Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Alex Song and agent caught lap dancing outside Camp Nou

So it looks as though Barcelona’s interest in Alex Song is real.

It’s not so much that they want him as a girlfriend – the one they really want to settle down with is Javi Martinez – it’s that having watched him flash a little teat they’ve decided he might be worth a one night stand.

Of course they’ve been here before. They took Emmanuel Petit for a spin; they even dimmed the lights and got jiggy with Alex Hleb. Now, with last orders nearly upon them, they’ve had a look around and decided that the Cameroon midfielder is the best of what is left in the bar.

Does Song mind? Does he fuck…he thinks he’s about to get loaded. So rich in fact that he’s actually excited by the curb crawling morons who’ve turned off the headlights and are wolf whistling in his direction.

First there were the sycophantic words of the grubby Sergio Busquets, next up it’s Andres Iniesta trying not to gag on his own drool.

“I know Song from seeing him play, and from playing against him,” he said with eyes lustfully widening. “Technically he is very good and is also very strong physically too.”

“If he comes it would be because he has the qualities to play here, there is little doubt about that, and we’d welcome him.”

It seems a sad state of affairs that a player who was utterly abject when he first started at the Emirates appears happy to sever relations with the one man who believed in him.

Wenger has yet to go on record about the matter, but it doesn’t take a genius to suspect that he’s probably fed up to the back teeth with agents pimping out his players in the hope of lining their pockets as quickly as possible.

What will become of Song? Who knows and frankly who cares? If he leaves for Barcelona there’s a fair chance he’ll be relegated to the bench, get frustrated, spend most of his contract on loan and end up plying his trade in some mid-table Euro backwater. But at least he’ll be rich for a while…

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*insert insult about Barca here&


Is barca a club?
Sounds like a bus of cunts heading to cuntiverse.

I love my womans barca.

On a scale of one to barca, how much of a cunt is na$ri?


Beasley Green

Agreed – Barca are class-less cunts who get away with murder in the press, and it would be mighty rich of Song to start pushing for a move after all AW’s support. But can someone clarify whether Song has actually done anything wrong yet? After all, these quotes are from Barca, and although I expect his agent has been putting in some extra hours here I’m reluctant to turn against Song just yet (especially having spent 50 quid on his shirt in 09/10… take note Alex)

49! eat that

This lot are a special bunch of midgets if iniesta thnks song is that special may be he should go toss his salad. Really beginning to hate barca


Can someone in the know confirm whether MR DEIN is the agent for any other Arsenal player apart from SONG. His father had a hand in building the club but his son appears to be breaking it down,,,brick by brick. Or is this inquiry just me being paranoid.
AND BY THE WAY …what happened to M’VILLA who was 99% done…


99% jibberish by media.


Makes me wonder. If Usmanov’s Red & White was on the board and by implication David Dein, would Darren Dein be so eager to hawk Arsenal’s best players around Europe?

Do I smell conspiracy? I hate to think this but the dots are begging to be connected.


I just want to throw this one out there. wouldnt it be superb if we sold song to barca for 20m then went out and bought there 1st choice martinez instead as athletico would rather sell to us cheaper than see him go to barca!!


Is this a joke?


I’m sorry Song but you are not the chosen one. You can leave if you want. Take Squillaci, Arshavin, Bendtner, Djouro with you to Camp Nou.
Everything above is based on the rumours that HE himself has put this into spinning. If that is not true, I still fancy him a good player and want him to stay.

It is what it is

Agreed. I constantly overlook his defensive frailties/positioning because of his enthusiasm/’creativity’. Season before last, he was immense. Last season, he let it go a tad and decided to be more creative. I’m all for total football and all rounders but, you have got to excel at your speciality. Now he has the Catalan calling… Arsenal will always evolve. There are replacements out there and within the squad. The Coq and Pong – age wise – are better than Song was at their respective ages. One thing I know is that neither Arsene nor Arsenal put this into motion. Barcelona are… Read more »


hahahah SOng to barcelona – what a dumb idiot – who the hell in their right mind would want to pay money for this buffoon? I pray to god this is true – even if they offer us 7million we should send him packing…excellent bit of news.


Are you for real. I hope he stays but if the money is right 20m£ (3 times what you seem to think) then lets sell and replace.


Barca can’t afford song. This is the arsenal ffs. No more charity auctions to barcuntlona, song doesn’t have barca DNA so you won’t be getting.any sympathy transfers anymore. Pay up or go back to sniffing each others Catalan assholes. Who the fuck is tito vilanova anyways? I’m sure there will be zero chance of beating mourinho even if they do have that midget cunt playing out wide.


On another note, anyone else see arsenal.coms picture gallary of Germany training camp? Massive emphasis on showing santi but also rvp? We are still waiting on that apology mate…… August 18th is around the corner….


Are you for real. I hope he stays but if the money is right 20m£ + (3 times what you seem to think) then lets sell and replace.

Der Springer

I think you are confused about who is the “dumb idiot”. It clearly is you. Last season Song had a hand in more Arsenal goals than his already impressive Assist record shows. He did have the tendency to turn the ball over unnecessarily but, given that Song has improved greatly from one season to the next, I think that he capable of overcoming that shortcoming.


Is this the guy sucking RVP dick on another site? I think you need help.


trolling and running is a fell any on this site, and this 2 bit troll is heading down a one way street to jail!- in american voice from world’s craziest police chases


Err.. Xavi or Busquets. Who’s the bigger c**n


Dani Alves is the biggest cunt at Barcelona!


its got to be biscuits, xavi was only reaaaly a cunt during the cesc saga, biscuits operates on cunt mode at all times of the day, except of course on matchday’s, when he olympic diving gold medalist for spain.

Cygan in Japan

Nah man Pique is the biggest cunny by FAR and Puyol. Alves is a master of cuntiness too.


chavi- so slimy


Just as I was started to get excited for the new season again.

God dammit Barca, would you fuck off?

Der Springer

I’m still excited for the new season.

If Barcelona are coming with a boat load of money way above his valuation then I would be happy to sit down with them for a beer. If the offer is not for what we want then they can fuck off.


who the fuck give this comment a thumb down? I guess we got a visit from barca cunt.


I have big thumbs and I’m using a phone. Went for the thumb up but oops.ended up on the thumb down. Sorry!.

Very useful in the bedroom though.

Cygan's Anal Beads

It’s because it shows fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to Barcelona.


The last paragraph sums it up perfectly.
Song is the one player I wouldn’t be sad to see to the back of assuming of course we replace him with better quality. Without another signing, we’re a bit thin although we have some great young players who could become the future midfield boss ; Le Coq, Frimpong et all


Perhaps it’d pave the way for M’Vila?

Personally, I wouldn’t want to see Song leave – he’s a talented, talented defensive midfielder – but if he wants to fuck off, then fuck him. And fuck Barca.

Mr. G

I still have very mixed feelings over Song. He’s certainly a very good player on his day, shields the back four well, and chips a glorious ball over the top of the opposition’s defence for RVP/Walcott to hammer in. On the other hand, there are times when he focuses too much on attacking, ignoring his defensive duties at the cost of the team (and often forcing the more attack-minded Arteta to stay behind), and the majority of his glory balls over the top of the opposition defence often result in nothing but wasted possession. That’s Song in a nutshell. Only… Read more »


If Song leaves, and we get Sahin from Real Madrid, we may see a very different attacking style from our team next season.


@Mr. G

I wonder how much of his recent attacking tendencies are due to tactical instruction. Post-Cesc we had an obvious gap in central creativity, and I wouldn’t be surprised if AW told Song to expand that part of his game.

If that’s true, I’d expect Song to play a more traditional defensive role with the arrival of Cazorla and, if it happens, Sahin.

Forza Gunners

Its a misconception to think of Arteta as an attacking midfielder, he himself has said that he was understudy to Pep, which means that he was a midfielder that recycled possession, dictated tempo and spread the play, a conventional Central midfielder. His role now is what he was trained to do. However you put him into Everton and he becomes their most skilful midfielder thus he attacks. However, on the flip side he becomes more rounded of a player and thus able to affect play on many different levels. Making him a good player, he is 29 and has come… Read more »

Fergie the Gooner

I still think that out of our starting eleven that Song is one of the most replaceable players, especially when looking at who we’ve bought, LANS and some of the younger players we have coming through like Le Coq and Frimpong.

I wouldn’t be too worried if we lost him, especially if the money’s good. It might even make that M’Vila rumour a reality…


There’s no escaping it- all footballers, to a man, are cunts.

big black clock

Nah, only David Dein’s clients are cunts. Rmb, Wilshere, Santos, and Sagna are all footballers too. Gives me hope.


Every player who has this greedyfckingcntsorryexcuseofanman dein as his agent should be forced to get rid of him or be put into the reserves. I’m really getting pissed off, every player he represents goes to either barca of mancity. >:(


Dennis Bergkamp.

It is what it is

All footballers are capable of being cunts.
Some, uber cunts……nanas


Song is surplus to us now anyway. Arteta is our holding player and Cazorla is 10x the player Song is to create and score goals. With Jack fit, Song wouldn’t even start. And he won’t even get a kick at Barca. Sell him, take cash and Affellay and watch him rot there like Hleb and Petit and Henry. Even Cesc can’t be that happy anymore, played half the games, was ineffective in the system, and didnt win a title or Champions Lge.

Arsenal’s midfield 2012/13


Utter b/s. Song is in germany with the rest of the squad and you are here talking as if you never even knew him.

Improper fan!!!.


He’s already rich. Rich as fuck, to put it crudely.


Fuck him and fuck Barca. A young unknown plying his trade at Bastia until Wenger made him. He’s definitely replaceable and could be a nice little earner for us. 20 million and (fingers crossed) Sahin, a far more accomplished player, comes in on loan. Getting very moist at the thought of our squad for next season, with or without Song and RVP.


Jon, you obviously have not heard of Saint John Terry. His Dad sold my girl coke, while his Mum nicked her phone out of her handbag and JT himslef was humping her leg. Are the actions of a cunt from a cunt family?

God-bless JT


So there’s absolutely nothing implicating Song in wanting to sign for Barcelona? Then what the Hell is with all of this vitriol towards one of our most consistent midfielders?


We need a rally to restore sanity,

Der Springer

I totally agree. On a day when one of our best signings ever was made official we are shitting all over a great Gunner based on a rumour.


Take £20m and go spend £12m on M’Vila as a replacement.


Stop with the M’vila hype. Go and watch more Ligue 1 footie.


And then come back 10 years later, that’s if it will have reached our level.


This article doesn’t work as journalism or comedy… what is it?

And now – as predicted – morons who believe everything they read abusing Song for the crime of having a player at another club say that he’s a good player.


The article does not even mention whether or not Song desires a move to Barcelona, and the vitriol flows like fine wine, only it doesn’t get better as it ages. It’s an embarrassment.


I agree. I hate Barcelona as much as any self-respecting Gooner, but what Sergio and Iniesta are doing (talking about Song) is virtually no different than what Arteta and Arsene did (talking about Cazorla). Let’s take it easy with the hypocrisy

big black clock

Arsene talked about Cazorla? Oh yea he said something like “We are not interested in Cazorla” a week before we signed him.


He actually said “who is cazorla?”.

So I would like him next to say “who is javi garcia?”


A cursory reading of the article leaves one with an impression that he’s courting Barca interest, which doesn’t sit well. Those may not be the facts, but since when did facts have anything to do with football, drama, or blogging? Or (especially) dramatic football blogging?


Precisely. The ‘caught lap dancing’ headline implies that Song personally has been actively flirting with Barca. What evidence have you got that he has? And if none at all, what purpose is served by whipping up suspicion and hatred? You’re entitled to your low opinion of Song as a player, and a careful analysis of what you see as his defects on the pitch would be fine. Articles like this, however, together with the some of the remarks about Song in his early years in the team – I remember this site suggesting he wasn’t good enough to put on… Read more »

Fede Ortiz de Zárate

Totally agree with you. Please Blogs, just stick to the facts, otherwise you are just playing with your readers and confusing them.

Save 75 cents

Let the Dench rain down upon The Emirates!


erm..hmmm…what exactly song did wrong here? Why such an offebsive headline. U don’t even quote song on this matter. It’s a bit retarded really, do u realize this article and volatile headline might turn half the fanbase against song? DO YOU?

Danish Bergkamp

Agree! I enjoy reading this blog, but I think this post is below usual (high) standards. I’m not sure Arseblog News is that influential but, the post seems unbalanced and unnecessary. I rate Song. He works very well in the team. Players come and go – if the price and timing is right and he doesn’t act like Nasri when he leaves then, no problem.

Der Springer

Yeah. It’s almost like Arseblog news was hacked by Barcelona or worse yet, by Usmanov.

Anthony Iyamah

I just saw a picture of an arsenal player in Germany with jersey number 33. Who is this player? Please somebody should help me out. Another signing?


That is Serge Gnarby. A talented young German midfielder that we signed from Stuttgart a couple of years ago.


U lot r a bunch of cunts. Song was one of the most productive players last season. One of the beat and most consistent we Have had for the past few seasons and an integral member of the squad. U fucking dogs cocks believe everything u see and hear in the media. Where are the FUCKING QUOTES from song or wengers mouth that any of it is true. Where is the proof song wants to go? If it was down to cunts like u, we would have no manager, no players and we’d still be at highbury. Suck a long… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

If he wants the keep on with the wicked assists he has my support and if he wants to become another Flamini he has my support as well.

But a couple of things to keep in mind:
This kind of “news” doesn’t get there on its own.
Song, RvP, etc pay someone to make this noise.


Because newspapers have ethics and never make up stuff out of their ass?


“Song, RvP, etc pay someone to make this noise”
What do you know? They have agents, who may act in their own interests, which is to make noise to secure a transfer, much of the money from whcih goes to them, or to secure a new larger contract, again, much of the money from which goes to them.
This is just what the Judge is saying – you don’t know what you’re talking about

Gandalf's Kebab

If, by stirring up shit, agent is not acting fully in players interest then why don’t they sack the player?

If I had some mouthy cunt making my club and supporters suspicious of my loyalty I know what I would do.

Gandalf's Kebab

er,.. “sack the agent”


Darrein dein and his bloody vendetta against arsenal..


That comment really was an incredible read. Poetic.


Well i’ll be a FUCKING LONG DICK SUCKING CUNT of a monkeys DOG COCK CUNT uncle at FUCKING Highbury, this CUNT might be RIGHT!!!


Very well said. this unwarranted vitriol towards one of our best midfielders could cause him to go to another club or lower his performance next season. Also song is not naturally a defensive midfielder he has been forced to play there due to his size and physicality. He is a very skilled player and can play almost every position on the pitch.

Sagna's leg

he was a cb before he became a midfielder


Couldn’t agree more.


Judging song harshly just because he has a cunt for an agent is wrong. Taken from bastia at a tender age, grown to be one of our best and most consistent players and.he’s Still only 24 mind you.
I’d be gutted to loose him as he’s one of the players who has really grown on me.

Gandalf's Kebab

I think Barca are mistaking him for Bizarro-Song. You know him – the one with anything like the positional discipline that they require.

And can the board just ban Darren Dein? Dodgy Dave’s satanic cumbubble is clearly poison to the club-player relationship.

Having such an agent shit things up year after year is surely the best incentive to Get Rid


My suspicion is that this is posturing to sign him next year, when he’ll have one year left on his contract.

I know he gave us some eye candy in the form of assists, but losing a DM that often fails to cover for the back line is hardly a disaster.


Song’s contract is up in 2015.

Fede Ortiz de Zárate

That’s what John Cross said… which I think is total bullshit.


I may be the only one here that thinks Alex Song is a very good player. Countless times when our back four have been breached, Song has been our fifth defender, putting in that last ditch tackle and saving us from a clear strike on goal.
Yes, he is not perfect but when he is on song (see what I did here, sigh), he is mighty.

Der Springer

I think one of the reasons people say he is a shitty DM is because they think that he was playing as a DM last season. I am pretty sure part of his role as assigned by AW involved going forward and creating chances which he did to great effect. There was a tactical error that there was no cover defensively and we often got caught out. If Song was directed to be a pure DM then I think he could do that and do it well but would we want that since Song provided a significant portion of our… Read more »


FIFA/UEFA should fine/ban players/managers from opposition teams (what is effectively) tapping up other players.
Of course, that would require them to grow some testicles first.


Difficult for FIFA, but UEFA just need a sex change operation and turning upside-down, as they already have a massive cunt at the top.


Difficult for us Gooners to call for that even after the years of tap-tappy-up from Man C*ty and B*rca… Comments made by Arteta and others inside the Arsenal camp about Cazorla are of a similar mold. Still, though, the inaction from UEFA over the Cesc saga is nothing in comparison to our previous pseudo-taps.

One vital thing to remember each transfer window: Individual players come and go, but the Arsenal always remains.


arteta did that with cathorla, so we would break the rules too, but still fuck barca, fuck those mother fucking spanish fucks

Bob Smith

I agree with many this does feel a bit hard to believe to be honest and because I watching Song over the years has made me really like the guy I’m not saving the judgement.

Even if he were thinking about it, it just doesn’t make sense, I feel inserting Hlebs “leaving Arsenal was the worst decision I ever made”.
He was beyond awful when he came from Bastia. with many other players you could say they would have maybe come good by some fluke, but Arsene basically made him, AW deserves more respect than that.


Fuck Song.. Hes very good but replaceable. We have lost bigger and come out stronger. If he thinks this is how he repays Wenger – the only man to trust in a crap 17 yr old. let him get lost.

Wanyama, M’Vila and a ton of other folks who can replace him..

Song’s biggest mistake will be if he believes the Songinho hype

Persie out, arsenal lives

I think keeping our best players is the priority here not trying to see if we can replace them.

Santi Caz

Those pretending Song was not integral to our team last season are kidding themselves. That being said, he is not replaceable by any means. If the interest is concrete, we need at least enough from his sale to bring in M’Villa or Capoue. Arteta Wilshere or Sahin if he comes in are not physical enough. Coq not quite there I don’t think, although I would not completely surprised if this was his breakthrough season (assuming he gets a run of games). We NEED physicallity in the middle of the park. Arteta I love but he is not that physical presence.… Read more »


Agreed Mr Cum, I assume these are just negotiation tactics for a new deal. I, for one, wouldn’t want him to leave, not only has he blossomed into a good defensive midfielder, but he also fills in at CB when the Arse want to attack in the last 10 mins (or everyone’s injured, which is more often than the former). Why can’t everyone be happy with us just hanging on to our players and putting out a settled eleven – plus we’ve just brought in 3 and possibly 1 one more. It’s like Henry said, the 2001-2 winning team was… Read more »


In all seriousness I think Arseblog should take this one down. Song hasn’t said anything amd all this article does is vindicate what those big-mouthed diving fucks at Barca are saying. Why pay attention to it?!?! Just say “fuck you” to them for once..


you’re right.
i think that cunt dein has something to do with all these song rumours.maybe he knows theo and van persie are not gonna song is next on his list.


Nah it gives me a chance to say this atleast once in a while.

“fuck barcelona”- the staff, the manager, the palyers, the stadium, and bisquits most certainly!!. Oh and alves too.


i just want to see Wenger trashing slapping that darren dein and the players who sign with him.


Arseblog, is it me or are the pages loading extremely slowly because of server issues or too many people visiting the site because of the Cazorla Effect and now this article?

Steady ping to other sites though, but well…


Can we not ban our players from having Darren Dein as an agent?


Why the disappointment? Why the animosity towards him? He over achieved last season. We have been blinded by his double digit assist figures but guys he’s supposed to be our “DM” this is partly one of the reasons we conceded so many goals last season. Not just because x player was injured. I’ve never been his biggest fan. I respect his attacking contribution but less we forget the guy was supposed to be our midfield spoiler instead of our number “10”. I won’t be too upset should he leave. My sentiments should he leave are similar to that of when… Read more »


Sorry, but who said he’s supposed to be our DM? Did Wenger say that?


THANK YOU! Why do people always make that assumption? It’s enfuriating. Just because he’s big doesn’t make him a defensive midfielder, less so our MAIN defensive midfielder, nor the one to take the bulk of the blame for every bloody goal that goes in.
Arteta played more centrally and deeper last season, – why didn’t people notice that?!

Der Springer

DM was obviously not his role last season. Maybe with the signing of Cazorla and the eventual return of Wilshere he may be asked to be a 100% DM again. Last season we needed his offence.


Just because he is our “DM” and we conceited a lot of goals last season does not make it his fault. By my count there no more than three goals that you could attribute as a direct result of song abandoning his position, going to far forward, or even giving the ball away. And it would be a cesc style blow to our chances of winning silverware. Without song in our squad last year we were a mid-level club and RVP doesn’t even crack 25 goals.

Connor Lynch

I wont bother to correct people who have abused Song on here, thankfully some level-headed gooners have one that for me, but I will say what a pointless article this is. 
The quotes are about a week old, and thats all they are, quotes. 
There is nothing else t suggest Barca interest and literally nothing to say Song would even leave. E
specially since he is in Germany now with the squad.

Once again, dunny why you posted this, we announced Cazorla today, not exactly a slow news day is it?

Ps. I dont know if it is posturing for next year, his contract is until 2015, remember.

Lawrence Hunt

Song is a great character and he has improved copious amounts over the last couple of seasons. However, he is too often a liability, we go into every game knowing that he’s going to get booked, normally in the first half of games, leaving us biting our nails for the rest of the match. He trips people up for fun. He has too much adventure for a supposed defensive midfielder and he is seldom positioned where he should be, which is in front of the back four. Arteta does the most defensive work in midfield by a country mile, and… Read more »


Has anyone surrounding Song or at Arsenal said anything? Or is it just Barca doing their shitty media pandering? I would actually be very concerned if Song left, I think he’s one of the best Defensive Mids in the Prem, especially when you can get him to play it. I guess if we replaced him with M’Villa it’d be alright, but why speculate on a new different player when we’ve already got a very good one.


Song ain’t going anywhere!


Loyal reader for many years but can’t help but feel that Arseblog is letting itself down with this article. It does nothing but add to the hysterical gossiping that surrounds us all during this time of the year. On a day when we’ve nailed one of the best pieces of business for a few years, why feel the need to add to the hysteria that so often surrounds the club with regards to transfer business in this day and age? Poor article, aggressive and ill informed. I expect better from Arseblog.

Der Springer

Well said Eusebio.


It seems like it might have been supposed to be satire, but it was just totally botched.

Connor Lynch

I have a feeling it was meant to be funny, but as Ive come to expect from any article written by Aallen, it was spectacularly unfunny. 


“What becomes of song who knows and frankly who cares?” o_O Your treatment of a player who has shown nothing but loyalty to arsenal football club is honestly disgusting Mr. Blogs this is exactly the kind of attitude that helped to push adebayor out the door, fans jeering him on the hype of perceived interest without him having expressed any desire to leave. I emplore everyone to calm down and see how this plays out rather than making assumptions about his and arsene wenger’s stance “he thinks he’s about to get rich”? what kind of speculative rubbish is this? I’ve… Read more »


Dont know about song he has been good and hardworking no doubt but dont compare this situation to adebayor that cunt kept on flirting with other clubs and his statements were awful and so was his performance that cunt deserved jeering for the lack of effort pff. he put up on the field.

Pong of the OxCoq

They say every cloud has a silver lining…. If Song goes to Barca, we won’t have to deal with loosing him during the ACON & sit around with clenched sphincters in the hope that he doesn’t get injured, catch a disease or develop a case of the ‘Gervinho’s’….


Unless we replace him with Frimpong.

Der Springer

Players come and players go. I find it ridiculous that almost every player leaving (or rumoured to be leaving) by their own choice becomes a useless piece of shit overnight. It works both way; players are made to leave by management when they are no longer deemed worthy. (Peres being an example) Is everyone in management a dickhead as well? If AFC gets full value and the transfer is conducted properly then disappointed would be the my primary emotion. Na$ri is a prick because of the manner in which he and his agent conducted negotiations. I love Alex Song and… Read more »


Don’t want Song to go and I don’t think he will either..
However a little bit of silver lining is that it would free up the #17 shirt for Cazorla which is a far nicer prospect for him than getting a squad number in the 30’s or having the only vacant low number which is the freed-up #13

die barca die

Anyone up for a vigilante group?

20,000 gooners head to Barcelona and massacre all their scum bag players one by one.

Dibs on pulling out Xavi’s fingers nails, thenn stuffing a towel down his throat, forcing him to swallow before yanking it back out!


I think I’ll stay home and not be a mental, thanks.

die barca die

I was being cynically evil in a jokey manner. As if I actually would like to do this.
Wouldn’t bat an eyelid if very bad things happened to any of them though (that goes from players to higher ups) because they are all terrrible people.

Personally I think a grown man with ‘THEREISBEARCUM’ as his monkier is pretty mental. What are you, 12?

Bear Cum – hahahahahahahahaaha – nonce.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“die barca die” thinks THEREISBEARCUM is a mental name?


Why so harsh on Song? He’s always done his bit. I think he has the ability to go from hero-to-zero more quickly than most because of his position and because of the system we play. He is talented, has never uttered a wrong word, and looks like he just gets about his business, and he is well liked by his teammates by all accounts.

If he leaves, so be it, but why so harsh?


Because most Arsenal fans are sick of seeing players who have been developed and supported by Arsenal football club, and specifically by Wenger, repay the club by fucking off at the first opportunity to make more money. They destabilise the team, and force constant rebuilding. Football is a team game but all these cunts do is think about themselves and their bank balance.

If they don’t want to play in red and white, then they can fuck off.


Yeah, but even RVP doesn’t get this. Song hasn’t done a thing, and people react with such scorn to newspaper stories. It’s absurd.
At least direct your scorn at Iniesta or Busquets because Song hasn’t done anything.


It’s a job. There are ways to go about it and there are ways to be a cunt (see Nasri, RvP and soon to be Walcott). What has Song ever said a bad or sideways word? If he has, I’d love to know about it.

They are Gunners. Not all are Gooners. Nothing wrong with that.


The Devil once proposed a football game to Saint Peter.

“Certainly,” said Saint Peter, “but where do you think you’re going to get any good players?”

“No problem,” said Satan. “Who do you think has all the agents?”


why don’t Inesita and Busquets (who would welcome his arrival at the nou camp) and the rest of those 2 inch tall Spanish fucking dwarfs fuck off and keep their squeaky little voices to themselves, Song ain’t going nowhere, and in the event that Wenger decides to deal with Barca once more, tell them they can have him for 25 million plus Thiago and Tello, and then lets see how serious they are about getting the best defensive midfielder in the premiership.

Santi Caz

Erm… I am one of those 2 inch tall Spaniard dwarfs with a squeaky voice… and I just signed…so this is awkard…


You guys ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till next summer when after a half-decent , relatively injury-free season, Diaby wants to join Real Madrid. LOL.

the only sam is nelson

attacking Song on the basis of this speculative story?

reminds me of those spuds abusing Sir Chris Hoy after they hilariously lost at Mordor thanks to the referee



Please Blog can you stop posting anything about Bacelona? I sincerely hate that club with all my heart! Thank you sir!!!


But those cunts could get on my good side if they tapped up yaya Toure instead.


Song z a very good player,we dont any replacement,we still song,Barca leave arsenal alone u av taken hleb,henry,fab,etc. Leave song alone. PASCIITO


Actually after what i said eariler… In all fairness where is the proof any barca player made these statements either?? To be honest, whenever anyone from the media are 100% telling the truth, they always “quote” the person in question for what they have said. Anything else is just pure speculation. Quoting a person when its not true triggers lawsuits which is why most of them dont do it, this is because there stories are usually speculative bullshit or recycled rumours. If you hear this story on sky sports news, start to belive it otherwise fuck It off and carry… Read more »

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