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Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland: By the Numbers

204 – Games played for Arsenal by Alex Song
10 – Goals scored for Arsenal by Alex Song
24 – Assists for Arsenal by Alex Song
15 – Millions of reasons Arsene sold Alex Song

League Leaders (for now)
119 – Passes completed by Mikel Arteta¹
7 – Chances created by Santi Cazorla¹
1 – Through balls by Santi Cazorla¹ (tied with 4 others, including Keiran Richardson)
1 – Chances created by Gervinho
10 – Successful dribbles by Gervinho¹
20 – Attempted dribbles by Gervinho¹
3 – Successful dribbles by Santi Cazorla
8 – Number of times an Arsenal player successfully dribbled past Lee Cattermole¹
6 – Interceptions by Lee Cattermole¹
3 – Number of times an Arsenal player successfully dribbled past each of Gardner, Colback, and O’Shea
6 – Successful tackles by Craig Gardner¹
4 – Turnovers by Stéphane Sessegnon¹ (Tied with Le Fondre, Bale, Sigurdsson, and Cisse)
70 – Percent of possession by Arsenal¹
23 – Shots by Arsenal¹
4 – Shots by Sunderland
0 – Shots by Sunderland in the second half
702 – Passes attempted by Arsenal¹
90 – Percent of passes completed by Arsenal¹
23 – Passes completed by Santi Cazorla in the Sunderland final third in the second half²
35 – Passes completed by Sunderland in the Arsenal final third all game
6 – Through balls by Arsenal¹
661 – Short passes by Arsenal¹
28 – Successful tackles by Sunderland¹
22 – Interceptions each by Arsenal and Sunderland¹
9 – Fouls by Sunderland¹

Game Stats
4 – Shots by Santi Cazorla²
3 – Shots by Aaron Ramsey
3 – Number of times each of Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla were dispossessed (6 total)
104 – Touches by Santi Cazorla
33 – Touches by Aaron Ramsey
1 – Successful aerial duels (of 3) by Thomas Vermaelen
0 – Successful aerial duels (of 1) by Per Mertesacker
100 – Percent of Mertesacker and Vermaelen’s duels they won on defense
8 – Headers won by Arsenal in their half (of 13 attempts)
4 – Headed clearances by Arsenal (of 5 attempts)
100 – Szczesny save percentage
0 – Accurate crosses or through balls by Gervinho
5 – Attempted crosses and through balls by Gervinho
0 – Shots on target by Gervinho
4 – Shots attempted by Gervinho
4 – Total number of times Gervinho gave the ball to Sunderland
4 – Total number of times Diaby gave the ball to Sunderland
4 – Tackles by Mikel Arteta³
5 – Interceptions by Kieran Gibbs³
6 – Effective clearances by Gibbs and Jenkinson (of 7 attempts)
0 – Attempted clearances by any other Arsenal player
6 – Effective clearances by Carlos Cuellar²
10 – Number of Sunderland players who attempted to clear the ball
2 – Number of weeks I’m guessing Andres Vilas-Boas has left in his job


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¹ Leads the League
² Led both teams
³ Led his team

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7pm kickoff

7am rocks!!


Second that!


0- no. of times Podolski did anything impressive/ vaguely elegant

Adam, Watford

0 : number of times Walcott gave him any decent service.

1 : number of times I saw Walcott shoot into the side netting instead of squaring to Podolski

1 : the number of chances Cazorla nicked off his toe ( not a criticism, particularly )

lots : the number of goals I expect Podolski to score once the team gels and understand each others play better.




Adam: That chance, where Walcott simply had to tap it back across goal for Poldi to tap in, had me going crazy! Is there a player in the premiership that can cause this frustration, and still make me uneasy about selling him? I’m not sure there is! Consistent in patches… One thing that was very encouraging to see was Poldis movement. He seemed to always arrive just in time, for when a cross was on, and was happy to drop deep at times, and try to hold and turn the ball for our speedy wingers. Definately agree that we could… Read more »


Oh puuhhhleease. His movement was awful. Hes the new Ramsey. Anyway when you consider that we’ll sell Ramsey in 2 seasons, the moment he starts to become decent, I’m not sure it’s such a bad thing. FUCK THE BOARD

Adam, Watford

Bob, in addition, Podolski was certainly not impressed by Theo’s decision making. It backs up the view that RvJudas made theo look good. It seems other clubs have worked it out too, hence the lack of big name offers streaming in for him.

Theo’s response to Poldi ? Not so much as a sorry from the pictures I saw. I say he knuckles down and improves his game or he might find himself at West Ham . . . * shiver *

Adam, Watford

Gunner 16.

I will not feed your troll. Suffice to say that ramsey needs to pack his shooting boots before leaving his house and getting on the bus to the Emirates for the game. Only then will he be good enough, as you predict, to be sold. Until thsat day, he is very definitely a Gooner, rather than a goner.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Adam, you know why Podolski was giving Walcott those disappointed looks? It’s because in Germany he only saw the highlights of most Arsenal matches, so in two out of every three games he didn’t think Walcott was playing. Now he’s suddenly realised that Walcott plays every game, but only does something of true worth in every second or third one. We are looking less and less likely to get any real value out of playing Walcott because most teams, even the better ones, now pack their defences against us. As long as he plays for us he will never get… Read more »



big neilo

wenger out


Wenger OUT!. Tony pubis in!.
We need men! Who can be cunts infront of
goal…… discussions! just put the fucking ball into the fucking net. Go over any defender (yes terry) that’s in the way and just score.

Adam, Watford

You are making that statement in irony, aren’t you ?

I’ll defer the direction of the thumb until I am 100% certain . . . ( ???? )


How about you become a stoke fan eh. Arsenal will come gOOd this seson. Watch

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You make some interesting points and have confused many of our Brother Gooners. I will defer my final decision and instead give you a horizontal thumb which I will wiggle til you giggle.


See the Wenger apologists are out with their thumbs down censorship.


2 — Number of times 49ers will beat the Seahawks this season.


What? I don’t speak American, can you speak English?


Learn, and broaden your horizons.


Like you guys broaden your ‘horizons’ into iraq and syphon more oil that doesn’t belong to you?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

See the “Our Season is over” doom-mongers are out with their criticism of people who refuse to scream for the manager’s head after a goalless draw in only the first game of the season..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

7amkickoff, see where using Stats gets you? Thumbs Down on CAGooner’s post are now 10.64% over forecast, with further advances possible as the Australian contingent logs on a reads his drivel.


Drivel? I’m merely sticking up for the right of Wenger critics to state their criticisms without being blanked out by thoughtless Wenger apologists.

Just as a matter of lagniappe, let me quote Warren Barton on Wenger: “He’s no longer a coach; he’s a businessman.”


Wenger no longer a coach?

Explain to me how he came 3rd in the toughest – yes, it still is – league in the world without Fabregas, Nasri or Wilshere?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, thankyou for your kind gift. You are quoting the Warren Barton who, when becoming a coach, did his coaching on weekdays but was a TV pundit at weekends, yes? Yes, the ex Crazy Gang man must be an expert on coaching, and in no way would be throwing out sound-bites to keep him ‘interesting and provocative’ in his Fox Sports punditry career.


My views from the lower tier from yesterday are: (1) We played to slowly (2) Theo was too static (3) Podolski was not match fit (4) We deserve to win that game just for our efforts alone in the heat (5) Arshavin : I see no numbers for him…but what can I say (6) Wigan is currently bending over and giving Chelsea a free rids at home….


I wouldn’t call it that…other than the first 10 minutes, they’ve tried hard. If Di Panto is leading your attack though…makes me embarrassed that he scored in Wigan’s win at the Emirates last season.

Adam, Watford

I assume you mean Arshavin did better than we’ve seen from him in many a long while. I totally agree. I didn’t see you mention him when I posted a bit further down already.

Maybe he is staying and feels there is something to fight for. Having said that he was more central than we have played him previously. He seemed to revel in that.

Adam, Watford

I hope Walcott doesn’t become the latest in a long line of scapegoats but I really don’t think he looked that interested yesterday. It’s as if his mind was on other things.

He’s seen RvJudas go ‘ oop north ‘ and Song singing ‘ Viva Espagna ‘ and the best he’s had offered is a trip to Scouseland. You be confused and miserable, too, standing by and witnessing that !

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I dispute your suggestion that Theo was too static. Don’t you think it might be the case that he just didn’t run about enough? I know it is a terrible thing to think, but how many goalless draws will we get before Theo has one of his unplayable halfs of a match? I’m starting to wonder if he’s a bit too thick to learn any more. What if this is as good as he will ever be? Do we keep him or take a chance and sell him? I wouldn’t want to be in Wenger’s shoes. He’s buggered if he… Read more »

Gunsen Gunner

The game was very reminiscient(?) of a home game in the 2010-11 season where we would struggle to break teams down despite having a very creative team.If we have a similar run like that up until christmas we’ll be in the top two or three (i hope).Also, I hope we don’t finish the season like we did that one.The added experience should help maintain some momentum all the way til season end.


Good numbers there by the Jenker.


Positionally inept and too many first touches, overall crossing was poor. I thought he’d do better when giroud came in but……yeah nothing there.


I only saw him out of position once or twice. Agree his crossing was poor but I thought overall he had a solid game. A big improvement on pre-season.

People seem keen to set him up as this season’s whipping boy. It’s completely unnecessary.


Solid game against a team that even never attacked?. I’d love to see how he does against a footballing side like say wigan (moses). I’m quite reserved about him and yesterday showed he’s just not yet for the arsenal RB.

Adam, Watford

I hope Walcott doesn’t become the latest in a long line of scapegoats but I really don’t think he looked that interested yesterday. It’s as if his mind was on other things.

He’s seen RvJudas go ‘ oop north ‘ and Song singing ‘ Viva Espagna ‘ and the best he’s had offered is a trip to Scouseland. You be confused and miserable, too, standing by and witnessing that !


You can only have one first touch, not too many.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Reality setting in for Theo? If you sit back and relax for three years thinking you’re the finished article as a winger and should now be playing as a striker then don’t be surprised if while all your teammates are attracting interest from the likes of United and Barcelona you get the same level of interest as Bendtner, Chamakh and Park. He has known for months on end that he needs consistency and he has been given a run in the team that he should have used to develop it, but it still seems as far away, or even unlikely,… Read more »


As much as I hate to say it I think a lot of us Arsenal fans (at least on this site) suffer from a bit of the English Bias Syndrome when it comes to young Carl. He gets constantly rated for his crossing however his crossing is not THAT great. Yea sometimes he whips it in but crossing is about way more than that. He does not make the very good decisions yet overall. Especially in the offensive third. Not to say that he won’t be able to I just don’t understand why he’s rated so highly right now. I’m… Read more »


FYI, 7AMKO is not an English and I’m not English, but both of us and many cross cultural people on this thread thought Carl had a good game. He had 1-2 bad crosses and 1 time he was cought out of possition, but overall, the lad was okay.


Ok fair enough. However my point is OK is not what we need. We need someone more effective in attack. Fullbacks are so important for the flow of the attack. It’s a very underrated role. I just don’t see why he gets a pass for being decent and others don’t.


And I didn’t mean that the people commenting are English. What I meant is because Carl is English he gets more of a shot, in the same way that transfer fees are overpriced for English players.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

OK may not be what we need, but he does have room for improvement and he will be getting a run in the team. Assuming he stays injury free I think we’ll be able to judge him more fairly a few games down the track. Oh, and I don’t think it’s an English bias, I think it’s a “young guy and a Gooner to boot” bias, if anything. Surely we all want him to improve as he gains experience and become the “real deal”.


“7 – Chances created by Santi Cazorla¹”

Wow. Just wow.

Adam, Watford

His enthusiasm is amazing and he was supposed to be tired !

He was like a Wilshere or Chamberlain on their debuts ! So eager to impress.

He certainly did !


After good skill son the left Gervinho crossed to Cazorla who shot narrowly wide.

So the stats are wrong


Cazorla looks quality


Sahin on loan with option to buy is a done deal according to BBC/David Ornstein.

Adam, Watford

Have you got a link for that ? I can’t see it on the BBC website yet !


Great news! Song out, Sahin in is to me an improvement, although I have always liked Song.


Saw Walcott and Ramsey try to shoot with their left foot after watching Carzola a couple of times… I laughed. They didn’t realise Carzola is a different class.

I’ll be like Liverpool.

“On FIFA12, Carzola’s weaker foot is 5 stars”


So Impressed with cazorla, the way he runs with his right leg on the ball then bam shoots with his left!. (i’ve only seen cristiano perfect that)
Fucking brilliant buy for good money, nothing chelsea can say.


Agreed. He’s creative, dynamic, and looks like he’ll score goals too. Infact, he reminds me of Cesc and as far as compliments go, that’s a pretty big one. His stronger foot is his right but when he plays, you will never ever know………

Cazorla!!!!!, definetly signing of the summer!


One thing if we are going to play Giroud upfront against stooke just play the damn cross early, dont wait to get it on other foot.
And if anyone is gonna reason walcott playing the role as a winger in the next game because its stoke please remember its stooke they never come forward, play podolski in his place.

Adam, Watford

Did we trade in our pudgy, lazy and lacklustre Arshavin for a brand new, shiny younger and trimmer version.

I thought he put a nice little shift in yesterday, bright and creative. Maybe he is reinvigourated. This could be an interesting new development !

big black clock

I’m telling you, its the new signings. Amazing what some solid competition can do to a player’s form. But unfortunately, word’s on twitter is that he will be off to Zenit soon.

Adam, Watford

true about the competition for places, maybe he’s just getting match fiit for Zenit though . . . 🙁

It’s a shame, if we kept all of our quality players, they could all play every game , more or less, and take it in turn to play cameos from the bench. our bench was pretty awesome yesterday.

With that talent to utilise as subs, we could stroll the league !

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, we had that talent yesterday and we did stroll through the match, but we didn’t get the result. Let’s hope like fuck that that is down to a poor preseason schedule and the newness of a sizeable chunk of our team.

A. Usmanov

Heh its funny that 0-0 scoreline looks like emoticon of my face.

big black clock

BBC’s David saying that Sahin deal is done WITH option for permanent deal at the end. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! *cough* excuse me.

Liverpool fans are saying we’re a disgrace cause we hijacked the deal. But if I rmb correctly, we were interested in him first, and they tried to hijack our deal. So in theory, we hijacked the hijack!


Fuck liverpool. remember them hijacking the ryan babel deal. then wasted him when benitez changed his mind


Cazorla to score in double digits no doubt. Wenger said post match playing with 3 strikers didn’t work, have to agree, players don’t know each other well enough yet to be swaping positions like that. Walcott looks so lost in the center…


0.5 – Preseason games played by Podolski, Giroud, and Cazorla.

And how many did Arteta play? 2?

Considering how uselessly we prepared this preseason, a draw in our first game is not the end of the world. We’ll improve substantially in the coming weeks.


Gervinho looked good despite his on target numbers.
Cazorla was in a different class from everyone of the ptich. I hope everyone gels soon so the goals come in bunches. That with a less error prone defense and we can compete


Cuntyfuckbolllocks was ‘ere!!!


I’m going to write some observations that I took from the game yesterday, it’s probably deserves to be in it’s own (admittedly probably bad) blog, but in the words of a wise man, “I can’t be arsed”. Where’s that from, must be Plato or that bloke the cunt from QPR adores so. I think overall you can’t help but be disappointed with the final result, but there were most certainly positives to be drawn from the performance. Quite clearly it’s hard to break down a team whose formation resembles the bus gate from Mad Max 2. Arteta was majestic in… Read more »


Simply stated…
Ox plays on the right when our opposition are the likes of Sunderland: bus-parkers, as his small field play is top-notch.
Walcott plays on the right against teams that play football, as his speed and open field play are tremendous, while his small field play sucks.

A Yank

1- Number of weeks too early we sold RvP.

A Yank

You’re welcome to give a thumbs down… but that’s not about yesterday’s draw, that’s about the fact that Aguero might have shredded a knee and right now Citeh are down 2-1 to SOTON. So we might have fleeced the sheik for £50M had we waited a week.

While I realize this is the Internet, it’s still okay to think before clicking a button and stuff.


If you didn’t want someone assuming that you were jumping on the same bus with all the naysayers speaking as if RVP never missed a shot at goal, which would have saved Arsenal yesterday – then you should have clarified your statement.
I certainly agree that a fleecing could have been had (and would have been very nice pay-back) – but who has 20-20 Future Vision?

A Yank

Which is why it was typed with tongue in cheap. I realize there’s no sarcasm font, but let’s not be entirely humorless. Might be handy this season.

Adam, Watford

Ideally, City will put a bid in to Man U and van Judas will hanker for the move and he will instantly redeem a little of what he lost with Arsenal fans if not a fair bit and Utd will be fucking seething *.

That, my fellow gooners, would make me the happiest man in Christendom !

* disclaimer – This, sadly , will never happen in time before the window closes 🙁


“who has 20-20 Future Vision”

Some people think that Wenger does otherwise there wouldn’t be countless posts saying “Why did we offer such high wages to [insert dead-wood player of your choice] as nobody is willing to take him off our hands”


15 million reasons for Wenger to sell Song–classic!


How many million reasons does he have to send squillaci somewhere? Sell the best players and keep the worst. FUCK THE BOARD


We’d probably have to pay someone to take the Squid.


You can’t sell the Squid, you can pay someone to take him away 😀

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Eric Irish gunner

Hard look southampton very unlucky the chinless ladyboy fucked it all up

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


That chinless woman messed it all up. I for one thought he would be busy searching for his chin to show up at the game!…..oh well.

Soton though are quality.

[…] Match Report – Video – By the numbers […]

Der Springer

Trust me, I know that I am no expert in tactics but from my layman’s point of view there seemed to be something off about the teams formation yesterday. Cazorla, Diaby, and Arteta all seemed to do an admirable job but it did not translate to much offensive punch. With Carzola playing in an advanced position and Gervinho and Walcott forward on both sides it did not leave much space for Podolski to operate. Also, with Arsenal moving the ball forward through the middle it did not give the wingers the chance to pick up the ball in middle of… Read more »


Definitely don’t want to move Cazorla deeper. He’s best right where he is. However, I would like to see Podolski on the righ/leftt. Giroud in central. With Ox/Gervinho on the left/right.

Bendtner's Ego

You’re joking, right?

I fully appreciate what we have in Sagna, who is a shut-down monster, but his offensive game has always been weak.

But oh, that header vs. the Sp*rs…


There’s more to an offensive game than goals and assists.

What Sagna does well is support the winger on the right side. He’s a reliable passer who is good at maintaining possession and has a good sense of when to overlap and when to get back.

Think about how much we sucked offensively when Djourou was playing there.


Im sorry to say this but i know this for a fact Arsenal wont be winning any silverware this season, this is because of the club’ stupid policies. When teams are looking to tighten their squads by making one or two additions we are looking to build a team, always selling off players that’l have made the difference, added some depth and competition to the squad but season after season, window after window we keep on loosing players to rival clubs. How do we intend to win trophies againts the likes of the manchesters, barcelona or even chelsea? Pls, tell… Read more »


All I read was…….”look i’m a total arsehole!”


All I read was…someone stating his opinion. No need for name-calling just because you don’t agree.


0- number of flying Fucks I give.


My, Elma, what a feisty little fellow you are. I brt you have a lot of friends.

Adam, Watford

Where is the point in keeping disruptive players ? as sad as it is, we have to get shot of them.

Pimp them out for as much money as we can and move the hell on. Fuck them.

Give me the shirt for half the money . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah . . . ( true story ).

Der Springer

Is there an Arsenal forum where possible line-ups are debated? As a comment on this news story it does not really seem appropriate but it is fun to play around with it. I guess I should buy Football Manager.

Giroud——————– Podolski

Cazorla with the freedom to go forward. Arteta and Diaby would share the midfield’s defensive responsibility. Yes, Arshavin although I doubt he could last 90 minutes and it may be optimistic that he has found his long lost mojo. He did look good as a sub Saturday.

Ridiculous or plausible ?


I think now there’s no debate as to who will start between gerv and the ox.



Does anybody else think cazorla looks a bit on the cuddly side?

Adam, Watford

Uh-oh !

It looks like Santos will struggle to keep his place a our favourite cuddly Gooner !


I’d still cuddle arshavin all day king. Ever seen the face he pulls after a goal?. Priceless….


*all day long…….. Stupid auto-correct!.


Dunno about cuddly but he certainly gives Arshavin a good run for his money in the shortest player stakes – Cazorla was only just taller than the mascot!

[…] Song numbers starts off 7amkickoff & Arseblog’s good, and sometimes humorous, “By The Numbers” feature for this week: 204 – Games played for Arsenal by Alex Song 10 – Goals scored for Arsenal by […]


Heard that llorente, m’vila, and sahin will all be bought. Keep the faith gooners!


And by “heard” you mean “read it on Bleacher Report,” right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if we brought in another striker, and two strong midfielders, but I’m quite sure Sahin will be our only and last signing between now and August 31. Wenger has stated that we have already bought van Persie’s replacement, and he also made a point to say we had an abundance of midfielders yesterday.


0. FPL Bonus for Cazorla. DAFUQ.

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