Boss provides Wilshere update


Arsene Wenger has praised Jack Wilshere’s dedication as he works his way to full fitness, and says that the midfielder could return to the team in October.

Jack hasn’t played since limping off during the Emirates Cup during last pre-season, but has recently stepped up his training, is running well. Wenger is encouraged but says he’ll remain cautious.

“October will be an important month for Jack,” he said. “I will promise you that I will be careful, but Jack works very hard.

“Every day he is in early, late going home, is focused and has built up a good basis for his body. After how quick he will be sharp again for competition, I don’t know. We will have to wait for at least a month to see that.”

And as Nuri Sahin officially signs for Liverpool, Wenger hinted that his similarity to Wilshere in terms of style of play was one of the reasons Arsenal didn’t complete the deal.

“I see Sahin as not a deep, deep midfielder, but a little bit higher. We have Wilshere coming back quicker and he is a similar type of player.

“If we wanted to sign Sahin, we would have done it.”

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Better than a new Sahin!


Like a new Sahigning.

Tenacious Defence

Can’t wait to have Jack back in the mix.


I think it’s still important to have a new signing to provide an option in midfield especially in the defensive aspect.

I suppose Diaby needs a run of injury-free games before he could fully fulfill the potential that AW believes in, and for jack even after his return from injury would need time to get back to his best.

Hence, a loan signing work best for us but I guess the challenge is to find an established and quality one that is available for loan


i agree with you but not one who will cost us £10 million when we have the likes of Jake at our club who can play the sme game with much more heart


“I see Sahin as not a deep, deep midfielder, but a little bit higher. We have Wilshere coming back quicker and he is a similar type of player. “If we wanted to sign Sahin, we would have done it.” === Very disappointed we didn’t sign Sahin for this year. Wilshere will experience a number of setbacks throughout this season as he returns from a year out of the game. To expect him to contribute meaningfully, as Wenger clearly does, is unrealistic, and surprisingly naive. It’s not like we needed to keep Sahin at the club beyond this season, allowing Wilshere… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

What you said is very true. But who EVER told you we have any aspirations to win the league??? It is a business base club not winning trophy base club. Do you think ANY manager with EVEN a shred of pride after 7 years of winging NOTHING will be waiting or relaying on injured players while we have money sitting on the bank that can’t score, create or defend a goal????. All our aspiration as a FEEDER CLUB under The French Fool and the board is to finish top 4, develop young player to sell and MAKE MONEY. The Fool… Read more »


Nuri sah-OUT!
Jack arsenal wishere IN


Arsenal’s number 10!


U lost out, period. Don’t try justifying 2 us AW. We waited in anticipation for his signing.


So you would pay 11 mil(inc wages) to loan a player for a season with no option of buying at the end of season?


I don’t get the argument abt the money? Have we ever had a loan player that we don’t pay to play? I’ll give you that abt 3 million ‘loan fee’ is odd but the wages is what you pay for good players? We’d spend that sort of money on a permanent signings wages too??


The fact remains I expect he’d have been our highest paid player had we signed him – I think Liverpool are paying around £100,000p/w of his wages. Considering a certain Dutch cunt was our previous highest earner on a reported £80,000p/w, I would imagine Sahin would be our top earner. Considering it’s only a temporary deal, that’s ridiculous. Add into it that he was only expected to be signing to alleviate the pressure on Jack this season, not even as a guaranteed starter, and he only played 11 games last season, and the cost of this loan deal becomes pretty… Read more »


liverpool fans seem happy but they really got shafted on this deal, they’re paying over half of what real bought him for just to rent him, i’m glad we didn’t screw ourselves with this ludicrous deal.


so Real paid 8m for a 6-year contract, and since the signing fee is amortized over 6 years that’s a little less than 1.5m per year. Liverpool are paying 4m just to loan him for one year, netting Real a 2.5m profit (wage subsidies notwithstanding).


you read it here first, folks 😉

Cygan's Left Foot

You just can tell, the Blind Sheep start to count the pennies too and use it as an excuse to justify the 8 years of the French Fool failure!!!!


And to add, Sahin is returning from a long term injury as well and as well all know new signings might take a long time to settle. so that’s half a season(estimated) to bring to full fitness and then give him back to Madrid when he is back to his best?


I for one think he’ll fail his medical due to a damaged ego after seeing a damaged merseyside.


“We waited in anticipation for his signing.”

Oh, diddums. I suppose you’re going to kick and scream at everyone until Uncle Arsene gets you the present you wanted.


Are you serious, you want to tell me a player who left champions league playing club for another champions league playing club, will now choose a club who does not play in the champions league and who does not know if they will even finish top 4, take it as wenger said it, if we wanted him he would sign, if he wanted liverpool he would have signed last week and not called it off after a call for wenger.


Well i guess more of his parent team decision than his. And mourinhi is such a guy if you didnt approve his decision he will let you rot.


Seriously, we had even forgotten about jack but we still did well. And we all know jack is right up there with englands best if not the best. I mean him making a comeback would be so massive a deal for us. October it is!


Is it only me or does it look like Wilshere needs a little sun?

Matt F

He has a little son.

Bob Smith

AW sounds like a man who’s just been rejected;
“I didn’t fancy you that much anyway”

But in all honesty, he wasn’t what we needed really. Hopefully this will turn the attention back to an deep lying play-maker with some defensive qualities, possibly Capoue/Mvila/Biglia,but after it could well end up being a mix of Ox/Coq/frim vying for that position.


he was not rejected we pulled out


Biglia is going to Norwich, if he’s good enough for Norwich he is not good enough for arsenal.


Jack is going to be the greatest player to put on the number 10 bar bergkamp. I’ve got a good feeling he’ll win the league for us this year COYG!!!!


Wenger. He signs whom he wants. Almost.

A N Other

I still remember that game against Barcelona where run the midfield against iniesta, xavi and even Messi.. When he is back, he would be far more effective than Song. Here is that video


he is a boss man

Bobin ban bersie

There’s always the mighty Denilson.



I like your spelling of sarcasm.


The things he’s seen have aged him beyond his years.


I honestly think Sahin was always on our radar, but the sudden availability of Cazorla suddenly didn’t make his signing a priority.
Wenger was looking for a suitable addition that could either fill in 4 Jack or play alongside him.

Hard Ogura

Probably the cost bit of it makes sense, but not because Sahin being similar to Jack as the reason for not bringing him to Arsenal. At time when you try and fail, you accept the defeat like a human being not create funny excuses. Then why did he spend all that time and funds haggling?

Dick Swiveller

I don’t think he was talking as a blanket denial that we never wanted him but more that when he costs that much and Madrid didn’t want to do things our way, he’s not needed, mostly because of the depth in midfield as the man says..

It’s not so much a funny excuse as much as giving a reason why a mooted deal didn’t happen, which is more than we usually get so I don’t think the modern world of ridiculous expectations and necessary PR has passed us by this time round.


Spending £10 million on a player for the course of the year and not having the option to buy at the end is fucking stupid, what if he’s incredible and then you lose him the next year, it’s pointless. Unless he somehow single-handedly brings Liverpool into the top 4 it would be a waste for them, and seeing as how Liverpool couldn’t hit a wall with a howitzer from 10 yards let alone finish their chances, the pressing concern for them lies elsewhere.


I still think we will add a proper DM before the window closes. i’d be mightily disappointed if this is not the case,


Like A New Sahin!


I find it quite hard/sad that I have to search Youtube to remind myself of Wilshere’s quality. It’s just been too long Jack! I find it hard to believe he was that good back in 2010/11. Hopefully he gets back to this image we all seem to have developed so finely of him whilst he’s been out. We really need to drop the pressure on him and focus on Ramsey instead…



It makes perfect sense not to sign Sahin if a permanent deal could not be agreed thereafter. Why waste say $3m including wages for perhaps 10 months? Cos we still have to get him to accustom to the epl by then if things started to go well for him it would be time to return him back to Madrid.

Dial Square

I hope Diaby takes both of Shawcrosses legs off at the knee today, see how that cunt likes it…..Dean Whitehead…whats that about, looks like he’s been hit it the face with an iron…ugly cunt….COYG


Heh, nice points there. Now if only the game were today.

Dial Square

Who said anything about it happening during the game….


Do you think there is a possibility Wilshere could leave on loan until january to regain his sharpness as a regular starter with less pressure on his shoulders? Just like Ramsey after his injury for example.


No, I really can’t see that happen at all.


For the record, I don’t think this will be happening either, I am just asking the question to see if there is something to discuss there.


Well, there’s not.


He’s more likely to play in the u21 league for a bit then phased back into the squad. It will depend on how quickly he returns to form, I just hope the other key midfield players stay fit so we arn’t forced to play him before he’s ready.


we need mvila


A team that spends 20 million quid on the likes of Stewart Downing knows it’s transfer business.




My little nephew call them liverFOOL.


Fuck mr. Robin van persie. The scummiest of cunts. That is not all.
Also terry.


Rvp, he scores when he wants

Dave Gooner

I am listening to the little boy inside me and he is saying “Who cares what that fucker does”

I wish him bad luck.


He is a puss
he is a dick
He is a cunt
He is a whore
How he did it we dont know
How he did it we dont care
We just know he is prick.

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Been so long since I saw Wilshire play, I can’t remember how good / bad / indifferent he is. Gooners shouldn’t expect the lad to hit the groung running (or scoring) and if Wenger says he’ll return in October you’d better + 2 months


I love how every anti-Arsenal comments get thumbs down and end up hidden due to low ratings.

You’d think those folks will realise that this page has no room for stinking comments.



Tottenham is still shit guys, tottenham is still fucking SHIT!!!.


I hope AVB takes over at one of the manchester clubs next 😉

le grove Gooner

nooooooo, leave him to ruin the spuds, hes doing a great job!!


So Wenger is talking about offering Walcott a 75k-a-week new contract?

Fantastic! We sell out two best players then award an underperforming Wanker with a lucrative contract.

Typical Wenger!


Hate to say it, but in the epl, 75 k a week is hardly lucrative, either we pay him and he stays or we don’t and he goes wherever they will.


Seriously you think song was one of our best 2 players? err what about vermaelen sagna koscielny arteta wilshire cazorla podolski? i would take all of them over song. If he had stayed and everyone was fit he wouldnt make the starting x1.

Dial Square

Couldn’t agree more, wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if Walcott left, as much as i hoped he would i just cant see him developing into a real top class player…the problem is Wenger is so stubborn that he thinks he would have made a mistake if Walcott doesn’t develope into a world class player.


We didn’t sell arteta or koscielny.


Don’t worry people, Seb and I are still here!


I am begining to think that Arsenal and Walcott would rather part ways, but nobody is showing interest in walcott, so Arsenal has to give him a big contract to prevent losing him a on a free next summer.And to save face, To lose our best three attacking player in one summer….

Pong of the OxCoq

On a totally unrelated note… Blogs… can u give Jonathan Cross a better mic when he’s on the podcast. It’s difficult to hear him… If that ain’t reason enough, what he is currently using makes him sound like a Chav.

Matt F

Liverpool is like the dumb rich kid who will buy your mars bar for a tenner.


Honestly you arsenal fans have lost it. Looking at chelsea, man city, united then we are just garbage. In short, am tired of wenger and arsenal. Look at Van P, we have lost a real player. Podolski? Let’s hop he does good. The only player we have really bought is santi. I am tired of Wenger’s stories.


You arsenal fans will disagree with me, but I can assure you we will just have the same dissappointment we usually have for the past 7 years. Its just a shame Arsenal has become a selling club.


Then fuck off !!!!


You too and your rubbish team which always brings expectations to the fans then dissappoint them. We get on dissapointed every season with wengers antics, he is just playing with our minds. Sahin was a very good acquisation but wengers comes out and say he doesn’t want to buy him. He has something in his mind and if it happens, it happens???? Bullshit.the best is Arsenal to be bough by usmanov, this current board of directors are there to overcharge us in ticket pricing butt never buys any players while always selling our best players. Shame!

Dial Square

@Arsenal Well why dont you fuck off and support Man City then, we all get a bit frustrated with Arsene at times – but we love the club and we have all experienced the highs and lows over years so why dont you go and spout off somewhere else…..


Can u get rid of all the rvp related videos in the video section?

Martin Keown is my hero

With regard to Sahin: 1. He does good – LFC spend a lot of ‘rent’ money and Madrid want him back 2. He does not do good – waste of money and Liverpool send him back Will he really be bothered about the LFC cause, seeing that he fucks off at the end of the season anyway? He is not like a young player trying to establish himself, so I would query where is motivation is at. Without a first option to buy clause, the Sahin deal is a stinker I think. We did well to avoid it and it… Read more »


I couldn’t care less about having Sahin especialy when I see how much it has and will cost to Liverpool.
It has been said plenty times, we have a very crowded midfield.
And anyway, there was too much buzz about it to be a Wenger signing. I thought the same about M’Villa but it quieted down so… this one might happen, I think.


Why do people care about the money spent on the deal? Its not like it comes out of our pockets directly and what are we going to do anything with that money sitting there now?
Money doesn’t play football, but money can buy or loan people who do..


thats good news so who money i use to buy my ticket then

Dial Square

I think you’ll find our pockets is exactly where it comes from…..the money it would have cost the club for a season long loan was ridiculous, about £90,000 a week AND a £3 million loan fee…i thought the loan system was supposed to benefit BOTH clubs….

Dial Square

The last time Rooney had a big nasty gash, he paid money for it, and his missus wasn’t happy when she found out !!!!!
On another note I FUCKING HATE STOKE..if we only win one game this season i hope its today, apparently their fans have been running an online pettition to get the all the fans in the stadium to mimic and take the piss out of Arsene…maybe we should all turn up looking like a dwarf-like twat in the hat..