Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Giroud staying positive

While he may not have scored at the Britannia Stadium, Olivier Giroud claims he felt good during his full Premier League debut against Stoke City and insists that Arsenal can take positives despite a second successive goalless draw.

The French international cut something of a frustrated figure in the first half as he came to terms with the physicality of Tony Pulis’ orcs and the cut and thrust of life in England.

However, always eager to challenge for the ball, he continued to work himself into decent positions in the second 45 minutes and showed flashes of the form that saw him earn plaudits in Ligue 1 last season.

Nearly winning the game in the last minute with an audacious long-range effort, the 25-year-old admitted that it was an attempt tried in hope after he failed to spot teammate Aaron Ramsey charging through midfield.

“I hoped it would go in,” admitted Giroud to after the match.

“I saw the keeper off his line and I did not see Aaron [in the middle] for a cross. So I tried to take my chance.

“[It means] we have to wait for our [first] victory. But it is coming soon. We played well and had some good situations in front of goal. We just have to score now – me too.

“But I gave it all today. It was a hard game against a big team. But I felt good in the game and we missed one little thing – a goal.

“But there are a lot of good players here at Arsenal. It is easy to play with them. We need a little more time to come together.”

Arsenal face a tricky encounter with Liverpool away on Sunday before hosting Southampton at the Emirates on 15 September.

If Giroud, and fellow new boys Cazorla and Podolski, don’t score against the Reds then you can be sure they will against the Saints…after all Wright, Bergkamp, Henry and Robin van Persie all opened their League accounts against the South Coast side. Omens people. Omens.

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There now follows a tenuous Oliver/Olivier based pun.

Please Sir! Can I have some more [goals]!

A N Other

In that case can we move southampton fixture ahead of Liverpool one?


HAHA, totally, I cant wait another 3 weeks to see Arsenal score.


I’m pretty sure Giroud scores frequently… off the pitch.


Less talking please, I feel he is overhyped and ow struggling. Average striker. I hope I’m wrong.


League 1 Top Scorer can not be average striker.


Well, at least you’re giving him some time to settle in before jumping to conclusions.


Now if we arrived at conclusions like you d,o would we really have any imported players prove themselves first or just sell them after the first two games!
Henry, bergkamp, took ’em almost 9 games to register a goal and once they started scoring…… You know they were unstoppable. Giroud has showed he knows where the goal is, just some more games and i’m sure he’ll on the score sheet. Now relax eh? and get beh…..all that.


Look at it this way, if he has a season as shitty as Torres’ was last season, Champions League is in the bag!


If we are able to keep up our new found defensive resolve and significantly improve our goal against stats, I don’t mind if we score fewer goals than last season as long as we are able to win more games and garner more points come end of the season. Our attacking potential is there and we just need to keep faith with the players we got. I’m disappointed that we’ve yet to improve on our returns on set pieces though. If only we could convert just 10% of the many corners and freekicks that were awarded to us in the… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

I 100% agree with you Sir. Now the English Ex footballers/donkeys who failed as footballer or managers that posing as football experts/pundits would have you believe if it was another team like The Manures or the Loserfools (DEFENCE WINS YOU THE LEAGUE). But, The Arsenal improves the defence now they started shifting the goal post (ATTACK/GOALS WINS YOU THE LEAGUE). As for this player Giroud, he will come good, you can see a good player just by the way he moves inside the box. I would have been worried about him if he didn’t have chances to score NOT missing… Read more »

Brian Mendoza

You can just picture him with that smoldering look in his eye saying “Everything will be all right, we WILL win”

Oh my

Borneo Gooner

But in this game I think we were not given the penalty when Podolski’s shot was clearly blocked with hand by one of the orcs’ defender (don’t even bother to remember his name) early on.

Tenacious Defence

While we wait for the team to gel and goals to flow it would help if we could get a pen like that or like any of the other soft pens that other teams have been awarded so far. Or a helping hand from a dodgy back pass, ala Collins and Skrtel’s efforts recently. Please. Just to release the pressure.

Lifetime Gooner

Honestly pleased with the teams character and i think all gooners have a right to be optimistic. When this team ‘gel’ i’m sure we will be seeing a more complete Arsenal offensively.
Go to add i like the way Giroud wins his aerial battles and keeps the ball in possession and especially his positive attitude. Loads more contribution to the game than Chamakh. Goals will come!


I can’t agree more. We the fans love our club so much that we lose perspective sometimes. Supporting a club sometimes means patience, and the reward will be that much fulfilling. All these new players played in different leagues last season, playing different formation and style. Even for some of our “old” players such as Diaby and Ox, Diaby did not play any game last season and Ox is playing a different role. Jenkinson is starting in place of Sagna, which is not an easy shoe to fill. I say patience. I say COYG!

Red Cannon

I love not only how he wins the aerial battles. I love how when we lose the ball he gets stuck in to win it back. He looked like a center back fighting to get the ball away from the bad guys. It was a nice model of team defending starting with the strikers.

Mike Hawk

We know you’ll come good giroud, just keep working hard!


Whatever happened to giving foreign imports 6 months to settle in? There is no need for him to plead for more time after 2 games.


I don’t know what’s wrong with some people. A scout around some of the other blogs and I’m close to sitting in the car in the garage with a long length of pipe attached to the exhaust. I can’t remember the last time we bossed a Stoke team so well. I’m actually looking forward to the next few fixtures where teams will actually come to play…….. I think we will beat Liverpool and Citeh and the Chelsea game will be the real yardstick to see where we are as they look the most settled team in the Prem at the… Read more »


Cazorla vs Hazard the only thing is Hazard has longer adaptation in Chelsea rather than Hazard in Arsenal.

big black clock

Cazorla and Hazard will be playing in the same positions on opposite ends.

I think it will be more like our DM vs Hazard. I actually think Diaby or M’Vila (if we get him) can keep that Belgian cunt at bay.


Defence looks solid n that’s quality but does the boss put kos straight back in? Jenks has done amazing but sagna is a cut above so he’ll come back but mert and TV look great.

Lifetime Gooner

Mert could have done a lot better on the first header you know. Not doubting him or anything, but he is really slow to get his feet of the ground. Kos is more convincing and would better suit games like city, liverpool and chelsea who dont just pump the ball up the other end of the pitch, but who actually put the ball on the ground and play

gooner from bangladesh

I agree. But Mert would be better suited to play against ManUtd. The Mert and Koscielny combination actually.


best thing about him yesterday was he was just not winning the ball in the air he was even directing thats impressive.

Jack Jumblies

I loved Giroud’s movement and strength throughout. He’ll get his share of goals and assists soon enough.

The whole team showed great fighting spirit. Maybe they could have subbed The Ox and Theo in a bit earlier, as Stoke were shattered at the end.

Bendtner's Ego

Only got to see the second half, but I think we handled ourselves well against a team that is notorious for giving us royal fits. People are giving Giroud stick for that long range shot, but from what I remember, it did not seem like there was any chance for him to get the ball over to Ramsey because another defender closed the angle. Also, let’s not forget his hold up play to lay it off for Ramsey right outside of the box. It’s been a while since we’ve had a fwd who could do that for us consistently, let… Read more »


You just know that if he’d passed it instead of shooting, and either it got intercepted during the pass attempt or Ramsey missed, the same people who are moaning about him having a shot would instead be moaning about him passing it instead of shooting.


It’s understandable on both ends: Sure from the TV angle it looked super obvious that Ramsey was the best option. On the pitch, the time it would have taken for him to look backwards and catch Ramsey rushing, the angle would have been closed and he could have lost the opportunity both to pass and to shoot.

In summary: Unlucky!

Bendtner's Ego

Also, Liverpool will be the true test of where we are at and what this team can do.

Liverpool will play a more open game, versus the bus parkers and goblin bunkers.


If Giroud, and fellow new boys Cazorla and Podolski, don’t score against the Reds then you can be sure – a) The media will continue to compare three new signings to a player who had 8 years experience in the premiership and berate Arsene Wenger for STUPID signings. b) The media will continue to compare three new signings to a player who had 8 years experience and question Arsene Wenger at press conferences if he thought Van Pursie is a good player c) The media will write off Arsenal as usual. d) Arsenal supporters will start with the Arsene out… Read more »


Re: your A & B – the media are happy either way because they’ll have something to print.

Remember them starting a “Bergkamp watch” when he arrived in England and didn’t score straight away? I do. And they did it for a few other players that were ‘imports’ back then (this was still *relatively* rare then, of course).

The majority of the media are wankers. And even those who are not wankers themselves are managed by wankers and need to be able to print a juicy story or else they’ll get fired by a wanker.

North Bank Gooner

I love the balanced way the Sun handles Arsenal stories. I especially enjoyed reading todays excellent ” Mikel slaughters his teammates with an Uzi after they fail to score yet again ( sack arsene ) “. This work of jounalistic brilliance was extracted from the post match interview in which Arteta pointed out that offensively we are not quite at our peak as yet.

Like the Sun, i may have got some facts slightly wrong here, but heigh ho, it doesnt seem to bother them! 😉


It’s funny how the media are now twisting it. A strikeforce entirely without knowledge of one another who have had little time to practise together ahead of the new season due to the Euros are already failures. A club which has been mocked for not being solid enough in defence sorts it out against two physical sides in consecutive weeks. We are 1 point behind United and 1 in front of Tottenham. Yet we are in crisis. We haven’t won the league since 2004. When did Tottenham last win it? Or Liverpool? Or Newcastle? the England team hasn’t come close… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

Totally agree with all comments.
Kipling eat your heart out ( or bake some of those exceedingly good cakes)


rather than the new guys bedding in, i thought the old players were the culprits. the likes of diaby, gervinho, ramsey & walcott. in an ideal world they will be sent packing out the door without much fuss this week. but it’s not an ideal world nowadays


Ramsey? he only came on late in the second half as did walcott. i actually thought both looked good still i was at the match so didnt have the benefit of commentators and pundits views.


On the one hand being in Stoke.
On the other hand having to listen to Redknapp Minor and his illogical, inconsistent nonsense.
The quintessence of Hobson’s Choice.


‘culprits’, lol

is gervinho classed as an old player now?
ramsey and walcott only played for 10 minutes or so, so they’re to blame for not winning?

diaby did a great job in midfield, a couple of clumsy moments near the goal dont mean he should face the firing squad.

he’s, almost literally, finding he’s feet again.
he’s going to have a great year for us


We shall overcome in the next few games but we still need competition at the front. We deserve to get Huntelar for assist, I hope man Giroud youll appreciate getting an experienced player for guidance at the front. He is used to poach goals, Podolsky can proove me right. Gunners for ever, invisible gunners 2012-13 is back.

Mombasa, Kenya.

Tenacious Defence

“Invisible” gunners… now there’s an idea!


Diaby was slowing down the game, and Mertesacker also thinked for too long where should he pass.

We were scary for other clubs when we had pace, and always keept the ball. We were always fluid, dangerous and going forward. Now we lost all of this and we are just ordinary team im afraid.

Im afraid that Diaby is Wengers favorite boy and he will keep him playing now every game.


yeah, that wenger idiot, what does he know about his players?
he just randomly chooses a ‘favourite boy’ and plays him for no reason

i mean just look at all his ‘favourite boys’ – henry, fabregas, wilshire – what a bunch of shite!


Comparing Diaby with Henry and Wilshire?


“Comparing Diaby with Henry and Wilshire?”

you are the one who brought up the concept of the ‘favourite boy’ and you are saying that arsene is a naive fool who is just playing diaby for sentimental reasons


Thought Mertesacker looked perfectly capable on Saturday.


Read again what i tried to say. He is good, solid and so on… but he needs to send ball back in to the game quicker, pace is the key for AFC


I was firmly of the opinion last season that we were far more assured defensively when he was playing than when he was not. I look forward to seeing this proved again this season and getting to rub the naysayers’ noses in it. Pace and quick feet are on the “nice to have” list for a CB. Being in the right place, dealing with the problem and making the right decision on what to do with the ball are essentials. One thing Mert knows well is when to play it and when to punt it into the stands somewhere around… Read more »


On a positive i must admit that i liked mature Arsenal. We played hard ball against Stoke and looked solid. Maybe mVilla can be brought in before window shut. I just hope it wont be too late until we switch 5 gear.


Patience, patience all Gunners across the Goonerland. Our season starts against Liverpool at Anfield this weekend. Believe me, it’ll be three points and upwards and onwards thereafter!! COYG!!!


People who write “believe me”, “trust me” or “there’s no doubt about that” as a qualifier at the end of a sentence are almost invariably not to be believed or trusted in relation to the the subject they wish to be believed or trusted about.


Oh, definitely. Believe me, there’s no doubt about that.

H. P. Arsecraft

No our season started with Sunderland.

jim jimminy

is anyone else pleased for diaby? Two 90 mins in a row. I imagine his confidence is increasing everyday, and to come out of Stoke without an injury is a hugely encouraging for him. Hopefully over the next few weeks he’ll be getting back to his best.

Dave Gooner

I thought he looked good, I must say. A few more games, a little more confidence, and he will be a very imposing figure. There is a lot of faith in his ability, I just hope that this is the year we get to see it.

Great to see him back from injury though.


Not only is he playing, but he’s playing well. And he clearly represents a slight change of tactics from last season – in two games he’s had more shots on target than Song had in god-knows how many games last season.


I think the media has an agenda against Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, they always seem to shun any positives within the club and their players and concentrate on the negatives. With a matter such as the Stoke fans booing Ramsey, they seem to ignore that and sometimes make it out to be poor sportsmanship from Arsenal’s side. Even the BBC no longer seem to be impartial, on MOTD2 they were showing a compilation of Giroud and it was all negative, even the attempted chip was met with criticism when in all fairness it was an excellent piece of skill and… Read more »


The answer is to go to the match dont buy papers dont watch football on tv and definitely dont listen to talkshit radio. for all things positive and facts read


Hear hear.


you have to laugh at the headlines – “arteta BLASTS team mates!!!!!”



and the whole ‘article’ is based on the post match interview where he simply says we want to win the games and get 3 points because we want to win the league


I loved Arteta’s honest assessment. Glad to hear we’re not complacent.


I wasn’t surprised that they focused on the negative! Giroud was a handful yesterday. Stoke defenders had a mare defending him yesterday! You can’t listen to shearer! He’s not intellgent at all…he talked about the defence but he was desperate to mention the result is what matters! Jamie Redknapp was quick to slate ollivier and comparing him to Dutch man!


Its going to be hard for Oliver over the next while,serves him right I’ve been hard ever since he signed.


are you hard right now?


How do you go out of your house if your constantly hard?! Do you cellotape it to your stomach or something? Im intrigued!


Pure comedic gold


He’s really good. I just think he is trying too hard to impress. And he looks like he is being too hard on himself for those couple of chances he has missed. I mean, we as fans, can understand that he needs time to bed in.

Once he’s settle, I’m sure he’ll start firing on all cylinders.


RIght then, we´ve seen two fixtures this season and what is there to say so far?

Firstly, Podolski is NOT a central striker. Glad we´ve settled that!

Second, Giroud is a great signing, just give him 5-6 more games and he´ll show you.

Thirdly, Cazorla is the most exiting player we´ve had since Fabregas. I just pray to Nafrthaq´thu (the Heathen God) that he won´t get injured by some random cunt.

Fourthly, I´m at work, bored out me scull……


henry and rvp werent central strikers either …. if arsene sees that position for poldi then i trust his judgement

that said the current set up of giroud and poldi to left looks good to me

Arsene's bottle of water

I was disappointed with Wenger’s reaction to that lobby. FFS, it’s your Centre Forward having a go! It’s something you encourage, not reprehend.
Ramsey was not wide open, he had an orc closing in on him, plus the keeper was off his line. What’s wrong with that?

I think it’s quite telling that only our new signings are trying long range efforts (Giroud and Cazorla mainly).
Wenger didn’t have the time to instil his “pass it into the net” philosophy in them yet.


I loved that Giroud took that shot. Felt like it was more likely that would go in than a pass between the defense to Ramsey.

big black clock

Don’t blame Wenger man. He constantly takes shit from basically the whole of England on a daily basis. And given that he is an incredibly ambitious man. So yea, he is going to be frustrated at every missed chance.

Tbh, Giroud’s effort is what you’d want to see when your team is 1-2 goals up. Not when the game is tied and we’re approaching 90 mins. I still loved how he had the confidence (and sexiness) to try it tho.


it was a surprisingly ‘easy’ game for us after all the trepidation that we usually have at going to Orc Hell

completely dominated the game but alas missing that bit of sharpness to score

such a disappointment at the end that we didnt get that pass through to ramsey and have him score, that would have been fucking awesome, and justice

but feeling positive about the team spirit and commitment, and the quality is always there


and it should be Saint Cazorla, what a bargain!


We were unlucky yesterday, we completed dominated and were the most defensively sound that I have seen for a long time. The Ox and Podolski wide is the best balance for us and if Walcott stays I think he is best placed as one of our central striker options. Still think we need another forward to compete with Giroud but filled with confidence that he will come good. Arteta was quality again and he protects the back 4 so well that I don’t think we need this DM that people seem to think we are desperate for. If we have… Read more »


I think people would like to see Arteta get to play further up the field, as he used to score more when he played with Everton in that more advanced position. Still, it’s clear he’s perfectly capable of the DM role, so there’s no need to panic.


Giroud!!!, has a super duper nose right there. The way his hair stands, something mohawk-ish I think is just top stuff. The way he walks even on the pitch is just so unique. I call him arsenals model, on and off the fucking pitch.

I’m sure he’s scoring in the bedroom, now please bring that to the game will you?.


Hopefully his good looks will make all the defenders adore him and maybe let him slip (into) past them once or twice a match.


i agree with the analysis blogs made in his post about the stoke game.
we have a real problem in wide areas and believe me when wenger said we lacked some “oil” he meant we lacked a pires type player.jesus navas will be a great signing.superb passing,has pace,can play direct but can also link up well with the midfield(esp. cazorla,arteta,wilshere and rosicky).

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


We need at least two quality players, I think giroud and podolski will come good but gerv and Walcott are just not going to be good enough. He will persist with both as he will with diaby who I am happy to give a lot more time to so he can regain some form. But have a feeling the squad as it stands may be it and I just don’t think we are goo enough as it stands. The defence looked good but will face much tougher tests than the last two games and without a proven quality defensive midfielder… Read more »


Give the fact that the chance of Arsene signing a proper winger is about zero, who would like to see in that spot? Our choices are: gervinho, theo or arshavin.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’d still pick the Russian.

I don’t think we need to sign anoth midfielder, we need a proper fucking winger.


I think the Russian has it but don’t use it for whatever reason, The other two, I just can’t see them giving us the quality week in week out that we need. Maybe a quality winger is the answer but wenger just ain’t ginna sign another one with what we got already. We made a profit from players sales last year on top of the money we already made from from general trading. Add that to this years sales even with what we have spent on players we have plenty of money to spend. We have no excuses for not… Read more »


I agree. I just kills me that it’s so obvious that we need a winger, yet there’s no way Arsene will buy one.

And on a side note, I love how this m’villa guy has become this seasons Cahill and samba. He’s not coming here. We don’t need central midfielders.


I changed my mind. I vote we play santos in that spot.


Cazorla, with Wilshere taking his place


Ya but jacks not going to be ready to just jump in and boss the midfield. By the time he’s back to firing on all cylinders, we could be left in the dust.

damien joyce

Well done blogs on your analysis in “STOKE 0-0 ARSENAL: SOLID, BUT TOOTHLESS”. I hope I don’t sound in anyway critical of past postings because that is not my intention, but today’s blog was one of the best I’ve read in a long time. Your views on what we seem to be missing at the moment are almost exactly what I have also been thinking, I do feel however that a versatile defender would help us in strengthening the team/squad. I’m not one that cares if we “lose” out on likes of Sahin, Mata or Emmanuel Mercenarywhore, what I do… Read more »


It worries me that wenger says we have plenty midfielders. Yes we do but we don’t have plenty top quality midfielders. We currently have two available: Arteta and Cazorla. One more when Jack comes back and if Rosicky comes back in form that makes 4. Coquelin has huge potential. Ramsey is decent. Diaby is meh. We need another top quality midfielder.

On top of that , I’d like to see a winger with a bit of unpredictability as Arseblog mentioned in his blog. Gervinho and Walcott ultimately should not be starters on a team that is challenging for the title.


Before I get confused as a simple-minded hater: I love Arsene Wenger.


Twitter feed here: Apparently Spurs officials will meet with Rennes today. They’re pushing for Mvila deal. Arsenal to meet tomorrow. Deal could go either way. Thoughts?, I for one don’t give a shit, I just want us to sign and sign and SIGN!!. Anyone. Okay perhaps not terry, suarez some other cunts in there too. But this is great stuff, we get this guy now then hold out for the last transfer day and snap up a quality defender or striker. I’d rather a striker seeing as we need someone to keep giroud, poldi on their toes. But perhaps i’m… Read more »


I think an Arteta Mvilla Cazorla midfield would be quality.

Boom Boom

Start of the season are so boring. One match on weekend and the rest week, checking out arseblog,,skysports, a million times..


I also think we should be converting more from free kicks and corners. Our conversion from corners is downright piss poor.
With rvp gone I expect someone to step up but so far arteta hasn’t really convinced me he’s up to it. We need goals from set pieces since no one in our front three is hitting the target.

Mert, verm, koscienly should step up and head in those goals!


Last season, for the league as a whole the average was about a goal every 50 corners. Arsenal was actually slightly better than average on this score.

The reality is that they’re relatively easy to defend at the professional level.


Truth be told I don’t see any of our wingers ever heading in a goal. Walcott is probably not sure whether he can head in a ball just like he’s not sure on where to run next. Gervinho would rather lay back and wait for the ball to come to right up to his feet. Other teams like shiteh, chelsea provide more threat from corners and free kicks. From our part I think there’s a general lack of effort to get on the end of those balls. I’ve only seen vermaelen do it, maybe kos too but that’s it!. Everytime… Read more »


City didn’t score a single league goal from corners last season. And Chelsea’s goal per corner ratio was about half of ours.

It surprised me too when I looked at the data, but it’s just not a major weakness for us.


Ya! What are they doing?? It’s not like we’ve been prone to get burned on counter attacks the last few years or anything. fuck it- everyone in the 6 yard box!!


By not winning either of our two winnable opening games we have put ourselves under pressure. If we lose at Liverpool then drop further points against Chelsea and City then we will be playing catchup like last season.
We need two quality players before Friday.


In what positions do you want to see us buy for? I think we need a right sided winger and a striker. All this bollocks about a defender and a central midfielder don’t seem necessary to me. Your thoughts?

Le coq



Totally agree, Frog. Our glaring weakness yesterday was out wide. Unlike Gervinho or Walcott, we need a player who can hurt the opposition on the wing.
Another quality striker or attacking midfielder would help too.


If he buys and it’s a big if, then it will be a defensive midfielder. Just can’t see him laying out for a forward. We will at some point get the line that we have chamack and dare I say it bentner too.


Am I the only one who thinks that maybe nicks not a bad option? I know he’s a bit of a fucking retard and all, but shit, the guy knows how to bang em in.


And if we were in for m’cahill/samba, it would have been done before the euros. Arsenes not interested.


We need a quality striker and a winger/attacking midfielder. Walcott is no more than an impact sub and Rosicky just isnt good enough. Good to see Diaby completing 90 but I hope he improves as he’s not moving the ball quick enough.

Martin Keown is my hero

Everybody is making excuses about our new boys needing time to adapt. But perhaps therein lies the problem……should we be blooding so many players in such important positions at the same time and at the very start of the season? We are talking about taking a point from Stoke like it is a good result. Would the filth, Citeh, Chavs regard a draw at Stoke as a good result? I don’t think so. Similarly, we should expect to beat Sunderland at home. And we didn’t. I’m 100% behind this team and the boss, but as fans, I think we should… Read more »

Pele of Romford

No need for anything too drastic in terms of changes. I havnt been this pleased with the squad in ages. And it is sweet to see us a bit more solid.
Just one thing: please start the ox! People are terrified of him


Glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t feel a particular need for a DM. We’ve got enough midfielders to cover and rotate, once they’re all fit.

We do need more quality out wide though.

Fuck knows who, but we might be one player away from completing the jigsaw here, exactly as we were when Marwood and then Anders were brought in.

Le coq

I’m here for the defensive duties guyz, just give me a chance to rise and I will.

Gunsen Gunner

The Coq rises.


Oh and for all the knobheads digging out Giroud, it’s rightly been pointed out that Bergkamp needed time to find the net.

But there was also a another big lad who popped in a few goals before joining us, then couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo, for an even longer period of time.

Ended up with a couple of Golden Boots in the end did Smudger.


I thought we really had a chance this year. Not the league ofcourse because we don’t buy the best players anymore, but possibly the FA Cup. From what I’ve seen our striker buys are over hyped and infact we haven’t yet spent a penny.. Can’t score against 2 shite sides. 1 of which we played at home. Can’t see us getting anything from Liverpool as we are just not creating enough. That will be a total of 2 points, maybe 3 from 9. Same old same old. As predicted by our American fans, Stan will turn our great club into… Read more »

Arse Is the best

The coq is up the arse

Too Drunk To Be Offside

As the saying goes, “attack and goals win you games, defence and clean sheets win you championships”. I must say I loved what I saw defensively yesterday. Steve Bould has been a major influence on the team. When I read the interview from players pre-season I felt it was the usual PR job, but as I was watching the game yesterday, I realised when was the last time players had raved about a new coach !! I could see exactly what he has done, and the defensive unit was brilliant. If I am not mistaken we are the only team… Read more »

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