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Transfer Guff – Robin van Personified

For the umpteenth year in a row Arsene Wenger will take charge of his first pre-season training session of the new term with a cloud of speculation hanging over the future of one of his best players.

Having been granted an extended break following his international responsibilities at Euro 2012, Robin van Persie will likely not be at London Colney next week, although the Dutchman is expected to resume contract negotiations with a view to finally sorting his future.

Despite both Arsenal and Van Persie remaining silent on the matter for a month, conjecture, hearsay, gossip, assumption, guesswork and supposition have still made it to the back pages of the newspapers in abundance.

Newly-loaded French big boys Paris Saint Germain are apparently willing to flex their financial muscles by offering our captain a wage packet that would make Ivan Gazidis wet the bed.

Juventus, presumably banking on Peter Hill-Wood being too drunk to count properly, have reportedly made a bid of €10 million – a sum which suggests the Old Lady is suffering from dementia.

Meanwhile, our old friends Manchester City are, as usual, coyly sniffing around the Arsenal ring piece, seemingly unperturbed by the residing stench of fartners-in-crime Nasri and Adebayor.

“Van Persie? He is an Arsenal player and I don’t want to disrespect Arsene Wenger,” Mancini told journalists at the weekend ignoring the fact that a month ago he’d happily indulged in a spot of pin the tail on the Arsene Wenger player he’d like to sign.

They’ll likely be a lot of guff flying around in the next two weeks on the subject of Van Persie. Arseblog News urges calm no matter which way the winds of change blow.

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Master Bates

3 clubs want him , 2 offering more money . Football really sucks sometimes…I hope this money era ends .I hope that FFP thingy really stops it


Yeah, me too….but probably, it won’t. I heard that Man City is now building something like a Man City theme park to raise “independent” revenue. Though what anyone would want to do there is a mystery to me. What, see how much cash you can carry? Compare your chin with Na$ri?


i’m pretty sure real madrid are doing that too


Downvote? $amir Na$ri, is that you?


The picture look so gay.

Master Bates

maybe that’s why MAN city wants him



Is there any gay in Mancini’s squad?


Yes. I believe he goes by the name of Samir something.


Comparing Le cunt Nasri to gay people is an insult to gay people


@Ben: Calling Nasri a cunt is an insult to cunts.


Great, another gay joke… Yawn.


More gay jokes, hurray. The schoolboy humor really does add to the quality of this forum… Not!

Cygan's Right Foot

A bit like the old 90’s ‘not’ jokes then

Ari Zami

The picture looks obscene somewhat haha. Hope for van persie to stay! His the captain and the heartbeat of the team! COYG


Or evidence of a desperate attempt to keep RVP, Wenger has created:
“The Human Centipersie”


Van persie: “it’s in, it’s in!!!!”


Whats the point to talk Again about it. Will he go or will he stay, WTF??! I will be happy to sell him for 30mil and Arsenal wont be that much weaker without him. But if he wants to renew, then good, let him play and retire at our club.


30m will not give you any ready made striker who can score 20-30 goals/season, so selling him is a piss-poor idea.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

However, we have diversified, as it were, so just possibly we won’t need a 30 goal-a-season guy.

Would still much rather see him stay and have a season where he can enjoy himself with the reduced pressure that will come from having other scoring outlets around him.


I want RVP to stay.

But I must point out, he has rarely been a 20-30 goals a season striker. More like a 2-3 injury a season striker.


Plus I don’t think he’l ever have another season like the one he just had. Letting him go now is not an option. Don’t care if he scores fuck all but we need him to stay, afterall we are the arse- a big club that wants to keep all it’s best players.

Him staying will just be a statement of intent that we are ready to battle it out with the so called big boys.


And if Theo decides to go, i would like to see someone from Ukraine squad to replace him, Yarmolenko or Kanapljanka. And i think if RVP goes then Wenger will move Theo upfront.



you’d think that maybe he’d play giroud at striker if rvp left though, considering we signed him and he’s a left footed center forward.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That might be the point that convinces Theo to move on this summer. The fact that his long-cherished hope to be a centre forward may be thwarted by the new guys and/or RVP for yet another season.

Hope he realises that until Wenger gives him a berth in the centre of the attack he is going to be viewed by all potential buyers as an impact winger.

Old man grape

Silly bugger


would be nice to see theo playing for the spuds running like a headless chicken……


remember when theo scored two against the spuds in like 5 minutes, he would probably do that to us too dumbass


Those are my favourite gays.


They have to sort this out in the next 29 days. If it drags on into August like last season it will be an outrage. Frankly if he won’t sign – then we should cash in and if that’s City, so be it. As long as we have time to use the money to strengthen our squad, which is just what did NOT happen last year. That was what made last summer such a shocker. With the other departures we should have plenty of opportunity and money, to strengthen in all key areas. Frankly I don’t see RvP repeating last… Read more »



swap deal???? 😛


silva/aguero/tevez/ballotelli for shits and giggles/kompany/richards+22.1m=robin

Dick Swiveller

We really shouldn’t cash in, going into a new season without a premiership proven striker (I suspect both Giroud and Podolski will fit in well with their styles of play but nothing is certain) is even more suicidal than doing it with ony one proven striker last year; having van Persie for this season is worth more to us than the 20odd million City would pay for him, not to mention that I’ve never been impressed with the ‘take the money and run’ approach when you have a player that fits in well and is succesful, if you can hang… Read more »


Whatever’s gonna happen, it should happen as quickly as possible. If RvP wants to go then Wenger should sell him, take the money, then invest it in the third striker that we will need. But please let’s not fuck around like we did last summer. We need to hit the ground running this season – that means getting our squad in place and prepared long before the first competitive ball is kicked.

And if Walcott wants to go to Liverpool then let’s sort that out now, too. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me if he went.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Theo thought going to Spurs or Liverpool to play as a striker was a step up from the Arsenal? Theo is great for us but in all honesty, he is a one trick pony. The Ox on the other hand, has more in his locker than Theo has shown in all his years at the Arsenal. I would miss Theo but I do see the Ox getting his place in the starting 11 in a years time. What the Ox has, you cannot teach – you either have it or you don’t.

Chris g

Maybe one summer it will be quiet for us without the constant tittle tattle we always seem to endure.watever happens,and i do want robin to stay,no one player is bigger than arsenal fc so we should just accept what will be will be

Tea Lady's Mate

I actually heard from a mate of mine, he was spotted at his agents office the other day chatting with Mancini. Pretty credible source.

Cygan's Right Foot

The pot plant again?


My Nans hairdressers mate said she saw him looking at a United mug in Wilkinsons the other day

Merlin's Panini

I can’t see him wanting to go to Ligue 1 no matter how much they want to give him. Sure PSG will probably win that title next season but, you know, who gives a shit?
It wouldn’t feel like much of an achievement to win a second rate league title.
I still think his heart might make him stay, and if it does we look much better equipped to win something this season.
I would feel sick if he went to Man City.

Dave Gooner

With respect to Robin, it would be nice if our captain came out and pledged his future to our club. Now. He had a great season last year, but he had an injury blighted career up to that point and we stuck by him throughout, and made him the player he was last season. I don’t believe he can repeat last season’s heroics – thatt is expecting too much I think – but I still believe he deserves the highest rewards and pay our club can offer him. But I want to see an early commitment now from Robin so… Read more »


I think even NIcklas Bendtner wouldn’t be interested to join Juve considering he would be traded for just 8m. lmfao 🙂

gunn cabinet

respected gooner!!! even The Greatest Player That Ever Lived is not even worth that little. And Robin does owe us a heads up anon. I do believe he is a level headed guy. simply because his name is not $amir na$ri.


If we sign the attacking midfielder or defensive midfielder that some including I’m sure rvp feels this squad needs then he will sign and stay.
Of we don’t show the ambition to strengthen in the right areas he will leave. Simple as that.
And the criminal part of all this is we could end up losing one of the worlds best players who actually wants to stay and is not soley motivated by money but his desire to win things.
Hope it don’t come to that. We have no excuse for losing our captain yet again.

Naija Gunner

What kind training procedure is that(the picture)?

Arseblog deliberately did it to brighten up the air, it’s been a while since we had a laugh here!

And let’s just wait and see how RVP’s contract situation ends before we start killing anybody, but am a bit, just a tiny bit disappointed in him for dragging it this far.

Tenacious Defence

Key player. I think he’ll stay, and we’ll be in good shape to push on this season and mount serious challenges.


Juve offers 8 million for RVP are they taking the piss.


I think the answer is yes!


Italy’s having a bit of a financial crisis. Maybe that’s all Juvie can afford.


It’s not Arsenal’s fault we don’t have to sought out Italy’s problems.


Crisis?…..what crisis?
Juve just completed a deal for two of udineses’ players for a reported £38.5milli so them offering us £8 milli for rvp us pure and utter disrespect.
What inept and gigantic asswipes!

Rvp? £8milli?….troll OFF!!!!.


they are own by one of the richest family in italy (agnelli) and their brand new stadium bring lot of money,
if someone can afford spending lot of money on one world class player juventus can .
they try to be cheap and send us an insulting offer,i would have send bendtner to them and told them thats what you get from us for 10 M,we can add denilson free of charge


I heard that in the contract they alloted rvp 33 of the 97 goals they paid for for next season


And to those who feel that if we sold rvp that we automatically go out and spend the money have learnt nothing from the previous sales of our best players.
The two players we have brought are rvp’s replacements, any money from the sale of rvp will not be spent in addition to what we have already Laid out for podolski and giroud That’s the seasons form previous years.

Dave Gooner

The reverse is also true though: we spent on Podoski and Giroud without selling yet in this off season.

To be fair to AW, I for one believe that this is the correct approach. Sales and purchases should be on an “as needed” basis, not just because “we got £x for player y, so therefore we should spend £a on player b “. Otherwise, players like Andy Carroll fetch £35 M, when they are worth one third of that, at best…

Cygan's Right Foot

The previous seasons have also seen us buy players very late in the transfer window, so we have already changed our stance there.


I think Juventus have mixed RvP up with Bendtner…either that or they’re having a little joke with us.
£8m?Ha,the Italian sense of humour kills me.


when i saw the reports of that bid I laughed the hardest I have in years.

talk about taking the piss juventus..

North Bank Gooner

£8m? Juve gotta be kidding!!

TAXI!!!! 😉


I think this muppet forgot to read the last line mentioned by Bloggs.

“Arseblog News urges calm no matter which way the winds of change blow.”


There aren’t many clubs Robin would want to go to. If he’s going to leave, it’ll be for Real Madrid. All the rest of this stuff is just noise.


Lets just swap theo and rvp for torres and mata job done.


I could live with that trade.

Merlin's Panini

yeah, great idea.
Hey, I’ve got this clapped out Austin Allegro, fancy a swap for your BMW?
Just thought you might be interested…


Bear in mind our BMW has been doing well since its last MOT but does have a habit of breaking down a lot. And Torres has just won the golden boot a the euros. But I digress, let’s not swap them…

Merlin's Panini

yes, that’s right and Torres scored how many goals last season, and the season before that?
That’s right, not as many combined as Robin in one season, and won the Golden Boot mainly by scoring goals against a rubbish Ireland defence and a depleted Italy when they were already winning. He was really playing under pressure there wasn’t he. Well done him…


Not really the point of what I was saying, and I wasn’t disagreeing with your original point, just thought it was worth a mention!


Great new signings and hoping against hope that RVP stays, but if not, I still highly doubt he’d stoop that low to move to another EPL team.
Fuck Man City, classless team but would be a great name for a gay nightclub
(been said before but had to be done :P)


confused city fan here – not aware that we ever wanted rvp, the only real quote from mancini was that he wanted to keep his existing strikers (we scored quite a lot of goals last season you know) and didn’t see any big deals happening this time round.
On another front, what’s with the gay jokes ? bit rich coming from Arse fans.

gunsen gurner

Intelligent Arsenal fan here, jog were nothing two years ago.


A Man City fan denying that his club are interested in RVP. Shows you how much City fans keep in touch with their club’s activities. Go away please


You don’t sound very intelligent. Here’s an actual intelligent Arsenal fan response: Yes, I agree. Man City already have 2 indisputably top class strikers, competent backups and no problem getting them service from midfield – Mancini doesn’t NEED Van Persie and certainly not at the price Arsenal would reasonably want for him. As for whether he’d take a shot anyway just because he can, well that’s another story – but I doubt even then that Wenger would want to sell a valuable asset to a direct rival (again) just for another £50m in the bank. As for the gay jokes…… Read more »


The gay jokes are because Andre Santos when he first arrived said he was happy to be with the “gays” on twitter. He thought it was a way to spell guys, I guess he sounded it out with his accent.


The gay jokes, the Coq jokes and liberal use of “cunt”. That just the schoolboys trying to be funny. Yes, I know, we’re bored of it too.

Cygan's Right Foot

And we’re bored of the condescending cunts who come on here to shake their coqs at all kinds of gays just to try to look important.
Strangely most people take it in jest and aren’t “schoolboys” but well rounded adults and individuals.
Not sure how many schools would allow Arseblog in an IT lesson in the first place.


not forgetting self righteous, bad day, apologies forum.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Rad Carrot

Hmm. Still unsure about this one. I don’t know whether he’ll stay or go, but I’d agree one thing – it MUST be sorted soon. If he goes, then fine; but we want good money for him, especially if he wants to go to a domestic rival. If he stays, then sign him up now, get him training with the new lads, and let’s make a real statement of intent. We’d keep Theo as well (say what you will, he’s a great provider to Robin) and then we’re already off and running before the season has started. Another long, drawn… Read more »


Well if he goes he goes. I just can’t see the likes of Balotelli and Silva bending over and making way for him so easily.

Oleg Luzhny

I hope the Euro’s were an eye opener for RVP to an extent. The Dutch have several gifted attacking players, and they way they played they just loaded and RVP wasn’t the go to guy. And at times he played out of position. At Arsenal, he is the man, and the team revolves around him. I hope he sees this. Surely money can’t always be everything.


why sell rvp? keep him for a year try and win the league , the champions league any trophy which has nice prize winnings in it. Then it would not seem like rvp leave for free and 30 million loss we can instead win an extra 100 million by keeping rvp fin the squad.


It’s no only about the sale of rvp, it’s the signal it sends out to other clubs and players. Sell him and it says we are not ambitious or that we are big enough to hold to our best players year after year. Man city have had 4 quality players from us leaving emotion about nasri and adebayor aside. If they take rvp, then who next? Jack in a year or 2. Scez after that. All this no player bigger than the club bolox is just lazy thinking and obvious. Yes of course we carry on but at what price… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Except we just bought Podolski (a big name in German football for the last however many years despite his young age) and Giroud (a player like Koscielny, who has worked hard and never given up to become top scorer and player of the season) to show that we are ambitious and want to compete by working on the area we struggled with last season. If anything, selling RvP shows clubs that despite standing by him in his injury hit seasons, he has decided that he is able to dictate a clubs business by holding them to ransom, that loyalty means… Read more »


Agreed. IMHO I think we have seen the best of RVP, talismanic captain aside I don’t believe he will recreate the form he showed last season. I would like him to stay, but at what cost? Playing devils advocate for a minute. A hypothetical scenario. What say we do break the bank to keep him at the club. Six games in and he gets crocked, out for the rest of the season. Our new signings, with better injury records, step up and do the business. Will there be a sea change in opinion. That perhaps a 25M offer should have… Read more »


we are not selling van persie to anyone as simple as that.


Hope we keep RVP at all costs but the whole debate has me asking myself a lot of questions that I’d pose to you all.

Do you think RVP will have a better season,worse or about the same as he did last year?

Do you think he can go the season without a long injury?


that’s like asking me to flip a coin and tell if it’s head or Nasri’s chin. I don’t know why Gooners are so obsessed with whether RVP can match up to his high standards. He’s already shown us he has the ability, and we should do all we can to keep him. Not debating about chances and luck.


Gazidis has already come out and said, in his end of season fans Q&A, that Arsenal will attempt to have a genuine tilt at the Premier League title and good shot at the Champions League next season. Gazidis, Wenger and RVP acknowledge that Arsenal are only a little way off being credible title contenders and with the “right” signings could be. Podolski and Giroud are two of 3 or 4 signings Arsenal need to make to convince RVP that Arsenal will seriously challenge next season. If, RVP is convinced by the ambition he will sign a new deal and play… Read more »


Oh man! You’re really awesome. I guess you’re the insider who feeds John Cross with all the insider info he publishes on Mirror Football.


Of course, it’s Darren Dein’s vendetta against AFC that’s behind all this. He’s a Wormtongue in van Persie’s ears. Promising riches and trophies beyond Robin’s dreams.

He’s poison. He’s vindictive. And his only objective is to destroy Arsenal.

Does he really think this, in any way, helps his dad?

(p.s that’s why he turned down being Denilson’s and Squillaci’s agent.)


€10 fucking millions for the second best striker in the world (after Nikki B)? The Italian intelligence is environmentally damaged.


All that smoke in rome eh?


I would be suprised if RVP were to leave for either PSG of Juve, as who really cares about Ligue 1, and Juve look like they will be getting caught out for match fixing yet again (Crazy Italians!). The only leagues that are really worth winning these days are the Prem and Liga BBVA. So that only leaves 39 teams for the press to link him with.


I’m surprised that anyone is even bothering to discuss this ‘Will he stay, will he go?’ regarding RVP. Nobody knows apart from Wenger or Robin so just wait until the news is released officially. I know the media like to try and whip everyone up into a frenzy about it but, personally, I really can’t be arsed with falling for all this spin and hype.


Can’t help but to be annoyed with RVP. We’ve played our cards – £130m a week plus sign-on bonus; guaranteed Arsenal legend status. But now Robin first want to weigh his options… I find that disrespectful to the fans.


…make that £130,000 a week.


That would bankrupt a Sheakh.




I D O N T C A R E.


I don’t think he will go anywhere except Barca or Real Madrid.

Every player dreams of playing for one of those teams. the Premier league has Man U, but I don’t think RVP will go to a premier league side. so it is either Barca or Real, and Arsenal and RVP are waiting to see if either one wants to have a bite

Chris g

I started supporting the mighty arsenal in 1994 aged 11 and during my time there’s been some truely world class players too have pulled on the red and white who seem to have a deep bond with us example adams,henry,fabregas,seaman,viera seems robin does love the club so it would be nice to see some more affection from certain players and to put a stop to half the bullshit out there.its simple,dont let things drag on just say im staying or im read a few other blogs earlier arseblog is definatly the biggest and best out there

Higher Runcorn gooner

Fed up with it all. Gooner for life,robin if you’r going go full fit season and you are the dogs bollocks.NOT.COYG


Did you just bust a “not” joke? You suck.

Cygan's Right Foot

Did you just say he ‘sucks’ for making a ‘not’ joke? You’re lame….

damien joyce

I think I along with quite a few others now just couldn’t give a fuck anymore, all shit club supporting acquaintances of mine seem to be reminding me daily of what they think of RVP’s contract situation etc whereas I am pretty certain we’ll still be fighting for same as last year with or without him, yeah he’s great player but if he doesn’t sign then get as much as we can, fuck man city, if he goes there then it’ll cause more rows wiv balotelli being on bench so silver linings and all that. We should take highest price… Read more »

damien joyce

btw I was watching 2001/2002 highlights today, God I miss Pires and Ljungberg on the wings, they really were unreal goal makers and goal scorers of which for me the premier league hasn’t had the likes of since (not on same team anyway)


A lot of players had left AFC,some entirely our fault(Viera&flamini for example),but the vast majority had done so because they actually want to go regardless of what AFC,Arsene Wenger or the fans thinks(hleb,nasri,adebayor etc)We’re not going to have romantic departure like those of Henry&Fabregas every time,infact regardless of the romance we were pissed when both players left!I really should say at this point that I really don’t want RVP to leave the club has his stay would strengthen our team further in the incoming season and many Money coated clubs like manCity&PSG would realise we can hold on to our… Read more »


OK! From the past we have learnt that as soon as one of our great players is named captain, it automatically means that we are going to have a great summer of BS clubs trying to steal him. Just give all the players a “reserves” title and wham no more crap!!!

Really want Him to stay !! Money To lose This Time !!! :))))))


I can’t help thinking that he’s always intended to sign, will sign and when he does sign will issue a press statement saying; “And to all the trolls and doubters who linked me with other clubs? Fuck You.”.

I’d do it if I were him.

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