Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Liverpool v Arsenal – stat pack and Paddy Power betting preview

As always our good friends at have provided us with another one of their fantastic Premier League infographics, ahead of our trip to Anfield on Sunday.

Click on the image below to expand it and see all the statty goodness it provides.

Paddy Power Arseblog betting

Selected odds:

Arsenal to score a goal – 100000000000000/1*

It’s a new season and a new chance to win with Paddy Power. If you haven’t got a Paddy Power account, simply click here to register and as a special offer, if you bet £10 first time, you get a free £20 bet.

What are you waiting for?

* not really

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NornIron Gooner

Have we still not signed anybody?

NornIron Gooner

Ooops, wrong section. tho its blissfully quite in here, aaaaaaaaaah.


Mugsmashers to bore us to a draw. But might be worse tho. Hope for the best tho. Come on you Arsenal!!!


L O fucking L. And to think arseblog put up a live transfer blog.

Absolute ZERO. 0!. Nothing, kapput, kapish, meh!.

big black clock

“Helloo? Somebody?…Anybody?” – Arsenal fans everywhere on deadline day


I’m having quite a day of it. I had to dress Nick in the right turtle neck, we spent several hours debating the suavest blue. Then I had a mad rush centrifuguing some of the confidence out a Bendtner blood sample to fed ex over for the Park medical. I earned my 10% though, it’s XL bacon double cheeses for family ITK tonight.


We all signed for Leyton Orient, where have you been?


Wanna shake stan???
Just write an open letter.


Everyone else is “panick buying”!!! How comes Arsenal aren’t hitting the headlines?
IG Out! Wenger Out! Gunnarsaurus Out!

Merlin's Panini

I hate Liverpool. Just Sahin…

oh no, sorry, I mean all of them. I hope we smash them to bits.

fight against fickleness

No fucking new signing!!!!
I hate Arsenal!
But worse still i hate myself for letting Arsenal constantly do this to me 🙁
Will i ever learn???


I’m sorry, not if you love the club. We’ve got our hands tied to our knees here!


Is there a possibility of establishing a contingency fund as Arsenal fans by force and buying players on behalf of our beloved team.
Deadline day and we looking for rejects to come on loan.
Still have faith though in Giroud and Podolski.
When they start scoring it will our way or the highway for most teams.


BREAKING NEWS: Manchester Utd have rejected a £38m bid from Manchester City for Howard Webb.


I’m with you on this. I’d like it if we had a crowd funding model in place where us fans could contribute.

NornIron Gooner

Fuck me!

You wanna give them more money? #Glutton #Punishment


Like if people could somehow pay to watch the team play?

Eric Irish gunner

Both will score the weekend

Merlin's Panini

I was thinking something similar. Don’t give them the money to buy players, because they’ll just sit on it. Just buy a player for Arsenal if they’re being a bit crap in the market, just so we don’t have to sit there not knowing what the fuck is going on.
It would be a bit like when a tramp asks for money and you go, “no, but I’ll buy you some food”. Stops them spending it on booze and drugs.
I’m not implying that that’s what Arsene and Ivan are doing with it, mind (although Ivan’s stare is rather curious)!


What a dissapointment!! :-0
But at least Liverpool didn’t make make much either!! A draw it is then!!
But counting on the trio to do something special in the coming month seems unlikely!! But one can only hope!! Hoping (while I’m drinking the sorrows away!!) we do just that!!



Chris Thompson

as a fan we can’t just leave on loan or be put up for sale coz of hour passion for AFC out ways all but Arsenal are pushing me 2 the point of saying uno what fuck it im off 2 watch my local pub team and just be done with it


Arsenal sign Korean starlet – Fu-Kin-No-Wan.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Whats surprising is that we do not have a player who has scored against Liverpool in our recent encounters.
Get Arshavin to play the game. He might just score another 4 goals.


to be honest, I think we’ll get spanked, spanked again at Man City, followed by vigorous rogering at the hands of Chelsea at the Emirates, in between we’ll draw with southhampton and montpelier.

At least I have a postive outlook!


The transfer window didn’t end as well as it started.

About the Liverpool game, if Koscielny is fit, why don’t we play a back four of
Kos- Per- Verm- Santos. Our full backs haven’t done much offensively and with Santos in the team, that will change. We will have a back three of Kos- Per- Verm when Santos is too high up the pitch. That back four seems more sound, offensively and defensively.


Or we could just play a back 3 because no matter where you play Santos, he’s gonna end up in attacking midfield!


Yeah but if we tell him we’re playing him in midfield, he won’t defend at all!


So a side note, Spurs drew again! hahaha

Eric Irish gunner

Ye and are the one team to let me down in me pools for a 230 win the shower of wankers, me own fault for picking the cunts

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