Saturday, May 21, 2022

Cover boy Alex digs Cazorla

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was today unveiled as one of the cover stars of FIFA 13, following the footsteps of Jack Wilshere, and told the assembled media how excited he was by the arrival of Santi Cazorla at the club.

He is a brilliant player,” he said. “He is a typical Spanish player – right foot, left foot, technically brilliant.

“He is a clever player. He is not the most physical, he is only short. But I think that highlights how good he must be in his head and with his feet.

“From what I have seen so far, he is a massive asset for the club and he is a really good lad as well, which always helps. I think he is going to do really well for us.”

Meanwhile, Cazorla himself has told the official site that he’s happy to play in the advanced midfield role with the freedom that allows.

“The manager played me as a second striker, with the freedom that I like to have. It’s a position I really like, and it’s not one I’ve played in much in recent years, but I will play there without problems.”

And he spoke about how he’s being helped to settle in to life in England and life at Arsenal.

“The Club have done a lot to help me settle in the team and to make it easy for me to get used to life in the city,” he said. “Every day is a little bit better and I feel a little more comfortable.

“Here in England there is a faster rhythm to the game, a higher tempo. In Spain games are more cautious, more tactical. Here there is more tempo, more to-ing and fro-ing, but I like it.”

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Did he say ‘To-ing and Fro-ing’?

Little boys inside RVP

Proud to have Jack and then Alex on FIFA covers!
truely great partnership for the future we have


Until they both leave in a couple of years for one of the shit cunt clubs that are City/Chelsea/United


top quality, ox and carzola. think the boss has done well this year, was a fan of both rvp and song, but the truth of that matter is, only rvp had the quality last year to finish song’s chip / through balls, so if one is gone, we dont really need the other. one thing i can say is both players peaked in arsenal shirts, the rest of the way is downhill.. the manager always lets players go after their best (hleb etc), with the exception of cesc and na$ri of course…

arsene knows.


Hahaha, that was my first thought, seeing as he doesn’t speak English. Batty translator.


I think Santi doesn’t speak much English, so it was probably a translation of something he said in Spanish.


For a scary moment there I read it as ‘the club have helped me settle in….. To get use to life at City’


I want us to play 4-4-2, Podolski and Giroud with Carzola left and The Ox right, Arteta and Wilshire when fit in the middle. Think we’d be so much more effective…


I want you to stop playing FIFA manager.


Yeah 442 right. i want us to go back to video recorders and pay phones. get real mate 442 is just old hat look how shite england were at the euros. even woy hodgson has now scrapped it. 442 would only work if your opponents are also playing it any decent coach would know that. the formation wenger is playing 4231 is by far the best for us. its much more fluid and is the reason that song is gone. he is simply not good enough either offensively or defensively. he doesnt have the brain or the awareness whereas wilshire… Read more »


Despite the Bizzare number of thumbs down you’ve received I like the formation. Arsenal’s football has (arguably) never been better than the 4-4-2 that was used during the invincibles and the era before. The players you included are exciting, why not!? 🙂


True but now most clubs adopt formations that have at least 3 in midfield and if we line up a traditional 4-4-2, we might get overrun in midfield as well as failing to provide adequate cover for the back line. As seen in the Sunderland game, teams will crowd their midfield just to nullify our passing game in the middle of the park.

Adam Dubai Gooner

Im really looking forward to see how coquelin gets on in the defensive midfield role, as i really rate this youngster.. If we get a back up right back that is, so he doesnt only get an opportunity in the first team filling in in defence.. Did you know that Diaby is rated as the best midfielder amongst most pf the french


No no no, nevermind this new-fangled 4-4-2. Let’s get back to the old WM 2-3-5, with Charles Charlie Charles pulling the strings.

Tenacious Defence

Charles Charlie Charles… love that skit!


Screw Walcott, we need Wilf ‘adapted for speed’ Finney playing on the wing.


Glue up you boots and stick the football there and score… works every time 🙂

Never forget kids….


I’m not being funny, but why is Chamberlain on the front cover of FIFA? I mean, he’s a prodigious talent and all that, but is he really the best English player out there?

I know that he doesn’t have to be the best to be on its cover and all that, but it seems like it’s a little bit more pressure, a little bit more hype, being added to his shoulder as an extremely talented young English player.

Fortunately he seems to have a decent head screwed onto his shoulders.


Rooney’s too ugly, Ashley Young is overrated, and EA Sports has deals with Arsenal and Manchester City.


Ryan Shawcross could fix that.


“Fortunately he seems to have a decent head
screwed onto his shoulders.”….yep i think that’s why he’s on the cover.

Rooney has a fucked up head and face on his shoulder.


Same could be said about Jack. But heck, another player wearing Arsenal on FIFA cover, much credits to Alex, you do us proud. I trust he would not emulate David Bentely with the hype.


I believe that Rooney’s deal ran until 2012. Probably he wanted to re-negotiate and get some more cash for his ugly mug, and they decided to go with Chambo instead.

King Dong Song

He was cheaper.

King Dong Song

He was cheaper


I wouldn’t worry yourself Bestie. It’s only a computer game – can’t see that realistically adding any pressure. There’s only so much cotton wool you can wrap the youngsters in, stopping him from appear on the cover of a computer game would be a bit OTT in my opinion! Plus he’ll be earning a pretty penny from it I’m sure.


I assume it’s because they want a recognisable English talent for this market. European and American editions will have different players.

Hell, the US FIFA a few years back had Vela on the cover.


I rather have Wilshere on the US version. Probably going to be old man Donovan and either Dos Santos or Javier Hernandez (who does not even play anymore). The only good one on the cover is Messi (huge fan of him now after his performance in the Brazil – Argentina game in New York a few months ago).


2 years ago for FIFA 11, Vela was on the North American cover, so……..

Eric Irish gunner

Haha fuck you van persie in your poxy table cloth go on the toffees

Dean '67

Ahh so he didn’t break a leg?

Dean '67

Fatman and robin couldn’t hit a barn door today eh?. Good times

And it’s not that I fucking hate robin van per$ie, i’m just not particularly excited by his existence. The cunt!


please,let’s stop giving a fuck about that pussy’s very distracting.

Cygan's Left Foot

Nuuuhhh, we don’t want to stop it, we love watching him moving his ass around waiting for a pass that never comes, or watching the team hoof it and he is trying to chase it like a donkey and laugh.


We don’t give a fuck about that pussy but it’s always fun watching a pussy get fucked.


Everton!!! Beautiful 🙂 that scum didn’t even get a touch….its was worse seeing him in that dirty shirt then seeing a ex girlfriend with a new guy!


At least the ex-girlfriend’s new fella got a kicking though!


Gotta give it to Everton (and that dastardly fro).


Match report arsenal 1 van persie 0


Thankyou, Everton, for making the weekend seem that much better.
How’s the greatness feeling tonight Robin?


What a cunt. Hope his ‘little boy inside’ cries himself to sleep tonight.


N,o the little has no time to sleep.
*trophies …….waaaaah, *ambition…….waaaah. No sleep.



Can we sign Fellani? He is the physical presence that we need in the midfield. Huge props to Everton! Hope the media blows this out of proportion like they do with all of Arsenal’s poor results. Only disappointment- the dutch cunt hasn’t gotten injured yet.


he’s awesome but he cost everton like 15m so we would have to pay easily over 25m for him as he is young and versatile

robin van poo poo

Lets hope arsene puts an afro on chamakh, whilst bould kidnaps fellani, you reckon david moyes would notice 😀

It is what it is

And they’d both respond to Marouane


maybe just maybe it be worth it


Would love to see us invest the money we’ve got from VP in him rather than try to balance the transfer books. He can play anywhere through the middle and would be an addition who adds some fear to the eyes of our opponents.


Rulya hey fein

Eric Irish gunner

Ye he’s class, runs his balls off and never gives up


I’d sanction paying £5 million for his afro alone. Simply magnificent. Oh, and I hear he’s not too bad at the ol’ football, too.


I said that two days ago and got slaughtered for it. It’s funny how fickle these Internet fans are.

Eric Irish gunner

To be fair frog you did say replace song with him and got alot of tumbs down I tumbed you up as I liked him a long time and there was interest from arsenal before, I don’t agree with saying some fans are Internet fans as fans will always get excited when they see a performance like Fellinis last night and know their club us looking for a player in a similar position


Man U just lost to Everton. C’mon english media…where are the club in crisis headlines you mugs?


Haha, poor Everton are barely being mentioned by the English press, it’s all about Manchester United’s failings.

Stupid, because Everton played HARD, and totally deserved the win.

Sol Goodman

DHL delivery, its a cunt marked fragile. Great start at your new club vp, WhaWhaWha!!!


It doesn’t matter who’s on the cover. John Terry will only photoshop his ugly mug over the top anyway. We all know how he likes to steal the limelight…


Haha Everton just did a number on united. He who shall not be named is officially only useful at corners.


Come van persie you can do it, giving them loses and draws, remember you are our watchdog over there.


Odd referee decisions in the Man U match tonight. Man U seemed to have “home” advantage.
Does it make me churlish if I feel happy that RVP didnt score today?


Not churlish, just makes you a Gooner mate 🙂 long may RvP’s lean spell continue…

Dick Swiveller

If by ‘odd’ you mean ‘out of the norm’ then no, the decisions were spot on with what you’d expect…

Henry's beard

I’m just relieved that typical Spanish footballers have a left foot and a right foot!

big black clock

Arsenal are ahead of Man Utd now.

Arsenal are still in crisis, Man Utd are title contenders of course.

big black clock

Unconfirmed rumours circulating that van Persie has handed in a transfer request.

He “doesn’t agree with the direction Man Utd are going.”

bigger black clock



would that be down? :p


Hey Alex we’ll sell you Batman for 40 million too

big black clock


big black clock

Anyone else foreseeing a Torres-esque scoreless streak for RVP? Was completely invisible today.

big black clock

RvP’s interview after the game: “I couldnt concentrate in the game. The little kid inside me was kicking”

big black clock

Really sorry for the spam btw, really feeling like FUCK RVP FUCK RVP FUCK RVP

bigger black clock

Keep going, you’re on a roll

Eric Irish gunner

Haha like the name


Couldn’t have made me happier to watch United not only lose – but they looked and played like complete shit tonight.

big black clock

Another season and another year where United can only dream to try and do the Invincibles


Hmm Man Utd sold us Silvestre, we sold them Van Persie.

Maybe… just maybe Van Persie is the Snape to Wenger’s Dumbledore, sacrificing his reputation at arsenal for a higher cause. To destroy Manchester United from within.

Or maybe he’s just a cunt


Hahahahaha give them a break, when you have tony hibbert at the back, their wide men never stood a chance.

Watching them lose was about as good as getting 3 points


Haha loving the coments on here about that guy who scores when he wants!

Little boys inside RVP

Yeah, seemed every 50/50 decision went to man u..

Did someone say ambition?

big black clock

Did you see that blatant penalty appeal where Valencia dragged down Jelavic in the middle of the penalty area, with no players around them? Only United can get away with these.

I’m not a big fan on conspiracies, but today’s refereeing was definitely scandalous. Scholes should have had a double yellow, Vidic a yellow, and Valencia a red for that tug.

One Arsenal

The curse is on…..VP beware!!!


I´m not into calling RVP “he who shall not be named”. In Harry Potter, those who called Voldemort like that did it because they were so afraid of him. Only Dumbledore and Harry called him Voldemort (or Tom Riddle). Same with RVP – we’re certainly not afraid of the cunt, so let’s just call him with his real name.

bigger black clock

Yeh, I could probably kick his @ss in a fight. An elbow to his face and a kneebar to his chocolate leg and he’s done.

Dick Swiveller

But then again, the Deatheaters used that to track down the resistance.

I don’t want Rooney knocking on my door with a wand in his hand.


Fair enough, I´ll take your point. But I at least have already prepared myself for that by using a variety of spells to hide my location.


Just make sure you live next door to a retirement home. He’ll be so busy there he’ll never notice you.

big black clock

Fergie has urged all Man Utd supporters to be patient. RVP only needs 7 more years to start firing his best for the club.

big black clock

Arsene’s reply: “NO REFUNDS…my god what a big red nose you have”


“Come on, Alex. He lacked a little bit the sharpness. This is normal. Give him seven years and he´ll be spot on…”

Mills N7

Played with a little bit the handbrake on…


He tried to kick the ball into the net but the ball didn’t agree with the direction it was going so it went out.

big black clock

I think RvP knew this joke was coming, which why he didn’t register a single shot today. That cunt!

Lord Teddy Ears

In arsene we trust as we mug old bacon face for 24m !!!


News Just in.
Robin van persie took a u-turn and headed back to london, turns out he didn’t agree with direction of the traffic on his way to manchester.


And Arsene slammed the door in his face. Cazorla stuck his face out the window and laughed.


as he stood on mertesacker’s shoulders to see…

Vincent O'Carroll

I don’t think it’s right to call any ex Arsenal players a cunt…and I’m certainly not going to start for that cunt wearing the red of scum united tonight……I mean a cunt is useful for something…..but that money grabbing traitor was a totally useless cunt of epic proportions tonight…..


can we just forget about rvp,at least he is showing ambition not that agree with but what ambition is our board showing. another issue if wallcott does not sign soon he should be told to fuck off no point having these players .


Nice chat there mate. But please get on with the others will you.

Rvp = cunt.
He probably headed straight to the training ground after the match. After 20 minutes without a goal the ‘little boy’ just told him he needed to train some more.

dr kenneth noisewater

Fuck ea sports and their cover jinx I now expect chambo to play about as much as Jack did last season

[…] 来源:[Arseblog] […]


I’ve had toure, fabregas, van persie and wilshere on the back of my shirts. All jinxed in their own ways. Thinking I might get squillaci next…or just van persie again in hope


Give Chamakh a Batman mask, tell him to take every penalty we get until December, that way he’ll finally ‘rediscover’ his clinical touch, I’m sure he’ll be on Fergie’s radar soon enough. Robin needs his Batman, not Rooney the Fatman.

If that doesn’t work, Fergie might also consider Bendtner aka real mask wearing Batman. Who knows what ManU will pay for a Batman from the Arse.


how long till fergie throws the boot at rvp?

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