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Arteta “Not good enough”, plus Wenger reaction

Mikel Arteta on today’s 0-0 draw with Stoke.

We had some really good chances but at the moment we are not taking them, the same thing happened last week. We are making them and conceding few chances to the opposition but we lost two points again today.

On the new players

We need three, four, five games together and then we will see (how good they are). They have the quality.”

On two points from two games

It is not good enough. We wanted the three points, but it is a hard place to come and try to get the points.

Arsene Wenger on the result in the wake of last week

I would say it’s two points dropped, on the game. We’ve played against two teams that as a unit defend very well. When you see some other games, you know, they are open games. We played against two teams who were really focussed on defending, defending, defending. They did very well.

I’ve seen some teams the other night they go forward, they play, they open their game – after, of course it’s easier to score. But today it was a cup fight, for 90 minutes. What is most important is what you learn about your team, that we are capable to stand up… and we behaved like men who are ready for a fight, and that is the most important [thing] for me.

On the positives and negatives

We were very strong spirit-wise, dominant in the challenges, defensively strong. Offensively still have some work to do, there is still something missing.

On missing van Persie

I had the same questions when Henry left as now. This time last season I was being told not to play RVP as centre forward.

On Jamie Redknapp saying Giroud and Podolski were weaker than RVP

I don’t listen much to what people say

On the rumours linking Arsenal with a move for Newcastle midfield Chiek Tiote

Tiote is a good player but he is not on his way to Arsenal.

Wenger quotes via @gingers4limpar – Full quotes available here

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Ace McGoldrick

On Jamie Redknapp saying Giroud and Podolski were weaker than RVP

I don’t listen much to what people say.

Basically means who cares what Jamie Redknapp thinks the tight-trouser wearing twat.


That Captain Scarlet lookalike prick can’t get it into his head that his old man is no longer managing the poor relations so he can now stop being biased.
How the man keeps his job I have on idea. He looks like the talentless twat he is when put next to Neville on analysis duty.


god I love Wenger

You sir are a pipe

Sol Goodman

Lay of Ramsey, he’s only played 10 minutes this season and your ready to rule him out of the team. He wasn’t that bad, i’m pretty sure he had a shot that was close to going in. This kid deserves a bit of extra patience after all he’s been through.


He took a decent. And he was the furthest player forward waiting for the pass that didn’t come from Giroud on that last break.

Ramsey really tries to make things happen when he’s on. What I like most is that he hasn’t let all this criticism stop him from trying his best. That’s Arsenal spirit. Keep at it!


*took a decent shot

Cygan's Left Foot

“This kid deserves a bit of extra patience after all he’s been through.” Typical Blind shape losers line that we have been hearing for the last 8 years. Did you see Fergie at the Manures saying we lost the league lets give Welcack a chance next season? No, he went out and bought the BEST striker in the league to try and win the league back. Where is The Blind Sheep losers and the French Money Maker Fool, still ask for EXTRA patience with CRAP footballers Just like they did with Denlison, Bendtner, Almunia, Theo, Song (Theo and Song, going… Read more »

Happy Gunner

Cygan, why do you come here? I get the feeling a majority of us skip your posts, and no one really wants to hear you be that negative. Go start your own blog on why Arsenal are awful and if you were a true fan you’d root against our own team.


Arsene knows.


In Arsene we never rust!………..

+ve gooner

In arsene……..pffft!




Diaby looked a square peg on a round hole. I Hope he will improve though.
Poldi on the left wings seem more like it.
Now against litterpool It’s only natural to hope for some goals.


diaby? really? i thought he had a good ive seen him for a while.
ramsey tho….i give up

big black clock

What exactly did Ramsey do wrong now? If anything I think he should replace Diaby in the next game. Diaby doesn’t look his sharpest.


what did ramsey do wrong? apart from give the ball away in a dangerous area for the umptienth time.hes continuin on his shit form from last season.

Andrew Morgan

Ramsey played 10 minutes, when we were getting desperate and yes he lost the ball, but get a grip of yourself man. Diaby played 90 and did sweet FA. Nothing good, nothing bad. NOTHING. If you’re happy with that contribution, then we are watching two different games.


ramsey has been shit since december.has to be said.

Andrew Morgan

What playing week in week out, in his first full season, after the loss of Cesc and Nasri, in a makeshift midfield with long term injuries to Wilshere and Diaby, and with Rosicky still playing shit. AND. After a horrific injury which broke the tibula and fibula in SIX places. I’m sick of repeating this all the time.


when was the last time ramsey had a decent game for arsenal?
im sick of hearing the injury was a long time ago.if hes not over it by now he shoudnt be at arsenal.i like ramsey.i want him to do well.but the fact is hes been piss poor for a long time now.

Andrew Morgan

If you want him to do well, support him. Stop spouting this nonsense.


Speaking as someone who has broken both my arms (not at the same time!) in a similar manner to how Ramsay’s leg was broken, I can attest that it takes a very, very long time to recover your former strength and dexterity even after they’ve healed (although they never really do heal completely). I like Ramsay, although I accept he’s not perfect, but he needs to be given some slack. After an injury of that magnitude and spending that long out, it will take a while for him to recover his form. He’s most definitely not the finished article yet.


Diaby seems to be having a nice stroll on the park each week. Kind of hanging out near the circle, just in case. When he gets the ball, he does well enough. He’s obviously got talent. Seems disinterested in anything going on around him.

big black clock

Don’t mistake his calmness for disinterest. Diaby can read the game exceptionally well, and keep calm in most situations to pick out the right pass. Just that for the pass two games, his passing has been wayward.

Dean '67

Remember that cameo diaby gave us against chelsea only to be “diaby-ed” again.

I want that diaby, the guy who can make a difference, the guy who can push forward when others lay back, the diaby with an eye for goal and great at finding his man.

P/s remember that gervinho shot from todays game, ha I burried my fucking face in my fucking hands just to avoid it’s finish, where did it go again?, never mind.

Rad Carrot

Good, don’t rate Tiote that highly.

I actually think Gary Neville is being fairly fair in his assessment of Arsenal – he basically said that we killed the crowd and kept Stoke quiet all afternoon, but we’re a little toothless at the moment. Redknappy can fuck right off.

Do love Arteta, though. Real workforce in Midfield and he played excellently today. Positive thinking, Gooners. We didn’t play badly today, and lots of teams will struggle at the Shittania.


In Arteta we trust. Seriously, for a small guy, he really stood up to those Stoke City tacklers.


I think that as a team we’re looking in good shape. We’re creating chances, and looking really solid defensively. Once the new boys up front start clicking we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with


Is it me or does Diaby seemed more “restricted” compared to last time. Seems like he is instructed to maintain the midfield shape instead of his old self caught up field and jogging back. On the whole this Arsenal team seems well drilled and discipline thus far. Vermaelen not much cavalier runs upfield. Shape of the side defensively in corners good as well(again we seemed to change from Man Marking to Zonal)

big black clock

Liverpool are ripping up Man City right now. Their wingers and Gerrard running the show. Sahin will only make them stronger.

We can’t underestimate them. A RB and a DM is a priority, imo.




Yeah, ripped them into a 2-2 draw.

Merlin's Panini

Fuck Liverpool


Yes… best result possible.


Yeah Liverpool chose to play ‘football’ today, the Brendan Rogers way, passing the ball around. Unfortunately, that was their downfall as well in the end when Skrtel gave the ball away. Like every other team, I don’t think they would get on as well with those tactics against us but would be a great game. It’s funny how all other team supporters say we are shit but when they play the Arsenal what do they do, sit back and defend. We’ve had two draws, and really we should have won atleast one of these but Arsene had a point, both… Read more »

Wenger's Waterbottle

“We need three, four, five games together and then we will see (how good they are). They have the quality.”

Wasn’t that supposed to be what pre-season was for?

Borneo Gooner

They only played 1 game together in pre-season, so…


So bad planning by wenger there.

Dick Swiveller

And from UEFA to hold some silly tournament thing in the summer when our players need time to play together.

Dr Baptiste

Weren’t they all given a rest from the Euro’s, they all had to find houses and the Nigeria trip was cancelled. That gave Wenger 1 game to gel 3 new players into a new team


Cazorla Giroud and Podolski played in a minor tournament this summer. You mug have seen some of it. This meant the we late back for training.

Wenger's Waterbottle

Still doesn’t excuse the poor organizing of friendlies in order to push the global corporate machine.


Look at the starts of Manu, City and Spurs. For heavens sake get some sense of proportion.we have 108 points to play for. This is not the time to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s the time to bed players in and take stock maturely.


I was worried about conceding which I’m not really now. Little worried about goals but it’ll come


The defensive performances have been the silver lining. It’s really encouraging to see them all gel so well. Keiran Gibbs has been fantastic in my opinion – I am really happy to see the dude put some good games together. Hopefully we can stay fit with our back four and get some cohesion. Sagna and Kos are only going to make things sweeter. I think our problem in attack is that a) we haven’t had a whole lot of time to gel, and b) with the way Sunderland and Stoke have played, it is very difficult to get any rhythm… Read more »


Neanderthal City away is a tough game. A point is a decent result, just the draw vs Sunderland over shadows it slightly.

Gunsen Gunner

New signings please.Preferably one midfielder and an attacker.Spend a bit more if we have to.I’d love to see us make investment instead of Re-investment.


You sound an awful lot like Mancini…

Dean '67

Opening fixtures are a bit tough and that’s why the sunderland draw seems quite the missed opportunity right now. We had like almost what? 18 corners in these two games but nothing came of ’em. I’d like to think per,giroud, verm would do the business for us but maybe that’s just me.


Anyone who was hoping for a title challenge this year can forget it…. Sign a striker for God sake! Giroud won’t score 10 this season….no way.


Look at the table. Of the teams above us how many wil be ther at the end of the season? Chelsea, but then if you spend 80 mill on top of what they’ve already spent and run a massive loss every year you bloody well should. As it stand Man U are 1 point ahead ditto City.
And there are a measly 108 points still to play for. Anything can happen. At the end of the day, I think Wenger has shown that he knows a little more than all those who post on Internet fora…..

Rad Carrot

Heard a stat yesterday that since Roman has kept the chavs fed with his dirty blood money, they’ve spent over a billion pounds.

Seriously. A billion pounds. Boggles the mind.


Very early thoughts on premier league (obviously this could change very quickly):
Title contenders
Manchester City-Defending champions
Manchester United- Have great attacking depth. Defense will improve as players return from injury
Chelsea- Torres looks much improved and Hazard is an absolute stud.
Fighting for fourth:
Newcastle- good starting XI, lack depth
Everton- hard working over achievers
Arsenal- Best team on paper in this category but we need to start scoring soon
Liverpool- they will improve under brendan rodgers, look good against man city.

Dick Swiveller

Not convinced by United’s midfield or Chelsea’s defence though, it’s all very well saying that you’re going to outscore the opposition but with a few injuries it only takes a striker to have an off day and you’re struggling to score whilst leaking goals, not a good position as we all know.

Too early to say anything for sure but everybody in the top 7 has a few issues and we know they ain’t all going to be resolved, shaping up to be an interesting season.


we have to believe in this team, i agree with wenger when he says something is missing, but am sure he will get it right. 2 games ,2 points it is not great but not bad either, i feel we will do well this season, there is something missing, may be wenger should look at the formation, we play 433 , maybe next game try 442 , or even 451 but i trust wenger , he will get it right for sure , no doubt about that. jamie redknapp , saying giroud and poldi is weaker than rvp , this… Read more »

Squilaci's weaker foot

“When they open up schools there they will learn the truth about the legbreaker” lol


I’m pleased that about the two clean-sheets. If we have a good foundation then we can work our way up.
We need an DM as our midfielders seem too preoccupied worrying about which ones staying back. And as an offset this means that there’s an over reliance on Carzola to create chances.

Dick Swiveller

I think that’s another issue with lack of gametime together, unless we sign someone who strictly Makeleles it’ll be something we’ll run into with a new DM too…wouldn’t complain at someone else coming in to play there though.

+ve gooner

Arsenal, we are not going to win the league, no fucking way. Just stop being optimistic for once and agree that we are quite mediocre.

Podolski is good but he’s gonna do a bayern on us. Diaby, you’ll wait for him to shoot till you fucking age.

big black clock

Yea you sound like ‘positive gooner’ alright.


Diaby did have a shot… I wasn’t impressed.


So if we don’t win the league, that makes us mediocre? What a curious thought process you have. You can ameliorate this through the simple expedient of Prozac. Go see your doctor.

+ve gooner

Nope, we are already mediocre, as mediocre as gerninho shot.

Sol Goodman

On a brighter note the defense looked a lot better, hope the the attack starts firing too as there are some tough fixtures on the horizon. I don’t think Gervinho should ever start before OX and Theo, he has some good quality’s but he give’s the ball away way to often.


Next week, I hope the players get some practice in kicking the ball towards goal and trying to hit the target.


We will win the league this season! Bookmark this…..


Oh please!, wake up and smell the coffee sunshine.

Glory Hunter

I agree with KenyanGoon 🙂
But I also thought RVP would stay 🙁
So what do I know!!!


cazorla,podolski and giroud are awesome.
now wenger go find a player who can act as a bridge between cazorla and the frontman.i don’t see cazorla as the final ball player.cazorla creates the game. but i get a feeling we are missing the link between cazorla and the frontmen.
a false nine type player.
bring on jesus navas.

Dick Swiveller

Playing a no.10 off a frontman kinda negates the point of the false nine as I see it, there’s no dropping deep and no gap left. The link isn’t there due to a lack of synergy in our passing, rather than a tactical shortfall. If it doesn’t improve in time then we get worried and start thinking about tactics imo.


Jesus, have you ever seen Navas play?? He’s a true winger, like Joaquin before him – he isn’t a false 9 nor can he play in the middle.


We are competing in four competitions.
We are about to clear out all the striker we had in the squad last season surely there will be a striker or strikers coming in because cant see Arsene risking our only two forwards for carling cup since both campbell and afobe are out on loan as well.


actually, he’ll probably play them so that they can bed into the team. And also so that we can win the damn thing and shut all the morons up about silverware. And I don’t think he should play Podolski & Giroud together – they should alternate as the striker, depending on who we’re playing – Podolski on the wing is not disciplined to stick on the wing, he kept coming in, so there’s little space for Santi, none for Diaby and no real overlap play for Gibbs. So for folks on here dissing Diaby, if you watch the game again,… Read more »


Personally, I’d rather see Arteta up there creating chances, as I feel he’s more disciplined and less liable to let go of the ball, but I understand he has quite a job to do in the back, and he does it well.


Who was the lanky dude taking forever to pass and looking for reasons to smooch the REF??? Yes, we need time to jell BUT what happens if girould gets Eduardoed??? PODman played more effectively on d wing so he aint much of an option. Do we play walcott??? Or Park?? OMG! A holding midfeilder(a strong one(M-Villa) a replacement for RVC(Robin Van Cunt) and we are good. Mire av to wait for another 2 or 3 games buh its all good. The defence was again extra composed. Watching liverfool play the way they are has its good sides and its bad… Read more »


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comment try so hard before, Arshavin could learn a thing or two


In Arsene we never rust!


When a manager skips off the pitch with a smile on his face after scraping a draw then that tells Pulis got what he wanted the loser. Goals will come but I thought gervinho was pretty average today, especially when the ox is sat o the bench.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Twitcherson Jr can go lick his own arse.


Am I the only one who thinks all we need now is DEMBELE!!!!! Guy is class!


Frankly, it was poor. The first half especially. FL8 retired the other day and we desperately cried out for a player who can – like ham and Pires – go past a clod hopper and either shoot, or deliver a quality cross/pass. We saw little of that today. The defence was a positive as Bouldy looks to be honing them. So all credit there. But the front five had better start to find their range or we are in trouble. 49 goals conceded last season. I wonder what the odds now are on us ‘scoring’ 49 this time out ?… Read more »


Jamie rednapp needs to keep his trap shut at all times! Goals will come my fellow gunners keep the faith and dont worry! Forget about rvp and song they werent real full blooded gunners but money grabbing traitors!


It’s embarrassing the way we treat some of our former players. Song was a good servant, and seemingly was quite happy to stay. Even if you think selling him was a good choice, there’s no reason to trash the guy.


Sunderland and Stoke fall into the category of teams that go into games with us looking for a point and hope to snatch a win. In the past, they have been able to snatch wins thanks to less than stellar defensive displays, however I feel that this time around a point will be the best these teams will achieve against us if they are lucky (especially once Giroud and Podolski settle in). Alas these are early days but i will keep an eye out for when these two teams play the likes of city,utd, chelsea (a.k.a the cunts,cunts and blue… Read more »


Shut up you twats and get behind the team.



This isn’t arseblogger…


i would like wenger to try some thing out…
we should play these players:
–Carzola Aoc Walcott–
Gibbs Vermy Mert Coquellen

all 3 must keep interchanging positions……..
we should not sell arsh and must rotate him Podolski and gerviniho with Carzola Aoc and walcott.
Also we need a back for diaby and arteta and Mvilla suits the role perfectly.
Also we need a def who can play cb and rb.


What about Jenks? I thought he did well today – serious challenger to Sagna at RB.


Another deluded fan who still thinks Walcott should be playing for Arsenal over The OX! “Oh but he is great when he can run into space” So is Usain bloody Bolt! Two touches today and two passes to Stoke. £100k contract …… Get rid ASAP

Glory Hunter

Wow what a dunce!
If you can’t appreciate Theo’s quality then that’s absolutely fine, you’re entitled to but there’s no need to make up shit stats!!!


The title needs a colon between Arteta and “not good enough”.


Sorry, but he’s FAR from our problem. Actually, without him, I don’t know who would keep our game moving.

Matt F

No, he means the exact opposite to what you think he means. Without the colon, the title reads as though the author is quoting someone who thinks that Arteta is not good enough. With the colon it reads as Arteta saying “not good enough.”

Grammar is your friend.


I really like Arteta. I honestly can’t remember the last time one of our players came out in an interview with such comments.
I thought we played well, the defence looked solid, composed and well drilled and the midfield had good shape and discipline. The only thing missing was a goal. But that will come.
Yeah, looked really good today – must be the ‘BF’ – Bould Factor.
Up the Arse!


I don’t want to write Giroud off as he may come good as the season unfolds, but based on the 1st 2 games, he doesn’t have what it takes to lead the like at the present moment. Guys like Hazard are rare that they can just walk into the premier League from another league and adapt and contribute straight away without any fuss at all. We are expecting that from Podolski and Giroud and that just isn’t fare to them. Saying that, I thought Lukas played much better today but I’m not sold on Giroud just yet. It would have… Read more »


I am a manchester united fan but god that was classless from stoke to boo ramsey. Thought they would actually appreciate that the kid is a victim. Pathetic


Most definitely there are positives to take from this game, for me they are; Cazorla looking very comfortable on the ball, and moving it forward at every opportunity. He will create a lot this season and score some too, likes to shoot. Arteta again showing how important he is to us, excellent distribution, solid tackler and never stops running for the team. Podolski linking up well with Gibbs on the left, he had a great 1st half and looked one of our most potent threats, he can cut in too and is a powerful runner with the ball, more of… Read more »


After the first two games, my predictions are:
1. Podolski will predominantly play through the centre and become the ‘White Wright’.
2. Giroud will be responsible for a lot of Arsenal’s male fans questioning their sexuality.
3. We need to sign Jesus Navas…actually any player called Jesus will do.
4. AOC will win the Young Player of the Year award every year for the next decade.

Matt F

Anyone who could nail a cross would do.


I swear Arteta could play anywhere and he would be pretty damn good.

Bendigo Shafter

Personally I think things are building nicely. Some good steel and organisation shown at the back leading to two clean sheets – an area of real concern over the past couple of years looks to be on its way to being improved. The front third will improve as they get used to playing with each other (pun intended) and once Wenger understands how/where they best operate. The back five (6?) need to provide a good solid base on which the new chaps up front can build as they find their feet in the Prem – and they are at present… Read more »

[…] the quality of those who have come in to replace him, but I think the issue is as Wenger, and even Mikel Arteta spoke about, more to do with these player settling in to a new team than any fundamental problem with their […]

Too Drunk To Be Offside

As the saying goes, “attack and goals win you games, defence and clean sheets win you championships”. I must say I loved what I saw defensively yesterday. Steve Bould has been a major influence on the team. When I read the interview from players pre-season I felt it was the usual PR job, but as I was watching the game yesterday, I realised when was the last time players had raved about a new coach !! I could see exactly what he has done, and the defensive unit was brilliant. If I am not mistaken we are the only team… Read more »


On Jamie Redknapp saying Giroud and Podolski were weaker than RVP

I don’t listen much to what people say.

Basically means he does not care about what even we fans complain about.

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