Lansbury looking to Arsenal future


Henri Lansbury is clearly hoping to use pre-season to convince Arsene Wenger he’s ready to make the step-up to the first team.

He spent last season on loan at West Ham where he wasn’t used as much as he might have liked, and the season before that with Norwich.

Speaking after Arsenal’s majestic triumph in the Marky Mark Cup, Lansbury told Arsenal Player, “It’s always nice to play for the Club you have been with for so long, and hopefully I can put on the shirt many more times.”

He’s now at a point where it’s almost now or never in terms of Arsenal, and he did sign a contract extension in September of last year.

Meanwhile, Carl Jenkinson, who set up Lansbury’s goal in the Derpa Lerpa Cup, says everyone is looking forward to playing with new boys Lukas Podoldski and Olivier Giroud.

“They are two world-class players, they are fantastic signings and fantastic assets for this club,” he said.

“I am really looking forward to playing alongside them both. Everyone is delighted that we have signed players of that calibre.”

Neither player has yet reported for pre-season duty, having been given extended time off due to their Euro 2012 exploits, but both will be part of the Asian tour which kicks off next Tuesday in Malaysia.

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the only sam is nelson

Good luck to the lad, it’s a busy queue full of talent that he’s trying to join

which is exactly as it should be


Outstanding talents?, please!!!. We still have nb52, chamakh, park in his way.
So please let’s classify them as outstanding shits!!!.

the only sam is nelson

who knew that Lansbury was a striker?

is this another one of those “wenger plays him out of position” things?


Wenger is fond of that, take our little fatty- santos, he was played in an unfamiliar position during the memorial cup and so when he gets back to his initial left back position he will forever have that tendency to move forward and in the process forgoing his defensive duties. Yes?
And yes lansbury was deployed as striker in the games at west ham and in the two games yesterday. so you never know.


I had just finished fixing my troll alarm, now it’s blown up again! Cheers.


Our little? cuddly maverick has had the tendency to roam forward for all his clubs irrespective of starting position and I presume he’d do it even if he was to play in goal. That’s what endears him to us and I’m guessing he’d eat you up in a second if you suggested he do anything different. 🙂


L- loaning
A- again
N- never
S- sufficient…….


oh please just knock it off

Armchair gooner

Gary, find the nearest cliff, and take a jump…..


Ari Zami

Are u somehow gary neville in disguise c*nt?


There’ll be an even bigger queue if there’s any truth in the rumour that we’re signing Holtby, which wouldn’t surprise me a bit. There’s been talk of it in Germany for ages and he’s very much a Wenger-type player with only a year left on his contract. Still, if Lansbury fancies being our reserve keeper, there could be a vacancy there. He’s a decent-ish keeper, is Lansbury; even played in goal for England once in the under-21s and made a better job of it than the two numpties he replaced (first numpty sent off, second numpty injured). Keeper, central midfielder,… Read more »


this lad has shown spirit and passion and more importantly talent whenever he puts on the beautiful red and white, so lets hope this season is a special one for him!


Not to deride ‘spirit and passion’, but what Arsenal need first and foremost is skill and talent. Lansbury is one of those players that you can imagine playing for Sp*rs or Middlesbrough in a couple of years’ time.

We currently have Wilshere, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Diaby, and Ramsey – all way ahead of him. In addition, the £25K a week we’re paying Lansbury could easily be better spent elsewhere.

He’ll be 22 in October. And is nowhere near the standard we need at Arsenal.

Dr Baptiste

But haven’t fans been calling for players who show spirit and passion when we just need to get over that finishing line. How many times have we wanted a player to come on run around, putting himself everywhere and play like a fan would to help the club win? We haven’t had that sort of player for a while now and all the technical ability in the world does beat the blood and thunder when the chips are down. Scenario – 1-0 up, backs to the wall: would you rather have a technicially superior player who can play a pin-point… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

*doesn’t beat*

the only sam is nelson

Interesting that he’s wearing the 14 shirt as well

*insert idle speculation about Walcott’s impending move to Burnely here*


About Theo, 6 years ago I started saying to everyone that would listen that he’s going to be great for the Arsenal and England. It hasn’t happened.
If and when Theo leaves, I will miss his promise but not the player we had.

the only sam is nelson

As long as he doesn’t bugger off to somewhere like Chelsea and turn into the player we were all hoping he would be for us….


Master Bates

he still hasn’t learned how to dribble and high cross , still has poor touch sometimes

But who gives a fuck ? he contributes 20+ goals a season , any club would love to have him in the team ,

I don’t want to lose Theo to anyone in the EPL ,and he 22 , I am sure he’ll learn ball control ,dribbling and all that gay stuff some day

gun powder

He is just a good subs. He’s in general a waste of position.

He can score goals and make assists, but he needs team mates to keep balls for him the whole 90 mins so that he can use his pace to produce a run behind the defence once in a while.

Every time he gives the ball away in his attacking position, the team lose an attacking chance, the midfield and defence lose a breather, the pressure is back on the team and the team is thwarted.

Some Gooner

He’s 23. He’ll get much better. Showed some big improvement in his finishing last season. I hope he stays and shows he’s not afraid to compete with the Ox for his place

Kurtis Fehr

Really hope he gets a chance this year, would be gutted to see him go. He’s Arsenal through and through and although he’s not technically as gifted as other players in the squad he definitely has more heart and desire, surely that is the most valuable asset! Could become a great squad player or more!


People criticize his technical ability, and I’m not totally disagreeing, but I think he shares a lot with Clint Dempsey, and in a sense, American players generally. I’d like the see him get a chance, like Dempsey did at Fulham, around the forward line and in the midfield and see if he can produce goals and assists in the same manner. Point is his technical ability is good enough that his athleticism, timing and desire (especially for goals) could really shine. On the other hand, he couldn’t get into the West Ham team last year. On the third hand, what… Read more »


Hope it pans out for him. He’s done the loan merry go around for far too long. Now it’s time to do the business bwoyyyy.


He’s certainly got great movement in the box but I can’t really see him playing in the Arsenal midfield. If we have room for him then give him a chance.


And how would you feel about him if Theo left?


Sounds all right to me! We need players that WANT to play for the club and give their everything.


By all accounts he is just waiting for a first team number to be freed up before it is announced. bartley too. rumour has it that 10, 12, 18 & 23 will be available real soon. podolski giroud lansbury and bartley are waiting.


I say give him a shot. With Rosicky’s achilles injury from Euro hindering him. With Diaby being Diaby. With wilshere coming back from injury. With Wenger playing the Ox more as a winger.

That would allow him a few games for sure.


I know signing players always seems to be the solution, but i’d like to see us sign a slightly more proven attacking midfielder than someone who struggled last season in the championship. Good luck to him though.


Of course, I’m assuming Wenger doesn’t buy that attacking midfielder we so need. A safe assumption given recent history I reckon. Is it just me who reckons Arsenal is a good creative mid and DM (A real one, not Song who doesn’t see himself as one anymore) away from competing this year? (even with RVP going). It’s only at DM (I like Coquelin but he’s too inexperienced to expect so much from) and Creative Mid (Wilshere is coming back from Injury, Rosicky is old and hurt his Achilles recently, Ramsey is Ramsey… ) that we are truly lacking. M’Vila and… Read more »


Would love to see him play next season!

TGSTEL's First Touch

Ok, I’ll be the dissenting voice and say that I don’t really see him starting for us anytime soon. He has the desire, no doubt about it, but with so much talent (and expectations) in our midfield, it could be a very steep learning curve for him at this moment in time. If he does take a place in the squad, then who should he replace in midfield? Jack? Ramsey? Arteta? Rosicky? Song?

But if Arsene does keep him, I’ll be the first one cheering him (he scored the opener at the Public Toilet couple of years ago IIRC).

Save 75 cents

He is leaps and bounds better than Ramsey


you must be smoking the wild cherries…when Ramsey is played in his position is pretty good. Go back and watch him against Man City away or Chelsea away


He’s a very decent squad option. You’d think with Arshavin and Benayoun gone/going and Rosicky another year older there’d be room for him. Wenger seemed dead keen on him a few years back, even comparing him to Ray ‘Romford Pele’ Parlour. Give him a chance!


It’s only Ray Parlour though…

Dr Baptiste

Either 6 people don’t like your comment or didn’t get the joke.
For those that didn’t get the joke, check out the 2002 FA Cup final vs Chelsea
For those that did get it and didn’t like, I can’t say anything against that.


For those of us who are unknowing.


I would really like him to be given a shot. If he doesn’t pan out or doesn’t develop than let him seek other opportunities, but I don’t want to see him sold without giving him a run over this year or maybe next. I think he can contribute and he is a man who really loves the Gunners. I would take that over a Nasri anyday

glory hunter

The lad deserves a chance and im sure he’ll get it this season.


Finally a fucking story!!!.










He has the heart and desire to play for the club, he seems good attacking midfielder. He deserves a chance.

Who knows, maybe one day he’ll become our Xavi, err… I mean Gerrard, because Xavi* is overrated cunt whose stats sit miles below Gerrard. So yeah, I hope Lansbury becomes our Gerrard… err… Gerrard is a cunt so I mean our very own Lansbury.

* In case you don’t know, Xavi is in love with Cesc. Also Xavi is a code name for an ugly dwarf, as Szcz would say.

gooner from bangladesh

I personally respect Gerrard. Look at it this way, Even after Liverpool sinking that low, he still sticks to them. That’s loyalty man. Van Persie wants to fuck off even after our 3rd place finish and still says he loves the club. Fuck that.

the only sam is nelson

I thought that he’d agreed a deal with Chel$cum only to be given the opportunity to re-think by some local scouse gangsters, which meant that his fondness for his ability to walk trumped his desire to trouser loads of filthy lucre from Roman

perhaps that was duff info, though. wasn’t my source at the club, so could have been


to the tune of ‘Que Sera Sera’

Steve Gerrard – Gerrard
he kisses the badge on his chest
then puts in a transfer request
Steve Gerrard – Gerrard


Out-of-topic I know, but although the Markus Liebherr cup thing was just a pre-season do, it would probably be nice if you avoided puns or jokes with the name. The guy was, by all accounts, a decent owner before he passed on so a bit of respect may be in order.



Jimmy the Saint

Completely agree. I know it’s a pre-season knock about by the man did the club a great service and will be remembered by all.

the origin Matt

Derpa Lerpa Cup….heh


If there was ever a tussle for the shirt….then ofcourse walcott would win.
He won against loaned henry, didn’t he?.

Save 75 cents

Lansbury > Ramsey

Jaroslav Frechik


Dr Baptiste

Are you and bluemoon one and the same?


Has more tatoos than ramsey? 🙂 More letters in his surname perhaps, 75 cents?


Lets give him a chance and hope that he mounts a serious challenge for d MF slot.

Midfield Corporal

Give the lad a chance I say. Christ we’ve had to watch jokers like Eboue for years, this boys got the heart which makes up for alot of short comings. At least he wont want to jump ship after one good season.




Trio means three.


and duo means two, quadruple means four……come on let’s teach this guy some math.


That’s four 🙂


Um, duh?

Midfield Corporal

Rocastle, Adams and Merson?

Dr Baptiste

Wilshere, Szczesny, Gibbs, Song? They are all/were Arsenal youngsters.




I’m glad to see there’s a player who actually DOES want to play for Arsenal next season.


It is no chance for Lansbury who never understand what AW wants from him in the holding midfield such as Arteta not in the playmaker midfield that AW keep it for the only stupid and lazy Ramsey that Aw believe and trust in Ramsey that made RVP wants to leave because he feels this situation not bring another trophy to his beloved Arsenal . Arsenal fanclub should consider about AW role and believe that it will be good or bad and show the power to AW that what the thing should be. Ramsey will destroy Arsenal and AW’s trust and… Read more »


I just cannot stand people blatantly calling Ramsey lazy. Are you freaking kidding me?He was running up and down the midfield and busting his gut and was literally out of steam by season’s end and you call him lazy?! To Lansbury, I hope he makes it. A decent hardworking midfielder, looks like a decent squad player to have. I just wonder though, how many of the fans who slate Ramsey and say lansbury is better will turn around call him “to be sold and AW doesn’t know what he is doing” when lansbury drops form. Personally, I will support and… Read more »


The Ramsey lazy-bashing seems driven by one isolated event in a defeat last season. He (and Song?) were jogging back from midfield and some shitty team scored. I forget who, but it was around May.

Dr Baptiste

Odd username for an Arsenal fan…. Oh right, it’s probably because you’re not. Being a Shitty supporter would explain the nonsense you have written, especially the idea and punctuation or lack of.

Master Bates



Bluemoon? You made me laugh. Arsenal and Man $ity are different clubs you moron, go Google the cunts’ blogs.


For fucks lansbury couldn’t get in fat allardyces team. Then again he’s a fat fucking cunt so it’s understandable.

Midfield Corporal

And breathe, punctuation might be nice, otherwise it reads like my 3 yr old telling me what she did at play school today.

Blue moon- is that a suitable name on an Arsenal web site?

The Universal

Dude, I haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re talking about. Try some commas.



Go back to the etjihad, see if you can buy yourself some more trophies, that you couldn’t win without the financial doping.

Midfield Corporal

It’s not fair to say Citeh bought the title, it was purely a coincidence that they won it for the first time in 45 years after spending half a billion quid. You’ll be telling me that the £300million Chelski spent in 2004-2006 had something to do with their first title in fifty years next.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No Midfield Corporal, you are definitely wrong about Chelsea’s spending. They didn’t have success because they spent a truckload of money. They had success because for some reason a truckload of players who could have been bought by Arsenal or Manchester United somehow inexplicably were no longer available on the market, and many of them were rarely seen on a football pitch over the next three or four years.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Are you off your meds again bluemooner?

Bendtner's Ego

He has a knack for scoring goals…


“I think they’ll remember the 300 goals too, no?” priceless


Fantastic piece and it shows that no matter how big a legend Thierry is/was, he has a sense of being real and simple. Something today’s so called stars lack. He is a winner, yet realistic enough with his ambitions. Ironically you can relate his views on the MLS vs other sports in America to that of the moneybags club in Manchester. With the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United (unfortunately) and possibly even Leeds and Nottingham Forrest you can look back on a history that is glorious and well documented. Success and failure, but a solid history nonetheless. People can… Read more »


… at middle eastlands however, all they can reflect on is yesterday.”

And all they have to look forward to is the Ay-rabs getting bored and taking their cash away.
Then it’s back to the good old days of Conference In Three Years.

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I really hope he makes a break through this year.

He’s a true gooner who plays like every game is his last.


I know people might say that he isn’t up to the technical level that an Arsenal midfield requires and that he hasn’t performed that well in his loan spells but I do believe we need to give him a chance to prove himself in that Arsenal midfield. Loan spells isn’t a definitive sign of your footballing ability and to be honest I’d rather have a guy with who gives 100% on the pitch and the desire to match, rather that talented player who doesn’t give a shit (insert player of choice). And if he scores goals and contributes to the… Read more »

big black clock

Jenkinson is way better than what people give him credit for. Plus he loves the team.

Top lad.


Yup, I thought Jenks did a great job when unexpectedly chucked in at the deep end. Shame he picked up his injury, given some more time to settle into place and get up to speed I thought he could even have been in a position to make Sagna’s life a little difficult.

He also got bollocked by Walcott for not getting back to defend. That must be like being accused of racism by John Terry.

big black clock

Looks like Chelsea’s russian mafia boss has thrown his brain out the window again. Spending crazy money before FFP kicks in.

The sad thing about watching City and Chelsea spend is know that if all the players that left since 2009 had stayed, we’ll prolly have the best squad in the PL now.


Yeah because FFP is totally going to be enforceable…


I like the guy because he really wants to play for Arsenal and has a great attitude. I gained some respect for him when he tweeted something along the lines of, “sorry lads, I was fucking shit” after he played in a pre season friendly last year. Not sure if he has the talent as I haven’t seen him play all that much, but I’d like to see him given a chance in the first team next season.