Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Giroud return as Gunners draw Montpellier

Arsenal will face Schalke, Olmypiacos and Montpellier in the group stages of this season’s Champions League.

The draw was made in Monaco this afternoon after an interminable load of old UEFA bollocks. At least we assume that’s what happened. Years of tuning in to such draws at the exact time they say they’ll start, only to be bombarded with the kind of nonsense that wouldn’t make the Tottenhamlympics opening ceremony has left us bitter and twisted.

The Gunners will travel to Germany, Greece and France having been drawn in group B and it’s a return home for new boy Olivier Giroud who signed from the French champions this summer.

Match Day 1

Montpellier Hérault SC v Arsenal FC
Tuesday 18th September 2012

Match Day 2

Arsenal FC v Olympiacos FC
Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Match Day 3

Arsenal FC v FC Shalke 04
Wednesday 24th October 2012

Match Day 4

FC Shalke 04 v Arsenal FC
Tuesday 6th November 2012

Match Day 5

Arsenal FC v Montpellier Hérault SC
Wednesday 21st November 2012

Match Day 6

Olympiacos FC v Arsenal FC
Tuesday 4th December 2012


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Merlin's Panini

Nice group we got ourselves. Not too much travelling, and City get almost the hardest possible group! HAHA

Thomas B

City on Channel 5…. again.


Come on ronaldo, do me a fava!

Eric Irish gunner

With utd scum again hopefully


Not the easiest group, but definitely fair. Still, anything short of the first place will be a disappointment. I have a good feeling about this season.


I always have a good feeling at the start of every season. But you know what they say, 15th time’s a charm 🙂


Once again tottenham managed to avoid the big clubs.


Giroud to kick start his scoring account against former club!

Master Bates

or Liverpool


I hope that arsenals account is kick started against Liverpool, not just girouds…. Give arshavin some time on the field, he knows how to break scousers hearts…… Ps why the fuck is their no transfer news on deadline day…… Very very dissapointed if we get the same old noone is was available for the right price”.

Qpr signed Julio Cesar and estaban granero ffs….

big dawg

I must say, it looks tasty. Who’s for knockin out barcelona in the second round, on the way to the final…without being overconfident/cocky, should get a chance to see some good youngsters brought on in some matches…


Wouldn’t that need either them to finish second in their group (unlikely) or us to finish second in ours (unpreferable)?


And there’s ManU with their cakewalk group again…….maybe they’ll blow it like last year….

Merlin's Panini

come on Eboue! Stick it up em

big black clock

They’ll have to do a shitload of travelling tho.

Maybe Judas will jump out of their plane mid-flight saying “I don’t like the direction this plane is going”


A shitload of traveling?
Yes, they will travel maybe 1-2 hours more than Arsenal each way. I don’t think that would have any effect on the players, unless they have signed Bergkamp as a replacement for Rooney.

big black clock

You must be real fun to talk to.

big black clock

W have to top this group surely? Cause this group wouldn’t be a problem at all for most top clubs. If we don’t win it, then there’s something really lacking in this squad.


I can already see us thrashing montpellier at the emirates, I don’t know why but I can so see it.


poor montpellier.

Red Cannon

That’s what ManUre said about their group last year. …Oh. Wait. There was something really lacking in their squad. Class. And it’s only gotten worse for them since picking up Judas.


Its the champions league guys, its these “small” teams that always end up giving us a hard time when we underestimate them. Lets just hope the players are already aware of this.


Not bad a group, let’s all laugh at City!


Hahaha shitty.


So ramsey gets to score the last minute winner against olympiakos again.

Get on with that ramsey…….


Wasn’t that against Marseille?

Simao Segunda

Either way, it will be fun to see which celebrity he kills with that goal.


His goals are usually far in between and I still missed that!

I’m embarrassed. (._.)

gooner odst

hey guys i missed the draw, what group did sp*ds or Liverpool get again?

*massive tongue in gigantic cheek*


Numb asses from sitting, hoping, and waiting for 2013’s Europa League draw.


I hope gerrard and bale are fit, wouldn’t want them to miss their best players.

gooner odst

This time Bale is gonna carry on from where he left off at Inter Milan and rip them a new phantom asshole. and Nuri Sahin will shine for Liverpool and prove to Real that he is ready to take on Europe.

Norn Iron Gooner

or not….


Good draw for everyone bar Citeh, which could be bad if they get knocked out early and focus on the league in the new year, but good for us if Man U and those Blue shit stains stay on the hobby horse. But bad for us if they went all the way and I have to see RVP (cunt) grinning like a rich, vindicated bastard. I can’t make up my mind so I think I’ll vacillate incessantly at work until the day we beat the whole fucking lot of them.

big black clock

Looking forward to seeing Chinless get his head pummeled to the ground by the animal that is Pepe.

Rich cunts vs Even richer cunts (with some history)


i thought cunts vs bigger cunts.

Rad Carrot

Not a terrible draw by any means, but tough enough. Man Utd, as per fucking usual, get the easiest draw. Again. Whodathunkit?


No shit, I wish we got fucking cluj


At the risk of being too cute, they did beat Roma and tie Chelski a few seasons ago in the Group Stage. Perhaps they can mystify ManUre with their club name like they did the presenters at the draw?


Cluj has actually got themselves a decent club. Lots of African and South American players on that team. This year they went to Basel and did the business Manchester United couldn’t last year. I watched that match and Sougou could have had an additional two or three. he hit the post on one occasion and gifted the keeper on a few others. They’re no pushovers.


so was last year Manure got the easy group ,and they still fuck it up





Rottenegg coldspurs.
Shithart lane.

Basically shits!.

Norn Iron Gooner

back in yer box son. *shuts lid

A Yank

Actually we got a pretty tricky group. Away to Schalke and Olypmiacos are not going to be cakewalks. Could have been much worse.

Also, the group is also bizarrely similar to last year when he had the reigning French, German and Greek champions. Only difference this year is it’s the third place German team.

Merlin's Panini

I hate to be pedantic (actually I love it) but Lille were the Champions in 2010-11 and we drew Marseille in our CL group

A Yank

You are correct. I though Marseilles had won in 2010-2011. My bad. Still peculiar to draw teams from the same three league on consecutive years.

Norn Iron Gooner

Its platini’s UEFA, what do you expect m8?


hahahaha man city, yet again showing that unless you have pedigree and consistency you will be drawn with teams like madrid and munich last year

shalke are harder than many arsenal fans think, in huntelaar they have one of the best strikers in the world, and their stadium is very intimidating for opposition, like dortmunds was last year, dont underestimate them


also dont forget steve bould will be in charge of the first 3 matches, tough test for the new assistant


yeah but steve boulds like the english equivalent of bruce willis I feel sorry for the opposition manager,


Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*cker! 🙂


When I looked at the teams in Pot 2 (B?, dont remember), I was hoping for Schalke. A good team, but one of the weaker ones in the pot. We can beat Olympiacos at home, and tie away (unless same situation as last year). Haven’t been able to watch Montpellier much, but with out their top scorer, I think we have a good chance to beat them at home, and tie or better away. Also happy that manc got the tough group, hope they bomb out of the competition again. We can get past the group stages with some effort,… Read more »


I would have preferred ManU’s group, but at least we’re not ManCity


Apart from a few tricky away games not a bad group but we thought that the last few years !

big black clock

Group C (Milan, Zenit, Anderlecht, Malaga) is interesting tho. A year ago people would go for Milan and Malaga to win the group. But both teams have been so severely weakened over the summer. My pick would be for Zenit and Milan to go through.

Thinking this is the group where I’ll make the most money from.

big black clock

Actually scrap that. I want Zenit and Anderlect to go through cause Milan are cunts.


Forget all that, I want Arsenal to go through.


Lets not forget that we are a completely different side this year. Not only are we stronger defensively as a team (thanks to Bould), we have the creativity that we lacked last year. Everyone’s focusing on lack pf goals but when was the last time Arsene Wenger’s team was criticized for crappy offense. Goals will come in time. I am expecting a great season and hopefully, we will see ManCity crashing out like last year.


Hmmm… Who was representing arsenal at the event?
May indicate how active this transfer window is?


I think it was Ivan. Don’t think any new big name players are arriving.

I just want us to get rid of some of our dead-weights.


I think it was Mark Gonnella(Communications Director) that represented us.


Olympiacos??? Again??? Is it just me or do we seem to draw them a lot … way more then anyone else.

big black clock

Not really complaining. Almost guaranteed 3 points at home.


The only problem is that it’s almost a guaranteed 3 points at home for the rest of the group too. We can’t afford to slip up. As for away: beating them there would give us a good advantage, as that will be a challenge for everyone.


I would have preferred FC BATE Borisov, so we could luxuriate in having mastered them at home and other excellent puns.


I hate you for making me give you a thumbs up because I got a little beer up my nose when I read this.


Breaking: man city ready to give arsenal £100 milli to face real.

We need new signings, take it, strengthen squad proceed to beat real. Win the cup, and still laugh at shiteh!.


A good draw. Ideal scenario, top place secured before away to trip to Greece.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


More good news: in terms of how the CL schedule fits into our EPL fixtures, we’re not in too bad shape. The most difficult week will be Man Utd away and Schalke 04 back-to-back.

Looking way, way ahead, if we’re in the CL semifinal, the ties are sandwiches around our home game against Man Utd. Then again, on the other hand, if Man Utd are in the semis, away at Arsenal would be an uncomfortable game in between.


“i dont like the direction this plane is going” lmao..classic!!

I want to be Bergkamp's BFF

Slightly off topic but, since when did they change the “k” in Olympiakos to a “c”? And who thought that would be a good idea? Being Greek, it looks retarded. Anyway, we should have more than enough for this group provided we take the games seriously like last season and not scrape through in the style of seasons gone by. As we have swapped two perpetual losers in Robin and Alex and picked up two winners in Olivier McDreamy and Santi (plus Goldi Poldi), hopefully we will also have the focus to actually try away from home against teams like… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Coventry City at home in the league cup

nice, given our 80s revival tendencies at the moment it’s another 0-0 classic in the making

still it’ll only be a tenner at least. happy days!

the only sam is nelson

hahahahah spuds away to carlisle

let’s hope their gaff floods again and washes away the lillywhite shite


Good group.
Now watch us get Madrid in the second round or something equally ridiculous.


Hopefully Monsieur Giroud will have a goal or two in his Arsenal stats before he faces his old club.
Am I wrong to think why we couldn’t have hijacked Berbatov from Fulham? I thnk he’s still quality or would he have been Silvester all over again?
Dempsey as an attacking option perhaps? I know he’s way too old for Arsene, but how about a short 2 year contract in return Dempsey gets to play for a big club in the Champions League.
I’d rather the Yank than no signings!


I think we didn’t go for him for the same reason Fergie didn’t play him even though he was good for 30 goals the season before: Neither team’s formation is set-up for the kind of goal-hanging CF Berbatov was apparently is nowadays.

I still would have taken a punt on him last season and thrown Chamakh in a volcano… but I guess that’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks…


Ain’t it amazing though, how wenger said we had enough cover for song and now we’re looking to sign some chelsea reject. Selling song is clearly now coming back to haunt us.



The toughest game in this group will be Schalke away. The good thing is all the teams in this group will play an open attacking football. We should top this group . Gotta laugh at Man City though, 2nd year running they are in a tough group.

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