Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Goodbye Mr. Chips

After weeks with their fingers hovering over the publish button, the team at have finally confirmed that Carlos Vela has left the club.

The Mexican international, who signed for the Gunners way back in 2005, has signed a permanent deal with La Liga side Real Sociedad for whom he impressed on loan last season.

Tipped for big things when he arrived at the Emirates (Highbury?) the 23-year-old only managed to squeeze in 63 appearances for the Gunners betwixt spells with Salamanca, Osasuna, West Bromwich Albion and his new employers.

A player of undoubted skill, he struggled to ever make a serious impression on the first team although his canny chipping skills did excite the crowds during numerous Carling Cup cameos.

The occasional dinked finish aside, he’s likely to be more remembered for his disciplinary problems at international level (partying with vice girls and transsexuals anybody?) and for causing a swine flu scare at London Colney back in 2009.

Arseblog News wishes him the best with his career in Spain.

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Here's Waldo

Finally. Goodbye & Good-luck Mr. Chips!


Was a good chip of the old block. Too bad he’s gone now.

Here's Waldo

So long and thanks for all the chips!

Gunsen Gunner

Good player,just didn’t fit our system.We may make a good few million if that sell-on clause is activated so everyone’s happy.


I liked him. Pity he couldn’t settle.

Henry's beard

My thoughts exactly. Wishing him all the best. He’s a great footballer and deserves all the success he gets.

Matt F

From .com: ”He scored a hat-trick on his first start in a 6-0 win over Sheffield United in the League Cup.”

Him and Pennant, right? Not exactly signs of things to come. Who else has scored a hat-trick on their first start for Arsenal?


Shame he’s a bit of a tosspot now though.

Southcoast gooner

I think you maybe confusing the Shef Utd game with the Southampton league game we won 6-2 (I think). When Pennant And Pires scored hatricks. This was also a notable game, as it saw a fantastic performance by Ryan Garry at left back (another that didn’t full fill his potential) and was also the first game in our 49 game sequence undefeated.

Matt F

No, I mean each of them scored hat-tricks on their debuts. I remember both games. I was at the Saints one. Great Pires goal.


Anyone else see this as Goodbye Mr Tom, Part Two. Wenger can be the old bloke

John Terry Ate My Wife

Fuck me, Vela has aged in that photo!


Photo reflects how long he waited for regular football.


I’ll miss him about as much as I’ll miss Park, Squid, Bendtner, etc.

Good luck to him!


so how much was the undisclosed transfer fee?


It was this much

Persie out, arsenal lives

Are you sure it was not this much?

Pedantic Dave

Has Cygan gone too?


I guess that what too many chips does to a guy eh? eh ? eh ?…..
I’ll go get my coat…


You should have left it on!.


As well as the striking new look, the away kit will also be the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly to date, thanks to Nike’s innovations. Each kit (shirt and shorts) is made using up to 13 recycled plastic water bottles, and out of fabric that is up to 23 per cent lighter than previous designs…JUST SAYING! Oooops

Glory Hunter

Any one seen the free training video clip on
RVP might be a cunt, but what a technically gifted cunt!!

Santi Caz

Was thinking the same thing, just too scared to post it. I don’t care what he did this past summer, if he is willing to put it behind him, so would I.

Glory Hunter

I think most fans would, he hurt our feelings but we’ll get over it if he changes he’s mind as unlikely as that is.

Dave Gooner

Hmmmm. He’ll never get back to the place he had with the fans though. I really thought Robin was a Gooner, whereas in reality he was just a really good footballer with a serious injury record.

I know better now though. And yes,I really think it does matter.


A talented cunt. Nothing john terry will ever come to experience.


They showed an awful lot of van persie in that clip for somebody they are about to let go. Maybe it is a sign that they are going to keep him, or maybe I’m in denial. I just have a feeling Wenger won’t sell his best player and someone he has invested so much time in, to Ferguson, if the idea sickens us, imagine how Wenger feels about it. With all the history that those two have together, he really must hate that cunt with a passion. I think we should keep him until the end of his contract. I… Read more »


Unrelated to this news item, I hope that the 6-month suspension of the Juventus manager for match fixing doesn’t mean that RVP is suddenly more likely to jump to City/United! If he does go, I’d rather he fucked off out of the PL!!

Santi Caz

10 month


Aw man, that’s REALLY sucks!


It’s a 10 month ban for not reporting match fixing.

big black clock

5 people I wish were never associated with Arsenal:

1. Piers Morgan
2. Usmanov
3. Nasri
4. Steward Robson
5. Ian Wright (there I said it)

Glory Hunter

Ian Wright is a fucking Legend mate, whether you like it or not

big black clock

Never said “I wish never played for Arsenal”. He was a legend as a player. But as a ex-player, never fails to slate the club when it’s down. Crisis monger.

You see Henry talk about us and then you see Wright’s words and you wonder if he ever truely loved the club or would have just scooted off if Man Utd came in with a bid sometime during his time with us.

Glory Hunter

lol, you might not like what he has to say.
But Ian Wright is a passionate gooner, and would never have signed for Man Utd.

Every one of us has criticised the club at some point, Ian Wright is no different.
The fact that he works for the sun(who sensationalise everything) doesn’t help to be fair!


i second u ..THEY ALL CAN FUCK OFF!!!!


One person I wished had never been associated with CNN:

1. Piers Morgan. (You guys want him back?)


Flog him off to the sun, the same column ian wrong does. Then I will actually save some quid for ice cream.



Double '71

Darren “cunty son of tangoman” Dein can export his own arse out of here too, the twat!

Darren Dein's Nipples

I met Ian Wright in the changing room at Champneys once, had a great natter about everything Arsenal. Don’t confuse his passion for the club with putting it down. I’ve never met someone more passionate about the club.

Darren Dein's Nipples

By the way, I’m not actually Darren Dein’s nipples. It’s just a pseudonym.

Forza Gunners

The owner of these nipples is a cunt and his dad is a wanking cunt for bringing forth s son so vile into the Arsenal football world. That is all.


Good bye Carlos. Thanks for your service to the Arsenal. Wish you well for your future career.


His best friend was a chip butty.

Dr Baptiste

Get out



its the new ‘LOL’


I understand the reason for the delay in his transfer was because Vela only found his passport yesterday.


Well played sir!


I just can’t believe the season begins next week…6-0 win!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]



Rad Carrot

All the best Carlos, thanks for all those spectacular chips in the Carling Cup.

OH! I just got that!

Merlin's Panini

Roy Walker: What’s Mr Chips doin’ there? Say what you see.
Arsene: fucking off?
Roy Walker: Riiiiiiiiight!

The Ox

He will be remembered more for being laid off the pitch…
He had a good temperament, never got ruffled, though his passes were never crisp

*runs for coat rack*


Carlos Vela got dropped off the Mexican team, he couldnt even make the Olympic team, idk what happened to him, he showed so much promise back a couple of hears ago, i dont understand why Mexico will pick Barrera over Vela


Actually he asked for permission for him not to be included in the squad so he can work on him finding a new club. Simple!! He is still a brilliant player as seen against Braga in the CL. Good Luck kid!!

Forza Gunners

Off topic but I hate the way the media, other managers & other club boards consider us to be a soft touch, both on and off the pitch, its really, really, really annoying.


Fee for Carlos Vela £2,650,000 / €3.34m.

+50% sell-on and €4m buy back option at the end of the 2013-14 season


Why does it seem everyone here as a chip on their shoulder?


(read with a cockney accent)


I will not!


Guest who got bronze ?

Persie out, arsenal lives

Korean fish?


Santi calauze looks kInda like Mr chips’s older better playing brother, anyone with me on this one…please be with me


Sound like Bould is taking care of business. Here is what TV5 said about his work with the defence. Steve is really good to work with, especially for defenders as he has been a defender himself. He knows what it is all about and gives us a lot of tips. He works a lot on the shape of the team and that is very important, so I am very happy he came to work with the first team. He is very focused on details. A lot of players, because we are getting older, we know how to play. But he… Read more »


Wish him well too bad he never got a go but such is life.
Hey blogs when the first arsecast due to be released? Living in aus with the time difference ,they work out being my saturday morning hangover therapy, I’ve missed them lol


Good bye Charlie Candle good bye


I loved Carlos when he came through. Thought he could be the next Ian Wright. He wasn’t though.

Talking of Mr Chips – Ariel Ortega’s top ten goals. Some amazing chips:

Oleg Luzhny

Park (who?) scored a nice goal today v Japan

dink arnold

I tend to agree with the google translation of the Chinese article titled “Ade, lob Little Prince” about his “outstanding performance during his permanent move to the team this summer” and that “This player has talent no doubt, despite his lob in the League Cup is often won the full house cheering,”.

But I’m not so sure that “The swine flu issue is likely more impressive.” than ” the same number of prostitutes for a party, a transsexual”

But along with Asi blog news station, I too wish him smooth sailing in Spain.

Merlin's Panini

Well done to Park for an excellent goal. Credit where its due. Even though I wanted Japan to win. Some of the tackles in that game were criminal


I for one just hope Arsenal has a buy-back clause on Vela…


Probably a dumb question,
But could someone please tell me who is Kees Vos?
I thought Robin van Purse’s agent was Darren Dein?
Help please, I need to be calling the right person a cunt


Rvps agent I believe is Kees vos and Darren dein is songs


Dein is Persie’s ‘ commercial advisor, Vos is his agent.


Thanks guys,

Darren Dein and Kees Vos you stinky money-swallowing cunts!

There that feels better 🙂


Here I’ll make it easy for you. They’re both cunts. Job done. Your welcome.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha true

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