Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Report: official €23m Cazorla bid lodged

According to this morning’s AS, Arsenal have made an official bid for Santi Cazorla, presenting a deal to Malaga worth €23m.

Although the Spanish side have, in the short term, sorted out some of the financial issues that have been widely reported, Diaro Sur, a local news outlet, reports that further investment is critically needed to prevent meltdown.

Arsenal’s bid covers what Malaga paid Villarreal for Cazorla last summer and enough to cover some outstanding VAT payments. Whether this is enough to persuade them to sell remains to be seen. The AS report says that Malaga’s initial response to the Arsenal bid was to point to his €45m release clause but with the club still in financial disarray they may be forced to let him leave for a price well below that.

Cazorla and his agent met with Malaga yesterday, he’s remained at home while the team tours Venezuela, and according to accounts has expressed his desire to play for Arsenal.

Whether Malaga’s reluctance to sell has prompted the reported interest in Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin remains to be seen, but having made an official offer it looks as if things are moving to a Cazorla conclusion, one way or the other.

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off topic but dont you just love it when you wake up in the morning and see a new story on arseblog?? fucking makes your morning

my arse, life is beautiful…


I couldn’t agree more mate! As one from across the ‘pond’ I get up in the morning and with all of the stories I am like “THERE ARE SO MANY ACTIVITIES!” But then it gets to about dinner time here and the soccer world shuts off…and I am sad


*football…not soccer. My inner American tried to bust through there. Apologies


Haha “SO MANY ACTIVITIES, makin my head spin”. But yes agreed, arseblog is king


I love soccer, soccer is a beautiful game.
Soccer, soccer, soccer,……what a good name for a game. Did I say soccer?. Yes soccer is a good game.


are you trying to be me?

Karim Hazimé

totally agree with you!

why is my name required


welcome to arsenal.


So what’s our bid worth now Malaga are apparently about to be sold? Seems the sheik’s man has turned up but not with a suitcase of cash to pay off the debts but rather to flog the club off altogether. Buyer is an Albanian oil bloke whose website pictures him with those benefactors to the world Cherie Blair and Silvio Belusconi – best of luck, Malaga. Shit. Real bugger for us since, at best, it must mean delays. (The source for this is Sid Lowe on twitter.)

gooner from bangladesh

WHOA Arsenal made a bid of 23m? This is new. Hope the deal gets done. 😀


Euros, so only about 16-17m pounds.

gooner from bangladesh

Oh. Right. Still Arsenal’s most expensive right? Arshavin being 15m!




Your not far off but from what I understand a 16million one got rejected and 23mi, euros is closer to the figure of £18million 🙂 Hopefully we do get this man!!!


Only! I dont think you realise how much 17.6million pounds is! lol XD

Ti Gital

Am just praying for the deal to click. I don’t trust wenger on transfer saga. Let’s see him wear on arsenal shirt before I can believe. #i love both sahin nd santi


“Only” with relation to the 23m figure. Obviously 16-18m pounds is an absurd sum of money.


This is awesome if true at least we know that the guys at the helm are doing something good for a this is a moment someone has to be proud of being a gunner


Doing something good for a change = spending a shit load of money.




Good things cost good money.

Would you buy a Kindle or an iPad if you wanted something good for a change?


You don’t spend a lot of money without having a good reason.
No point buying an Ipad if all you want to do is read books.

My feeling is that Arsenal needs a specialist CAM rather than another flexible midfielder. ‘A jack of all trades is a master of none’ and all that…

But I might be wrong. Let’s see what Wenger has planned for next season.


I steal kindles and ipads so probably not the best example

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sunshine. Fresh air. Masturbation. All good things. All Free.


He’d be a right coup at £15-17m… Bordering on world class is Santi.

Holdin Mygroin

Santi is a great . Get him Arsene. Get him.

Ca$hley Cole

I think the added creativity, skill, and most importantly, the sort of depth (can play literally all across the midfield if need be) a player like Cazorla can bring to Arsenal is something that we have sorely lacked since Fabregas left.

Great addition if we can make it happen, and one that I think a lot of gooners probably wouldn’t have expected at the start of the off-season.


Good point…

…and hilarious name. Just to decorate it: ¢^$h£€¥ ¢¤£€

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Shouldn’t you be holding talks with Manchester United or something ?

Naija Gunner

I hate transfers, lots of rumours, damn!

But I wish this one is true and we can all have a rest of mind on the deal.


If this €23m official bid is true, then its a change of the direction of the club, and I think its never too late for the RvP guy to realize his massive mistake. Its encouraging to see 3 decent signing and with a matured Ox, Coq, Ramsey and Ryo, and few cameos from Eisfield, the new season seems promising… And I think Arsene will persuade one of Don Vito or Fabianski to stay. Now sort the futures of Theo and RvP. The latter was probably watching Tevez who never seemed he’s gonna leave $iteh in the near future and who,… Read more »


I agree, if we do land Cazorla, it would be a clear change of direction. I wonder as well if a big part of this is not just convincing RVP he was wrong and should stay. What do “you guys” think? And what would RVP need to do to get us to forgive him?


everyone will forgive him if he just stays, i remember fans calling out na$ri’s name on the liverpool game of his last game, they thought he was gonna stay or something… aaah cruel world

i dont care though, dont like to stay at arsenal? then just fuck off and let us get on with it


And what would RVP need to do to get us to forgive him?

He could release another official statement, admitting that his previous statement was utter agent-influenced mistake. And at the same time he could fire his agents.

Dolgion Ch.

he would have to sign a 4 year contract on the same salary that he’s on right now, plus bang in 30+ next season, that ought to do it, I think


First of all fire his agent then release a statement saying he was sorry that man shitty is a shitty club and Nasir and Ashley cole are both cunts who make other cunts look good

Bendtner's Ego

“And what would RVP need to do to get us to forgive him?”

3 goals against the Mancs to inspire a win. That’ll do.


It wouldn’t be admitting, it would be a lie. He knew what was in the statement and while he probably didn’t write it he definitely approved it.


If this does turn out to be another Rooney situation where by rvp is forcing a change of direction for the good of the club and signs a nee contract, than I would certainly forgive him. It does seem abit far fetched but could you imagine? A footballer willing to tarnish his image for the good of the club? That would be a real captain.
Up until then, he remains sir cuntington


Fire his agent, make a public, SINCERE apology. Hand back the Captain’s armband. Even though I agree sentimentally with goontang about how that would show something real for the club, I still think Team Captains should keep their silence and not go public public. By which I mean, if the nosy journalists snoop around and get something, then by all means that’s not your fault. But coming out publicly with the statement on Twitter? Not a good idea.


We (Arsenal fans the world over) always say that this season looks promising at the start of every season only to have a slow gutting end of the campaign. This season however seems different. Even with the RVP problem persisting, I still believe that the team that is taking shape will still be up there challenging for honors even without his presence. Our attacking line up next season ought to rival the two Manchester Clubs and Chelsea. Ending our trophy drought next season, I believe, will ultimately come down to the level of influence that Bould will have on not… Read more »


Am I the only one who thinks Jenkinson is a boss? He made Man shitty look like mince meat. I love that guy!


Definetly the only one.
Needs to work on his defensive discipline, was caught out regularly when citeh came marauding forward. But a good attacker nonetheless.

dink arnold

I think Jenkinson is great, fantastic crosser of the ball, good tackler and when caught out of position , recuperated. But at times he looks a little stokish, too much pushing, pulling and shoving for my liking. If this improves in time he will be a fantastic right back

Red and White Stripey Socks

This guy looks very handy with a ball! If its true then it shows great intent.
But we really have to start selling players as well as buying!!……..Our wage bill isn’t going to make for pleasant reading!

Team looking to have a great balance for new season though!



Maybe we can get a money jar and all the loose change we end up receiving from our fringe players can be put in it. With a big label sayying ‘Dennis bergkamp statue jar’

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

What is our wage bill in detail? No one knows the details, just the overall annual compensation so I’m afraid you’re talking BS mate.


hahaha matured ox coq, i have the maturity of a 14 year old


Wow dis is my gunners!!! Keep it up


Am I the only one seeing Apu from the Simpsons on this post?


At last Boss opens his wallet.
I believe this is the way he replys to RVP: “No ambition? My Arse.”

kepha amolo

arsenal nid a creative midfilder lyk carzola and wid da case of rosisky injury we nid him more coz he can play there very wel pls lts sign him


Does It take more effort to type in that gibberish than in normal, clear, coherent English?


Kepha, vowels will be very handy in the future. Trust me, I know these things.





Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Sorry Kepha but Wenger and Gazidis aren’t on this site…try calling the Emirates!


i don’t know whats worse, your typing or your logic…you make my f-ing head hurt….

Bergkamps flick

I think it’s gonna take £18-20(we won’t pay more than that) mil toget him…fingers crossed cos he’s fucking class!! But I won’t get my hopes up till he’s in a arsenal shirt!!


just going through some of last seasons “talking tactics” on arsenal player, far out RVP’s movement is awesome. if this is true and we do sign cazorla (and somehow keep RVP) we look menacing for the new season!


Yes, but Stewart “WTF IS THIS HIGH LINE ARSENAL ARE PLAYING” Robson is an absolute nobhead. They should get Winterburn instead, he talks sense at least.


ha ha hes a bit of a knob but his analysis is alot better than his commentary


could this be the extra pinch of salt needed?



[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Wow this is great news if we pull this off and yes indeed the club is taken a new turn indirection and also with the player keen to play for the Arsenal. Now rennes has reduced their price to £11.5mil for Mvilla and these targets could become a reality signing to come and i have a feeling that RVp told the club to show ambition before he signs and extention contract but with the media it was blown out of proportion by the media. Nobody knew what was said in the meeting with wenger,Rvp and Ivan and if Arsenal signs… Read more »

Adam, Watford

That would be all very well Eric, and while I hope these signings are a firmly stuck two fingers in RvP’s direction , as it were, except that RvP’s statement has not been withdrawn or explained and he is still with the same agent.

I doubt that this is a finely constructed script by both parties. It’s a dangerous game to play with the fans, if that is the case.

Eric Irish gunner

Don’t think wenger would be told to do by any player and I’d say he has had his targets for awhile and have fuck all to do with R£P

All olivier are electric

Santi is coming to town…make a wish…me? I’m wishing tgstel a decent bid.


TGSTEL, anyone?
Honestly, he’s a decent player, even by Prem standards and judging by his stint in Sunderland.


If he pushes for a tranfer then we may get him for just about that figure.

Reliable sources say he’s extremely keen on moving to the Emirates.

Pse deal Arsene …Deal!


I hope the last line of the article about the Sahin interest coming because of Malaga’s reluctance to sell Cazorla. While it might not be likely it would be amazing to buy Cazorla and get Sahin on loan since they play different positions, Cazorla is a more attacking position and Sahin in a deeper position. It was just a year ago that Sahin was named the best player in the German league and was garnering some fairly impressive comparisons. Here is an article from talking about his last year with Dortmund It would be a coup to get… Read more »


*sees link*


*sees poor spelling*
oh yeah and…* *shudders* 😀


*googles spelling of shudders*
*realizes mistakes made*
*screams various expletives*

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Maybe you meant shutters to keep out the evil injury ninjas???6


Scared to believe in this one, its one of those that just seems too good to be true and feels like in usual Arsenal fashion will fail because we refused to go a million or 2 higher. Hope I’m wrong though, desperately hope so because this would be beyond awesome if we get this fella, he’s seriously class!

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Elly……the ¨usual¨Arsenal fashion to fail because of a million or 2 higher?¨ what the f**k are you talking about? I see that you’ve been taken in by the gutter press/media and believe everything you reador hear. If that is the case, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!


when is the sunderland game!!! fuck this shit


Can these be true ? Lets wait and see…….. …:). .:).


Yea but with Malaga it’s always gonna be that extra 1 or 2 million, just put in a decent bid and let them see how they’ll need to sell in order to keep the club alive.

Bergkamps flick

What does tgstel mean lads? Something to do with bendtner…..


The Greatest Striker That Ever Liver


That’s George Best, surely.


‘Ooda thought, emile heskey- greatest there is by miles. He’s so good it was unfair for him to feature for england anymore.



I think the liver joke was lost on some…

Poor Best.


According to the mail online last night it’s already a done deal! Looks a very decent player to me!


according to some guys friendster we just signed messi for 4m


It seems to me that Arsenal are calling RVP’s bluff. If we end up signing both Cazorla and Sahin (on loan), we’d probably be looking at the most active and significant summer from any team other than Chelsea. It would be hard for RVP to hide behind the lack of ambition excuse if we signed 4 proven players and maybe a hot prospect or two (Niang, for example), so we’d see his true colours. Is he going to stand by his word and stick with us once the board shows ambition, or jump ship anyway, showing that that was never… Read more »


While I agree with most people’s opinion here, RVP’s statement never mentions ambition. His words were ‘future strategy’ and ‘policy’, fairly ambiguous terms that won’t require him to back away from anything. Its what made it all so disappointing, such calculated bullshit that lowered vp’s standing in all our minds.

Adam, Watford

RvP has pretty much skipped his way along 90% of the plank that extends of the port side of The Good Ship Arsenal. He will jump, he has no choice really. The privateer’s/pirate ships are circling close by, so they will fish him out of the ‘ drink ‘ soon enough. If he comes back on board he will merely be another rating in my eyes, no rank nothing special, in fact he’d be lucky not to be flogged and confined to quarters for the rest of the season, aside from the odd Carling Cup appearance. Lucky for him Admiral… Read more »

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Obviously an old salt writing! My guess is that Wenger and the Board had their strategy all worked out regarding RVP and anyone else looking to jump ship well before RVP’s supposed ¨statement¨. They weren’t press-ganged so if they’re on a contract, make them honour it OR ship them out asap.
It is still very curious that one of the pirate ships sailing around Arsenal is called the HRS Usmanov/Dein and that RVP & the fat Uzbeki both fired broadsides at us around the same time!


Adam Matey. Let’s keep Mr. Vp, stick him in the reserves. if/when his “chocolate” leg gives out, inject him and play him some more. When he can only crawl around, put him on a Green Line bus to the Luton & Dunstable A&E where he can wait around for 3/4 hours. When he gets back put him up for sale, who ever wants him then, can take him away in a carrier bag. Nothing against Robin you understand, just need get the word out to any future, would be ingrates. Oh and by the way we will win at least… Read more »

chimezie azih

Gettin dis playa will really add meaning to d team and also meanin vp will stay it will really give me joy to watch a very strong and determined arsenal side dis season wether dey win a trophy or not.hopin 2 see a squad lyk dis: vp,giroud,podolski,walcott, ox,gervinho,cazorla. There will be lots of goals


He will be our new Bob Pires if he comes, and will have more impact than cesc because he is faster. This would be a great signing and would be fantastic for OX as he would be great to learn from. If we get Surin too then I have a feeling this is a powerplay in the negotiations for Walcott. “Walcott, you much be more consistent and bring more to the team, otherwise pack your bags son!”


“More impact than Cesc”

Just sit down for a second and think about what you’ve written here.


He’s right. He’s faster than Cesc.

Also Cesc has defeatist mentality. Sorry!


To be fair, if he signs and helps us win a trophy, that would be true 😉 (but yeah, all in the “if” lol)


Cesc has a barca mentality and we at arsenal hate barca so cazorla it is!!.


I kinda hate the summer transfer window. I always end up spending far too much time on the internet searching for something that is going on with Arsenal.

D’oh the pain. D’oh the pain of it all…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t look anywhere but here. Much simpler, and you get some sensible reasons why it’s bullshit even as you’re reading about it, so you don’t get too carried away.


whereas i won’t believe in this Sahin story (Mourinho letting go of a young player just a year after he bought him for so much money just doesn’t seem palpable), i do believe in the possibility of getting Santi.

that said, it’s exactly that – a possibility. hello, it’s marça. so dear Arsène, turn the rumour into a fact, please.


As promising as this all sounds us fans need to stay grounded, we know what we got into with the purchase of a shiny new stadium, the dividends are going to pay off one day that’s for sure, but lets stop crying and wailing for a messiah when we know what our situation is, our team isn’t that bad, i LOVE AFC and although there hasn’t been trophies in past 7 yrs I’m proud that we still scare the pants off the billionaire boys club and their pansies, we qualify for the champions league every season by sticking to our… Read more »


The is a genuine question: just how good is this guy? I don’t know much about him. Has anyone on this site seen him play? Twenty-three million euros is a lot of money to spend – are we gonna get value for this kind of outlay?

The good thing now is that Wenger seems to have abandoned Project Youth and realised that what we really need now is mature, developed players.


I think rather than abandoning it, he now has the money to run it in parallel with signing experience to compliment it. It doesn’t always have to be one or the other! Best of both worlds hopefully 🙂


I used to watch Villareal matches and he was great player when he was there.


He’s decent. I know youtube isn’t the best way of judging a player but his performance against real madrid gives you an idea of his touch and distribution:


i don’t think he’d abandoned it. it’s all about the balance and he knows that. that’s why we were buying both Artetas and Oxs last season. now, having young talent aplenty, we’re adding experience. plus Ryo’s back, and we’re clearly wondering about this.young lad from France.


No, abandoning our youth would be a very bad idea, Wenger is clearly continuing with it, but mixing them in with the experienced players.


Cazorla has two little gorgeous kids, happened to see them on the euro’s end running around in cute little spain jerseys. That’s all I know about him really, so it’s a perfect wenger buy (koss, szczr verm) we never really knew ’em but they turned out juuuust fine.


He speaks sense,
Fatgooner, he finally speaks sense.
What a sensible guy he is.
Fatgoonet, he finally speaks sense.


Hmm well if Wenger and the club are willing to pay this kind of money hopefully they know what they’re doing. What we know about him and see on some youtube clips seems kinda irrelevant.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Fatgooner….why do you say this proves that Wenger has ¨abandoned ¨ his project youth? He hasn’t but he is doing more in the other facet of his overall pĥilosophy and that is to bring in affordable, top-class, experienced internationals to SUPPLEMENT the youth coming up. If you bothered to follow his press conferences, you’d see that he is simple following his original plan.

Eric Irish gunner

I think the 2 down is down to some peoples habits fats haha

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t think Wenger has abandoned anything, myself. The way I see it there was a plan of getting through the early years of paying off the stadium by focusing on young players, with expectations that we would be able to be more adventurous in the market as we got the debt down. What I think is happening is that with the arrival of the lotto teams we have struggled a little more than we expected and now that Man City have started winning (as opposed to simply spending) we have had our hand forced and have had to return… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and I do mean 1998-2012 period, of course. We are actually living in Gooner Heaven historically speaking, but some of us are rather hard to please 🙂


mourinho only paid 8 million for sahin i think plus what better side in world football to loan sahin to, we play great passing football in a competitive league plus one of our midfielders always had a knock.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Plus, if we got him and he helped push Chelsea and/or Shitty into a UEFA League spot yon Sahin fellow would actually be doing Mourinho a favour by taking out the team(s) he most fears (He severely underestimates Arsenal, I hope).

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…from the Champions League next year, I mean.


“The AS report says that Malaga’s initial response to the Arsenal bid was to point to his €45m release clause”
No Santi Clause in his contract that would allow them to part with him as a gift then!


..Ok.. I see what you did there..

chimezie azih

But we always 4get d unsung hero of arsenal(alex song) he is,was and will be very important 2 arsenal’s game just hopin dat he signs a new contract dis yr

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sorry. No speakee bollock talk.


If we get cazorla (who is better than any play maker we have ) I’ll run down highbury hill naked declaring my love for Arsen wenger then cartwheel all the way to the tavern , and proceed to get slaughtered 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m trying to decide if I need to be there to see that. Are you a boy or girl person?


I’ll buy Santi and just give him to Arsenal.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Is Josh short for Alisher? I’d love to hear Alisher say this, as a peace offering with no strings attached. Never happen though.


even if the rumours aint true i rather hear something different than read van persie rumours


am gonna go with my gut feeling and have Santi claus on the back of my replica shirt! Ok Arsene..get this done…


Hey, hope it happens. He reminds me of Hleb, the way he keeps the ball. He actually scores goals as well. I have watched him for a few years since he was one of Villareal stars and i quite liked what i have seen of him. Not just skillfull but also hard working


On hearing this news the first time I had an orgasm and from then on I’ve had multiple of those due to increase reports that we might actually get him, so I will lower my expectations this time around and avoid getting all my shorts dirty. Coyg.!!!.

big black clock

Personally I feel that the Sahin loan move is only a make weight to fasten the Cazorla move. Since we’re the only club seriously interested in Cazorla, we need to make sure Malaga don’t think they can milk us for cash and show them that we’ve got alternatives.

If Carzola comes through, I don’t think Sahin would come.


I’ve heard that apparently we’re offering the exact amount needed to get Malaga out of their debts? Would be a smart move, it’s a shame that previous transfer windows have made me so pessimistic that I just can’t see us signing Cazorla.


With the money going out for Cazorla, i can’t see RVP staying, as any previous player dealings in the last few years seemed to be with money made on sales of other players. Unless of course, some of the others move out.(eg: Arsh, TGSTEL, Parmakh…)


Arsenal better get the defence in shape. To let the opposition score twice in two minutes is criminal.The gunners defence has been a problem area for many years and yet Wenger doesn’t seem to make it a priority area. Last seasnon whever the gunners have scored they let the other team socre in less than a minute.After going 2-1 down to Swansea,Walcott equalised. Less than a minute later Swansea scored again This is criminal negligence of the highest order.The finger must be pointed at Wenger. So don’t be surprised the gunners can’t challenge for the epl if the defence continues… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

So the fact it was a pre-season friendly means nothing and you’re pointing the finger at Wenger rather than our defens

Dr Baptiste

defensive coach? (it randomly submitted the start of my post). I think you need to learn to put things in context

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Criminal negligence? No…your post is criminally stupid!


At least RVP has forced the club to go out and buy. After all, lack of ambition has been his excuse all along. Might have one more big twist to this saga yet.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He didn’t force anything. Wenger had bought two players long before RVP confirmed he wanted to leave. What RVP says or thinks is immaterial, because there are only two ways to go, For Us, or Against Us. He chose… poorly.


So we’re going after that dude! Thanks for the video, I thoroughly enjoy watching pepe suffer.


Am just down on my knees asking Lord God to guard against any obstacle that might arise and hinder us from Cazorla signing. Lord, let your will be done in thz deal.


I’m always curious why people think God would take a side in sports. Very strange. I mean, Jesus, of course, is an Arsenal fan. But God? Come on.

big black clock

I’m confused. I always thought God was Dennis who’s this Jesus guy?


There is no god.


Then there’s no frogs either.


Huh? I’ve seen thousands of frogs in my day.

Dr Baptiste



But Jesus is God 😀

Dr Baptiste

Well if he’s you and you’re him, and you’re him and he’s him, – am I still me….. what the hell is going on?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

BENTRT, you try telling his dad that.

Rad Carrot

Am I allowed to say again, I’ll be absolutely astounded if we did sign him? I was quickly shouted down on the last thread, as apparently, Malaga are bankrupt (they’re not – they have other ways of getting cash) and pessimism is not allowed here.

Very, very skeptical about getting him – certainly for the amount we’re offering. By the time Malaga might be willing to do a deal, one of the rich sugar daddies will swoop and he’ll be off playing in blue. Last year suggested he’s more interested in wages rather than any particular badge.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That may well be. It’s not really something that you should be shouted down for, suggesting a possible outcome. However, nobody but a pessimist usually likes to hear pessimism, so you can probably understand why people are more receptive to optimistic posts. The problem on this blog is that most people who suggest such an outcome, when we may or may not be trying to make a deal for a player, then start ranting about the board and Wenger and how they’re to blame, and they’re destroying Arsenal, blah blah blah. That’s so common people become defensive whenever they hear… Read more »

Martin Keown is my hero

Question…….why is it that no other team is interested in Carzola (sic)?

Surely all these Modric chasing cunts would be interested?

Just wondering as I know nothing about this lad, and he ain’t cheap.


I’d rather have it that way than any other clubs snapping players away from us.

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