Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arteta – new strikers need time

Mikel Arteta is confident that Arsenal’s two new strikers will find goals for the team, but says they need to time to settle into the team and to adjust to English football.

Both Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have failed to score in the two games this season, but while Arsenal as a team are firing blanks, Arteta thinks they’ll come good.

We just need to give them time,” he said. “It’s been two games. Olivier has started one game. It’s not fair on him. It could all change for him, just like that.

“Last week, Olivier had a massive chance to win the game and he would have been the hero. Against Stoke, Lukas had a chance. He looked good on the left on Sunday, cutting in and causing problems. He had a couple of chances.”

Of course headlines suggest that van Persie’s departure is the real reason for Arsenal’s goalscoring issue, although Arseblog News does remember games when, you know, he didn’t score, but Arteta says that comparisons between the two and the former captain are not relevant.

“You can’t replace Robin. To do so is impossible because he’s such a special player. Manchester United went for him at the age of 29, what does that say?

“It says there aren’t many bigger talents in the world. It doesn’t matter who is brought in for Robin. You can’t ask anyone to be as good as him.”

Fingers crossed they come good soon and perhaps with a freshly bolstered squad Anfield on Sunday would be the perfect place to start.

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In a couple of weeks we will be calling him Lukas Pogoalski…


Totally agree with you. He is proven goalscorer. We all live in world, where we want everything instantly…

gooner from bangladesh

And Goalivier Giroud 😉


And santi cagoala?


“And santi cagoala?”

I think not. Caga means shit in Spanish.

Le coq

I don’t think there’s a “caga” in “cagoala”


santi cascorla


mikel arteta-in-the-net-a

Hudson Hornet

Actually his club record of one in 3 throughout his entire career is OK, nothing special.

His international record is difficult to analyse due to the goals scored against minnows.

Anyway good luck Podolski, you have some time to use the settling in excuse….


oh its you again, come to piss all over forum ….

its recent goals that count, not goal scoring record from 5 years ago

Hudson Hornet

Recent record?

Ok yes thats shit aswell.

Next ?


yeah yeah, we all get it:
arsenal are shit, the players are shit, the manager is shit, the board are shit, and i’m shit too

did i miss anything out?

ok, so now just fuck off

Hudson Hornet

“mikel arteta-in-the-net-a”

What a wanker 🙂


hudson hornet, what a wanker



Haha subtle self praise by mikel there.

“he’s such a special player. Manchester United went for him at the age of 29, what does that say?”

It says that we bought you when you were 29 and you’re pretty special too heh


Going by what he has produced so far I say he is not wrong to consider himself special


I don’t think he meant it that way but yeah, he is special.

Anyone think that Spain should at least give him 1 cap? He could play the Busquets role.


No caps for Mikel! Keep him away from that bunch of cunts (except Santi!) and make sure he doesn’t have any meaningless friendlies, say, three days before the start of the season, perhaps in somewhere remote like, I dunno, Puerto Rico?

Maybe one though, as he deserves it.


Hope he never changes his ‘DNA’ 😉


good eye,mikel has been superb.

I would like to see him in the no.10 role in a few games just for the sake of seeing how he goes about it.

we have put him further away from goal and he is a goal threat…out of necessity.

we do miss a sharp diaby or a sharp rosicky or a sharp Wilshire atleast we have a sharp manager

Mach III

As much as I love Podolski and Giroud. RVP isn’t the greatest striker in the world that can score of half volleys, first time shots etc… Has anyone seen Radamal Falcao play? In my opinion he is the ultimate striker.


That the trouble when you constantly sell your best players every year. You end up playing catch up because new players obviously take time to settle.
That’s not so much a criticism it’s a fact.

Dave Gooner

I think you are being unfair V. We didn’t want to “sell” RvP. What do you suggest? That we keep unhappy players that have stated their intention to leave in the most destructive and duplicitous manner it was possible to do? That is the situation we were faced with. I think everyone was appalled at RvP’s behaviour – but when he publicly sided with Darren Dein’s/Jabba’s destructive agenda and wanted out, he simply had to go, as quickly as possible and for as much as we could get for the ungrateful cunt. Likewise, Song – a player who has, I… Read more »


And you need to score your free kicks too arteta.


“Arsenal DNA”, I think this guy has got a huge chunk of it. Arteta!!


Shame we didn’t bring him in earlier than last season.

Brian Mendoza

Nonsense! They should have scored 15 goals by now! EACH! Sell everyone, buy everyone else, WENGER OUT WHARRGARBL BIN BAGS!

But seriously, they’ll settle, and score plenty of goals. Who knows, maybe they just don’t want to yet. There should be a song about that, sounds catchy.


Gunnersauraus out too!!!


Lets start a petition. He is too supportive of the club that man.

Tenacious Defence

Hey, it’s not only the strikers that need to score. It’d help the team if others chimed in too every so often.


Wouldve been good to see one of those corners go in … thought we had about 15 corners to their zero against stoke ..


Part of me would like to say having arteta withdrawn is having an effect, he’s not a DM and is the kind of player that helps the build up of play a lot.

U hate to say it but we need Diaby to man up (which is unfair this early into his recovery) or just buy another experienced CM.


I wouldn’t give up the new found solidity in defense for Mikel’s creativity. He is not a DM, yes, but so far he has been doing an impeccable job. Cazorla, Diaby(when he mans up), Jack and Tomas (when they are back) can give us plenty upfront


guess they just need to get the first and get that out of the way for the floodgates to open. The incessant pressure from some quarters can be a two edged sword.


diaby needs to be replaced until hes ready, with the likes of rosisky and.whilsher injured .. we only can hope for ramsey to step up! i still prefer him over diaby!!

North Bank Gooner

dont want to be pedantic, but how can you get ” match fit ” if you dont play any matches? reserve football is not at the standard of games that mean something. we just need to be patient and hope Diaby can show some of the flashes we see more regularly.


diaby had a solid game and will improve his sharpness etc with every new one


Diaby was solid on Sunday … as much as we praise Arteta, i think some of it is due to Diaby and the others working hard for each other…


If you replace him “until he is ready” he will never get match fit and so would never be ready according to your logic!

Trex D' Gunner

You prefer Ramsey to Diaby, thats a first. Diaby has the potential to be a world class player, pure and simple.


Am I the only one to think the new strikers were not exactly the problem in our last games? I found them both Giroud and Poldi quiet good, especially Giroud. Honestly I don’t think even RVP would have scored on Sunday. It’s the whole front four who need to work together and understand each other better. It’s really unfair to put all the blame on Giroud for the last game when he actually never received any good pass or cross inside the penalty area. Cazorla is an awesome player with great control and passing, but is not direct enough and… Read more »


So you want an AM, with the pace and aggression to keep right up with the strikers, be able to shoot from a reasonable distance and be creative and precise with his passes? Sounds like the Ox to me, or at least where he could be in a years time.


The Ox! I also thought about him for this position but it will be for the next season or the one after that. He’s not ready I think to start all games this season as a starter and put too much pressure on him might actually ‘break’ him… But definitely he’s set to become a wonderful CAM / AM.
So I still think we need like one more very good signing ( and we have that kind of money, don’t we? ) and preferably that should be a CAM.


That is why I hope to see another player who can create goals. Isco would be perfect.


Podolski can run at defenders, something rvp rarely did, I consider that a huge plus. Giroud wins almost every aerial duel, against shawcross I think he won ’em all and direct ’em too. Rvp never attempted that, most of the time he’d just put his head down and raise his hands for an imaginary foul. Rvp is just a better finisher but now that we’ve got cazorla and co it’s just a matter of guiding the ball into the net. Giroud will score goals, headers, tap ins or even bicycle kicks as we have come to realise. Podolski will score… Read more »

fight against fickleness

I agree Podolski will be immense, hes’ got all the attributes required to be a success in England.


rvp was a great player, the finishing, and the way he held up the ball. no point in down playing his ability ….

but for the money we got 2 for 1, and i think they both look really good, so im happy with the deal

giroud’s got that big guy physical presence but also really snappy, once it clicks he’s going to score loads

and i really like poldis physical and mental directness, and versatile too.
looks really strong on the left cutting in, and developing his central role over the season

Le coq

Rvp held up play well with the ball at his feet but when it came to winning aerial balls and even directing them to a player he was frequently anonymous. Not downplaying his abilities in any way.

Mach III

Rosicky back in the squad will give us a huge plus. He was the driving force for the end of the season, and he will bring that passion from late back into the team. He’s been with us for 6 years. He’s seen Henry, RVP, Fabregas, and is of the same cloth. Most underrated player ever, and is as technically gifted at passing as Cazorla, seeing them in a midfield together will be overwhelming against Liverpool. I think he will replace Diaby for a starting position too. I love Diaby, but he needs to be eased back, he can’t start… Read more »


can’t agree more. rosicky,wilshere,diaby,arteta,cazorla.they are all real gooners wilshere is arsenal through and through rosicky and diaby are arsenal type players.they have been there for a while now and they owe us and wenger soo much.not only that they have to do justice to their own talents. i think wenger is very lucky to have the spaniards.they are not exactly the type of signings wenger is known for.but circumstances have forced us to sign them.reminds me of wenger inheriting dennis.we’ve got a commited bunch. still i would love to see one more top class player in the midfield or in… Read more »


thank god we got Arteta. What a class piece of business for a class act.I think this is the start of a helluva team actually,maybe next season before its really blossoming but still-solid defensively,more organised,lacking cutting edge-i think more than one of wenger’s title winning sides have had these characteristics in their infancy


I think that Gervinho needs to learn how to catch the sun on his forehead and shine it directly into the keepers eyes. I think if it worked that we would move from the Tiki-Taki era to the glare n blind era. Everyone would be looking for big foreheaded players. Pity the sun only shine 8 days a year on the Island though.


I sent an idea with some cool illustrations to Arsene Wenger a while back on how to win the quadruple for the 2010/11 season: you just force Song to grow an absolutely massive hair, cut a hole in the top of it, have Szcsney place the ball in it at the start of the match and just have him run into the goal, repeatedly. Guess he wasn’t interested.

I reckon if I’d sent that to Tony Pulis he definitely would have used it.


*no an, one massive hair probably wouldn’t do the trick.


I think we are putting too much pressure on players who jave had long term injuries. we saw it last season with ramsey then rosicky and now diaby. we are expecting wilshire and frimpong to come in flying aswell. that is 5 of our 9 midfielders walking on borrowed time. if they are eased back and we dont buy then arteta and cazorla will get hardly any rest plus chamberlain will be over used for a 19 year old. at first i was all for leaving the midfield as it is but when you look at the injury records and… Read more »


The one more signing we really need is too reinforce the midfield. Not a DM because Arteta is actually excellent in that position and we still have the Coq and Frimpong as backup, but a CAM.


That is correct, but it is time we do not have unfortunately. Nothing we can really do other than hope that they find form sooner rather than later. Two goalless games is nothing to get panicked over though. Yet.


I’m really liking the leadership role Arteta is taking on. Really seems happy at the club. I get the impression he had a hand in bringing in Cazorla too. Good asset to the club

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Purple monkey dishwasher…….sorry just bored! Gooooooooonerrs!!


Believe it or not our goals drought are well behind us. There will be goals fiesta for the Arsenal against Liverpool at Anfield this weekend. At some point Scze will shoot from his end and it will be a goal for the Arsenal at Reina’s end!!!


I’m pretty sure that Arsene’s not thinking it (or knows that it can’t be pulled off), but one player I’d really like to see at the club is Isco. He would be an ideal fit to form an all-Spain midfield trio with Cazorla and Arteta. With AW seemingly content to view Arteta, Wilshere, (Ramsey, AOC), and Diaby as all capable of filling the Alex Song position he might be viewing another creative player as being the solution to breaking down the 10-men defences we’ve already seen this season. While there’s doubt Podolski and Giroud are going to match the opportunities-to-goals… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

they’ll come good. Giroud looks like he’s going to score some spectacular goals this season judging by the things he’s been trying. Podolski is finding his feet and looked dangerous against Stoke.
Stunned that cunt Wilkinson wasn’t sent off for the tackle on Vermaelen.
For me there was no other option than a red but, of course, those MOTD pricks think it’s great committed competitiveness.
Dangerous tackles deserve red cards, end of. It was much worse than Joe Cole’s tackle on Koscielny a couple of years back.


it was more than dangerous, it was deliberate violence

if it was one of our players doing it then he would have been sent off for sure


If the new guys need time to start scoring, then we need someone to do the job in the meantime so we dont lag behind.

buy a proven EPL scorer as a stopgap!


darren bent?
wayne rooney?

that rvp bloke scores goals, should we buy him?

Dick Swiveller


Can play all across midfield and up front, could maybe even do a job box-to-box.

He’s experienced, determined and has attributes we could really use plus he wants to move up to a bigger club and Fulham might well let him go cheaper with the rest of the team going well, the only possible downside is lack of technical ability but with others around him I reckon he’d do well here.

I don’t expect him at all, but I think he’d be a damn good buy for us.




exactly my point 🙂

Merlin's Panini

I can’t believe Ian Wright wants us to buy that Sp*rs rubbish Defoe. He’s too old, gets injured a lot, and he’s so stupid he’s signed for them twice.
Oh yeh, and did I mention he’s Sp*rs?
No no no.

North Bank Gooner

we’d have to spend weeks disinfecting Defoe, dont think we could afford the Jeyes!


I think we’re going to struggle up top this year unless we buy another striker. That’s not a criticism of Poldi and Giroud who are great signings, but we’re relying entirely on them to replace RVP’s goals – I can’t see them scoring 15 league goals each. Would love to be proven wrong, but what are the chances they both settle quickly and easily, don’t suffer injuries and score that many? We at the moment, have Bendtner and Chamakh as backup to Giroud and Poldi – that’s just not good news. Another quality forward to ease the pressure and provide… Read more »


theo got 11 last year though, ok its not guaranteed …. and lets face it he may be gone by this afternoon also 🙂
but gerv needs to score more for sure

i can see poldi and giroud getting 15 each, easy, jand it starts with next weeks goal fest!

but yeah, we have bendtner and park doing nothing, and chamahk very little so need to swap those 3 for at least one half decent striker

and would be nice to have a striker whose name i can easily spell without having to check, thanks


I like Podolski, he looks like he’s up for a fight…and I don’t mean in a football sense.

He will, at some point in his Arsenal career, chin somebody. Preferably John Terry. And Nasri. And Nasri again. And again. Once more for luck.

Merlin's Panini

oh the irony in chinning Nasri.

“Av some of that, seeing as you don’t have any!”

Poliver Girolski

I agree. I am loving Poldi’s attitude on the pitch, he is genuinely up for it and shows a lot of passion. As for those saying we cant score with out Robin van Cunt flaps… for the first 6 seasons he averaged 14 goals a season ( only once did he break the 20 mark in that time ) which I think both Poldi and Giroud will easily get this season. Its just unfortunate the first two teams we had to play are more than content to play 11 players in their own box and just hoof the ball up… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Just seen Lansbury is probably off to Nottingham Forest for £1million.
Shame. I always thought he looked a player but we’ve just got too many midfielders. Good luck to the lad if this goes through. I’m sure he’ll be playing regularly in the Premier League soon enough.

the only sam is nelson

shame, i thought he had a touch of the ray parlours about him

we need more ray parlours


Loving the Nasri chin comment Merlin. actually laughed my tits off……though on a serious note what did he do with the chin strap when he learnt to ride a bike…..or skate board……or practice his diving?!

Merlin's Panini

Probably held onto it with his massive teeth


just want to say, Gervinho must b replaced by OX…
n team has some real solid shape in defence, thumbs Up to Steve Bould!
n attack is good bt need understanding, n it vl take tym!
last year same situation, new players, bt v were loosing, this tym v got draws wid spirite to WIN!
GIROUD is Awsome n if m nt wrong, RVP took 8 years, bt GIROUD vl nt take more than 8 weeks!!!
n PODOLSKI N CAZORLA , just 2 games n thy r rocking!!!

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