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Cazorla positive but hopes for re-investment

New boy Santi Cazorla believes Arsenal can build on the positives of the Sunderland performance but has urged the club to replace departed/departing stars Robin van Persie and Alex Song.

The Spaniard stood out, perhaps not surprisingly given the meditteranean temperatures in London on Saturday, and was involved in most of the positive attacking moments against Sunderland. He’s keen to see his new club replace the quality lost by the sales of van Persie to Man United and Song to Barcelona.

Quoted in the Mirror, he says, “It’s clear that Van Persie is a great player and obviously we would all have preferred it if he had stayed. Song has gone as well and there are still 10 days left in the transfer market.

“I do not know if we will sign anyone but obviously it’s important to replace players like that because they were so important for the team. It felt really good making my debut. Of course, it was not the result any of us wanted, but we had chances and we did well.

“It’s a long season, so we can build on this. I had one chance and so did a few of my colleagues and that was the key to the game. We had complete control but that final step just eluded us.”

The arrival of Nuri Sahin on loan from Real Madrid should help and Arsene Wenger believes that Cazorla may turn out to be the signing of the season after his impressive debut.

“He played very well and looks like he could be one of the buys of the season,” said the manager.

“He has everything you want in the game. He can play short, he can play long, on the right or left, he can play the final ball and works hard as well. He is a fighter so it is very positive for us.”

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Mach III

The amazing Santi Cazorla!

SickGunner I can’t wait for Santi to show up in this year’s version of that video. Arteta’s the sexiest Santa ever, by the way.

Dean '67

He’s been here for 2 weeks now and he’s already head of HR?.
Next he’ll be sunctioning for player sales.

Santi……love him.


he should start courting barcelona players “Fabregas has Arsenal DNA”

Cygan's Left Foot

What is this got to do with the article??? Is this The Arsenal new comedy forum????.

Really fed up of the kids here trying to be funny in ANY article by ANY means or get thumbs up by saying any old rubbish.

I thought we come here to talk football, never knew you have to be a clown too.


Go mutilate yourself, you sour puss.

Cygan's Left Foot

If you call yourself Fat Cxxx, what should I call you????

Worthless? Lazy? Unhealthy? Pig? Disgusting? Smelly? Unmovable pile of shit? useless? should I go on?


Go fuck yourself cygan, do it right and don’t forget to cum in a bottle then drink it for breakfast. You can also pass it around to your other family members. You fucking pussy. Your mother probably regrets siring yo dirty arse.


Imagine him, Jack and Poldi behind Giroud.


They’d step up, one by one behind him, to fire one in.


With Coq standing proud behind them all.


@BittBatts…..facing which direction…


I don’t think Podolski will do well at Arsenal. We need one more striker, and M’Vila to be serious.

Merlin's Panini

give a guy a fucking chance mate.


Henry took 8 games to find his first goal. Bergkamp took 5. Give him a chance.

aʁsɛn vɛŋ(ɡ)ɛʁ

Fuck off with the M’vila hype. I’ve watched the guy week in week out for 2 years and you haven’t, so don’t talk about seriousness.


We hope for re-investment too, Santi.
Dream summer would be Sahin on loan, a proper DM in the mold of M’Vila, and a goalscoring winger. I worry that we could be a little thin out wide with Arshavin hopefully leaving – I don’t want Ramsey playing out there again although I guess Cazorla could do a job there. Regardless, I think we need another player on top of Sahin to really be competitive this season.

Eric Irish gunner

Just heard sahin in so that’s good news, after Reading about song and his attitude, being lazy and turning up late for training he should hang his head in shame because he’d be fuck all without wenger


Sahin won’t be the answer as he’ll stay till the end of the season, Yossi style 🙂
I’m hoping for another striker and a defensive minded middfielder.


There may be an option to buy at the end of his loan. Hopefully he’ll live up to his talent.

I’m not sure if I prefer a DM with a more attacking vision like Sahin or a hard nosed man like M’Vila. One things for sure is we need one of the 2 and I’d hate to see M’Vila go to Sp*ds!

aʁsɛn vɛŋ(ɡ)ɛʁ

Mou said there’s an option to buy him, mate.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nick, the real question that would decide whether he stays is whether, in his eyes, we live up to his talent.


I agree with alex. A disciplined CM to replace Song, Sahin to drastically improve the quality of our midfield and a good winger because w’re a bit light in that department after AOC’s conversion to CM.

If we do all that, then I think we should challenge for the title and win the FA Cup.

Sahin seems to be on his way (with an option to buy!), but I doubt if Wenger will get anyone else unless Arshavin leaves. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong though.


Sahin won’t drastically improve the quality of our midfield. This isn’t Stoke, our midfield is OK, they just aren’t fit at the moment.

This isn’t too shabby I must say


“Andrei Arshavin has arrived in St. Petersburg on a working visit,” said the man’s own site yesterday. Make of that what you will.


Cazorla excites me quite a bit, the way he moves with the ball and his dynamism is truly great to watch. As soon as Podolski gets a bit more on tune with his runs, I can see them forming one hell of a partnership. Now just bring in someone to replace song (I’m hearing Sahin with an option to buy?) and it’s a big fuck you to all the pundits who keep trying to say we’re shit.



Sahin + 2 would be perfect. See the press had their typical ‘rip the guts out of Arsenal’ day yesterday. Maggots!


There are rumours about player exchange with Milan with Bendtner leaving and Mexes coming. How about a sneaky bid for Pato? Inspite of his injury records i would say he is worth the risk


Pato is in a relationship with Berlusconi’s daughter, somehow I’d doubt that he’d want to come to us.


Surely that means he’ll be desperate to get out.

“So, Pato my son. I assume I’ll see you at the villa this weekend for Bunga Bunga, yes?”
“…yes, sir…”
“Excellent. By the way, there is a man who has been giving me trouble in my business. I want you to… take care of him for me… you love my daughter, so you’ll do this for me, yes?”
“Good, good…”


I’d say that his injury record is just more proof he belongs with us.


M’Vila also has an attitude problem, and I would not be surprised if we are to see a similar Song-type prodigy once he develops into a really good player. After van Persie and Song, I am pretty much sick of players with disrespective and traitorous traits, and I am quite sure M’Vila is no different.

Etienne Capoue would be my pick. However, ultimately, whoever Arsene brings in, we would be a newer and stronger Arsenal team than last year.


Typically, overseas players come to Arsenal because we flash money at them and offer them a higher level of football. If those players improve enough, a wealthier / bigger club often does the same to us. Such is life given our current financial constraints and lack of recent trophies.

Complaining about loyalty etc. is just hypocritical. We rely on players having no fixed attachments to clubs, otherwise we’d never be able to sign any.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That is the story of all people looking to improve. They see an opportunity to improve and they take it. They will continue to look for further opportunities. We are a team that “might” win something, but are classy enough and good enough to get the player who wants to make it in England to get a foot in at a decent level. We’re not seen as the final destination for many players, as there are bigger clubs who can pay more. This is life, and until the rich guys fall we will have to make do with being a… Read more »


And Nasri!!


Hmmm, put yourself in Cazorla’s skin. Did he knew that we will sell Rvp, Song, Walcott? ? Goal for Arsenal FC should be to keep him at the club as long as possible.


Lapidarij you’re always so negative.. Do you even actually enjoy supporting our club?

Walcott hasn’t been sold and ill be surprised if he does.


What’s wrong to be a critical among arsenal fans only? I support club long enough to have a right to say what is so obvious to majority of people. Maybe not on this blog/forum but elsewhere lot’s of people are sick of selling our captains again and again, and now I hope we won’t change half of the squad every season and became fraking no-identity-then-oil City or Chelsea (but without oil money). I am very happy with all the arsenal’s 25 except Ramsey and Podloski cos I’m watched Podloski even before he joined Bayern. I would be very happy that… Read more »


@Lapidarij, I describe you as an anti-fan. You seem to be at your happiest when Arsenal is at its weakest. You are ridiculously pessimistic with absolutely nothing positive to contribute. Okay, you have be following Arsenal for at long time. Did it ever occur to you that you would find many like-minded colleagues on a Spurs fan site? You would get thumbs up for each and every post.


I found your comment ridiculous too, cos I am not happy with how things are going with our club and I am not the only one…
and I wonder why you are shitting on every player who is leaving us and going to the bigger club for a better wages? And why we have to be crazy/happy about everybody we bring in? By writing in that “optimistic” manner you are just temporary calming down young arsenal fans (6-16) who are reacting like left children by hate, anger and forgetting what happened in the past… let’s say: last season for example.


…and fuck the 5pu2s!


@Lapidarij, our squad is much, much stronger than it was last year. I would go as far to say in Cazorla, we have effectively replaced Cesc. Last season, we were a Van Persie’s ankle away from finishing mid-table. If you cannot see the scale of the difference in the depth of the Arsenal squad compared to previous seaons, you are simply clinically depressed and/or deluded. Do you really think that ManU, investing £70m in RVP’s ankles is good business? Do you think spending mega money the way Liverpool has done for the past couple of years is good business? Who… Read more »


Ok, let’s open our cards completely… you guys are having a good blog so why not contribute a little. I have said that I am almost totally happy with a current players + M’Vila + young CF. Please read what I’m writing down not just on this topic. I agree about Santi, and one of the reasons I love Arsenal is that we were not buying 5 players every year. We had a style with Invincibles and even after them we were recognizable, and yes – Wenger is only manager I can think of for Arsenal. I laughed a lot… Read more »


I think Santi turned down Real Madrid so he should be okay with it.

Where has Walcott gone incidentally?


“Walcott?” I placed “?”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

His agent would have looked at that possibility for sure. RVP going was not a surprise to the player. Song, well, when did the talk about Barca begin to stalk him publicly in Spain? He may have heard about that before the majority of Arsenal fans. Walcott’s fate has been tied into what happens with RVP all year, so again, not a surprise to any incoming players if it happens. Arshavin could easily leave and again, it wouldn’t be a surprise. If we know this shit then a player who was thinking of joining us would know this shit, and… Read more »

Glory Hunter

We all hope so too Santi!
The last thing we want is Santi thinking it was a mistake joining us.
Sahin is apparently a done deal, a new DM & maybe another striker and I’ll be happy!


Yes! Then we can say that our club is targeting above the 4th place.

Holdin Mygroin

He was absolutely amazing..I can’t wait to watch him play again !!!!!
And u gotta love the way commentators say his name !


Yeah each time they say his name I hold my groin.

william jr

Can som1 plz tell me d meaning of COYG n A.O.C… Gunners 4lyf:D


Come on you gunners….


AOC = Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Damn, no one should have told you. I can’t tell from your txt speak that your life contains enough abbreviations 🙂
On a serious note, William, we hate txt speak on this forum (it hurts our brains) and we tend to give you the thumbs down regardless of how good your post is. I hope your future postings are written in full.


To be honest I really think chamakh could be useful this season. From what I saw on Saturday, we need someone who can hold the ball up and bring the wide men in, the guy might not like to shoot but one thing he does do very well is one touch passing and hold up play. I think someone like arshavin could work wonders playing off chamakh and really think we should keep him around. Especially if Wenger isnt planning on strengthening further up front. He started his career with a flurry of goals, you don’t become a bad player… Read more »


I used to think chamakh could still be made useful in the team, but after signing, giroud, i dont think he has a place in the team anymore.. arshavin on the other hand does have a spot if manages to get fit and gain some confidence.. anyone else think gervinho and walcott are completely useless??


How ignorant to say they are completely useless. Walcott can be frustrating, especially playing against deeper sitting teams. However, he still is better than a lazy Arshavin any day. And Gervinho?? You obviously haven’t watched the preseason and the Sunderland game. Of our three forwards, he was the most productive.


gervinho was lively and willing to take on a defender. his end product was a little off, but he was willing to track back and really put his all in. I have no qualms with him and I think he’ll prove to be a pivotal player.

Walcott on the other hand… never have I seen someone so capable of making a difference and trapping a simple ball out of bounds in a matter of minutes. I’m so torn on him


I thought gervinho was our best player on Saturday


Walcott isn’t useless, just complacent. He turns up and performs when the fans have been on his back or when his backside has been on the bench for a while. I can’t but help feel that Wenger should use the hairdryer approach with Walcott for us to get the best of him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, Gervinho was lively on Saturday, and his end product was a little off, but how often did he have a player to pass to in a better position than himself as far as attacking the goal was concerned? We all know that when you come to England you are going to have a steep learning curve (or training regime) because the game is played so fast in the Premier League, but when you join Arsenal you have an extra problem to overcome. When Arsenal play most English teams they face a packed defence that has “parked the bus”. Look… Read more »


Do me a favour. He doesn’t do anything well. He needs to go so that someone else gets a chance.

Dean '67

Agreed…..chamakh should just fucking leave. No point whatsoever in keeping this sheesha oriented guy. Just leave and take your hair gel with you.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They make it so easy to ridicule them don’t they? Chamakh is Sheesha boy, Bendtner is Underpants man, Djourou is a big lummox, Fabianski is flappy, Arsene Wenger wears glasses and knows about economics, Park is the Invisble Man. Once you get a reputation, even off the back of a one-off incident off the field, or a poor game or two when the whole team was playing shit, then you’ll never be forgiven by the fans who think Arsenal should be doing better. Your deadwood and you have to go because a player who hs lost his form can never,… Read more »

The Board

But Santi, YOU are the reinvestment.


Arshavin FTW! 😀
He’ll have a say this season, redemption time for him.


The sales or loans of chamakh park squillaci eastmond lansbury arshavin and bendtner are a must over the next 10 days. as it stands we still have 17 non-homegrown and 9 homegrown players. if sahin and mvila are on their way then 2 non-homegrown players have to move on.

Rad Carrot

Reinvestment? Heh, welcome to Arsenal, Santi!

In all seriousness, I’m more concerned with sorting out our defence than attack. Once Poldi and the like get used to playing together, we should be alright there. Sahin seems good, but I’d like to see another defender come in, personally I’d be okay with a swap deal for Mexes, with Bendtner going the other way.

If we were dreaming, then Bilgia and Llorente, too, but that’s likely a pipe dream.


Another Spaniard? Yes please!
I don’t even know what he looks like but I have a man crush already.
Bring him in please Mr W.
Up The Arsenal!


The amazing thing about Santi was he was everywhere(even in defence) against Sunderland. His versatility also means when needed he can play wide on the wings. Sahin could do offer us a better ball retention than Song but we will sorely missed his strength and grit.

Dean '67

Podolski needs to shift his position to eithet behind the striker or left wing. Inside the box he doesn’t look the sharpest but hey, i’m just saying this after one game so I’l reserve my judgement for later.

And wenga, you….you heard cazorla, buy some more friggin players!.


Arshavins website says he is in St Petersburg on ‘work- related’ business. T my knowledge there are no internationals this week so looks like he’s gone. And by the way, Wenger said yesterday and I quote, “Possibly we will bring in a player, if not we have plenty of midfielders.” What part of this do you optimists not understand?


He alo said hell bring in a defender. So a defender and a midfielder equals no signings then.
Can you work your maths on my pay and get me a payrise

Merlin's Panini

Santi looks like a real Arsenal player straight away. He was playing like he’s been here for years. I also like his funny cartoon face. I’m pretty sure Giroud and Podolski will settle well. Giroud showed excellent movement and if he keeps that up when given more minutes then he’ll get a few. He has a powerful left foot and the chance in the last game fell onto his right. Podolski has shown some class at the highest level so I expect him to hit 15 or more this season. It’s really harsh of people who are instantly labelling them… Read more »


And remember how long it took Bergkamp to score.

Merlin's Panini

exactly. But when he did it was oh so good. A brace against Southampton if I remember rightly.
We’ve seen Wenger sign players before who haven’t made an instant impact and ended up as legends.
Like those albums you buy and when you first hear it you go “meh. it was alright I guess.” Then you listen to it a few times and it all clicks and you realise the genius.


his face in the picture above does look a little Tintin-ish!


I have a hard time deciding who was my MOTM Saturday because Santi and Gervinho were both exceptional. Unfortunately neither scored but I am very encouraged by absolutely perfect passing from Santi and his willingness to shoot. Gervinho looked like the player we bought vs the guy we saw after the ACON tournament. Was everyone else as pleased with Gibbs improvement as I was! I thought he was great. I think once Poldi and Giroud get a goal it will open the floodgates and no team will be safe. The team looked very positive and comfortable with each others movement… Read more »


Gibbs has improved year on year. To the point where I’m no longer terrified every game that he’ll rupture his vertebrae or something.

Gervinho looked beast. I was saying a lot last season that yeah, his final product isn’t really there yet, but where running is concerned, defenders just can’t handle him. And it was true over the weekend, too. If he starts scoring as well we can throw a street party. So even if nothing came off this time, it’s a positive start to the season for him at least.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He does like to run at players and he has an arsenal of skills and tricks for getting past them. When the new guys bed in and get up to speed he will also have more options for passing the ball in the box if he can’t bundle his way through himself. We have great potential in the final third, but it will take a few games to get there


Like i said on Saturday…. I can only see positives… our team is in a much better shape than people are making out.


Walcott suffers from fragile confidence that’s all. Every season he starts rusty (or if he’s coming back from injur) and then as soon as he scores he’s a machine again.


RVP, DB10, Henry all scored their first goal against the saints.


Fuck rvp


I love him. But something about this statement makes me think hes gonna fuck off to barca or real eventually…

[…] 来源:[Arseblog] […]

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“We had complete control but that final step just eluded us.” Cazorla has spotted our problem in his first game. This is Arsenal in most games. We always play the same way, but we get three responses to it: 1) Fear and Opportunism – Most teams close up shop and defend like Sunderland, and hope to hit us on the break because they have seen that work against us. We usually go into these games expecting a win. The opposition often have a slice of luck, sometimes two. Sometimes we lose and can’t really believe it. We fans get frustrated,… Read more »


MANU share price is sinking. I cant wait for it to tank down to $.05.
A dollar below issue price, when you consider that Glazer stole half the share that cost $14 is now worth $6.50. What a rip off!
At least Wenger does good business.
I hope van Persie scores zero goals and has a zero pass completion percentage. Send that share DOWN with your caveman team asshole!
Up The Arsenal


On the contrary, it was good business for the Glazers. They sold it for $14 and couldn’t give a fark for those who bought it.


Hey this is a great blog and I only just discovered it today. Cazorla was great on Saturday, but I have heard some Arsenal “fans” complaining about the new signings because of the 0-0 draw. The lack of finishing is frustrating I agree, but the answer is not just to keep trowing money at the problem. That will eventually kill football. It looks like we have lost Nuri Sahin because of Liverpool making some rediculous financial offer. But if that is the case then good on Wenger. He didn’t get where he is by being stupid. I wrote this piece… Read more »

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