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Arsenal draw Coventry in League Cup

Arsenal have been drawn against Coventry in the third round of the League Cup.

The Gunners will host the League One side at the Emirates in the week commencing 24 September in a fixture which Arsene Wenger will no doubt pinpoint as an opportunity to field his Academy starlets.

The two sides have met three times in the competition before; the Gunners winning 1-0 after extra-time at Highbury in November 1997, losing by the same scoreline at Highfield Road in 1991 and beating the Sky Blues 2-1 away in 1967.

For some reason whenever I think of us playing Coventry I recall Ian Wright roasting that Richard Shaw fella (currently caretaker manager at the Ricoh Arena) and Anders Limpar’s five goals in the two League games on the way to the title in 1990-91. Good times.

For all his success in England, the Milk / Littlewoods / Rumbelows / Coca-Cola / Worthington’s / Carling turned Capital One Cup is still the only domestic trophy that the boss hasn’t got his hands on. Be nice for him (and us) to complete the set. Not like we’ve had a trophy drought or anything.

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gooner from bangladesh

Eisfield MUST play this fixture, at least.


oooh yes! he’s got great awareness in the box. would love to see him bag a couple against coventry!

i’d give chuba akpom a game, too. he looks the business. good chance for miquel to prove a point, too, as well as a couple of other younguns. looking forward to seeing a few fringe, and not so fringe, players get a run out in a game that has a bit more weight to it.

gnarly charlie

Gnabry too.


Haha ” not like we’ve has a trophy drought or anything ” good one. Imagine not winning a trophy for 7 years ! I don’t know if I could handle it… Oh wait.

Jokes aside , I am feeling optimistic about this season and the team looks very solid. Hopefully an addition to the team today and with TGSTEL in the way to juventus it looks like it could be a busy day for us ! Oh and the comments made by juventus about bendtner are hilarious ” not the big signing we hope to get ” LOL



waiting 7 years is surely better than waiting 35 years and having to buy it with sticky, greasy fivers from the slick hands of an emirati.

Cygan's left foot

You think we have a team that can win the league??? And you think we are going to sign more players???. Where have you been for the last 5 years???. The French Fool said …. I could have signed Sahin if I wanted. Now it is reported we are after 29 YO corcked has been African, who is real age is 35/36. Kepp dreaming and be positive because, a TRUE supporter can’t accept second best for a BIG CLUB like The Arsenal and make excuse for a French Fool that earns 7 million a year to make us a FEEDER… Read more »

Glory Hunter

Positive as usual Cygan’s LF!!

But i too can’t wait for the season where we actually make a deficit on transfers!

Apparently Wengers the only manager in the Top 4, who doesn’t have a player at his club earning more than him!!!

No idea if it’s true! but if it is, I’m not sure what to make of it!


what are you talking about? stay with the thread, at least!

Trex d' Gunner

Dude, chill out. Racist statements aren’t welcome here


Is it possible to block this fool from commenting? Every news article he just spouts bile and gets downvoted to oblivion.


woah there negative nancy,
a true supporter supports. I can hardly call what your doing “supporting”. You truly think that if you bitch and moan about everything single thing it will help anyone in anyway?

Cygan's left foot

To all the blind sheep in here ….

It is called an opinion, it is the club I support and, I can see the club I love and support becoming a FEEDER CLUB then I have the right to voice my opinion.

Also, it is your right to be a blind sheep and be Mr Fool fan, to wish he is hodling you during the long winter months and telling you all the players are Cxxxs that they don’t believe in his project youth and fourth place is a trophy.


Great to see our fans have such respect for a man who’s revolutionised our club. “French fool” yes? Go and watch spurs mate, we don’t want people like you at our club.


Cygan’s left foot
August 31, 2012 at 2:02 pm
“To all the blind sheep in here ….
It is called an opinion, it is the club I support and, …”

We also support the club and you are a troll. If your incessant bile filled opinions were valid you wouldn’t get downvoted as much. Go and support Chocolate Dick at Manure, they have cheaper season tickets too. Take Usmaninov with you on your way out.


+ gnabry and akpom’s link up play is immense ! Anyone else see the hiights of the nextgen fixture ? We really have a lot of good players coming through I hope these two especially get some game time.


yeah, it was a really good showing.

it must be hard to travel (probably by coach, and from quite a way away), and arriving not long before having to play, for young guys who probably haven’t done so much before. will be interesting to see how we cope with a similar situation in our away legs.

Pétur Jónasson

Where can you see those highlights? I couldn’t find them on Arsenal Player.


There is a guy on YouTube who uploads all the arsenal player videos. His name is arsenalsupremo just type him into search.


CLF – You’re an absolute prize cunt. Fuck off will ya.

big black clock

This is probably the strongest youth team we’ve had in years, isn’t it?

Can actually see some of them pushing for a first team role this season.


i think the wilshere, frimpong and coquelin team was a was a bit stronger. Proper arsenal players those 3.


Probably the worst name for a cup in history. I’d rather it was called the Lillywhites Cup!




Capitol One Cup is too much of a mouthful…. I’m still going to insist on calling it just the League Cup. 🙂


News just in. Hoffenheim have cancelled ryan babels contract. i bet wenger signs him

big black clock

Babel was once tipped to be one of the world’s best. Amazing what a spell at Liverpool would do.


We made marseille look like a pub club. No this is TOO much.

Wenger out!.


Kreeb. So it’s ok to have billionaire owners so long as they don’t spend money on the team, is that what your saying. ?


i see where you’re coming from, but you highlight a sad point. it’s this keeping up with the abramovich’s mentality. plenty of clubs have spent millions and gotten nowhere. scumpool, sp*rs, dirty dirty leeds, et al. it took cuntsea a shit ton of cash and few years to get anything at all. there’s a difference between building a club, and earning your successes because of it, and buying favour from forgotten fans. you can have your own opinion on the ownership of arsenal, but we fans will always be there through thick and thin. i’m from manchester, and a few… Read more »


Jenkinson Djourou Miquel Santos
Coquelin Diaby (Can’t think of anyone else tbh)
Gnabry Eisfeld Arshavin

Seems like a good mixture of youth and experience IMO


eh? Eisfel an out and out striker? Na.

Jenks Miquel Djorou Santos

Gnabry Coquelin Ramsey
Eisfeld Arshavin


Seeeeeeriously doubt Jenkinson will play this game with his first team commitments.

Possibly Yennaris. or maybe even Coq or Eastmond in there.


Maybe Arsenal’s ‘luck’ has just got its turnaround. In previous seasons it would have been us who’d have drawn Newcastle or Everton or Man City away. But not now. Now it’s ManU that gets Newcastle. And Man City gets BvB, Ajax, and RM in the Champions’ League while we get Schalke, Montpellier, and some Greek lot that can’t pay their bills. We weren’t even in Group ‘H’. Not that this is conclusive proof of Fortuna’s grubby little fingers … So Coventry it is at home – not that we can’t mess it up. But maybe – just maybe – the… Read more »

Adam, Watford


The Capital One Cup . . . what’s in YOUR trophy cabinet ?

( You’ve probably heard that here second ! )

[…] the cups, Arsenal drew Coventry City as their opponents in their opening League Cup match.  The League Cup is now called the Capital […]

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