Thursday, August 18, 2022

Caen reject Arsenal bid for striker

Arsenal have had an initial bid for teenage striker M’Baye Niang rejected by Caen.

The 17-year-old, who scored twice in 23 appearances last term, undertook a trial last week at London Colney just so Arsene could jokingly ask Steve Bould, “Caen he kick it?”

It appears he could, although not so well that the boss decided to offer anything more than some magic beans and Marouane Chamakh’s hair gel.

Going public on the Gunners approach, Caen president Jean-Francois Fortin described the bid as, “not derogatory, but not quite what we wanted.”

Valued in the £5 million bracket, it remains to be seen whether we follow up with a second bid for Niang. Given Newcastle, Manchester City and the Spuds are also sniffing around, it’s not surprising his price is being inflated.

Thanks to @JamieDalton82 for the heads up.

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Rad Carrot

Hmm. I’m all for strengthening our youth team, excellent as it already is, but surely there are more important signings to capture? I just hope that we’re not still looking at signing a dozen 11 year olds while two of our important first teamers swan off up North.

Mmm. I’m feeling decidedly less optimistic than I was a few weeks ago. I hope we’re not in for another terrible summer and start to the season.


I think wenger should just “call him M’baye” and convince him of a move to arsenal.

Drew World Order

LMAOOOO I spit out my burrito


I see your point, but let’s not forget that Chamberlain was also 17 when we signed him – and his impact was felt in his first season. Let’s just hope Wenger and the board are capable of multitasking.


Yeah, but the Ox was bought with the full knowledge he’d be put straight into the first team. This guy has ‘loan at Bolton for a couple of years’ written all over him. Not saying that’s a bad thing at all, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t welcome him to the club – but this is now the only news story that Arsenal seem to be involved in. I desperately don’t want a repeat of last summer. Could you imagine if we just get this guy, we let Robin’s transfer saga stretch until Aug 31st, then he leaves? The papers… Read more »


Wenger trying to be a cheap f**ker yet again he threw 3.5M to sign teh likes of Squallaci and paid him 60K a week that’s over 3M a season this fool is costing the club???

Just take a punt pay the 5M if Wenger connections in France are as good as we are meant to believe he should know if this player is worth it???

Merlin's Panini

for fucks sake. Stop moaning about Squillaci. He was in the France national team when we bought him. There was no reason to think he would be that bad. It was worth a punt and didn’t work. Everyone makes bad signings now and again.


What a dipstick you are john. We have made an overall profit from transfers over 15 yrs (one of the only clubs in uk to do so)which has beem invested in the club (infrastructure e.g stadium and players) in that period we have won trophies and played in europes elite competition and become one of the best clubs in the world. And all you can think of is squillaci? I don’t normally cus people on line but I for one am fed up with the likes of no backbone moaning little children like you that are quick to cuss and… Read more »


£5 million not good enough for a 17 years old striker? What has gone wrong in this World?


No-one said the bid was 5 million. 5 million is the valuation placed on the player by a bunch of newspapers pulling numbers out of their arseholes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

£5 million in shit covered notes. They’ll need to do some money laundering after we give them that.


That is actually a quite reasonable fee, seeing as how we paid somewhere around 12-15 million for Oxlade-Chamberlain last summer.

gun powder

The Ox is on a different category. He’s English, assuming he is equally talented to this bloke.


For all we know the initial bid might have been 5 million euros, or something. Speculating about speculation… this is completely bona fide! 🙂


Bid was “i have no effin idea, caen holding out for no less than “i have no effin idea” now that citeh are involved. The rest is newspaper hype trying to incite a misguided agenda that’s it’s clearly working.


What’s wrong with this world you ask? Man Citeh! As soon as a kid like this becomes “visible” to the bigger leagues and there’s interest this piddly club are resigned to having to sell the kid they’re gonna squeeze every drop out of it. Especially with the overspending Oil City being interested & Spuds riding Arsenal’s scouting coat tails as per usual.


cannot resist thinking we don’t necessarily need another youth prospect in the department of strikers. especially for 5M, which is kind of a big amount for a seventeen year old bloke. would rather see some promising midfielder signed for that kind of money. still, if he’s worth it… up to Arsene.


I used tO thInk like this…until I saw Chamberlain play.


what has one thing to do with the other? i’m not against spending big sums for talented prospects, i’m just against spending those for prospects in the areas that are already filled for now. we’ve got quite a few talented forwards, let them evolve and see where we’re at. and then, in the next pre-season or in two years, let’s think about buying others. until that time, let’s focus on more important areas, i.e. midfield. my opinion.

(CountLeaf, stupid twitter ain’t lettin me to log out.)


They smell that oil money.


Fucking hate this mancity joke of a club. wish they’d just fuck off to another planet, please.!!!!!. Can’t emphasize this enough times.


WHY do we have to spend 5m on a young striker, when we have already splashed on Campbell, Wellington, and we have Afobe, also we play 4-3-3 with ONE striker, which is already covered by Giroud and Podolski for years.

That 5m could be spent on putting in a higher bid for a player we actually need.


See: Nicholas Anelka.


Agreed about Campbell etc. Perhaps this is merely a case of Arsene buying a player he intends to flip for more cash later on.


Arsenal find ’em, City buy ’em.


City is only in the mix to inflate the price for us. They are after a different Arsenal striker. Would this guy get a chance play to City considering the forward corps there?


I think couldn’t give a rats ass about whether he’l fit in/have a chance to play or not. They take joy in blowing the rest of the clubs away from the table.
Ever heard Mancini talk about potential transfer targets?. Trust me he talks utter shit alright!.

Something like “he’s a good player and we ofcourse want good players but he’s playing for them now……blah.blah”….. Fuck off!


Thumbs up for being right, thumbs down for making me cry…

George mike

We don’t enough money to spend! cos the greedy American called kroenke needs more profit.


Why do people think that Kroenke has any impact on Arsenal’s finances at all?? He is just the owner of the club, he doesn’t take dividends out, and in the Arsenal accounts you can clearly see where all money made from our operating profit goes – Debt and Interest repayment, capital expenditure and small amounts to our cash reserve,

Midfield Corporal

It doesn’t matter how many times you say it, some people just can’t understand that we don’t pay out dividends. Kronke isn’t the owner, just the majority shareholder. I can understand fans annoyance If he were using funds generated to pay off the stadium debt thus making the club more attractive to a new purchaser, but we aren’t as there are severe redemption penalties if we did. The accounts come out every year and it’s quite clear where our money goes, the problem is the wage structure where low acheived are getting similar wages to our best players. Kronke for… Read more »

Midfield Corporal


Merlin's Panini

best not to talk about things you don’t understand.


But…..but……then all the transfer talk sections in the press would be blank?

Merlin's Panini

sounds like heaven to me.


Buying this player is a good idea. Not all of our youth prospect will make the grade for the 1st team, so its always wise to have back ups!! However, why am I not surprised that Wenger has offered a packet of Smarties and a folded up fiver for a quality player, all it does is piss of the Caen board and prove to the player that we don’t actually value him. Now he will head for Man Shitty or the filthy Spuds. Well done again Arsenal!!


And yet, here’s me thinking there’s some truth to the rumors about many other clubs being interested in him, thus driving up his price in Caen’s eyes, much like Juan Mata last year.

Dr Baptiste

Wenger usually only pays what he thinks they are worth, not what the selling club or rival clubs think. If he thinks he’s only worth ‘a packet of Smarties and a folded up fiver’ then that’s probably what he’s worth as a 17 year old who will need to be trained.
Arsene has a pretty good record with getting youth players in for a reasonable price that either make the step up to the first team or earn the club a small but tidy sum of money.


Considering you most likely hadn’t even heard of the kid this time last week, I’d be interested to know what you’re basing this on.


fuck, did they just do that!, what a corrupt world were living in. In a normal world we’d be getting him for no less than £3million!!!.
Mancity get involved, arsenal brushed aside. Ah fucking shit!!!.


We should not have brought him in on trial if we did not want the price inflated.


Then again, maybe we’re trying to trick Chelsea or Man City into paying stupid money for him. Would be quite the prank.

Mills N7

I genuinely wouldn’t put that kind of prank past Arsene, although, more seriously, there must be SOME reason why he took him on trial, publicly. Remember this was a man who refused to say Djourou’s name in public so as not to alert others to his quality (I know, some people might have a pop at that, but it’s the mindset behind it, keeping everything on the quiet…). Perhaps he’s trying to get Man City interested in a player to eke out the transfer window so we can keep Van Persie… or not. We have no idea what goes on… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But our idea of stupid money is to them just the coins they lost down the back of the sofa and couldn’t be bothered to feel around for.


We had to get him on trial since we were never really tracking him. His goal scoring/eye catching performances at the end of the season is what endeared wenger to him. The fact that he went on with the trial tells us he might be interested in a move to the arse so we just gotta up the ante. 6milli should do it.


Going for youth players is always good but im hoping we’ll see some action in signing some seniors aswell.
Btw has anyone seen this kid play? just wondering how good he is.


Arsene, you fucking chump! Duz yous no nufing bout bizzyniss? Put in a big bid then work down… no… hang on… you’re right, carry on.

What do you expect? This is how you negotiate. It’s how you don’t get your pants pulled down and given a seeing to by Donkey Kong like Chelsea do.

Back into transfer-window hibernation, I go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


Anyway you could extend your “hibernation” to I don’t know…..forever!!..


I hope one day scientists can probe your beautiful mind and extrapolate the genius that lies therein.


(This is how we can help educate them)


I think sarcasm is saying you were heading back tyo hibernation…..maybe this will help…..You, sir can fuck off.!!.


Did nobody seriously get the sarcasm there?


Very odd

the only sam is nelson

itchy trigger fingers

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The problem with humour that starts of with the sarcastic bit first, is that most people decide if you are going to get a rollicking for being a thicky after the first sentence. You can tell from all the thumbs down that many people didn’t bother to read your second paragraph. Worry not. I can tell you’re a smart feller taking the piss out of the cavemen.


Caen he kick it? M’baye he can.

Apparently we offered £3m but they want £6m. I don’t think most initial bids are accepted unless a stupid amount of money is paid. The club could come back with a better offer, all is not lost.


Caen he kick it? M’baye he can.

Nicely played.


Yeah let’s thumb up arseblog for stating the obvious.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, lets thumb down Gary for pointless moaning. If you were Welsh you’d be Gary the Chip for what you must be carrying around on your shoulder.


Jeremie Aliadiere MK II


Gilles sunu mkII

Mills N7

I take your Giles Sunu and I raise you Two Christophers (Kiwomya & Wreh) and Franny Jeffers’ number nine shirt.


To give my opinion on this. If we do sign him I doubt he will like being in the Reserves when he was already playing regularly in Ligue 1. I say we offer 5 million pounds + Chamakh or Park (one of them have to go; or do we want 4 senior strikers on the team) and then loan him back to Caen for 1 season. That way we can officially monitor his progress and get him back and then next season loan him out in the Premier League. (NOTE: I doubt loaning him out now to a Premier League… Read more »


Ligue 1 clubs cant afford the wages of Park and Chanakh. there is zero chance of relegated Caen being able to.

why is my name required

Any caens fan here? what do you think of the young guy? is he good enough to play in English league?


Thank you for screaming at Wenger about a player you had never heard about to start with. You tool. I don’t go to your work and take the d**k out of your mouth.


Love the video clip. Priceless. Dedicated to all the Playstation managers that have it all sussed.


Also liked the sly “you’re a prostitute” insult. Nicely done

Der Springer

Great clip. Sum’s up the attitude of quite a few posters.


if we pay 6 million for another kid when we ave already invested in young strikers like campbell and afobe its a joke especially when affelay is available for the same price


Who say’s


Yeah only that affelay is under a cloud of long term injuries plus he’s at his peak so we risk a huge loss on the sell on price. He’s a good player alright but the risk are just bad business (i think?). With M’baye, he’s young, no injuries and if he develops into the real deal that’s a huge sell on price right there. Let’s take this guy, chambo didn’t turn out so bad.


What’s the fuss about Affelay? I just don’t get it. Rubbish at Barcelona (yes, I know he had injuries), rubbish at the Euros. What is it I’m missing?

Dr Baptiste

He’s amazing on FM12…..


A commentator on ITV said that Affaley would probably do quite well at Arsenal.

So now we’re definitely buying him for £20m.


He will just be another one who will bite the dust at Arsenal. There have been so many like him in the past, with huge potentials, who could not make it to the first team. Arsenal nurture them, guide them into decent players, and then dump them for meagre profits. There is a whole list of players like, Barazite, Sunu, Quincy-Owusu, Simpson, Vela, Merida, Stokes, Freeman, Larsson, and more recently Ozyakup and Bunjaku. All these players were thought to be the “nest big thing”. I really hoped to see Barazite, Vela, Merida and Ozyakup in Arsenal colors. With Afobe, Wellington… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

If Wellington plays a dozen games for The Arsenal I’ll bite off my left gonad. We’re not going to turn down signing what we think is a great young player because we have another one with an attitude problem on loan elsewhere.


“I just heard of this guy last week and I’ve thought about it and decided – he sucks. Why, you ask? Well I just thought of some other players who in my opinion sucked, and figured he must be like them for some reason. I mean, they all play football, right? Exactly. That’s fucking science!”

walter the gunner

fuck all this rumors shit.when is the sunderland game! damn…


Right after we get through the hugely boring but essential transfer window. Sounds okay?

Bobby Jockstrap

I think (sadly) that the snorefer window will still be ongoing after the Sunderland game..

Arse Fole

Buy him arsene he ll be perfect for city in 5 years !!


Why not just offer park?


You think relegated Caen can afford Parks wages?


I guess I don’t follow Caen that closly, i have no idea what they can afford. Looks like the lowball negotiating tactic is the right one to take then.

Just Another Gooner

This kind of deal is the one that allows clubs with finite resources to stay competative with Chelsea or ManCity. Instead of an all-around striker for 50m, you buy 10 of the young one for similar amount and then sell them off in 5 years time, hoping 2 or 3 can reach 25-30m each.

Wenger sees deals like this as investment, we, fans and press as general, see them as an immediate solution to our trophyless drought. Of course it does not bode well to us… Doesn’t mean Arsenal should not do those kind of deals though

Merlin's Panini

well, M’Baye then.


Caen should sell this kid straight to man city and cut out the middle man.


Knowing them, they’ll probably still pay 60 million for the guy 🙂 . Apparently it shows ambition. Liverpool are also dangerously good?! at that game.


This is my whole point why are we looking for a sell on price who gives a fuck thats why we in this mess, we buy young develop and sell on when the at the performance level to actually win us the league and weve been doin it so long now even fans arent happy wen we cant make a profit in the future…. do me a favour.


why are sky sports saying we’ve agreed a fee for him? -_-


Because they’re a bunch of complete tools run by a shrivelled testicle masquerading as an Australian?

overseas gunner

I don’t like too much of ‘oh shit Man City blah blah’ with regards to their coming up and buying players

I think the top clubs have been doing it forever, and that needs to be recognized by us fans of one such ‘top club’

Yeah, Man City behave like shit in how they go about things ..
but what exactly they are fundamentally doing has been done for AGES and is nothing new

Midfield Corporal

Buying players has been going on for ages but not in the manner that Blacburn then Chelsea then Citeh did where you blow everyone out the water. I don’t think there is resentment if your team grows organically with a couple of star buys, a couple of home grown lads and a couple of less attractive buys, but if you just offer silly money and walk all over people it’s hard to swallow. I expect City have seen what chaos they caused us last summer by not bidding for Na$ri until August and will do the same with RVP hoping… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

And that is why we string them along til August 31st and then tell them to “Fuck off we’re keeping him.” It won’t damage them, but it will irritate them, and give me a laugh (which is the most important part, of course)


Wake me up on August 31st


the only sam is nelson

This lad scored twice in 23 games last season

in the French league

So if he’s worth £6m then Giroud must actually be worth around… well, a couple of Ronaldos at least?

I actually quite like the idea that this is an elaborate “bait and switch” con that Wenger is operating, to deflect attention from the *real* deal, which is the prising away from Delia of Grant Holt that will spark our trophy winning revival next season.

Merlin's Panini

Seriously, I agree with everything you say usually but Grant Holt? Really?
This obsession is unhealthy.

the only sam is nelson

Grant Holt would win us trophies even more decisively than Joey Barton would, and as we all know, we would have won the league two seasons ago had Joey been marauding the middle of the park in red and white – he told us that himself!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Is there a name for the medical condition that makes some people believe the shit that pours from the mouth of Joey Barton?

Dr Baptiste

Wildly off topic but has anyone seen this – It’s the promotional video for our Asia tour. While I hope it’s Thomas thorughout, you can be sure….

Dr Baptiste

My typing fell apart at the end; *throughout* and *you CAN’T be sure*

the only sam is nelson

TV limbering up to smack seven shades of shit out of Citeh’s new “marquee signing” when we meet them at the Bird’s Nest?

Would be worth a watch, that


Love the guy, but he’s a worse actor than Zidane! He doesn’t even have any lines!


Fed up with reading posts about how much money Man City have got, and how much money Chelski have got, and how much money some other fucking club have got.

Enough already.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Needs offsetting with some comments about how many cunts those teams have.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


off topic and I know how banner adds work, regardless it is pretty annoying to have some banner add for Liverpools new away kit on the top of the page, with Gerrard, The Racist Cheating Biter, and the Child Rapist look-a-like (Skertl) staring down at me like a bunch of thugs.

Dr Baptiste

Who’s been a naughty boy then?

[…] other news, and despite reports by Sky Sports who are getting a lot wrong this summer, we haven’t had a bid accepted for M’Baye Niang, the young Caen striker. Their president said our approach was “not derogatory, but not quite […]

Aw, this was an extremely good post. Taking the time and actual effort to
make a really good article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and never seem
to get nearly anything done.

[…] other news, and despite reports by Sky Sports who are getting a lot wrong this summer, we haven’t had a bid accepted for M’Baye Niang, the young Caen striker. Their president said our approach was “not derogatory, but not quite […]

Latua Nola

I cry for my beloved club

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