Monday, October 3, 2022

Bruce will talk to Wenger about Mannone

Hull City boss Mrs Doubtfire says he’ll catch up with Arsene Wenger when the Arsenal manager returns from holidays, with the future of Vito Mannone on the agenda.

The Italian keeper spent the second half of last season on loan at the KC Stadium, keeping 10 clean sheets and endearing himself to the fans along the way. Doubtfire had hoped to bring in US keeper Brad Guzan from Aston Villa but that appears to have fallen through, so a move for Mannone could well be on the cards.

“Vito’s obviously done very well here by all accounts,” he said, “but we’ll speak with Mr Wenger when he returns from his holiday next week. I like the boy but we’ll have to see what the situation is.”

In January Mannone spoke about his desire to play reguarly and his unhappiness at his place in the pecking order at Arsenal before his loan move to Hull.

“I need to play and they know that I’m desperate to come here,” he said. “As soon as they gave me the green light I was up here in my car. I was unhappy this season, I can’t lie. It’s not good to be training, training, training and then not get the final present at the weekend.

“The most important thing is to feel part of something and feel important. If you don’t play, you never get the chance to improve.”

Should Wenger and Doubtfire chat, no doubt they can come to an arrangement as the two managers have a good history of doing business together. Nicklas Bendtner and Johan Djourou spent time on loan at Birmingham when he was manager there, and with Arsenal in the market for a new keeper this summer (with two already linked), it could be the right move for all concerned.

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Was good for backup. But at 24 years I really can’t blame him for wanting some first team action. So I guess it’s good luck and good bye for now.


he just isn’t good enough. performed well at arsenal when asked to. good luck to him.


it’s because he’s really a vampire and the drinking ban before games means he’s always running low on haemoglobin and plasma. i heard he drank na$ri’s blood once and transformed into a giant penis that hoovered up money.


Remember his display in the CL against Olympiakos (the ninja kick), made me chuckle.
Good luck to him if he leaves tho!


I remember him playing a fantastic game at Fulham – somewhere in the middle of the Almunia-Flappyhandski era. I really thought at the time that he was the one. Is my memory correct?


Same here mate,he made us win that game 1-0,he stopped zamora and johnson throughout that match,he was the man of the match and i thought to myself that this lad would be great for us for years to come then fast forward two years later,i saw him in greece,he was acting a movie at olympiacios doing short/long kung fu(it depends on what you think he was doing) after his elder brother was injured and i realised why he would he always be behind Sir chez.but for the sake of his career the italian has to go without thinking twice

Midfield Corporal

He had a great game, but I remember I had this underlying sense that it was more luck than judgement, a bit like the polish keeper that played a blinder to knock England out of qualification for the 74 world cup.
His blunder against Olympiakos was right up there with Fabianski against Porto, when he gave them the ball to score into an empty goal. Anyone think we need to look at our goalkeeping coach?


Corporal when you mentioned the Porto game I forgot he’d already dropped varela’s cross into the net in the first half of that game. That’s probably the worst keeping display I’ve seen in years. Mannone however will only really be remembered for the air ninja kick vs olympiacos

Midfield Corporal

You just got me thinking G’ville, what was the worse keeping display I’ve seen, has to be Martin Fulop on last day of the season, think even Flappianski would be proud of that one. I would sign him on a short contract as a thank you, name him to start in the Spurs game and sub him after 30 seconds so we could all give him a standing ovation.


All I remember is a series of Deer-in-Headlights moments.

I’m sure he was fine in training and etc, but big games got to him.


At what time did he not enter the pitch and not concede a goal. if theres a time then it’s sure far in between.
Time to leave man…..sorry for you but yeah, you got to.


Translation = How many clean sheets does he have when coming on as a sub?


I meant coming on as a sub, not saying he’s a bad goalie but from my experience his ‘from the bench cameos’ have been absolutely terrible.

As a back up, vito inspires no confidence……… Just saying.

Merlin's Panini

Was that some kind of riddle?


I’ve loved him since the Fulham performance. Probably not good enough to push Szcz out though, and given his age, it’s hard to fault his desire for more playing time. If he leaves it will be on good terms with most gooners wishing him the very best.


I really like goal keepers who are characters and not afraid to command their area, and for that reason alone I am sad to see him go. Would he ever be good enough to be our first choice? I have no idea. Reserve goal keepers do not get many chances to showcase their talent in front of performance hungry fans, his chance came in Champions League against Olympiakos…. and that probably did not go according to plan…. Personally I am quite happy with Szcsesny, and if Mannone is not happy playing second fiddle, he has two options. Compete for first… Read more »


His nose is always in the way, jk……… or am I?


I still remember him for his performance against Fulham.

Sighh, what could have been!

big black clock

is it just me or does that video make Fulham look like Barcelona?


i just loved the name DON VITO.


And i would have loved how every player having scored against him found a horse’s head in his bed…From the look in his eyes, I can totally see that.


I think you’ll find Neil Warnock is the real Mrs Doubtfire.


I think you’ll find that Neil Warnock is actually a pelican with a pair of specs balanced on top of its enormous beak.


Don’t diss pelicans, the beaky little bastards….

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Gunner begins

One of the highlights of that you tube clip is when he maims Gallas!!


When I read Bruce, I thought what has “Batman [BRUCE Wayne] got to do with the keeper?”

Midfield Corporal

I thought it was Ken Bruce and Arsene was going on popmaster.

the only sam is nelson

i thought it was bruce lee talking from beyond the grave about our keeping situation (and his deep admiration for don vito’s flying axe-kick in the champions league)

Ezigbo onyearse

Attention blog,as a Nigerian,the visit of my gunner’s family to the country is uneasing me,if the gunners are coming to Nigeria,it shouldn’t be abuja or any northern part of the country due to insecurity(bombing)in that region.Yes the stadium has more capacity but if somebody is barbric enough to be bombing churches every sunday and the national teams playing their games in Calabar then something is wrong.Lagos and Port harcout are secured with plethora of gunners,Enugu is the same and they are more populated and commercialised than Abuja.Please reach out to the club,I can mourn again due to boko haram


And what exactly does that have to do with don Vito leaving for hull?

If these bukake terrorists are such a threat, we just fuck off the whole Nigeria trip and train in cozy ole London.


Bukake terrorists? What, there’s gangs of porno dudes roaming around Nigeria, group ejaculating on the populace? Frog, you’re puddled – as usual.


C’on Wenger, buy Lloris! I know Arseblogger thinks there is no chance of this happening now slim has left (lol) but Arsenal should not pass up this opportunity. I think Szczesny is great but he is young, still learning and prone to the odd error, which largely Arsenal fans are forgiving him for now because he is so much better than what else is available but that goodwill from the fans will not last forever. There is no quality back-up if he needs a break or heaven forbid get injured, which only puts more pressure on Szczesny (on top of… Read more »

big black clock

”spend the effing money”

What has he been doing all summer?


Spend all of it and some of next season’s if necessary.
Not, to quote Gazidis, “Keeping some powder dry”.


Why exactly would a player in the prime of his playing career – number one for both his club and country – leave all that to come and play backup to a kid whose “odd mistakes” were enough to bring us from 17th to 3rd?


I’m not suggesting that Lloris would be back-up. What I said is that the current players are only seen as back-ups because they are not good enough to be a viable option for the outstanding prospect that Szczesny is but still acknowledging that he has some way to go. His sending off at the Euros, spilling the ball Vs Wigan, the Carling Cup final, conceding EIGHT at Old Trafford immediately come to mind. While you can mitigate some of these examples, his honeymoon period with the fans is coming to an end and he is feeling the pressure of the… Read more »


Agreed. This isn’t even worth talking about. 16 mil. Hah


Yeah sell szchezny he’s rubbish he made an error in a big tournament you know. While your at it sell that van persie he is crap. Buy messi and Ronaldo


Master Bates


Lawrence Hunt

Terrible goalkeeper, at least not up to Arsenal standard anyway. Had one MOTM performance against Fulham but every other time he played he certainly didn’t inspire confidence. Always a liability in my eyes. Good luck in the future though.


“Every other time he played”?? He made a handful not a century of appearances for Arsenal. I agree that he’s no Neuer or Casillas but you’re making him look like a Almunia v 2.0.

Merlin's Panini

I like Mannone. He has a hardnut face. He’s a great keeper on his day but definitely (probably due to being still quite young) prone to the odd blunder. I remember seeing a glorious one he made for Italy U21s (i think) where he had one of those trade mark young keeper rushes of blood to the head and stormed out of his area to beat a Belarus player to the ball, tried to shepherd the ball out of play instead of tonking it out, got dispossessed and Belarus scored. Reminded me of a young Alex Manninger (who, incidentally, wouldn’t… Read more »


I hope he gets his present at weekends. I like presents .

Merlin's Panini

I want a Castle Greyskull.


Easier to get hold of than Tracy Island.

the only sam is nelson

All goalkeepers are prone to the odd blunder. The fact is, all players are prone to the odd blunder. But goalkeepers tend to make blunders that lead to goals conceded, given where they are in relation to the goal. So, which goalkeeper prone to the odd blunder do we like most? Me, I’d be happy enough with Don Vito backing up Shezza, but equally if the Don needs to be made an offer he cannot refuse by being given playing time elsewhere, good luck to him. And I think we should go for a Mart Poom-alike – experience, guidance, a… Read more »

Why get a Mart Poom-a-like when we could just get Mart Poom out of retirement.


Look whoever we bring in as chesneys backup isn’t going to be an established no1 for his current club why would any top drawer keeper come here to sit on the bench for most of the season. The lloris rumour was crap from the moment it surfaced. Craig Gordon isn’t a bad shout if he’s injury free. Remember wenger admitting he had to choose between fabianski and Gordon. Maybe a good move for both parties


Excuses, excuses.
We all know that it’s about maintaining the correct average squad chin size. With Na$ri gone it’s waaay too high and Vito has to leave to restore balance ahead of UEFA’s FFP (Fair Facial Proportions) rules next year.

gunsen gurner

UEFA can go fuck themselves

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