Friday, June 2, 2023

Wenger: Quartet to miss start of the season

Arsene Wenger has again refused to put a time scale on Jack Wilshere’s return from injury. The England international hasn’t played any football for nearly a year and having undergone surgery on both his knee and ankle is set to miss the start of the season.

Fellow midfielders Tomas Rosicky and Emmanuel Frimpong and right-back Bacary Sagna will also miss the opening weeks of the new term, although in more positive news the boss confirmed Mikel Arteta and Abou Diaby are fit.

Speaking to after announcing a weakened 24 man squad for the pre-season tour of Asia, Wenger gave an update on Wilshere:

“It is impossible to set a concrete deadline at the moment. But it is all OK. He is as quick as we expected him to be. His ankle is good and his knee is good. There is no set-back.

“It difficult to say ‘it will be this week in September or October’ when he is back in training. He has been out for a year and I don’t want to put any pressure on him.”

Touching on the state of the rest of his injured party, the boss continued:

“[Sagna] is doing very well. There are no problems there. But it will be the end of August for him. [Diaby] is fit, raring to go and will be on the tour. That is fantastic news for him and us.”

“It will be six to eight weeks until Rosicky is back in training. It was his [plantaris tendon], it was done at the Euros.”

“Emmanuel [Frimpong] is doing very well. It will be the end of September or perhaps into October for him.”

Having missed Euro 2012 with a shoulder problem, which looked like it could end his chances of a move from Arsenal, Lukasz Fabianski is also fit and will travel to Malaysia this afternoon.

For all too obvious reasons Robin van Persie has been excluded from the touring party and seemingly had his captaincy passed to Thomas Vermaelen.

The absence though of new boys Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud comes as something of a surprise after the boss hinted on Thursday that both would make their debuts on Tuesday against Malaysia.

“Some of them [will not go on tour] because they are too far behind to be competitive,” explained Wenger. “But most of them will go.

“The German players [Podolski and Mertesacker] are just back in training on Saturday so they will be late. Some players have to work on their fitness so are a bit behind, like Van Persie, like Koscielny, like Giroud, who came in later. They are not ready to play games.”

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A good attacking midfielder with real pedigree would stand us in stead I think for the start of the season so we aren’t short and have a strong squad


Unleash the Ox!


So just because he’s been below par after the injury means that he is a shit player?. Pleasd. I bet you nuts for dollars d.villa will struggle to regain form after that long lay off, so will wishere. Ganso is great, miles better than carzola and younger, not to mention he’s a samba boy. BONUS.


Dan, go have a lie down, please. It’s all a bit too much for you right now.


Cazorla? I can dream, can’t I?


Seriously?, you dream limit was carzolla. If you’re gunner dream atleast dream big. Say goetze, ganso etc


Sorry if my dream offends you, Dan. Please go fuck yourself and your dreams of players you’ve never seen play.

Cheers, and fuck you for trashing my dreams.


Oh i’m sorry, how do you know i’ve never seen them play?. Or are we married and it kinda slipped my mind that we tell each other everything. Twat!
Your dreams couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. So please aim higher.


Dan…. Go play football manager… I presume you are 11 years old or not very clever


What’s that you said santino?

Sorry, I dropped that fuck that I was just about to give.


Like I said…Not too inteligent.


Oh, hi Dan.

Hey, you now when you’re on a comments page and someone suggests, “hey, I like that player,” and some twat with shit for brains does the extremely predictable, “that player’s shit, [insert player name/s here] is better” like the other person is an idiot just for making the suggestion? Yeah, you get the picture.

Hint: You’re the twat in that scenario.

So Cazorla’s not good enough for you, is that it? I eagerly await your impressions of Ganso, whom you’ve watched, clearly. Don’t make me laugh, silly boy!


I happen to follow the brazillian league to the latter so when I mention ganso I really know what I’m talking about. As for goetze, we all know he’s a world class creative mid.
Dreaming doesn’t neccesarily have to be about what you’ve seen (We dream about flying horses, u seen one?) So it’s okay to expand your dreams beyond carzola. That’s all I meant.

Dream big!!!!!, you pleb!.



As someone who actually does watch the Brazilian league, you should know full well that Ganso has been shocking since his return from injury, and has tried to force a move out of Santos – hardly a player who is head and shoulders above Santi Cazorla, who was excellent last year.

Back to Football Manager 2012 with you.


Excellent last year but still no where near the international setup? Ironical much?. Infact, he used to be a regular but um where is he now. Do we want players at the club who are being dropped from the national team? or those who are promoted to the national team and are now regulars. Ganso, goetze, jovetic are way up there.
carzola, meh.


I happen to follow the brazillian league to the latter so when I mention ganso I really know what I’m talking about.


Bullshit alert!


Dan wrote: Do we want players at the club who are being dropped from the national team? === So this is your reasoning for picking Ganso over Cazorla? Look, you and I both know you’re lying when you say you watch the Brazilian league “to the letter”. You don’t. And don’t come on here again claiming that “yes I do because I married a Brazilian and he’s a great gay and we fuck while we watch football” because let’s face it, you’re just trying to save face, and it’s embarrassing. Thing is, by your reasoning, we shouldn’t be wasting our… Read more »


Haha seems bun knows me than I know myself. Good job. I’m starting to mysteriously believe that we are married and yell out everything I’ve been doing when we are having sex. You tree hugger!!.

I’d convince you some more but it’s clear you have your head way far up your arse to understand what i’m saying.

I rest my case, may you and carzola live happily ever after………

Good Omens

Wow. Really people what was that ^^ all about ? Did someone drop the tea at the WI ?


Quick recovery to wilshere and you rosicky you. I want that midfield as strong as ever for the new season. No collapses, just ascension to the title. COYG.


I damaged my plantar fascitis tendon, like Rosicky did. I could not run for an entire year and and did not play football for nearly three. It can still bother me to this day. Such an injury is commonly known as a heel spur, in severe cases they just remove the ligament entirely and your arch can collapse. Doctors and websites did not give me any hope, some people suffer the rest of their lives. When I heard this is what Rosicky got this summer I felt pretty bad for him. Probably he gets much better medical attention than the… Read more »


Thanks for the info my good man. Very much appreciated.
Let’s all hope our midfield engine gets well soon. Rosicky is a hardworking, very committed player of the red and white.


For pete’s sake don’t give the captaincy to Vermaelen. I propose giving it to Bendtner – can’t see any other way of getting someone to make an offer for him. Alternatively let’s keep Van Persie as captain – for ever. That way, this problem will be solved.


I just dont get it. Verma is a character but he doesn’t even a starter if he continues his woeful form. As a captain, he can make a tons of misakes without getting punished. Is he now a definite starter or what?

Merlin's Panini

hmm… surely the captaincy adds a certain amount of pressure and puts responsibility on his shoulders. I think we will see more of a leader in Vermaelen next season.
Although I would’ve preferred to see it given to Arteta or Sagna. I guess it’s a bit difficult to lead from right back though.

Dick Swiveller

He doesn’t make that many mistakes imo, I think people see the product of a sometimes lax midfield and a very pro-active player and automatically put it down as an error on Vermaelens part, being next to Koscielny and Per is going to make you look more error prone by comparison too.

For what this team needs, Vermaelen is the right captain but I couldn’t argue with Mertscielny being the better defence, it’s tough.


@merlin Philip Lahm doesn’t seem to have a problem with leading from Rb/Lb. I think Sagna could do it too



The sound of miranda’s sarcasm passing folks by.

Good Omens

I think Miranda was being a trifle toungue in cheek there, being that all our Captains seem to want out the summer after they get the armband. So by that virtue alone my vote goes too,…..step forward Captain Squid !

kiss my arsenal

hope diaby proves all the doubters wrong and has a great 12/13
wonder what the odds on an injury free season for diaby would be…worth a cheeky £5 anyway! or perhaps i could persuade cuntpersie to do anything for that fiver…herd he’s willing to do anything for an extra few £, even turn his back on those who once idolised him……


Diaby is shite


So was Wilshere last year. It seems to me that its hard to show your talent when your injured.


No, you’re shit.


Wilshere =>DANS (definetly a new signing)
Diaby=> well, just diaby ( hope he pulls a rvp though, without the fucking off at the end of the season ofcourse)
Sagna, frimmers, rosicky=> LANS

Good to go.

sexy steve

Good move for Arsenal FC to have there new signings and some other internationals at home training with Rvp to maybe change is mind to stay,and Man City will be on the tour aswell so hands off lol 😉

Borneo Gooner

Now that most of our creative midfielders are out, it’s time to put Arshavin where he belongs! Behind the striker!


Except he hasnt travelled either!


What f#ck is wrong with jack out for full season and 2-3 more months


The f#ck


looks like we desperately need a creative mid.i would be happy if we buy one,hold robin to his contract,re-sign kos,sagna,theo,song over the next season.keep miyaichi,park,fabianski..sell arshavin,chamakh,TGSTEL,squid. get rosicky,jack,ramsey and diaby back to their prime. am i asking for too much? SZCZ,sagna,kos,verm,santos,song,arteta,jack,poldi,rvp,giroud. say whatever you want about RVP i will keep dreaming about this starting line up until he leaves. also just look at the bench.. fabianski,merts,gibbs,gervinho,theo,chambo,rosicky,diaby it has taken us so much time to build such a team.we have always looked like we could go all the way with that one new signing.we have podolski and giroud which is good.damn… Read more »


You forgot the Ox!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He must be that one more signing!!!!! Hey, we’re going to win the League!! Yay!!!!


I agree a creative midfielder is a must dosnt have to break the bank. i taught dzagoev would have been perfect but cska wont let him leave, diaby would be a huge plus “if” he somehow stays injury free!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You taught Dzagoev? Are you willing to sign for Arsenal?


Mr wenger knowing this,you need to act fast to avoid what hapend at the start of last season

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Two players bought already. Not fast enough for you?


Ramgooner, bang on mate but just can’t see a midfielder coming.
Now with jack set to Miss the start and no knowing when he will return a midfielder is essential.
Jutst hope we don’t handicap ourselves again by not making the signings we need.


We need 2 more signings for sure, a cam and a defensive mid. Ideally cazorla and m’vila (i can dream). I doubt either of fabianski or mannone are leaving, no real reports of interest in them. So no keepers incoming. In defence, djourou seems to be staying. Also, with bartley’s promotion, coq’s aility to play rb and gibbs’ non-selection for team GB means the only likely exit is Squilacci. Even if he stays, i don’t see im as part of the 25 man squad. The midfield seems shaky. We need a CAM and a DM. Coquelin will fill in at… Read more »

big black clock

It seems like we are going to bid for Carzola, and that would be excellent cause it will keep Ramsey and Rosicky on their toes. I don’t expect Wilshere to play a great part in our next season, I want him played slowly and cautiously.

And Diaby, oh boy, how awesome would it be if he stayed fit for the whole season. He has world class talent, and I’m not even exaggerating. Hope to see him boss Hazard out of the field.

Dick Swiveller

Especially with this team, and in the Premiership, Diaby could be immense.

I’m not holding my breath though.


Carzola’s best position is as winger (possible Theo replacement) but he did play in the centre for Malaga. He would be a good signing none the less. If he’s available Arsene should go for Honda for around 12mil. He is made for Arsenal’s style of play.


Ya, he’s got a great engine.


We need to sign two players ….creative mid and a top forward. If Wenger waits for everyone to be fit, we’ll be out of the running by end of Sept.
If he puts his faith in Rosicky, Diaby, Arteta and Wilshere being fit soon we are fucked.

What the eff

It seems like everyone’s missed the most important part of the story:

“right-back Bacary Sagna will also miss the opening weeks of the new term”

That is fucking huge.


Yeah, exactly man. The guy is solid as a rock now let’s just hope jenkinson is up for the challenge.


not so sure about him being solid as a rock. i mean, i love the guy and i’ll probably never forget what he did to sp*ds, but defensively he wasn’t always great, methinks. hoping Jenks will take his chance.


let the coq start the season on the right, he looked better than jenkinson, but who knows maybe jenkinson has imrpoved a great deal.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


“Diaby is fit, raring to go”

But for how long?


Always with those negative vibes let’s all think positive toughts for Diaby.




Need a Right back (not sure), Centre midfielder (M’Villa) & maybe someone in the fabregas role to play behind the striker??…thatisall…!


we wont buy a rb ,we will drop someone there or maybe a loan with jenkinson playing until bacary comeback
,i would like another DM push Song a little more foward , another creative player who can play wide ,if we can loose the unwanted (park,bendy,chamak,squid,rvp)out 2 more player and we good to go


Arteta should be Captain for 18-24 months…until Jack is ready.


Don’t think jack is mature enough to be captain, he hasn’t really been with the team that long but he’s definetly one for the future.

He’s a wenger type/fabregas captain.


Wenger’s first interview in English

Sounded less French than he does now!

[…] the club has revealed that four players will not start the new campaign courtesy of their injury woes (via Arseblog News). The Denchster, Emmanuel Frimpong is still […]

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