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Park closing on Spanish loan move

According to reports in both the Spanish and Korean media, Ju Young Park is close to sealing a year-long loan deal with Spanish side Celta Vigo.

The 27-year-old striker, who moved to Arsenal on deadline day last summer from Ligue 1 side Monaco, made only six appearances for the Gunners last term notching just a solitary goal in the Carling Cup against Bolton Wanderers.

Confined to the bench, and for many matches the bench behind the bench, for much of the last twelve months it’s fair to say that Park’s time at the Emirates has not been happy.

Moreover, with controversy raging in his homeland about his decision to postpone his military service until the end of his playing career he has also had to come to terns with losing not just his place in the South Korean national team but also the captain’s armband.

While Park has already taken the first step to rehabilitating his reputation both on and off the field by representing his country in the London 2012 Olympics, it looks as though the next natural move is to find regular first team football.

Celta Vigo yesterday unveiled Danish international Michael Krohn-Dehli as the latest addition to their squad, but when questioned about the addition of Park, sporting director Miguel Torrecilla remained coy.

Having recently been relegated from the no.9 shirt to no.30 it’s pretty obvious that Park doesn’t have much of a future in N5. Arseblog News crosses its collective fingers and toes that the player gets a move that can reignite his confidence.

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Good luck Park! Hope this move works out for him.

Midfield Corporal

Apparently the derogatory term ‘Park Football’ was named after him.

gooner odst

Now that he doesn’t have the Arsenal #9, his career can only go onwards and upwards. Trust me.


He knows what he’s doing. According to the legends if you don’t get rid of the Cursed 9 within a season, Ryan Shawcross comes out of your TV and does your knees.

Norn Iron Gooner

Who the fuck is he??


May be your dad???


Wherever he goes he just needs to go. It shouldn’t be just a loan either. He’s never going to play at Arsenal and we should honestly cut our loses, apologize to Park and wish him well. I wish him luck and hope his career can recover wherever he goes.


I wouldn’t go as far as to apologise to him. Wish him luck and say thanks for his one goal and the fact that he hasn’t moaned, but he has been very well paid for training every day, occasionally playing some football for the reserves or first team. I’d gladly swap jobs with him.


You wouldn’t apologise? Really? With all the trust that we put in Wenger to pick players, he’s picked one that he basically does not trust at all. At all. I don’t think this is even a matter of not looking good on the training ground or whatever, this is increasingly looking like he was bought to make up the numbers which is completely and utterly unfair to him. Re your clever little offer to trade jobs with him, would you like to be made to sit in a corner of an office everyday doing basically nothing, maybe occasionally be asked… Read more »


The fact remains that he’s not fitted in here, either because he’s been unable to adapt or because he simply isn’t good enough. Yes I feel for him, but he also agreed to come here over Lille. Obviously I don’t know the circumstances of his arrival, but people give the impression he’s been coerced into this move when he made the choice, clearly knowing that he would be behind at least RVP in the pecking order. As for the analogy with regards to a job, I feel it’s a reasonable point but not an entirely accurate metaphor. Ultimately there are… Read more »


I agree. He ignored another move that was 99% complete to come to us. Why? Beacuse we are the bigger, more prestigious club (there may have been some sort of wage being paid too, not important, our size and prestige were more than enough to fill his self-worth account. We are as appealing as we are because we are a strong team, we have (in theory) strong players. He had his chance at becoming one of them and he didn’t make it. It’s a shame for him but both parties knew the score when they entered into the agreement. I… Read more »


@Bestie, I guess the difference between Park and the rest of the fringe players such as Chamakh or Bendtner is that the latter were given opportunities to play the first team league games and did not live up to our expectation, whereas Park was not even given a chance to show his case. I don’t think we need to go out and publicly apologize, but we sincerely do have to wish him the best of everything and send him to the best club we see appropriate for his football career.


I really feel for him. He might not have been good enough yes, but that’s not his fault. Moreover, no one knows what’s actually affecting him. Hope he can move on and play for whatever time he has remaining.

Merlin's Panini

He no longer has to do the military duty due to winning an Olympic medal so has quite a while left playing football. I’m still quite baffled at his failure at Arsenal. The one goal he did score was very well taken and when I have seen him play for South Korea he’s looked pretty good, not just against crap teams. The goal he scored against Japan in the bronze medal match was fantastic.
I wish him well.


I think it is just that he is good enough but not enough to beat Giroud or Podolski. He does not want to be 3rd rate and on the bench but we cant offer huge field time.


It was a freak season we had last season – Van Persie played 90 minutes every game virtually. And in a system with one up front, what could anyone do?


Good move, score some good goals there, make that move permanent. Problem solved.
Never got his chance with arsenal and that’s it. Not a bad player at all, just couldn’t convince wenger he was the GUY!!

James Beasly

He a good player but not even get more than one game too play but when he played the one game he scored a super goal which i was like wow what a goal he needs more playing time to do what he does when he needs it to do it but I’m sure he can do it if he goes to spain to do it if he can

arsene's bottle of water

Park Life hasn’t been easy. Good luck to him.
Such a mystery signing.
Given how it was on deadline day, maybe Wenger was so busy signing Santos, Mertesacker, Arteta and Benayoun, when a scout must have asked Wenger: Park Ji Sung, for £3m, should we go for it? ‘Wow, DO IT!’
…and then next thing he knows, it was the wrong Park it. ‘Merde’…


Is anyone staying?


We are. We make up The Arsenal, anyway.


Almunia is camped outside 😉


me :)…why? are u leaving lol..:p

Gunsen Gunner

Good luck park.Wish you well.Does this mean we can buy a striker now?seeing as we only have giroud and podolski as recognised CF and chamakh will probably go on loan and TGSTEL will probably sign for Barcelona and displace messi.


I hope he does well, what happened was not his fault. I still think we could have given him some more playing time, tried him out a bit more. I wonder if we’ll find out anything more about this whole bizzare situation in the future.

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Can I go too?


Mate, carry on.

Villa Boas

How about signing for us – we’re getting short on centre-backs!


Good luck to the lad, never got a chance. Hope he scores against barca!!

Mach III

I think Wenger only brought Park to smite Lille for not giving us Hazard.


And to increase the no 9 shirt sales……oh wait.


Say it ain’t so! For anyone slagging Park off, it’s not justified, as he never even got a chance,apart from a few minutes in the Carling cup, he could be amazing. He can’t have been up to much When Wenger preferred to played Chamak instead him. Maybe he ate Wengers dog or something. Anyway, all the best Park, hope you go to a team that has some use for you.

Mills N7

Not quite true, he played in the CL at home to Marseille. I was there, and it was excruciating, he had limited movement, little touch, and no strength. I suspect Wenger hadn’t been too impressed in training, but thought he might be a reverse Fabianski, and just needed to be plopped off the deep end to swim. Unfortunately, he sank. I also saw his goal in the CC and apart from the goal he didn’t do much… Still, many people have had more chances than him, so I do feel for the guy, but people used to slate Wenger for… Read more »


How the hell did you manage to find a pic of him in an Arsenal shirt?




Sigh, well i hope he does well and shows Arsene what he’s good for, would be great for him!

A N Other

All we need is to let Chamakh go as well and sign clint dempsey and holt as our 4th and 5th choice strikers. 🙂


Ahem, leave these comments for Sky Sports and the Daily Mail website!

Mach III

Walcott was probably the worst signing in our history.

So much effort put into him and all he’s ever done is lower the quality of the number 14 shirt. There are hundreds of players I’d rather see on the wing than Walcott:
Lennon, Navas, Bale, Pedro, Afellay, Miyaichi, Oxlade, Moses, Valencia, Nani, Tello, Pedro… The list goes on…

I wonder if we invested the money we spent for Walcott if it would have been enough to buy Hazard last season.

Cut your losses!

Mach III

Walcott only writes children’s novels because it’s the only books he understands! The muppet has the creativity of a jar filled with sesame seeds.


You said Pedro twice. & the only one that’s better than Walcott in that list is Bale & if your suggesting we go buy a diving spud, look for another club to support. Walcott has 50 goals & Assists for Arsenal at 23. Think about what your saying


worst signing in history because of that double he scored against spurs?

get a life… he’s not as bad as people imagine

Mach III

50 goals and assists in around 270 appearances.
That is appalling. 153 in the castrol rankings.

How many chances does he miss?
How many times does he choose the wrong option?

He’s not technically gifted enough, and would make a better substitute than a starter.

“you suggest we go buy a diving spud.”
No I am saying that we could have bought bale instead of walcott.

He is a weak link in the team. No doubt.


Park doesn’t have to do military service now that hes won an Olympic medal

YOU guys

why do I get the feeling we’re in for a surprise?

Bill McCracken

There has seemed to be a lot of hate on for park, but he looked pretty spiffy during the Olympics, the couple of times we saw him last season, and his league 1 reel (which I know does not mean much)


Here we go again. Build them up, sell them on. The cycle never ends.


Otis, build them up? In Park’s case, it has hardly happened 😉


I do wish we could sell a few of these guys instead of loans. But good luck to him, I wish he could have panned out because by all accounts he seems to be a good guy


I really hope this works out well and he returns a stronger player for it.

Good luck mate


When is that big headed Dane going to do one also all these loans just mean problem comes back next season hopefully this makes rethink squad wage parity as that’s the reason our average players get stuck at the club amd all th top players are looking for better deals. Surely in this day amd age you get rewarded when your better. I know wenger doesn’t want envy from player to player on wages but it’s unrealistic u will never keep a top player at arsenal for more then three years anymore this way.


Curse of the no.9 shirt is as strong as ever!



Just take that bloody military service and be done with it Park..Stop being a Bendtner..


Sajit, see my comment below. No military service required anymore.


Also, the bronze medal in the Olympics means that Park is exempt from military service. Period. No 10yr delay needed anymore. This should make him a more attractive employee.


I thought this was going to be the beginning of the greatest deal Wenger ever pulled off, a straight Park for Navas swap…


BTW, Marca are reporting that Sahin will be going to Anfield because Arsenal were after a sale and not just a loan. Allegedly neither player nor club were prepared to make the move to Arsenal permanent, so it looks like it´ll be Liverpool after all…

I´m just Sahin, don´t shoot the messenger…

Gunsen Gunner

No-one knows what is going on with the transfer/loan for Sahin. DM say he’s now going to liverpool but SkySportsNews in Germany say he’s passed a medical at Arsenal. I think this one will carry on into next week.Its clear that Maureen doesn’t want to sell him to Arsenal because of his hate for Arsene but if you were Sahin and the club you play is ready to spend 30mil+ for a guy who will probably end any chance you have of getting into the first team,wouldn’t you want to leave permanently?I hope Arsenal are pushing for a permanent transfer… Read more »


Can’t see Sahin going to Liverpool. Arsenal & auto place in Champions League or Liverpool and 3rd qualifying round in Europa League? Seems like easy choice.

Dog and chips please

Get some excersise….PARK LIFE!


He was bought as cover for what was certain to be the eventual RVP injury that would’ve kept him out of action for months. Having no confidence in Chamakh at all for that job Wenger made a panic buy on the last day of the transfer window. RVP aka Judas never got injured so Park never played. End of story.


Him moving would be the best for both him and Arsenal. I am surprised we are finding it this difficult to offload the likes of Park, Chamkh and Bendtner considering players like Steven Fletcher are valued at £15 million. Bendtner is clearly better than him.


Still the most curious Wenger signing.


I actually feel sorry for Park. He was never good enough to play for us and shouldn’t have been signed. Wenger panicked last summer when he snapped him up.
Hopefully he will be able to resurrect his career in Spain.


Class player but never really given the chance to show what he is able of. We have seen play for his country and play like a star.

max stirner

Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, clubs interested are unwilling to pay these muppets high wages. So, its out on loan or hope some dummy like Martin O’Neill comes along.

A N Other

Lot of people dont like the sound of Dempsey and holt as our second string of strikers but those two have scored more goals for much weaker teams than Walcott. Dempsey got 17 to Walcott and holt would give us another option as well against the likes of stoke, wigan, etc. In any case, they can’t be worse than Chamakh who warmed the bench for much of the last season.

Don’t forget you wouldn’t get top strikers to play second fiddle to podolski and giroud.


Hope he can make scoring goals as easy as a walk in the park.

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Arsene's Glasses

I noticed the communication barrier amongst our players on Saturday and believed it affected the way we couldnt finish. Before I get (sticks) i understand it’s just a matter of time before they(players) all speak one language ‘Football’. Polish/English-English-German/English-English-English No communication problem at the back line French/English-Spanish/English-Spanish Not a big problem linking from back to midfield French-German-English Question mark here over the German as there is no link both ways. The midfield Spanish link cant link further as well. N.B- When Giroud came on, there was a noticeable success in connection at the front when the German link changed to… Read more »

Rising sun Gooner

Arsenal are a corporate club these days an Park was brought in as a marketing tool. Have you forgot we went to Asia for our pre season tour for the first time last year. The powers that be were expecting him to have to go back for national service, the lad was never a long term plan. Good luck Park where ever you end up and remember there’s a lot of Arsens shirts in the world with your name on.


Good luck dude! You were shafted at this club.

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