Wenger keeps transfer door open


Arsene Wenger says Arsenal have not finished their summer business, saying there’s more to come from the club in the transfer market.

At a press conference in China today, ahead of Arsenal’s game with Man City on Friday, Wenger was asked about new players arriving and said, “We are not at the end of it [transfers]. We will still bring players in.”

The Gunners have been linked strongly with Malaga winger Santi Cazorla in recent days, with some going so far as to say terms have been agreed with the player, and with a number of first team players still looking at the exit door it seems there’s still work to be done.

It is thought the club will also make an improved bid for Caen youngster M’Baye Niang, to further strengthen the forward positions, while any other midfield additions will depend on the fitness of Abou Diaby and the prognosis regarding Jack Wilshere.

Suggestions that he could return as early as August do seem premature, but either way Arsenal fans will be happy to hear the manager hasn’t put away his chequebook just yet.

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TGSTEL's First Touch


Sorry, wrong season.


Fuck Samba, Cahill is the real deal, he’s an Engerlund international by golly gosh!


Three day ban for saying Cahill. The rules are the rules.

Dick Swiveller

With Sagna out, Trabelsi is a must too.

Sorry, wrong decade.


Please Wenger! don’t bring in Henry from Monaco!! we need quality players that we all know, not unknown names!! he will be a flop!!!

oh, right yeah… sorry, wrong season.

Stockholm Gooner

Actually, it was from Juve 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…but it’s the thought that counts.


fuck.who is wenger?
sorry,wrong sport.

Justin Ashbee

‘Keep the back-door open’ – fuck is this some sort of sport website I thought it was Youporn


Sebastian Frey!

Dr Baptiste

David Trezeguet!!!


Jimmy Bullard!


Wenger you must keep diaby on the field.
That’s not up to you I guess but still……and I want carzola like right now!. Wenger now!! And buy again and again and again!!.

Dr Baptiste

Yes, let’s cripple ourselves financially. We can then become Newco Arsenal and win the Blue Square Premier title

Corey J. Chatelain

BSP title is silverware amirite?!

Dr Baptiste

Probably more pewter but close enough

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We wouldn’t be allowed to start at that level as a Newco.


With glasses and headset on, he look so weird. No more trolling smile?

Cygan's Left Foot

Wearing those glasses means business, just like the old days, they make him see things differently.

Now bring Henry in Jan too.

Persie out, arsenal lives

Let’s hope rednose doesn’t take the whole wenger-glasses thing too personally……….

He’s quite physical you know. Mancini knows.


I wonder if Vain Persie feels a little foolish about his public statement now. This seems to be a transfer window that many of us haven’t seen for a long time. Could it be that Le Boss and the Board neglected to invite Vain Persie to the meetings in which they discussed the future of the club? I many be wrong but I think Vain Persie will fade into obscurity when he leaves Arsenal


I think Robbed us Vain Purse-y doesnt understand english or maybe wenger spoke french during the meeting cos with Cazorla defo coming,then that is one hell of an accusation saying we arent ambitious cos i dont understand what he(vain) wants wenger to do


Wenger looks high as fuck this summer…

Ca$hley Cole

He’s been puffin’ that Moroccan Hash with Chamakh

Eric Irish gunner

Let’s hope they don’t run low


If Wenger says they ain’t done, that means they ain’t done… Also he didn’t deny interest in Cazorla, instead he said they are still working on it. Also, I believe the statement from Malaga saying they don’t need to sell him to cover their debt is just a tactic to increase the bidding price. Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see how the next few days pan out. If Cazorla comes in, I think we’re ready for the season. Because of his versatility, he solves multiple problems, he can play box to box, attacking central, and on both flanks. With the… Read more »


Malaga have six days to settle their debts or they’re relegated; two of those days are a Saturday and Sunday, so they’ll have to get a move on if they want the situation sorted in time. Maybe the sheik will turn up with the cash but you have to wonder what’s been keeping him up to now.


I read somewhere that he actually forgets about malaga a lot, but i also read that cazorla wants out because of not getting his wages on time and unfulfilled promises.


does anybody know anything about this Niang kid? I’m pretty knowledged in the young up and comers but before a month ago I had never heard of him before.
Generally when theres a fairly public trial and transfer tattle the kid’s pretty damn promising, ie Ox and Ryo, but I know almost nothing about him.


My sources say he’s quite good at playing football, especially for his age.


players that are good at playing football are usually my favourites!… there are some exceptions of course.. Eboue

Persie out, arsenal lives

Miyaichi just makes walcott look like a little boy……Walcott fades out of the game when teams play deep.


Not knowing anything about him hasn’t stopped people on here demanding we pay £10m for him NOW.


Wenger and the new glasses, i’m mclovin it. Looks like a guy from g.i. Joe.
I say 1….2…3.

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That is an awful photo.

I,just hope canola isn’t the new mata, new m’vila, etc

Persie out, arsenal lives

No son, it’s carzola.

Or even Cazorla

Persie out, arsenal lives

Or even cantona….


Leave the gun, take the Carzola.


Eat the cazorla, take the …………….umm free kick……..


Things go better with Zarcola.


let v. Persie / Chamakh / Park / Fabianski / Mannone / Arshavin out and replace with freshments with top skill players. its time to roundup a new group of quality players

john madoka

wenger is try to do the best of this club for the coming years. when signing young players is for the future,same signing experienced players like arteta,podolski,giroud. He must add three world class players to complete the competing squad to EPL.Coming 3rd is not enough for a big club like ARSENAL FC 7years without a trophy it discarriage the playerd moral. Wenger do something now lift our moral to keep fans

Corey J. Chatelain

I like u betty


Arseblog, I love you. With a passion.


hahaha just pissed myself!

TGSTEL's First Touch

Damn you Arseblog!
People are all round me talking to my Syrian colleague about what’s happenning in Syria and the well-being of his family, and here I am , trying no to explode with laughter and biting my lip like I’m on MDMA.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wenger doesn’t need to do better than 3rd to keep the real fans. We’ll be there whatever happens. Perhaps you posted before finishing your sentence or couldn’t find exactly the right words to describe your real meaning. Posting can be like that sometimes, and what you say comes out quite differently to what you meant.

Oh, one word you were looking for there was morale. Only some of us Gooners have low morals.


He really looks like a professor doesn’t he?

walter the gunner

I hope so wenger I really do

Corey J. Chatelain

Bring back Bergkamp. Can’t be any worse than Chamakh even if he’s 50 yrs old these days…….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Come on man, it’s a new season. Give the guy a break for a few weeks, eh?

Rectum Spectrum

great news. leaves no doubt.



i dont know how much is lessons learned from last years awful summer, and how much is an improvement on the finance as the debts are paid off and the new stadium / marketing deals kick in

but looking promising so far with the transfer dealings

maybe as well with a lot of our youth players getting closer to ‘fuition’ we can be more realistic about buying older players to cover the next couple of years while those younger players develop and start to blend in


Anyone see the game yesterday? Off subject a bit but I watched the first half only (couldnt skive off work for the full 90) I read a couple of blogs saying chamakh did well. First half he was dog shit so I’m assuming he had a blinder second half

Big Dave

He was subbed at half time… So yes he played much better second half.

Persie out, arsenal lives

He just told you he only watched the 1st half. So please!, run away.


Well if he only played first half excuse me for not getting exited about his performance. I’d hoped he would look more hungry and eager to impress. FAIL


chamakh was pretty bad, he ran a lot and huffed and puffed but i dont understand whats going on with him. is it the coaches fault? have they given him instructions about whats expected of him? cham doesnt seem to have any confidence to attack in the box, he keeps lurking back, waiting for a pass so that he can then pass it on again my impression is that he doesnt feel that he’s good enough to be our main guy, he tries so hard to show his ‘team work’ and making himself available for a pass, but he should… Read more »


To be fair though, the match and team as a whole were pretty chronic. I should say both Arsenal’s teams, the second half one was particularly lacklusture. Obviously the pitch contributed. And remember the small fact that it was the first match of pre-season, not a premier league game. In Malaysia. Neat little finish by Eisfeld though.


The humidity was a factor, too. The players looked like they’d been swimming by the end of the game.


You need to stop reading those blogs: He was totally ineffective in that game.


If we don’t sign at least two quality players before the transfer window closes then we have got absolutely no chance of winning anything.

the only sam is nelson

that’s autopilot pessimism, right there Summer 1988 Arsenal lose Rix, Sansom and Williams along with experienced defender Chris “mad dog” Whyte. They’re replaced with an 18 yr old Steven Morrow, a couple of keepers who never get a game and some bald bloke from Stoke – Stoke! – which demonstrates the utter lack of ambition, failure to sign quality players, etc etc etc Result – in the season 1988/89, Arsenal have absolutely no chance of winning anything Thank fuck I enjoyed a pre-internet age when Fatgooner’s wibbles were only heard in his own head. Pity the poor kiddies who are… Read more »


amen to that…..and i hope wenger stays high as fuck this summer…he spends more when he’s baked


Sorry, Sammie, old buddy, but the year is 2012. Football is nothing like it was in 1988. Today, money talks – that’s why Man City can go from chumps to champs in just two years. If you don’t buy, you don’t win. Simple. And if you sell your best players every summer, you’ve got no chance.

By the way: there is no such word as “wibble” in the English language. Please don’t use it. Ok?


Football is exactly that same now as it was in 1988: Both teams have 11 players and whoever scores the most goals wins.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I know exactly what you mean by wibbles, as will many readers of your post.

I approve your choice of word, sir!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Fatgooner, Wibble is a commonly used metasyntactic variable, or metavariable, which is, in this case, used to describe the arbitrary thing you keep doing in posts here. The ‘thing’ or wibble you do each time varies, but ultimately they all form part of a set of actions that we might place under the general term, Negativity.


Haven’t we already made 2 quality signings ?
I get we need a little more but if the rumours play out we could have m’Villa and cazorla which would be a successful summers spending in my eyes

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Did Fatgooner declare those two players suitable before they were bought?

If not then Wenger has got it wrong, and so has to start again.


True, but it depends too on whom we sign. Signing just for the sake of signing is not the answer.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which Wenger has been syaing for 15 years. He knows, you know.

Naija Gunner

Chamack has a lot of work to do if he wants to remain at Arsenal and Gervinho is wasteful and selfish, everybody else played fairly well. My summary of the match.

Am optimistic about Arsenal and the coming season. COYG!!!


How did Diaby do yesterday? Still fit?

the only sam is nelson

apparently so

i really hope diaby comes good this year, he’s a fantastic player to watch when he’s on top of his game


Thought he did well first half . Tired a little bit later in the half. Good show and no injuries !!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which is why they are there, really, isn’t it.


Had some decent runs, controlled the midfield. I’m pleased. He gives another dimension to the attack as well – Song usually prefers to distribute, Diaby likes to run at people. Arsenal have been missing that tactical versatility over the last couple of years.

Lord Teddy Ears

Its the 1st time I have heard the big guy say he is going to spend !!!

Cristoff T Gooner

Posts 2 to 5 HAHAHAHA.

In all seriousness though, I look at what’s happened to Rangers and Portsmouth (and what will happen at Man City and Chelsea one day) and I appreciate Arsene Wenger even more.

Fed up with not buying teh TEVEZ and teh LEAGUEZ!!!1!!
It’s a bit worse not having a club at all.

Die Hard Gunner

Did anyone of you saw the shot that Chamakh played that was stopped, i have not seen him in that kind of action in a long time, i bet the guy is good, once Mr “Arsenal-has-no-ambition” is out the door, the guy will be the name on everyone’s lips. IMAO!!! Wenger thanks for proving the next Cunt @ London Colney wrong.


Die hard Gooner funny you said about chamakhs shot as I said exactly the same thing yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve seen the guy put his laces through the ball in 2 years


My feeling we will gooner PL and CL silverware up coming season.