Cazorla: Pires and Cesc told me to sign for Arsenal


New boy Santi Cazorla has revealed that former Gunners Cesc Fabregas and Robert Pires encouraged him to sign for the club.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, in his first interview since joining, the Spanish international said he’d sought advice before making the switch, and received nothing but positive comments.

“I spoke to Robert Pires, we played together at Villareall,” he said, “and obviously he knew about the rumours of me coming here and encouraged me to sign. He said it was a really good club and that I would enjoy London.

“The same with Cesc, he said the same, that it was a great club. He said I would be very happy here and I would adapt easily. I can feel that even though I’ve only been here a few hours!”

Cazorla also spoke about how the move came about, confirming he almost joined the club last summer before his switch to Malaga, and outlined why he joined the Arsenal.

“It was always a club I liked very much. Because of circumstances in football things have not gone as well as we’d have liked in Malaga this year, but now I’m going to have the opportunity to experience the Premier league and I couldn’t miss it. I’m 27 years old, it was the last train I could catch.

“I think it’s one of the greatest clubs in Europe. ”

And his aim is quite simple, “I hope to win trophies here, that’s what I want.”

Bienvenido, Sanit!

See the full interview on Arsenal Player

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We don’t need Santa, we’ve got Santi….and Santos!


Santos says:
Hola! Amigays…


We’ve got Sanit! yeh I went there! internet spellcheck for the win.


its the film Goal! all over again, except for this time he stays in england!


Enough ambition for you Mr. RVP.. ??

gun powder

he has buried himself in hell. No way for him to come back.


Lets not cast him into the fires of hell just yet. I would still love to see him playing for us next season. If he signs a new contract it will prove that he really does want to win trophy’s with Arsenal, if not, we know it really is all about the money and That he really is a MASSIVE CUNT HAMMER. If Bould gets the defence in order, just looking at the strikers and midfielder’s we have at the moment it’s looking pretty fucking lethal this Arsenal. RVP WALCOT CAZORLA GIROUD PODOLSKI ARTETA OX SONG ARSHAVIN GERVENHIO RAMSEY WILSHERE… Read more »

Igor Stepanovs

I’ll be happy if RVP u-turns.
Come back to us Cap!!!


That is a bit rich coming from Cesc who went on strike when it came to playing for the club he claims to love so much.


Come on now, Cesc hardly shafted Arsenal. Everyone knew he would go back one day, and guess what, he did. The odious ‘Barca DNA’ stuff from his new team mates became nauseating very quickly, but Fab himself was fair.


He shafted us by going on a strike because there was no way we would have sold for 29 million otherwise.

Dr Baptiste

But Barcelona were the only other club he would join, so there was no chance of a bidding war. Wenger had probably asked him for one more year the previous season and then sold him as was agreed once they reached a large enough figure.
Fabregas has never had a bad word to say about Arsenal or Arsene unlike some ex-players (Wright, Adebayor, Nasri and I’m pretty sure Alumunia had a dig as well), so we respect him for it.

Dr Baptiste

Whoops, I put too many u’s in Almunia.


That large enough sum was never reached. We publicly turned down two of their bids. Once he outright refused to turn up for the Emirates cup, we were left with no choice.
Is it too much to expect a player honor the long term contract he has signed?Especially if the said player claims to love the club so much.

Midfield Corporal

Don’t lump Ian Wright in with Adebayor and Nasri Doc. The man is the greatest natural goal scorer I’ve ever seen and he loves the club. I don’t agree with some of what he says, but he says it because he wants Arsenal to be a success. Disagree by all means but that doesn’t mean you have to disrespect (deep hey? I just made that up)


Why all the thumbs down? It’s true. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for some Arsenal fans to accept that Fabregas acted like a twat.


Apparently some sweet words weigh more than the 15-20 million hit which our club, running on a tight budget, took on Fabregas’ market value because of him refusing to play. Let his actions speak louder than the words.
I have respect for his contribution here but Arsenal football club doesn’t need Cesc Fabregas’ recommendations.


So basically what we are saying here is that Arsenal should be a prision is which a player comes in BUT MAY NEVER LEAVE.

Seriously that is what you guys are saying practically. Move on. Players will leave the club and others will stay. And for your information Cesc did stay 1 extra season after what happened in 2010.


Except no one has said that.


It’s hard to understand because there’s no actual evidence for it.


“Why all the thumbs down?” Well, I can’t claim to speak for everyone, but I gave it a thumbs down because as far as I’m concerned, in the absence of any actual evidence, Ebouefan’s repeated claim about “going on strike” is about as credible as claiming that Fabregas strangles a litter of puppies every morning before eating a breakfast of live newborn babies. You can baldly assert what you like, but that doesn’t make it “true”.


Why else would we sell a world class player on a long term contract way below his market value? We could and had told Barca to fuck off repeatedly. Then what changed after the Emirates cup?


Thanks for the downrate, Ebouefan. I’ll take that and your subsequent comment as admissions that you’re not able to produce any evidence to support your outlandish claims about Fabregas going on strike. This is not very surprising to me, because I’m fairly confident that no such evidence exists.

And to be clear, when I speak of “evidence”, I mean actual “facts” as opposed to “conspiratorial theories that fit conveniently with your existing antipathy toward Fabregas”.


I didn’t downvote you or anyone who has disagreed with me so far. Why do you care about a downvote vote anyway? Walking the hivemind’s line should net you plenty of e-thumbs up if that’s your thing.
As for hard evidence, there is none bigger than the transfer fee.


Atleast rvp is now having second thoughts, cesc just didn’t care at all.

“meh…i want to go to barca.
Meh… compadres are there.”
Leaving us in the worst possible state.
love him all you want but don’t act like he’s justified his move away from the arse.


RVP’s second thoughts are nothing but speculation.


Atleast there’s speculation with rvp but with cesc we had nothing!!!.


I think you are a love struck cesc fan boy.
one statement of advice to cazorla and suddenly he’s justified leaving arsenal and boom let’s drop him among the legends.


What more justification do you need than:

– Barca wanted him.
– Were willing to pay what we wanted for him.
– Went through the proper legal procedures.
– Cesc had NEVER made any secret of the fact that he wanted to go back and play for the club from where he grew up and supports.

Dry your eyes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The defining moment for me was an interview Cesc gave in Spain a few months after he had joined Barcelona. He was asked his opinion about Arsenal’s woes, I believe, and while saying he felt that Arsene Wenger would pull us through it, each time he mentioned the club he said “We”, not them, not they, but “We”. You’d have to be the basest conman to be able to pull something off like that if it wasn’t genuine, and I don’t get that feeling from what I have seen and heard of Cesc Fabregas. I don’t remember a strike. I… Read more »


I must have missed something big, but what evidence is there that Fabregas refused to play exactly? I’ve been googling but all I can find are unsourced assertions on fan forums or in the comment sections of news articles – which seems strange, because a player refusing to take the field seems like something that would generate back-page headlines in all the nationals. (Tevez anyone?) Can you provide a credible source?


I’m sure if you find a field with a bull in it and stand next to its bum for long enough, you’ll find the source of that.


I hope RVP gets on his knees and begs with Arsene to stay now.

Or at least make out an emotional (kidding myself) video to the fans apologizing for his stupid act. Second chances are always there for the taking if you set aside your ego, though you’ve probably already marred enough of your own legacy here.


…And while he’s down there…


Cesc!!! You Gooner!!!


Goonies never say die!


They multiply!
Pires =Gooner!
Henry = Gooner!
Cesc = Gooner!
Santi = future Gooner!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

See. If a club has class and style there are benefits.

Why did you choose Arsenal ? “Because all the former players of that club that I asked said “DO IT”. (This is not an unusual thing to hear from a new Gunner)

Why did you choose Manchester City ? “Why do you think. Now pay me my fee for talking with you and fuck off.”


Bobby and Cesc (minus his Barca DNA) are for me Legends. RVP, ambition defined huh?

big black clock

Bobby- Maybe. Cesc – No.

The word ‘Legend’ is thrown around too often these days. Cesc was a great and lovable guy, still is, but he can never be considered a legend when compared with the likes of Adams, Winterburn, Bergkamp etc.

Cygan's Left Foot

Bobby maybe???? *shakes head at you*.

Bobby to me as much legend as all those you mentioned, after the way we let him go and he still loves the club.

I wish you were there when he played against us in the CL, he got as much love as Henry if not more.

Bobby will go down with the fans as a LEGEND.


I love Cesc, but he is no legend. Sadly, he represents the end of Arsene’s youth project, everything Arsenal could have been, and everything it never was. He was a fantastic player, but by means a legend.

big black clock

Disagree with your ”end of youth project” part mate. How can you say that when we have guys like Wilshere, Coquelin, and Szczesny on our team sheet?

Arsene’s youth project is very much alive. And it will be his ”fuck you” to his critics everywhere a few years from now.


…by *no means…


Maybe a blessing in disguise since Arteta, Per, Santos, Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla have all come to Arsenal, bucking the trend of Wenger only buying from youth. Happy days ahead.




Arsenal will keep bringing through young players from the academy like Wilshere, SZCZensy, Eisfeld, Afobe, Aneke… but unlike before, he is integrating that with a healthy mixture of older players. In the last two year alone, he has bought over 10 players that were 25 or older at the time of buying, which is very different from the 5 years before that. Clearly, this indicates a change in policy within his management. All the players he’s buying now are established players, focused to bring success within the 2-3 years (Cazorla, Poldi, Arteta). Before that, he bought more potential based, aiming… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually I don’t believe Arsenal have changed their policy. I think the policy was set back when we were planning the stadium, once Arsene Wenger had established himself with the club and had their full and unwavering trust. We needed a strong youth policy anyway, but I think we were always aiming for a healthy mix of youth and experience. While the loan repayments have been high we have not been able to splash the cash on experienced players and have relied on the younger players coming through to tide us over. Now that we are getting the loan down… Read more »


Cesc was let down by poor defending too. Hopefully Gibbs Santos, The German, Verm, and Sagna (on his way to legend status BTW) and Jenky can gel we can hope for unbeaten runs with a solid defence.
Only this will make Cazorla, Poldy, RvP and whatsisname happy.
Two classy Spanish players? Brilliant! Spanish internationals are as rare as hen’s teeth. They all play for Cuntalona and General Franco’s three ring circus. We are LUCKY!
Up The Arsenal!


I’m not one to nitpick, but “Bienvenido, Sanit!” or “Bienvenido, Santi!”? Are you pulling a Santos?


my sarcasm laced comment pointed this out ages ago!



And you were already an hour and 15 late by then. Timestamps FTW.


haha well played!

big black clock

Podolski + Giroud + Cazorla = £36m.

Meanwhile at Liverpool…


Would you rather:
Andy Carroll
Giroud + Podolski + Cazorla
7/10 of Fernando Torres

big black clock

Say what you want about Cesc, but he’s still a Gooner as far as I’m concerned.

Would love to have him back when we start dominating world football.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well we are now buying experienced top class European players. Who knows what might happen in a year or two from now? I would certainly take him back if the possibility arose and he was still at the top of his game. I wouldn’t build the team around him though. I’m hoping our new buys are a sign that we are going to concentrate on team rather than “star player” from now on.


“Would love to have him back when we start
dominating world football.”………..

I don’t think he’ll be available for a transfer this year.


lord Van Pizza, satisfied?


Two of my all time favourites. Love it when they talk about Arsenal.

They genuinely love the club and I genuinely love them.

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

I miss Cesc.
Sorry guys but it’s true :'(


We’ll play Barcelona at home in the champions league semi-second leg this year. I’ll defo be cheering on Cesc even if he’s no longer a gunner. He was a classy midfielder. A joy to watch. A pleasure to have had him at the club. Yet I hope we beat him and prove to him that he was wrong when he left.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That would be nice. Following a gutsy 3-0 win in Spain. Yes please. Would love to see a Messi shut out, humiliatingly so (and over both legs), and Arsenal win by a convincing margin (enough to convince our critics, not just our fans), with goals spread amongst the team, while Cesc stars for Barca with three brilliant attempts on goal all saved by three more-than-brilliant saves by Chesney, or even Fabianski after Chesney’s brilliant efforts in the first leg.

El Blondo

Happy Tuesday


Can i imagine him to be a fusion of Fabregas and Nasri (their football ability, of course)? Because that would be one hell of a player. He has a record of propelling his team position, ex: Villareal and Malaga. I hope this time it’s 3rd to 1st. Lovely..


He’s more like Iniesta. Those smart runs into the box and short passes etc..
He’s still one hell of a player 😉


I hope the only thing that Cazorla has inside him that is like Na$ri is the next log that he drops into the toilet bowl.

Red and White Stripey Socks

Welcome Santi, Im sure your going to shine.

I hope we keep up this momentum and get a few more players through the door……..and sorry to say a few out of it!

But I think every Arsenal fan will be really chuffed with the summer so far.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope we have a more flexible approach to team setup, so that we can play 4-4-2 occasionally, even within a single game, say we can bring on a couple of subs and change formation to accomodate them more efficiently. It would be nice to see some of last season’s “flops” get enough game time through rotation of the team, that they actually get some form back and show what they can really do.

Yeah OK, but it’s preseason. I’m allowed to dream of what might be.


I love when santi cums!


3 top class signings for less than the cost of 1 Andy Carroll. Hahhhhhaaaahhhaaaahhhaa
I don’t think I will ever stop laughing at the mugsmashers.


At them and with them too.
The huge bag of loot they got out of Chelski for Fernando “Who moved the goal?” Torres was hugely amusing. The way they so comprehensively pissed it up the wall afterwards was a bonus, mirth-wise.


Let’s win a few/lots of games before we crow. Cazorla is the best news for ages though.
Up The Arsenal!


I do wonder in the case of Van persie, how he is really really feeling right now? I personally think he made a fool of himself, not in the decision he made not to extend but rather the way he attacked the the club,the Manager(whom he owed a lot) and his team mates so openly the way he did. He must be a lonely chap right now and if by any means he stays( something I hate) his team mates should make him lonely too on the pitch by not passing him the ball. I know…I know that sound unprofessional… Read more »


Not just unprofessional, but if you really love the club, how the hell are we supposed to beat anyone effectively playing a man less?


we need van persie…to challenge the trophies…enough said~

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We don’t NEED RVP in order to challenge for trophies. We have a good team. It would be NICE to keep him, if by doing so we show we can be strong in the face of the lotto teams, and that we can be strong but fair with our own players. What we do NEED is for the club, and fans, to treat him with respect if he does stay. The club has a reputation for style and class, but that extends to a certain degree to the fans also. Fan behaviour can tarnish a club’s reputation. Just look at… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Gutbukkit, much sense you speak, my friend. Spot on. True Gooner.

Persie out, arsenal lives

It’s the least you could do cesc, thankyou.

As for pires, you just added a litle something to your legend status.

Cazorla in and now I couldn’t care less what some fat man or what some two faced captain has to say.

It’s just up.


i just want to thank RVP toput presure to mr wanger and the board to buy bid name player i dont think RVP is long to say that he want to leave .he knew tha if he does’t do that i dont think our club was lookingto buy more player but the did becoz they were thinking of losing RVP this season will be like last year .if RVP reary wanted to leave by now he couldn’t be at the club.but he wanted arsenal fc to do something .i sorry if im long

El Blondo

Reading this is almost like watching ‘Team America’

big black clock

‘i sorry if im long”

I recall saying that to my gf quite often

Dr Baptiste

and the reply was “don’t worry, you’re not…..”


lol “mind the gap”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, we know. She didn’t reply as it’s rude to talk with your mouth full.
We’ve all heard that one before.

Holdin Mygroin



How do you Roll on the Floor Laughing Your(My) Ass Out?? I’d like to see that.. not in a weird way thou’. 🙂

Dr Baptiste

…Ass *OFF not ‘out’ but your request still stands

Holdin Mygroin



Yeah, RvP is Arsenal, who da hell is Arsene Wenger.
Get a life


“How is babby formed?”


Presumably Sullivan will be along in a minute to set that to music.


Cazorla has been on Mr. Wenger’s agenda for a long time. He was trying to sign him last season and The Arsenal were beaten by a lunatic with megabucks at Malaga.
Imagine what RvP would have done with SC in the team.
Put that in your anti Wenger pipe and smoke that.


i just want to thank RVP toput presure to mr wanger and the board to buy bid name player i dont think RVP is long to say that he want to leave .he knew tha if he does’t do that i dont think our club was lookingto buy more player but the did becoz they were thinking of losing RVP this season will be like last year .if RVP reary wanted to leave by now he couldn’t be at the club.but he wanted arsenal fc to do something .i sorry if im long.

Norn Iron Gooner


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This reads like a very poor attempt at a Benny Hill sketch. You Stupit irriott!

It doesn’t read any better the second time around, either.

Norn Iron Gooner

^^^^ this….

a gunner

So the replacements for Nasri & Fabregas – are Cazorla and Arteta ….hmmm…net result = drop in quality !


Well i agree that Fabs is better than Arteta but you have got it totally wrong if you believe Nasri is better than Cazorla


I believe that Cazorla alone is the replacement for them. If you thought that his quality is inferior to them than you must be mad.. My suggestion is you read 7amkickoff, Jamie Sanderson, Zonal marking, and many more expert person. He is just that good.


I mean their reports on him..


7amkickoff, yes! Zonal Marking, yes! Jamie Sanderson, never! He’s a fraud.

Rad Carrot

I very much doubt you are actually ‘a gunner’.

Go back to your smelly sp*ds website and shit your pants as you wait for your shitty manager to sign a striker for you.


No, the replacements for Nasri & Cesc are Gervinho, Ox, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud & Mertesacker. Arteta replaced an injured Wilshere.


Woah, actually Cazorla is a replacement for ljungberg, arteta is the replacement of vieira, giroud is in for henry and podolski replaces pires.

I know, inferior quality squad. They might not go unbeaten the whole season, but I’d be happy if they won the league…


Well, Arteta has done a fine job in my opinion, as he and Cesc don’t play the same type of midfield role… Probably our second most-important player last season. And how is Cazorla worse than Nasri?


really? if you want to go there – then were Cesc and Nasri replacements for Paddy and Bobby? Or RVP/Giroud/Podolski for Henry & Bergkamp?? Move on brotha.


:’) its just so beautiful!


When you need to steady the ship, with a lovely chip, that’s Cazorla. When you become a believer, after a 30 yard screamer, that’s Cazorla!


Is it too terrible a pun to call you a gooner crooner?
No need to answer seeing it in black and white has confirmed my suspicions…
yet I’m still going to post, go figure.


I have no idea what you’re talking about?


I have just watched his photo shoot on Arsenal Player, he seemed a bit nervous and shy …and then Arteta come through and gave him a warm embrace, you could see Santi was bloody excited – I almost teared up-…at that moment I was hoping Santos will come through and they would all group hug…aaahhh… I fucking love ARSENAL.

PS. Hey Van Pussy, How do you like the club’s direction now?! eh?


That was a great moment. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Damn you blogs. I’m controlling my Giroud crush and then you mention Pires……….. Swoon overload. I need a lie down and maybe a cigarette.
You have to say we’ve done some cracking transfer business so far ……………..


Cant wait to see Arteta, Cazorla, wilshere and the ox shape the center of the pitch. When we get Sagna back as well i reckon these guys will feed giroud and podolsi with so many delicious plays that we score more goals nxt season than RVP ever has in his whole career.

Holdin Mygroin

“We do not agree on the way Arsenal FC should be moving forward” MY ASSSSSS !!!!!
In your face RVP ! another quality signing 🙂

Gus The Fox

“Saaaaaaaaaaanti Cazorla’s comin’ to town… Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaanti Cazorla’s comin’ to town… !”


Happy Spaniards can only be a good thing for Arsenal.


Seriously how can anyone say Nasri is better than Santi? Put it this way, anyone who can get into the Spanish Team is quality. Nasri won’t even smell the Spanish Team let alone get into it.

Rad Carrot

Na$ri wouldn’t get into the Spanish team, because he’s French.

I get what you’re saying though.


To be fair I think that’s mainly because he’s French

big black clock

Can we all take a moment to point and laugh at the Chelsea fans who think Mata is better than Cazorla?

John Britto

Mata is miles ahead of Cazorla my friend. FACT !! Cazorla is nothing but the poor man’s Cesc. Coming from an Arsenal fan..

Rad Carrot

When people scream “FACT!” it’s a good indication that it is not actually a fact.

John Britto

He also goes on to say that he is glad to have joined one of the greatest clubs in Europe. What ? We have done squat in Europe.


I just don’t care about chelsea scum

▂▂▂╰╮▂▂▂▂▂▂╭╯▂▂▂ RIGHT OFF!!!!.

John Britto

Hey that kind of language is uncalled for. Did I at any time use any cuss words. This is the problem with you glory hunters, refuse to acknowledge that we are a mid table club.


Maybe Mata is as good as you say, but not playing for that shower on their rented pitch.

John Britto

Win trophies ? Im sorry , you joined the wrong club my friend 😛

Rad Carrot

Aww, the little spuddlies are here trolling! Hello! Welcome! Are you shitting your pants yet?

John Britto

haha..Whom are you calling a Sp*d 😛 ? My dad has been a Gooner all his life and so have I. Im considering shifting loyalties now though. If we lose RVP we are doomed 🙁

Dr Baptiste

He’s not a spud, he’s a Russian fanboy. He probably has Abramovich bed covers so he can claim he’s slept with him and that Roman loves him.

His dad may be a gunner but he is most certainly not


I know he’s been banned and won’t be back, but…

“Your Dad is an Arsenal fan? Is your Mum a Coq fan?”


Your Dad, I’m sure is dissappointed at you. Now piss off!!


John you need to nip to Le Grove mate. Some Premier League doom mongers over there and you’d feel really at home. Only positivety required here.


John I reckon you were tossed around so much as a kid such that huge chunks of your brain fell out.

You call yourself a fan?……well I call myself batman. You little fucker


i luv this picture soo much!!

Temitope Afolabi

Good one from Cazolar, i discovered only the players that love Arsenal will always be easy to capture, even if Chelsea, Man city & Man United, PSG etc wanted to hyjack him he would not consider them.


What an exciting day!! Even though we knew he was coming. He was a very exciting player to watch during the Euros. I hope he does the same for Arsenal.

By the way, can Van Persie still be captain (if he stays) after exposing the club to so much ridicule?


Whooohooooo we got Santiiii!!! Just gota get Nuri Sahin now and we’re super ready for the new season 😀


Just like the rest of the Arsenal community, I’m pleased with our activity in the transfer market. However I must stress that our priorities have not changed, we must get rid of the deadwood in order to balance out our wage budget and to generate some transfer income. Everyone keeps discussing RVP, but he’s not a priority. He’s under contract for another year and if we don’t get an acceptable offer he’ll run out his contract. Yes we can make a profit on him but people forget that he costed us less than £4 million when he arrived so allowing… Read more »


Can I have the “no biggie” £4 million ??


not that £4 million is no biggie but for e.g. consider Nasri, not only did he want to leave but we spent a significant fee to purchase him, thus the reluctance to actually let him run out his contract. If I remember correctly RVP fee was £2.7 million and considering the losses we’ll have had to make (and will continue making) getting rid of some players, then I can’t see why it would be a problem, or a ‘biggie’.


This is real ambition you massive Cunt (RVP).


Sant carzola is better than nasri, arteta is quality but couldnt get in to the spanish national team, santi is better than mata.
Give a genious £35m he will build a title competing side. Give a kenny £35m he will get you 4 goals.

Dr Baptiste

Slightly off topic but has anyone read this – If it’s true, Song is being a dick


Not one single quote from any of the people mentioned in the article. I call bulls#!t! Please don’t give it legs.


No sources, no substantiation, not the faintest whiff of anyone at Arsenal, Barcelona or Song himself being either directly or indirectly quoted.

So of course, dipshit gooners will spend all of next season calling Song a dick.

Lifetime Gooner

LOL, with my finger up to Na$ri and co. who jumped the ship a little to early. In life you should know that what goes around comes around.
Up the gooners


Cesc will always have gooner DNA!

[…] 来源:arseblognews […]



Tony Adams morning breath

I know a lot of people do not like when people like me name starting 11:s(or at least I found out when I did in another post), but it is to much fun. On the subject of our depth, here is three different 11:s(or 10:s) made out of players still representing The Arsenal: Jenkinson, Squid, TV5, Santos Jack, Le Coq TGTEL, the OX, Arshavin RVCuntey ………………………………………… Sagna, Kos, Bartley, Miquel Arteta, Ramsey Theo, Rosicky, Ryo Giroud …………………………………….. Eastmond, Djourou, BFG, Gibbs Song, Diaby Gervinho, Cazorla, Lansbury Poldi ………………………………………. Which team is the strongest? (I would go for the last one)… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They hate you man. 14 to nil, they hate you. I’m not sure what they dislike so unanimously about your post. Some possibilities might be… 1) You shouldn’t be so rude about Chamakh 2) You shouldn’t be so rude about Park. 3) By showing us the depth we now have at the club it’s like you are removing all of our excuses for next season if things don’t go well. 4) You didn’t say that you love Cazorla 5) Some choice you made about who goes into which team has proved that you are an evil mass-murdering psychopath with pro-Spud… Read more »

Boulds hairdresser

Haha, as G.D says they really hate you! 2-19 and one of the thumbs up was me.

I have to give you some cred though, thats three good teams right there.

But did you have to put the Squid in one of the teams? And how can you ask Jack and the Ox to play on the same team as that cunt?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, but we all have to do our best to big up Squillaci so that we can sell him to somebody. Is it because ‘The Unwanted” and “The Exceedingly Naughty” are included in the list that everybody hates poor TAMBs lists?

I think they’re just placeholders til the great footballers arrive to add their names in there.


I have to say though, Cazorla looks class not only from footballing point of view but as a person. He has written a nice letter thanking Malaga as a whole. Very classy player


Quite the bargain, especially when you consider the Santi Clause of €40m. Whey.


definitely a bargain, but clauses are nothing to go by they are only insurance policies

the only sam is nelson

That whole sugar-daddy thing sure worked out well for Malaga, didn’t it?

Hopefully some of those advocating Usmanov doing something similar for the Arsenal might pause and consider


The difference is that Usmanov DOES HAVE the money. Just because you’re an Arab it doesn’t mean you’re rich.

the only sam is nelson

Fatgooner, go away and do some google research. You’ll quickly realise that implying that the Malaga owner doesn’t have any money is pretty stupid.

He’s a former Qatari Prime Minister, member of the royal family, worth over $1bn or so (any number of online sources).

In any event your point is still moot, because what matters is whether the club has the money – not the man. This simple and obvious truth is bafflingly lost on people pushing the idea that a fat man’s money is somehow the answer to our “problems”, such as they are.


Oh, so this Qatari ‘Prime Minister’ is worth a billion, is he? That explains why the players have not been paid for a month. Silly me.


Fatgooner, your Arab is rich as Croesus, he’s a lunatic, not interested in his plaything (Malaga) anymore and he’s abandoned it without bothering with trifles like paying the wages, and other assorted housekeeping issues.


Anyone who thinks Usmanov is here to play father christmas is totally deluded. That guy would flip the club for a quick buck and leave it wrecked in the long run.


Sagna. Kos. Verm. Gibbs

Ox. Arteta. Jack. Gervinho

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Anyone agree?