why the Sahin loan story makes sense.

I’ll be expecting improvement from Ramsey this season though. He’s had his injury hangover season. Would love to see him step up now.

[…] 来源:[Arseblg News] […]


Just want to say, the batter on here is hilarious. Made me crack up numerous times, good work gooners

Merlin's Panini

yeh, it’s an absolute joke. It’s not crispy enough.


Oh how embarrassing

Merlin's Panini

sorry. I am a truly pedantic bastard sometimes.

Dr Baptiste

It’s true, he is


Of course we need Jack back, whatever the reason for his long absence. Whether it be drugs or injury. He’s a playmaker which what we are in severe need of.

on that note, the group that were negotiating to buy Malaga have completely pulled out of the deal. Bring on the signing of Cazorla!

Pong of the OxCoq

I hope fans & the media temper their expectations of Jack this season… The lads gonna need time to get back to the level he was at prior to his injury layoff….
Here’s hoping the fans don’t get suckered in by the chicken little mentality of the media reports when Jack has a bad game & throw their toys out of the pram…
Oh, and someone needs to give the plonker Chamakh a slap, confiscate his hookah & take him for a haircut… While at it, Squillaci could use a good slapping as well.
Anyone know when Santi’s Clause expires?


I thumbed up Midfield Corporal for his suggestion forcing van Persie to train in a plain white tee…

Can you imagine team training pics of the whole team in Arsenal gear except RvP? Hahah!

Merlin's Panini

they should give him odd sized boots and make him train in either pants and vest or some crusty, moldy and way too big joggers and a smelly BO and yellow stained tshirt, like when you forgot your PE kit back in the day. Do they still do that?


I used to take that kit in PE classes every week, from home!!


Im not gonna get my hopes up for Jack but its hard not too. The last time i remember watching him he put in a MOM performance in against Xavi and Iniesta at Emirates. Cant help but get hyped about his return. Future captain and legend. No arguments!


LANS = Like A New Superhero


enough LANS, Can we get some ANS =Actual New Signings

Pong of the OxCoq

In Wilshere we have the most naturally talented English footballer since Gazza…. and the Ox ain’t too bad either….
Only a matter of time before the best England player/s are gonna be Gunners… The future pairing of Wilshere & The Ox has the potential to be as good as and have the impact Xavi & Iniesta have had for both club & country…. What stick will the media bash us with then?


Thinking about the Wilshere situation really brings out the petulant brat in me

Jesus, this kills me inside….Why can’t he back NOW. So unfair man. He’s never coming back, is he? He’s never coming back.I know it, I just fuckin know it


Anti joker:What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Domestic violence is a crime. She
should leave her abusive partner and seek help.

Eric Irish gunner

Listen next time, only joking before I get hung


The actual joke goes: nothing. You already told her twice.

Eric Irish gunner


persie out, arsenal lives

here’s an antijoke/song:
“Twinkle, twinkle little star…how I
wonder what you are?” It is a star,
dumbfuck. You just said it at the
beginning of the song!!


Hey, I’m Dyslexic, and this is number,
but here’s my maybe, call me crazy.

Dope with a Rope

You know the one about the guy that fell from his flat because he was ironing his curtains? Turns out he was totally fine. Had a good laugh about it afterwards. Promised to close the window first in future.


Any chance of Serge Gnabry stepping up this year.?

None really.

Gunsen Gurner

Still no news on Cazorla?i thought the discussions would come to a conclusion today because of Malaga’s 1st August deadline for debt payments.


yeah i’m still waiting on this news too. hopefully arseblog is following it up for us. first hand information please.

the only one troll

wenger has lost it! thought santi deal should be on official site by now!!!!

Tony boy

SSN are saying Santi Cazorla would arrive for a medical in the next 48 hours. Nice one. Hopefully we are not gazumped. Get it done quickly.


My deceived me, I though I saw ”Arsenal need Jack back, says Terry” WTF

Merlin's Panini

Just thought you might like to know a Spuds’ hilarious take on Santi Cazorla I found on
“i bet hes rubish ive never herd of him he doesnt even get in the spain team. modrit is better and so is bale and huddletone and jenas who are better. were gonna win the league next season and rubishnal wil get relgated next season. COYS”

what an incredible retard.

Merlin's Panini

why is my comment still awaiting moderation?

persie out, arsenal lives

heh, coz blogs is on holiday…….how sad.

persie out, arsenal lives

Are there 3 of you?


I`m not sure. There are two kinds of Arsenal fans, those who can’t count and those who can…

persie out, arsenal lives

—> 凸- -凸 off!!!