Friday, February 3, 2023

Park seals Celta Vigo loan move

South Korean international Ju-Young Park has agreed a year-long loan deal with Spanish side Celta Vigo.

A surprise addition to the Arsenal squad when he signed from Monaco exactly a year ago, the striker has cut something of a mysterious figure at the Emirates. The mystery mostly being, why the fuck did we sign him?

After a sweet strike in his second appearance against Bolton in the Carling Cup, the 27-year-old was pretty much confined to the bench for the rest of the season making only six appearances in total.

The captain of his country, and something of a national hero, when he arrived in London, the player’s reputation has not only been tarnished by his lack of playing time.

Embroiled in off-field controversy after postponing military service, in favour of extending his career as a footballer, Park spent several months exiled from international duty before his inclusion in Korea’s London 2012 squad.

The attacker will no doubt be hoping his spell in Spain helps further rehabilitate his confidence in front of goal.

He doesn’t seem a bad chap, just someone stuck in the middle of a bizarre piece of transfer business by the boss. Whether guilt is a reason behind suggestions we’re going to keep paying a large part of his wages while he’s with Celta Vigo we’ll never know…

Arseblog News wishes him all the best for the season ahead.

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big black clock

His stats on the PL read : 6 minutes, 4 touches, 0 shots.

Really sad about what we did to his career. Have a good time at Vigo Park!


Best wishes to J.Y. Park! Score a lot of goals for Celta Vigo and make sure newly promoted Celta Vigo is not relegated this season!


Enough of this “what w!e did to his career”!

What we did was pay him well and gave him a chance at a top 10 European club. Obviously he wasn’t up to it, or just wasn’t up to English football. But he was well recompensed for his time. He knew full well he wouldn’t be a regular with us and would need to produce something special to break into our first team.


Don’t think this will endear us very nicely to the Korean fans..


Enjoy your time in Spain, Park!

Hopefully he’ll score goals. Heh.


This remains one of the strangest Arsenal signings ever.


clearly that pic is photoshopped


I think its evident that we need cover in quite a few squad places, most evidently at central midfield and striker. Will it happen? Highly unlikely.
It pains me to say this, but if we continue having summers like this, even the new sponsorship deals in 2014 will be inadequate

big black clock

God Arsenal fans on twitter are so annoying. Fickle as ever. Any criticisms should be made after the deadline as passed, not when the club is working its ass off on deadline day.

I’m still expecting one incoming player (either midfield or striker) and most of the deadwood gone today. If we get someone like Dempsey or Remy then I’ll be over the moon.

Don’t judge based on journalists on twitter. This time last year they were reporting that the Arteta deal was off.


True… but this time last year the Arteta deal was off!!

glory hunter

I Just had ‘Park’ printed on my away strip.
This has really come out of the blue!!!!
Why Arsene, Why?? 🙁

Master Bates

unlike you I printed mine Squillaci


it could have been worse – it could have been GSTEL

Finsbury Park Gooner

Poor Ju-Young Park.

Hope he proves himself a beast infront of goal, wins the Ballon D’or and is welcomed back to the Emirates with open arms next season!

Look, just let me dream ok?

Mr. G

All the best, Park.

Definitely the strangest Wenger signing in the last few years. As much as I feel sorry for him, if he’s not going to play he’s got to go.


Wenger cleary pissed at Lille over hazard so they stole the forward Lille wanted, right in front of them.


and he’s not finished with lille yet. He let them have kalou

Master Bates

Now we need to sell 2 more players and we are done here. Hope fully we’ll sell more in January

indian gooner

Good…more deadwood to the chopping block please. squillaci( is he eligible for the reserve league;)?), chamakh and bendtner should be flogged out forever.And the boss should realize one simple thing. The basement is where all the garbage accumulates…Never search for anymore basement bargains( and that too at those salaries)…Now bring in some good quality to complement our already impressive buys…

big black clock

I support the policy that Wenger has taken this deadline day.

If you can’t get the players you want now, then try again in the future. Don’t settle for inferior quality because of fan pressure.

I’d much rather we signed just one ‘special’ player instead of 5 or 6 players who will become deadwood that we will struggle to offload next year.

Hudson Hornet

Yes Wenger would never settle for average players.


Off topic, but Wenger had better not bring in Essien…
if he’s not good enough for Chelsea he’s not good enough for us, end of.

big black clock

But by using ‘Wenger’ logic, I think he wants to bring in a ‘stop gap’ for this season until he can get his preferred targets (Capoue or M’Vila) at cheaper prices in the future.


Possibly, but those of us fans who were okay with the idea of Song being sold off (personally I wasn’t and think it was stupid to sell a key player for us who had a contract until 2015 and had grown into the Arsenal way) were only so because of a replacement coming in, e.g. M’Vila would have soothed nerves. However, Essien is not that guy, besides being injured for much of last season, my main reluctance is I just so happen to fucking hate Chelsea and therefore, don’t want any success we may have to be influenced by players… Read more »




Now that he’s in spain for a year it will be easier for barca to tap him up.
Why for once can’t we make it harder for them? THE CUNTS.

indian gooner

He shouldnt be pissed…he should open the wallet…not shoot ourselves in the foot by buying dross.

Merlin's Panini

Have to wish him all the best. I would have liked us to get rid of one of the three (Bendtner, Chamakh and Park) permanently, but it seems to be all loans. Again.
If we are moving all three on for the season we surely have to get someone else in!
I hope the deafening silence is just coming from Arsenal working hard at making something happen.


No signings at best a crap loan move will come in we are a joke pissed off fan I will hold my hands up and confess to being a twat if I’m wrong unfortunately heard wengers bull shit about getting injured players back for the past six years. Is it none of the other clubs have injured players?. City have four world class forwards united have four world class forwards Chelsea two signing another arsenal have one unproven forward and no back up. Wengers next bullshit line is we don’t need a forward podolski can play there giroud can play… Read more »

Finsbury Park Gooner

If Park ends up being half as good as he was in my Pro Evo master league team back in the day, we’ve really missed a trick.

The JD Flick!!

I was absolutely over the moon when we signed him coz of PES. He was my striker for ages. Lost faith in PES after this.
Sticking to Football Manager. o.o

a.a baure

safe trip park, wishing u more goals with celta.


Boooooooooo……you suck park. Booooooooooooo


I agree this is a crock of shit, how can we get rid of more forwards then we bring in when last season all we heard was we need to share the goals around. This is completely unfair to put the goal scoring burden on just Giroud and I’m very very dissapointed at the lack of incoming player news today…. Atleast keep tgstel around atleast he was one striker on the books who has actually scored a goal in the premier league. Now we have 2 strikers with zero goals between them. This is not the sort of business we… Read more »


I hope he scores a load of goals for them, comes back and either bangs a load in for us, or is worth around 10 mil.

That would be lovely, for him and us!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Good luck to this kid, shamefully treated by the club. Guess we shouldn’t expect any different bearing in mind the way the club treats its fans.

Mohd Rashidee

Poor Park Chu Young, He is actually a good backup for Arsenal since we have bad injury record for strikers .Surprising last season rvp is injury free, no chances at all for another striker to play. Good Luck Park Chu Young!


See you in port of Vigo ! You can´t hide. Korean military.


He got exempt from military service by winning a bronze medal at the Olympics……


He got a 10 year exemption way before the Olympics.


I bet celta vigo used football manager and his involvement with south korea at the olympics otherwise NOTHING!.

Good luck, you jumpy dude (he runs like this).


Wenger has 7hours to save our season…if Giroud or Podolski are injured or suspended, who will play up front? He must sign another out and out forward.
If Arteta is out for any length of time?…..Ramsey!?!? He needs an experienced hard working midfielder.


I dare say we won’t be signing fuck all, why does Wenger do this to himself. That look on his face when we don’t get the results is so painful when everyone can see what is wrong but him….. It’s absolutely unacceptable to not replace Alex song who had 3 years left on his contract. The only reason for selling now seams purely about the cash. Where the fuck did all the ambition go arsenal…


In: giroud poldi
Out: van Persie, Carlos vela, bendtner, afobe, park, chamakh

Like is it just me???? Or is something not Fucking right here


Chamakh went no where prat


Wow. Besides Park’s move and the crappy turtleneck pic of TGSTEL, its soooo quiet……..too quiet…..looking over the feed at [email protected]##$ no Arsenal til page two (where the TGSTEL is recreating the role in the Italian Job) wait……the italian Job….Juve…….BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


Went back to look at the pic again……he’s such a loser….

big black clock

Apparently we have a cash (8 million) +player offer accepted for Cabaye. Up to him to decide now. Source is @johno909

Sorry if i’m leading you on. Gave up on trying to resist the transfer madness days ago

50 Shades of Ramsey

It’s like the frozen wastes for arsenal transfer news out there; if cabaye is the only signing we make today i will be more than happy.


Guardian reporting we have had a £18 milli bid turned dowm for Dzeko. So we clearly have the dough.

will we spend it?……tik tok.


Apart from fans being gutted over the lack of new signings, Players would also feel the same way about this. Won’t be surprised if Vermaelen or Sagna push for a move soon. These guys are colleagues with Cesc, Nasri, Song and RVP. You know the truth, they are colleagues and friends. Cazorla already spoke about the need to replace players. It is important we keep our existing players happy. Ever worked in an organisation where top colleagues resign? You know the feeling if they are not replaced? I believe Wenger knows better though


We need more quality players simple as that and if we don’t get them the league will be out of reach. That’s not doommongering it’s fact.
Our so called main rivals are strengthening whilst altho we have bought well so far as a squad we will be weaker with the players we have sold.
Why leave it till January when it could be too late or to have wenger then say as per usual “the market is inflated in January” by now and lets give ourselves at least a chance of competing.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Regardless of who we do or most likely don’t sign, when this team clicks, we’re going to be unstoppable. Considering how badly we started last season, we’ve already got a jump on that! Our 3 new boys will scare the crap out of defenses when they gel and are high on confidence.

I do however, really wish AW wouldn’t come out with the “we’re still active…if a top, top, top player becomes available” comments, especially when, in truth, that’s almost certainly not the case. Would LOVE to be proved wrong.



Wenger amd the board just lie to us gutted fan we don’t deserve this we have no ambition anymore and are currently a feeder club to city what a crock of shit those who thumb down this are deluded by wengers bullshit. I’m gong away to Liverpool god lets hope giroud don’t get injured or we might see mertesacker up front #weareajoke


Easy now Piers.


Goontang you forgot about Song. Its all about the profit. I have supported Arsenal since 78 and I cannot ever remember despising the people in charge at the club so much. Look at the way Sp*ds are doing business, theyre putting us to shame. They have grasped the concept that you replace the players that are not thought good enough with better players


I was mainly referring to strikers… But yeah I’ve had a rant about no Fucking logical explanation to selling song except cash already. Our two most creative players have now been sold in 2 consecutive seasons. Nasri/cesc than rvp/song.

Wenger should be throwing the water bottle at himself if we remain goalless after this weekend


And why should we be settling for Cabaye when Sp*ds can go out and buy Moutinho….Oh wait, its because Spu*ds actually reinvest money from sales instead of their main goal being to turn a profit each year


I hope I can get a refund for my Park 30 shirt :/

Gav Lee

So was Park another one of Wengers ‘top, top quality’ signings? Its all complete bollocks and the only thing different this season to the last 4 is the year.
The thing that amazes me is the number of fans who still believe in Wenger. I’m also stunned Arseblog are going a deadline day blog, seriously!!!!!

Rad Carrot

Fucked off now.

So Llorente, Lloris and Moutinho to sp*rs. That currently means that their squad is actually stronger than ours.

Fuck sake. We’ve been left behind.


Why don’t you cry some more about it?


I apologise for being passionate about my team.

Merlin's Panini

Don’t know where you got Llorente from. The other two are probable though.
Also, they sold Modric and Van Der Vaart, two of their best players, and have a bunch of old crocks at centre back.

I would say we’ve still the better squad.

gooner odst

pissed off about Dembele though, i would have prefered him to not go to sp*rs.


VDV going and Kaboul’s injury may bring them back a bit, but with Lloris and Moutinho, they’ve got two very talented players, alongside Dembele who’s a good player too. Llorente has been mentioned by a number of the sources, and I know that’s by no means a given at all, so forgive me if I’m in somewhat of a pessimistic mood tonight.

Antidote: Beer. Lots of it.

Dr Baptiste

Gnomes was a talented GK when he joined but the coaching staff worked on him for a few seasons and he became shocking. I predict the same with Lloris


when did llorente sign 4 spuds? fantasy football?


If he buys no players then we lose on Sunday….the shit will hit the fan.

gooner odst

true for the other possibility as well; if he buys no one and we win on Sunday then…there will be talk of LANS


There’s still a few hours to go, but it’s deeply worrying that we haven’t signed anybody get.

With the loss of Song and RvP, we are now a worst side than this time last year.


Others are bringing in players but arsenal need to balance the cheque books first.
Probably on ups and downs running helter skelter everywhere trying to secure sales of our players.
Gazidis with the cheque book and a fucking calculator, no penny should fall through.

“Eh, park, yeah……bloody send him anywhere, we need that money.”

“Bendtner eh, that tall fella……£6 million should do it, get to it arsene.”

“tea lady!, tea lady, be a sport and rub my feet will you?…… *RELAXES*



It’s a fucking sad day to be a gooner when the cunts with a Fucking Michael Jackson statue have more spending power and ability to bring in players than we do….. They’ve just signed Michel bastos ffs.


So are these people arsene talks about who are working very very hard on transfers taking Fucking siesta right now?

gooner odst

forget it, NO ONE else is coming in before midnight! We just have to make do with what we’ve got.


As a first 11 we could be a very food side if the forwards click, but we more than most know how injuries can hurt and we are already without rosicky jack and sagna. Il get behind my team like I always do this year regardless as its not the fault of the players but got a feeling arsene is really going to kop it if it starts found pear shaped. Have a feeling theo will gets dogs abuse too if we don’t perform and although im not his biggest fan I hope the fans lay off him. This is… Read more »




So Paaaaaaaiiinnfully quiet…….


This is fucking unbearable already. I’m boycotting Arsenal for a season.

Godspeed to all the players – Jack Wilshire, Szczesny, Sagna, Kos – who make the club so awesome, and those that have (Cesc, mainly), and the new exciting players.

All the best to AFC, I wouldn’t support another club, but I won’t be watching games this year.

gooner odst

don’t say that, at least we bought those 3 lads very early on. I know its not much amongst all the hustle and bustle of deadline day but we do have the players. Yes a few more would be great but…


Two salient facts, gooner odst:

1. We are not good enough to challenge for the title.

2. We have at least 50 million quid sitting in the bank.

Nuff said.


Well even at the time of sahin saga we were or were given hope of arrivals coming in. But getting worried now.
Yes we have a squad only need good back ups.

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