Club to announce extra ticketing category


After consultation with supporters groups AISA and Arsenal Supporter’s Trust the club will announce a new ticketing policy which will see an extra category added.

Games are categorised currently as A or B, and priced accordingly. A new category, surprisingly named Category C, will see those tickets available at much lower prices that previously.

From the AISA press release:

Premier League matches at Emirates Stadium will be re-graded from two to three categories. Ticket prices for ‘C’ category matches will be on average 28% cheaper than last season. For example, a ticket in the north bank lower for the first home match against Sunderland on 18th August, will be priced at £25.50, compared to £35.00 last season.

Prices for ‘A’ category matches will increase on average by 23% e.g. a ticket in the north bank lower for the home match against Chelsea on 29th September will be priced at £62 compared to £51 last season. Prices for ‘B’ category matches will increase on average by 2% e.g. a ticket in the north bank lower for the home match against QPR on 27th October will be priced at £35.50 compared to £35 last season.

A joint statement has been agreed by AISA and the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust:

“Lower prices for many Premier League home games is something that AISA and AST have been calling for. Today’s announcement is an important step forward in enabling many supporters who have previously been unable to afford tickets to attend matches at The Emirates Stadium.

We welcome this development and urge the club to continue to improve and develop its ticketing arrangements, building further on ideas that supporters have submitted.”

AISA say they will look for further improvements, such as:

– After 5 years membership at a particular level, supporters should have the option of changing their level of membership i.e. from platinum to gold, from gold to silver, or from silver to red.

– The refusal to allow discounts to seniors unless they move to the Family Enclosure continues to cause much distress and resentment. The Club should find a way to address this issue.

– The Club should introduce a scheme that directly rewards season-ticket holders who attend every match

– The Club should allow season-ticket holders to make payment in 4 instalments: 25% by 1 July, 25% by 1 September, 25% by 1 November, 25% by 1 January

The new match categories announced to date are:

Category C  18th August    Sunderland Category C  15th September Southampton Category A  29th September Chelsea Category B  27th October   Queens Park Rangers Category B  10th November  Fulham Category A  17th November  Tottenham Hotspur Category C  1st December   Swansea City Category C 8th December  West Bromwich Albion Category B  26th December  West Ham United Category B  29th December  Newcastle United

Champions League and FA Cup fixtures will be based on A and B pricing. Pricing for the Capital One Cup (formerly the Carling Cup) will be similar to previous seasons.

For more information visit AISA or the Arsenal Supporter’s Trust.

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Lowering ticket prices?, i’m sure they’l find a way to get back at us. Say higher parking fee, we never win.


They already say they’re bumping up the price of tickets for the A and B matches to cover it.

The Club giveth…


2 of the 3 categories are actually increasing mate, so no need for the higher parking fees.


To be honest, I love this. I don’t really have the money to go to Arsenal games often and always enjoy watching the cheaper Cup games. I love the reduced ticket prices for certain PL matches – and to be honest, I couldn’t care if it’s a shitty team we’re playing against as I’m purely going to watch The Arsenal.


Methinks it’s a little disrespectful to the opponents.
Those are “must win” games. A home defeat against a “C” ranked club would be egg on the face.
One home defeat per season is one too many for me.
Don’t lose the cheap games.


Sounds good to me

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Um, C. Am I right?


Category C indeed. The club needed to be innovative to find available seats for all their players next season: Van Persie, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela,…… 😉


Makes sense, get more people into the games where there were empty seats last season and offset the cost by raising prices for games that they know they will fill. It’s good business sense really.


Why would you want to go from Silver membership to Red (apart from to save about £20 per year)? ‘Red membership’ is a brand name for the waiting list to be a Silver member.

Incidentally, a Silver member could make the change themself by cancelling their membership and then taking out a new membership one minute later.


I’m guessing that was a typo.


1). post something) 2). Notice a typo. 3)
Delete the post. 4)
Get into heavy drugs. 5.)Die!

Don’t make typos arseblog!


For a Red member like myself it seems a good idea as the bulk of the games i get to attend are B and C., However if i had the choice to go to a category A game i wouldn’t mind so much paying the extra.


i don’t really care of the ticket price season I’m going to give it my all for the gunners.through thick and thin .these lads are going to win us trophies this time round.i hope the morale in the training ground equals mine!


Well spoken there, lets show whos got the best support in the league!


Yet you did…

Dr Baptiste

So we won’t see you at the Emirates next season then. At least that’s one seat freed up

Dr Baptiste

Where did the post i was replying to go?? I now look mental, like I’m just shouting nonsense in this thread…….

gunn cabinet

swansea is category C?

Jaroslav Frechik



Can just imagine our first home match against Sunderland in August, (to the tune of ‘One Team in London’…

Sh*t category C club,
You’re just a sh*t category C club
Sh*t category Ceeeee Club
You’re just a sh*t category C Club.


great… so now selling a ticket on ticket exchange becomes even more of a loss leader for season ticket holders who can’t attend a cat C game…. So expect to see even more empty seats from our “sold out” ground…


I don’t have the brains or the time to work it out but hopefully someone can.
Will the increase in prices for A cat games make up the loss in C cat games.
Am sure the club won’t be losing out over this.


of course it will, It will only really make a difference to season ticket holders using ticket exchange, the club hopes to sell more tickets through this as they make a fortune on a management fee to the season ticket holder and a booking fee to the purchaser so lower priced tickets is good for them as it’s not their margin affected… They release about 3500 red level tickets per game which is chicken feed in revenue terms!

Midfield Corporal

No they won’t lose out, they’re just spinning it to seem like they’re doing us a favour. Category A and B games will sell out as usual, so they make more money because of the increases, Cat C games were probably the ones that had numerous empty seats last season so

Midfield Corporal

Sorry hit submit my mistake…


so it’s better to take a small hit on the seat price to get a punter in and flog them some merchandise and an overpriced pie.


That means they are doing us a favour then. If those seats were empty that doesn’t mean no-one wants to see those games, it means no-one wants to see those games at that price.

Setting the price at what the market will pay is just basic business sense.

Midfield Corporal

Fair comment, it is good business sense to reduce ticket prices on games that don’t sell out, but a 23 % increase on the games that do seems unreasonable. Apparently this is in line with our American sports marketing influence, finding the optimum price pitch to maximise (squeeze) every penny out of each customer (or fan as I used to like being called). It leaves me very dissillusioned with the club that they try to get every penny they can from me, and aren’t particulary bothered if I come or not as long as someone else does. They would prefer… Read more »


Ticket prices for type A games are going up by £11 while type C games are £9.50 cheaper than last year. Depending on the relative number of type A games to type C games the club will either be making a bit more money or substantially more money, especially as any empty seats at type C games should now be filled.

Naija Gunner

Should I pray for all of you great gunners and in London and other places to have more money so that u can afford the tickets to watch all the matches at the Emirates


pray that the club further reduce the prices of tickets to all categories?

TGSTEL's First Touch

Praying won’t achieve much either way, I’m afaid. But if you can, pray that we win the treble next year and that Diane Kruger, Laetitia Casta and Rihanna erm.. turn up at my place.

Dr Baptiste

^ greedy. Maybe you can play battleships with Rihanna…..


Ferguson went to heaven and God was showing him around.
“Here’s your house Alex”.
It was large and and covered in Manure bunting. Ferguson was impressed.
Further on was another abode, Arsenal style, just better, classier, (just like here on earth).
Ferguson exclaimed (where is David Webb FFS!)
“Hey guv, why’d Arsene Wenger get a bigger house than mine?”
“That’s not Arsene’s house, that’s mine.”
On that basis, I would appreciate your prayers.


I don’t give an ass rat what you pray for.

Midfield Corporal

I see Spurs have agreed a fee for Adebayor who cost City 25m and started 36 games for them. If wages of 200k a week are to be believed over 3 years that’s another 30m, so ignoring his loans that means he cost city £1.5m for every game started. Who’d have thunk


There’s no fucking way Adebayor cost City £200k a week.


£185k a week. That lucky Fuck.


Even funnier when you realise that he’s done his “buy me” bit and will go back into default “scummer” mode from now on.


Yep, he did. I wonder how much of a pay cut he took moving to Sp**s. If the answer is ‘none’, that would be hilarious.


So they are admitting that the attenedences have been dropping for these sold called C type games then.
Wonder why they are dropping then.
Like a few said on here and again got slaughtered for. Attenedences were always going to drop unless we stop taking the piss out of fans and taking our support for granted.

Midfield Corporal

Don’t ever say attendances dropped Volders or Ivan will have you lynched. Every game was a near sell out, those empty seats were just your wicked imagination.

Midfield Corporal

I see Spurs have agreed a fee for Adebayor who cost City 25m and started 36 games for them. If wages of 200k a week are to be believed over 3 years that’s another 30m, so ignoring his loans that means he cost city £1.5m for every game started. You’ve got to feel for City, they could never have foreseen that buying that mercenary lazy cunt would go horribly wrong.


This is what they have been doing in Spain for years. Valencia vs Deportivo was a cheap game say €35 for a decent seat where the same seat for Valencia vs Barca or Valencia vs Real was €95. I am not a fan of it! First come first served is a better policy then making more money off the popular games and pricing the unfashionable games, which we lose at a lower price.


The club should make sure that away fans are charged as high as we are when we travel away. They should also introduce a cashback scheme based on sucess. We pay top prices yet havent finished top in 8 seasons.


Maybe if all the greedy fans paid… say £400 for each game out of the goodness of their heart, Arsenal could pay a little more for some top talent and then win everything.

That sounds like a good plan, right?

Mark Williams

Sheesh, when i read this headline, i was hoping for a new category which would be something more along the lines of a general public sale. I say this because I have been planning to be in London on the 29th of september to hopefully catch the chelsea game but, it seems to me that i have to become member first and frankly for someone just visiting for a week its not really a logical course of action. For a club trying to capture its foreign markets, i would have assumed that there would be some sort of quota for… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Could some keen and kind Englishmen fill me in as how a foreigner gets their hands on a ticket to any game in your miserable country?

Merlin's Panini

You pray that the tickets come up on general sale if you’re not a member, which usually coincides with the Arsenal being in shitty form because some “supporters” who are members get the hump and give up supporting when that happens.


There are often genuine fans with spare tickets around the ticket offices at either end of the stadium passing them on at cost price due to family members/friends not being able to attend lastminute at which point it is too late to offer to ticket exchange so it is worth turning up half an hour before the game and waiting around looking like you need a ticket. Pick people that are actually going in themselves and give them your donation for the ticket on the inside.

the only sam is nelson

the obvious answer is to bring back standing and allocate a decent slather of the lower tier to terracing

£10/£15/£20 for C/B/A, increased capacity to 75,000, say, and you QUEUE AT THE FUCKING TURNSTILES like we used to, when that was the “matchday experience” rather than being fluffed by charlie george before tucking into fizz and prawns



It isn’t Arsenal that are rejecting requests for standing areas.
The legislation around standing derives from the Football Spectators Act, under which the Secretary of State has the power to insist that certain grounds are all-seated. Initially, all Football League stadia were to be included; this was amended to include just the top two divisions. A similar amendment to allow standing in the Premiership and Championship would likewise not need a new Act of Parliament


Faackin ell. Let’s bring back black boots, leather balls, no subs and 3 shillings for a ticket, while we’re at it…


I’ll second that. Standing room will bring some much needed spirit to the game (in general) as well as larger quantities of cheaper tickets.
This means that more fans are able to attend games at short notice make the experience easier and more accessible.
I am probably parroting Nick Hornby here.

Midfield Corporal

If you’re not a red or silver member, I think you’ll have to use a secondary ticketing website, pay over the odds and hope its legit. Or there are forums on The Gooner website where to can buy spares but you need to have done a certain number of posts before you can buy. Finally, go to an less attractive away game and sit quietly with the home fans, this is a torturous way to watch football.


But what does this mean for season ticket holders who’ve already paid up at a price worked out before these changes came in? Getting a good deal because of the A category increase, or getting ripped off because they haven’t got the C discount? Anyone want to do the maths…

the only sam is nelson

more to the point what will they do as and when teams like Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds *spit* and Notts Forest come back up, and the likes of Wigan, Reading and Swansea sink back down? there’s some glamour in them thar lower leagues that isn’t in the prem at the moment.


Arsenal v Stoke is now a cat D fixture…
& the club will pay the fans to watch Lennie & the thundercunts play their unique version of the beautiful game.

Merlin's Panini

Well it’s good for those who were getting priced out of ever going at all, and I guess their logic is, if you could afford the top end in the first place you’re probably a rich bastard anyway so meh to you. Or something like that.

Dr Baptiste

How was John Terry found not guilty??? Ridiculous and just another reason to hate him and his ilk.

So the defence to all racism will be “well, John Terry did it and got off free”

Midfield Corporal

Fucking white cunt! Don’t think I’m committing any crime there am I?

a barrister writes...

Gallas is a cunt, but the fact that he is also black is neither here nor there. Bringing that into the conversation, therefore, is inherently racist, as it’s only somebody who holds racist thoughts that would consider the black descriptor pertinent.

suggesting that calling somebody “white” is equivalent is what is called on the interwebs “a straw man” your honour

Dr Baptiste

Not if you’re being sarcastic, have white friends and work with white people…. That is the gist of his defence

Midfield Corporal

How does Terry get off this, Redknapp looked banged to rights and gets off, but You can bet if Arsene gets caught double parking he’d be sent down for a ten stretch.



how is comparing calling a white man ‘white’ to calling a black man ‘black’ a straw man argument?

I agree with your first paragraph. but if a black man feels compelled to add the “white” descriptor in a similar situation. it is just as racist. Suggesting that it is ok for one group to use a race descriptor as an insult, but not ok for another group, is in itself racist.

a barrister writes...

orion, the clue is in usage. It is common for those of a racist bent to append insults with racial or ethnic descriptors, to whit: “you fucking black cunt” or perhaps more appropriate to the context here “you yid bastard”, another racist insult that far too many Gooners fail to appreciate is so (“they call themselves yids though” being the strawman defence in that case). it is, conversely, almost unheard of for minority groups to append insults with the descriptor “white”, for example “Stop throwing bricks at my shop window, you white skinhead arsehole” (or “you christian wanker!” etc) This… Read more »


Having read the report, there were three main things that I can see: 1) He got Ashley Cole in to say “Oh, he’s not racist, really your worship!” 2) Anton Ferdinand didn’t really remember all that much about the incident and didn’t even want it taken to court. 3) The only video footage there is shows Terry mouthing the words “black cunt”, but doesn’t really make it clear what the context is. Terry’s lawyers used that to make out that he might have been saying “Did you say I called you a black cunt?” or some other bullshit. So the… Read more »


One word – Corruption. I don’t want to guess how much money chelsea and roman paid to the judge.


The Judge’s final words: “John Terry, you have been found not guilty of being a racist, but guilty of being a cunt.”


As much as I dislike him, I wouldn’t say that the case was ever tight, certainly not to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty.


Want to live a law abiding life?

Just buy it.


Why don’t the club introduce a ‘D’ grade game for when we play a REALLY shit team – like Spurs?

the only sam is nelson

“Z” grade, surely?


Great news, I’m not earning a great deal at the moment so I might be able to get too more games now.

Even if it is just mouth breathers like Stoke.

Jim Jimminy

The BBC’s coverage of this same news piece: FOOTBALL The most expensive ticket at Arsenal next season will be £126, the club announce. Ticket prices for ‘A’ category games, of which there are two before the end of the year against Chelsea and Tottenham, will be on average £62, an increase of 23%. “We constantly aim to strike the right balance between offering tickets at affordable prices, while ensuring we have sufficient income to reinvest in the squad,” Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis says. Funny how they don’t mention the new C category tickets being cheaper than last year. It’s… Read more »


Is this £25.50 total or they still going too wack on that joke of a booking fee that is just a program activating my card.

[…] the club announced a new ticketing category for next season. Until now games were just Category A and Category B, and priced accordingly. Now there’s a […]


Gazza and the club directors should pull the finger out and do more to keep RVP. Then ticket price increases might be an easier sell. speaking of which if they get their act together and sign a couple of top tier players and RVP does a Wayne Rooney style u-turn, will people cheer him next season? Maybe hes forcing the issue a bit?


I’d cheer Beelzebub if he scored 30 goals a season.