Reports: Walcott rejects new Arsenal contract


Reports via the Telegraph and the Times say that Theo Walcott has rejected a new contract from Arsenal.

Although the Telegraph says further talks are planned, Arseblog News is aware that Arsenal are actively seeking a replacement in the transfer market.

At the beginning of last season Walcott’s people insisted that contract talks would have to wait until the end of the season as Walcott wanted to see if Arsenal remained in the Champions League before committing to a new deal.

Then talks were planned after the European Championships as Walcott’s agent, Warwick Horton told Arseblog News in early July, “Once he is back at the club I daresay we will have a chat with them. There is no time frame and no deadlines.

“Although I will say that it has always been the plan to sit down with the club once Theo returns after the Euro’s [sic] …so that is still the case.”

With three days left until the transfer window closes, and with reported interest in Walcott from Man City and Liverpool, Arsenal must make a decision. Do they keep a player whose commitment to the club is questionable for a season and let him go on a free, or cash in and ensure a replacement is found before Friday at 11pm?

If history tells us anything it’s that Arsenal won’t allow an asset to leave on a free and his departure wouldn’t be a surprise at all. If he does go, he’ll be the latest player made by Arsene Wenger to turn his back on the Frenchman after Alex Song and Robin van Persie moved away from the club this summer.

What was already promising to be a busy week for Arsenal looks set to become even more hectic.

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big black clock

Watch the abuse flow now..

I still think he will sigb tbh. Sensing the agent trying to squeeze us again


Yeah. I wonder what type of fee we’d get for him. 20m? Wouldn’t like to see him sold personally, but it’s better than losing him on a free. *sigh*

One Arsenal

Oh Arsene, why can’t thou keepest your better players? And why loseeth they to thou rivals?
Seriously, I think there’s something going on at the club that fans are not aware of. Club secrecy is sickening.
I miss the fearsome Arsenal of old that its players were so proud of!!!


So your solution to players who don’t want to stay is what? Make them sign somehow? With promises of magic tricks or something?

What part of “club secrecy” is sickening you precisely?
What part of washing all the club’s laundry out in the open will make the club better?
What other major clubs can you name that don’t keep any secrets? How are you sure that they’re not keeping something back?


When did walcott become one of our best players? he has yet to nail down a regular place and i think wenger sees podolski gervinho and chamberlain all ahead of him. similar to song if all were fit he would be behind arteta wilshire and cazorla. 30-35m for two bench warmers could net us 4 decent bench warmers or two first x1 players instead. at least give the club till friday before instructing the hitman.

Glory Hunter

How can anyone give ‘one arsenal’ a thumbs down for his comments?
What did he say/write that’s false, wrong or negative?
He’s comments are based on the reality of our current situation!!!


Not sure what you mean with the “hidden agenda” or how good this source is but there you go, start the rumour mill……

Andrew Morgan

How anyone can think Gervinho is a better player than Walcott is beyond me. If Song and Walcott wanted to stay they would definitely start. You are saying Wenger saw them as bench warmers to try and comfort yourself. But it is simply not true. If you think Walcott has a poor final ball, then Gervinho has a non existent one, hence the reason he was far less productive than Walcott last season.


Glory hunter, I had a good laugh at One Arsenal’s phraseology which would have got him a thumbs up but the fact that faced with trippling wage packets by clubs like Manc, Barca and Chski the ‘fearsome Arsenal’ he referred to are all likely to wilt, drew the thumbs down for me. They didn’t have the temptation that these lot are having now.
Btw Walcott can go. Greed is such a core of the footballing world, loyalty is not in their dictionary. Wenger has been good to them if they don’t have what it takes they should be sold.


he didnt sign a new contract last year, has he improved enough since then that we think hes worth the £100k now that he wasnt then? he got a lot of assists for rvp and a fair amount of goals himself, but has he reached the next level yet? i dont think so im pretty disappointed with the whole situation and with him, feel like he’s blackmailing my club – “wont discuss till the end of the year”, thats sounds familiar well, its 4 days to go until he has no sale value for us, he would have signed by… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Should we really pay underperforming players 100k/week?

I say we shouldn’t, and if the services of Theo are the price, I think its a price the club should pay.

North Bank Gooner

saw robin van pursestrings tactics, and copied them to a tee.

has never really fulfilled potential, only “consistent in patches” and wants more £ than Lukas Oli and Santi. if he doesnt want to play for the shirt, he can do one!!

bye theo, mind the door doesnt break your arse on the way out.

Andrew Morgan

Why shouldn’t he earn comparable wages to Santi, Lukas and Oli? How many goals and assists have they scored and made in an Arsenal shirt? I wouldn’t make comments like that, assuming that these players are going to take us to a new level, until we know how well these players are going to fit in and they start producing.

North Bank Gooner

andrew, there are players good enough to play this contract game , and theo is not one of them. never became the player we all hoped he would, and shown himself to have no loyalty, explain how a 10 goal a season bench starter is worth 100k????

Andrew Morgan

You miss my point. You are comparing Theo to three players who have done diddly squat in an Arsenal shirt. I was just advising caution when we don’t know how they are going to perform. And if you put the ten plus goals a season and the ten plus assists a season in context. That was top 2 for both for us last season. And he had ten plus on both the season before that. Then now you can see he is an integral part of the squad. I don’t think he is worth £100k a week. But I also… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

my bile is not for theo personally, but the type of player that he represents. ” I want, even though i havent proven my worth “. i have always thought of him as an impact sub, and not a lot more. thats why im not bothered if he goes. wasnt hating, just expressing how little his departure will upset me. and for £100k a week we could get a LOT better!

Andrew Morgan


North Bank Gooner

dont even have to make a panic signing, the Ox is as good if not better, and ready to slot in. keep the £ ready for another quality player. it might be my own little spin on things, but we seem to have offloaded a lot of players that were good individuals, but didnt win anything as a team. We have started to replace them with proven internationals, just like all of the fans screamed for over the last few years. of the 2 going out, im only really missing Cesc, and RVP but if they wanted to be eleswhere,… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

should be ” of those going out ” not of the 2


and im always defending him as a player, i feel let down ….
even if he does sign a new deal (doubt it) he is now tainted

you’re tainted theo, tainted!

Fergie the Gooner

I feel the same, I’ve tried to defend him for a while and I’d rather have him playing for us than a rival. It’s disappointing that’s it’s come to this (not the first time I’ve said that this summer either) but I’m trying to look at it positively. He was part of an unsuccessful team that needs a big shake up to get back to winning trophies again, so if we can replace him with a more natural winger maybe it’s for the better. A bit sad nonetheless…

Hudson Hornet

Maybe the only first teamer im not bothered is leaving but another failure of the youth project.

Who’s next? I will go for the Ox to Barca or City next year.

Enjoy! Fucking bollocks.


We’ve got no time for you right now. Just fuck off!


Theo thinks he should be our main striker. He doesn’t seem to enjoy playing out in the right. With RVP gone, he should be through the middle, not Giroud. He’s not saying it, but he’s thinking it :- “I’m Theo Walcott and I am the greatest striker that ever lived”. TGSTEL, the sequel.
Poor deluded Theo.


Maybe this sequel will be a picture book…..

Andrew Morgan

Stupid comment. Why is he deluded? How many times has he a run through the middle? Never. So we can’t judge how good or bad he would be? The fact is as another striker option he would be great. The power of Giroud, the directness of Podolski and the pace of Walcott. Sounds good to me.


but we do want to keep him, that not the point the point is that he is demanding £100k a week. he is demanding to be our number 1 superstar of the pay packet. we offered rvp £115k because he was a proven goal machine at his peak, theo is demanding £100k for what? he does well, i always defend his contribution, but is he our greatest player? our most valuable player, worth far more than his team mates? the answer to that is no. we wont be blackmailed by greedy players who are comparing themselves to the richest players… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

But if you compare his wage to Arshavin who is on £80k wouldn’t you feel aggrieved that you were our second top goalscorer, and second top assister last season (Behind Van Persie and Song respectively) and you earn less than a guy who warms the bench and doesnt care about anything. You would is the answer to that. Put him on par with out top earners, two things could happen: he could really work to justify his paypacket, and lose the inconsistency, and that would be great because when he is on it, he is nigh on unplayable. Or he’s… Read more »


who gives a fuck what the sunday supplements say?!?!
they will say the same things whatever happens
if we are really so worried about what they are going to say then we just just pay the journos £1k to write something nice, and save the £14k

Andrew Morgan

What? So now you want to pay for good press? How about we earn some? That makes more sense don’t you think, kid?

Also, there’s only one Sunday Supplement, it’s a TV programme, four journalists debate the week of football.


“Arsenal are perceived as a selling club, a club that can’t hang onto its top players. An extra £10-£15k is a small price to pay to change public perception. And you can say we don’t care what other people say, but we all know when Sunday Supplement rolls round on a Sunday morning, we all go ape shit when they dismiss us and right us off.”

what the fuck are you going on about?
some tv show i never even heard of, who gives a fuck?



aw, god bless you guvnor
god bless you grand pops

Andrew Morgan

Can’t you debate without throwing the f-word about?

You should get more involved, Sunday Supplement is on at 9.30 on a Sunday Morning, Sky Sports 1. Its good, topical, well debated, but equally infuriating for us Arsenal fans, with whats been happening lately.

Oh, and Kid. There’s no need to cry about it.


Earlier in the summer. “Of course I am excited about the future of the club. Not many people recognize we’ve qualified for the Champions league so many years in a row. Now the next step is to prove them wrong by winning trophies.” LOL, do we really listen to what players say anymore!? tbh, I take every thing with a pinch of salt (if so much), and I sure as fuck won’t pin all my hopes on any single player in the squad nor will I put my head on a chopping block for them!. If there was ever a… Read more »


the day bacary sagna refuses to sign a new contract i will lose faith in arsenal FC.until then i assume we are just being smart and doing clever business whilst finding replacements.

sorry, i had to say that.
looks like bacman is next on the list.

Mach III

I always wanted Theo to come good. Every year thinking this will be his season. That season never came, he’s no Eden Hazard. Chamberlain offers more on the wing than Walcott. He’s good, but compared to Ljunberg, Pires, Petit, Overmars he’s definitely far off that quality – and get this,he wants more money than any of them had ever hoped of getting.


On his day theo can terrorise defenders, the only problem is we don’t know when that day will be? maybe if they named a bank holiday after him then we will know it’s theo’s day!.

Sol Goodman

Run along Forest, you don’t realise how good you had it.
Wenger must checking he’s shoe’s to see if he’s stepped in dog shit!

joe shmo

BBC now reporting he will stay
no quotes though and who knows if he’ll sign.


I’m actually glad, hope we have a proper winger lined up as a replacement though.


No need for replacement, put Cazorla on the wing. LANS Wilshere or LANS Rosicky in the middle.


The ox will be a better player, give him a chance.


seriously?the ox?
so now theo is the bad guy and ox is good.
theo played 222 games for can people compare him to ox.let ox develop for a couple of years and then we’ll talk.
we need a permanent replacement if theo is leaving.
not a loan signing.


is theo now the bad guy? by his actions im afraid he is, i always thought he was a good guy, a normal decent guy, he always seemed honest and humble. but this greed in wage demands make me change my mind about him, and im very disappointed. we are offereing him a fucking fortune in £75k but he and his agent want to squeeze us for every single penny they can get – “because im worth it” he says as he gazes at himself on the billboards is trying to blackmail us out of those extra £s the most… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

So idealistic its unbelievable. You want to get in the real world. The only thing that matters is money. Get a grip of yourself.

I know go to your employer and tell him you want to earn less than a co-worker because you love your job and the company. No I don’t think you will.


he’s not worth £100k, if everyone thinks they can get that from man c etc, then they will have to go there

so be it


i’m in the real world, and arsenal are in the real world

we cant play players what they think they are worth, we pay what we think they are worth

if thats not good enough for theo, then we sell him

thats the real world

Andrew Morgan

Arsenal paying what they feel a player is worth is fine.

Theo Walcott wanting to be paid what he feels he is worth is fine.

What is not fine is you slating Walcott for wanting more money. If Arsenal’s offer doesn’t meet his valuation, why is he suddenly a bad guy, a disappointment and shit? He’s not. It’s a coping mechanism.

PS: But Arsenal are playing a different game to everyone else. Other teams are spending big, and paying big, and they are winning trophies (United, Chelsea, City). Thats fact. Thats the football world.


if im struggling on an average wage then a slight increase will make a difference

if im a multi millionaire, being offered more millions then that bit extra is far less of an issue and other factors come into account

if a player isnt bothered about other factors and just wants to squeeze every single penny they can get then we cant bankrupt our club just to satisfy them

Andrew Morgan

Bankrupt our club? Steady. We’ve paid higher wages than £80k plus before.

Also you can’t compare your life to the one top footballers lead. Theo didn’t start paying astronomical wages, but if lesser players are earning more than him, I have no problem with him wanting to get more.


where do you guys get all this 75k,100k figures from? let’s just wait and watch.theo never spoke about wanting to leave. arsene would be stupid to let theo leave and he knows it. he’s young,british and arsene paid a hefty transfer fee to bring him,he’s coveted by our direct rivals and honestly nobody at arsenal likes playing against him. so- 1.selling theo is a mistake 2.selling him to one of liverpool,chelsea and mancity will be a huge mistake. i understand about RVP and song.(being finished products,wanting to win and stuff) but theo forcing a move?you gotta be kidding me! who… Read more »


I was thinking the same thing as you, Gooner.

Walcott’s “consistency in patches” is frustrating. Besides, with Sagna missing, we lack the fluency he provides when he participates in the attack down the right flank. And if some teams manage to keep Theo at bay, then we’re fucked for the whole game. We need a new Freddie.

Sol Goodman

I can’t imagine Wenger didn’t see this coming, lets hope he has a cunning plan, because at the moment the squad is starting to look a little thin. If city want him let him go, but as a trade for one of there many good players that barely get a game.


Walcott is a much bigger name than a footballer. Walcott’s got only one gear, go. Chambo is his replacement, a new signing would be an addition. Get in Arsene!

Glory Hunter

Wow! I honestly hate my fellow gooners sometimes. We bemoan our board for continually selling our best players, yet we are advocating the same thing & now he’s crap. He was our 2nd highest goal scorer last season, and if that makes him crap then God help us all. I hope we don’t sell him, like I hoped we wouldn’t sell RVP or Song but I guess we all know what’ll happen next. This is becoming pathetic, next season Carzola will probably be sold to the highest bidder. Who on this blog can honestly say that if we receive a… Read more »


Glory Hunter: I disagree. Wenger is showing a different policy this summer. If a certain player is a wanker, he’s told to fuck off and is then sold to the highest bidder. I like that new Wenger. Song did some fucked up shit this summer and was told to leave. The same is happening to Walcott.

This isn’t going to happen to the few proper lads we have in the squad, Arteta, Koz and Wilshere for example. But the wankers can fuck off and never come back. Wenger doesn’ t like wankers anymore.

Goodbye to all wankers.


First thing first how can you put walcott in the same league as carzola, jack and the rest, they are far above and beyond him, if flogging an inconsistent player to buy a consistent player is not good biz I wonder what is


cazorla has a new contract, he wont be sold next year.

we are only selling off players who have refused to sign new contracts, having fobbed us off that they will “discuss it next summer” and then it gets to the final year
the exceptions to that being song and maybe adebayor being sold for bad attitude rather than end of contract
(plus of course all the players we want to sell who never actually play)

they are demanding too much money, which we refuse to pay.
there is no alternative.
increasing our wage bill by 20,30,40% isnt an alternative

Andrew Morgan

Completely agree with Glory Hunter. This hate for Theo, is clearly a coping mechanism. Name me that winger who will replace him? There is no one in the premier League. And there are few abroad, and even if they were out there, cost, wages, time to adapt makes us weaker than with Theo. Its quite simple really. We’ve already seen the lack of fluency in our attacking play, I know, lets sell another player, and get another one who has never played with our team before, may need to adjust to the style and the pace of the league. It’s… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

@eboue4pm, spot on!! players that want to play brinkmanship games, ” i wont sign ill go on a free ” tactics leave the manager no choice, they have to go, or risk their poison spreading through the squad.

play for the cannon, or go somewhere else!!!


and we are not playing a different game to everyone else, its those 3 clubs that are playing a different game

its all very well stamping your feet and saying we need to to buy more, spend more, win more ….

i support arsenal.
if we dont win the league i still support arsenal


Goddamn right. There’s a term for supporters who only support a team because it wins things: Manchester United ‘fans’.


To see if we remained in the champions league ? The cheeky bastard. Like he’s some superstar.
Let him go and let some other club have the benefit from his one good game in every five.
Of all the players we have or could lose he’s one of the easiest to replace.


And easiest to forget. I say flog him off to litterpool, they like buying stuff that don’t match the value for their money.

Cough….downing, carrol…..meh, meh

Sol Goodman

No let’s not help Liverpool any more than we have already. We already let Sahin go there, it would be a very bad move to send him there. Sell him to a mid table English team,out of the country, or to Man City, because I just can’t see him making them any better than they already are.

You silly boy Walcott, you just took a shit with your clothes on!


If Theo wants to leave, then so be it. Get Afellay from Barca on loan and/or Jesús Navas, and hopefully get two more quality players for positions in need. Let’s get the season going!


Agreed! walcott is not irreplacable. get in ApplePie from Barca! those scummy cunts owe us a decent player.


There is one problem with losing theo on the back of lansbury and possibly bendtner and eastmond. they are all homegrown whereas afellay isco and a few others mentioned are not. how about replacing him with the ox and bringing in sinclair as well? if we could get 15-20m for theo we might be able to take sturridge off of chelsea as well ending up with a front 4 of ox cazorla podolski giroud with sinclair rosicky gervinho sturridge as the back up. plenty of cash left from the sales of bendtner eastmond chamakh park squillaci and eastmond to land… Read more »

New Yorker

I am not sure Theo is a kind of player holding Arsenal to ransom, is he? Sell him, buy an improvement and I am happy.


Bye Theo Wallet! 😉

If we get a decent fee (“passport”…) for him it shouldn’t be too difficult to replace him.

I’m just wondering who Liverpool play again in CL qualification? I doubt he’ll be instrumental at City.


Haha theo wallet already. Some funny shit right there. You funny gooner!

the only sam is nelson

fucking hell, poor theo. i mean at least RvP can back up his claims to be worth eleventy bazillion a week but all theo can offer is consistency in patches with his demand for £100K+ a week so, chelsea it is then. unless mancini loses his marbles just because he hasn’t been allowed to spend much this summer. swansea knocked back his £6m bid for sinclair so perhaps he’ll buy walcott for £20m just to teach them a lesson as long as he doesn’t turn into the player he promises to once every three games, this is all a bit… Read more »


I have no problems with this – IF we find a worthy replacement..


Whilst I hate to say it, maybe our club doesn’t have the allure it once had. It’s easy to blame money for all these moves, but so many of our players who once seemed so loyal have buggered off elsewhere. Or they’re all just insufferable money grabbing cunts. Probably the latter.

santi's panties

Most definitely the latter.


I can understand persie going(and still hate him for going to manure), because he was a world class player, so he “deserves” higher pay and trophies
But Walcott is far from being world class, I even dare go so far as to say that he would be in midtable team if it weren’t for Wenger’s love for him.
100k? yeah right
good luck at city
you’re gonna need it


But Walcott is far from being world class, I even dare go so far as to say that he would be in midtable team if it weren’t for Wenger’s love for him.

i love that statement


Midtable team?
Well most articles suggest that the interest has come from Litterpool……

Fresk Musik

Liverpool are mid table though….


I think the problem is that players know there are teams who will pay them alot more than we will. The wage structure we have in place is too stringent and is chasing our best players away. It needs to change, or we will continue to lose our top performers.


He’s one of the oldest players at the club now. Seems our oldest club players are the mightiest of cunts!.


What are you talking about there are 20 players at the club still older than walcott.


In terms of years spent with the club. He’s one of the oldest, get it?


Let’s not forget the cunty agents. Is DD part of his advising team?


the club still has allure, but its money

money money money

hey, look how much he’s getting!
i want that much too!

A N Other

It seems to be the trend now.. One good season– ask for more money–reject any decent offer– sign with someone else for twice the amount– slag club off for lack of ambition.


I’m not sure I believe it to be a coincidence like most Arsenal fans. I suspect there are other reasons for our best (& most valuable) players leaving year on year but I’ll not bother all you nice people with my personal opinions/suspicions further than to say what I’ve already just said… or something.

Tenacious Defence

Not sure how I’d feel if he left. As long as he doesn’t go to our rivals – there’s always the chance that he might find some consistently good form… in patches.

Red Cannon

Unfortunately, no team outside of the Premiership would be interested in him. He’d be too expensive for the value they’d get, so they wouldn’t bother. That means the only place he has to go is to a rival.


Sell him!
Strengthen in other areas. Let him earn his 100k elsewhere.


Elsewhere?, make that the olympics.
In 4 years time I think, will he still the legs.for it?, if not the gymnastics then, he’ll make a fine lady.

Yeah right

I’ve always thought that he lacks so much confidence on the pitch. Just can’t understand how there can be such a big gap between his confidence on and off the pitch. He doesn’t deserve more money, simple as that. This whole thing stinks

santi's panties

Agents don’t actually get on the pitch. There’s your answer.

Gooner Up

We have The Ox, Arshavin and Gervinho. Ryo on loan. Theo has had his chance if you ask me. Bring in an experienced 26+ replacement.


It’s sad that so many people on here are already writing Theo off and mentally preparing themselves for his departure. I feel much the same, after the RvP debacle it’s impossible to expect any loyalty. Totally in two minds about Theo. I hoped he’d stay, because he seems a nice, intelligent guy and it’s hard not to like him. But he’s never hit the level we hoped and as we all know is inconsistent. No idea which way this one will go. Not sure who would want to sign him? Maybe someone like Liverpool, but surely his prospects are as… Read more »


You can’t honestly say Arshavin/Gervinho/Ryo over Theo, though.


Get Jesus of Spain….


no!! the one from Nazarath!


He didn’t exist. Get the one from Navas’rath

santi's panties

Nazareth were relegated 2 seasons ago


I hear he has his crosses nailed down.


Although I too doubt that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God, there is extensive evidence that he did exist as a person. However, I’m not sure how we’d be able to fit him into our current formation, as I believe in the Gospel of Mark it mentions his favoured position is as a deep lying forward. Perhaps Jesus of Navas would be a better option?


I heard Jesus didn’t really fancy crosses but like Messi, at times he seems to walk on water


Would be pointless seeing as he suffers from anxiety and gets homesick


So here’s a question then, how much is Theo Walcott ‘apparent England superstar’ actually worth? He’s young, English a can run very fast. With a year left on his contract? I can’t see anyone paying more than 12 million? I really have no idea?


liverpool paid 15 mil for joe allen. Walcott is young, established international and english, in today’s market he is sold for 20 to 25 if it wasnt his last year of his contract.

the only sam is nelson

ah yes but liverpool also paid £35m for Andy Carroll

god that’s starting to become a bit like the football internet’s answer to Godwin’s law, isn’t it,…


So litterpool are spendthrifts eh. Buy the most but never get value for your money?, i’d say walcott fits the bill.


the papers are claiming the spuds are going to spunk £80m on players, lets take £20m for theo

thanks spuds!


Guess we have to wait and see if it ends up being a part of wengers ‘summer-sales’ or it’s down to the highly overated brittish players syndrom, when/if the sale comes up.. Nonetheless, personally I think Theo is/was (depending on how the negotiations goes?) an Arsenal front figure, even though he lagged consistensy, and would be a bit sad to see another player leave.. If he leaves, I would hope to see a new attacking midfielder coming in, because as Tom Watt said it in the fans forum; I could too, see Santi on the wing in the near future..… Read more »


Sorry, desent (what it’s called?), oh h*ll good window for me.. 🙂


Have had enough of average players like song and now Walcott holding us to ransom. Song will find life hard at barca he just isn’t barca class,and now walcott thinks he’s worth a 100k.
Trouble is I just don’t think anyone will come in for him and we will be lumbered with a unhappy player whos uncommitted and taking up a squad place for the whole season.
The cheeky git, I just can’t believe that he thinks he warrants a bigger contract. Football gone mad.


yeah, well those average players had the most assists (Song) and the second most goals and third most assists (Walcott). By losing RVP, Song, and Walcott we will have lost our three most effective offensive players from last year. no matter what anybody says, it is a huge loss, and a huge rejection of Arsenal by a whole generation of players (Fab, Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor, RVP, Song, Flamini, Walcott)

Last year was only half of the re-building, this year it is total clean-out.

who is the most senior player (longest serving) at the club? Diaby?Sagna? Rosicky?


No one has actually made a bid for him trust we may even be singing his name (In patches) come Xmas

Master Bates

This comment is full of win , I laughed so hard….in patches


Can’t say I’m fussed about losing Theo. Maybe I’m just jaded after RVP and Song, but out of the 3, Theo made the least impact on the performance of the team.

Matt Dyke

It would a shame, because I believe he is a real talent and (I know I’m in the minority here) think that he has a good eye for goal and would make an excellent striker (rather than winger). I’ve always thought this was Arsene’s long term plan and it’s clearly the position he wants to play. If he moves club, you can bet that his development will be stunted and he’ll never be the player Wenger could make him. Or…you can take another £40k a week and yes you may have better chance of winning a trophy…but only as a… Read more »


Walcott’s doing a semi Nasri (Half decent player that wants world class bucks)
Hopefully he stays respectful, keeps his head down and leaves quietly.

I still wish he was given a chance in his natural position like arshavin he hasn’t been able to shine out of centre on the wing.

Just hope whatever happens it turns out for the best.


The lad has played on the wing since he was 17. How could anywhere else be considered his “natural position”?


Oh maybe I was mistaken, I thought he played in the centre for southampton, in any case I think its clear to many that his attributes are much more suited to a central role beat the offside trap. His finishing has also improved considerably in recent appearances.

big black clock

Guys be reminded that this news came from Theo’s camp, with hopes of getting a better deal from us. I still think his first choice is staying with us. No other top club can tolerate him like we do.


well, i just dont know what to think.
i mean its got to the stage of 4 days left until he has no resale value whatsoever, if he really wanted to sign then he could have last year


Can’t we just disfigure his face then flog him to stoke?.

Matt F



This. Wouldn’t mind if he signs, wouldn’t mind if he goes and we sign a couple of new players – not necessarily a direct replacement as we’re pretty well stocked with wingers, the Ox, Gervinho, Podolski ,Santos and Cazorla can all play out wide and I think, with a full squad (I know, I know) we would utilise them all bar Santos out wide.

If we bring in a second choice striker (imperative for me), possibly a deep-lying midfielder and maybe even a versatile defender, I’ll be happy.


versatile defender, o’shea comes to mind.


im soooo hoping he signs…we cant deal with loosing another trademark arsenal player….it will affect the team negatively


trade mark?


Thursday night channel 5, Thursday night channel 5……..!

Chelsea signed Moses, Arsenal want Jesus, Utd have Judas

Can’t say I’m at all bothered, in fact I think I’m happy about this possible departure. It should only mean more addition(s) to the Arsenal squad. Sell him, replace him with Isco possibly, reunite the youngster with Cazorla and he should actually be reasonably priced given Malaga’s financial difficulties. There’s also a rumor going around regarding Cesc’s return since Tito has said he is not in his plans. Fabregas has been poor in central midfield and he prefers to play behind Messi. But with David Villa back and Cuenca, Sanchez, Pedro and co to compete with starting places could be… Read more »

Is that Fabregas stuff actually true? Sources please…

damien joyce

there were no quotes that I’ve seen but Marca (Spanish equivalent of Talkshite Radio/Daily Mirror) had an article saying that Tito struggling to fit him into his most effective role due to his main competitor being some argie midget that quite skilful, apparently he played in Iniesta role for first game and Xavi role last game but didn’t convince in either and it has left Barca fans wondering where he gonna fit, there was nowt linking him back to Arsenal though and no other teams were mentioned.


Marca, that Spanish rag that usually tries to unsettle Arsenal players to sign for Barca, not the other way around! The world’s gone mad….

damien joyce

I enjoy getting different views on Arsenal and have recently been reading “Le Grove”, now to be fair he actually has some fair points which some find aggressive, but his followers on a large scale seem to have some real issues regarding everything but especially on idea of Cesc coming back on loan, me for one would welcome him back, but most there were vehemently against it, to an abusive extent comparing him to Na$ri/RVP etc even some thought he was worse for leaving us no room to flog him to highest bidder and it was all his fault. I’d… Read more »


Plus gazidis has been spotted in barcelona originally thought to be discussing afellay but how about a theo cesc swap? or better still we give them theo and 5m for cesc and afellay. cesc is classed as homegrown now imagine him and cazorla and podolski in the 3 behind giroud!


The spanish press is just so used to unsettling our players they forgot fab already left us

Doubt it… but that would be pretty hilarious.

“So… how’s it going guys?”

I would be happy if Fabregas returns, i’m sure most Arsenal fans would forgive him.

50 Shades of Ramsey

please, not after song and alvin the chipmunk

big black clock

And almost inevitably, there’s people questioning our ambition again. How do you define ambition really? Other “top” clubs like Man Utd and Chelsea do not have the wage structure like we do. Which is nicer way of saying they don’t give a shit about their finances. So when a player comes along an threatens the club for more money (aka ShrekFace), the club just bends over and gives them the money they want. This is the kind of money that the club had other plans for, like new signings etc. Is this what I want happening at Arsenal? No. Fuck… Read more »

Fergie the Gooner

Seems to me that ambition is all about having a sugar daddy that will bankroll you to a trophy of some description.

Master Bates

our wages are terrible I feel sorry for all these poor players getting 50K pounds a week to kick a bag full of air

Matt F

He’s busy writing more books:

“TJ and the Pay Cheque”

“TJ and the Average Season”

“TJ and the Agent”

“TJ and the Threat of a Bosman”

“TJ and the truth that modern football careers revolve more about maximising marketability and potential earnings than a boyhood desire to play and score goals.”


I want to see “TJ and the Threat of a Bosman” as an episode of Doctor Who, where Mickey is mistaken for Theo, the Master runs ManUre, the Daleks control the blue half of Manchester, and the Doctor must seek the assistance of the almighty Professor to set right the transfer structure set on its ear over 20 years ago.

Mental Strength

I am worried. Yes, I am. Not because Walcott is leaving or wants to leave or whatever, but because every year we are having to sell our top players. That is really worrying me. What the hell is going on. I really don’t want to see a mass exodus of players from Arsenal. And I think the only solution for all this is to win something this year. Come on Goooooners!

Le Sausage

I really do think this guy is quite an important member or the team…yes he is only consistent in patches, but the fact is that he does often turn up to big games. I would rather we kept him than sold him, although I cannot say he’s irreplacable. Seeing as the Ox can take that wing position, or even cazorla, he certainly is not worth whatever he thinks he is. If we do sell, I have only one request: please reinvest. Also, does anyone think that pretty much every agent is a top class cunt!? I mean seriously, they’re just… Read more »


Walcott is a decent player and no more than that. His strengths are good, his weaknesses glaring. I very much doubt he’d be an automatic starter at Chelsea or Man City and I doubt anyone here would feel like the sky was falling if he left.

Theo Walcott

That thumbs down? That was me.


We as a club have to quit blaming the players for wanting to be paid on the same level as players from other teams. We are the 5th biggest team in the world and we pay our players like were the 15th biggest. Not one player in our squad makes 100k per week. You can’t keep your players if you don’t want to pay them.

big black clock

Boohoo, same old evil Arsenal making their superstar players suffer with third world wages and a ring master as a manager.

Get real man. Players should stop looking at the Chavs and the Mancs players and learn from our own Arteta, Kos, and Verma instead.


only cecs and king henry have been pay over 100K (with few around 90 like big Sol),we have offered around 115 to RVP that he refuse…do you really think MU pay many player over 100 (rooney and rio i think maybe vidic) only chav and city have 3/4 of their squad over 100 because their owner pay for it we
we cant afford to pay 100 because he maybe a good player but really too much inconsistent to be considerate a team star

Master Bates

Vidic gets 40-50K , Poor fella


If they could just get Vidic properly attributed to Picasso, he’d be worth rather more….

A Yank

I’d have given you another thumbs up if I could TexasGooner6.

Expecting anything but pure loyalty form players is heresy around these parts. Worse, you suggested a player might compare his wages to those of other players in the highest tier of football and not Malaysian sweatshop workers.


Last year Demba Ba was on 30,000lbs per week. Juan Mata made under 70,000. Perfectly in line with Walcott and hardly peanuts.


Replace him? Why bother? We have gervinho who essentially is a the same player. Sell him and put the money toward a LB, easier said than done mind


the issue with that is that we barely have any wingers, we would probably have to play gnabry or ramsey on the wing some games when forehead is at afcon


I dunno about Gervinho for Walcott. I like Gervinho for his willingness to run at defenders and his pace. But I noticed something odd in the last few games I watched him play. That fucker never crosses!!! I don’t know if he doesn’t know how, or his enormous forehead and fucked up dreadlocks interfere with his ability to look up, spot an open player and then kick the dam ball. Whatever it is, I think we need a winger that can cross and inconsistent or not, Walcott does actually cross balls into the box.

Yeah right

Fabregas would be a dream come true. Still love him, can’t help it. If he comes back he will definitely become a legend at this club, I believe

Poliver Girolski

Fab has said in the past that is he ever has to leave Barca he will only go to Arsenal… God i would give anything for him to have a falling out with Tito and return… Its on my xmas list for this yr!

Matt F

Or he’ll just resent the fact that plan A didn’t work out.

Anyway, the report is ridiculous. He had a pretty awesome season last year and merits a place in the team. He’ll be there for the long term.

Poliver Girolski

I agree… Fab had a great season but if what alex said above is true, then it would be un reasonable for him to want to leave as he is definitely of the quality to start every game for Barca


I love Fab too. However, I can’t see him dislodging Iniesta, Messi, Xavi, Villa or even Pedro anytime soon. Baring serious injuries to more than one of the above, I just don’t see him being as influential to Barca as he was to Arsenal.
That being said, I also don’t see him coming back to Arsenal sadly. I think the cost of him, plus his own pride might be a couple reasons for things not working out that way.


He’s a good winger, he’s not world class – if a quality replacement can be found I wouldn’t be disappointed.

People who said we have learned lessons from last summer though are sorely mistaken.


Sorely mistaken? I think we’re pretty well covered for this one… no need to panic. Of course, getting a winger for the right side that gives us something different would be better.


Sorry, but we’re deep at his position. Chamberlain can play there. Gervinho can play there and Serge Gnabry can play there as well.

Poliver Girolski

I can never make my mind up on Theo… He has not lived up to all early hype that surrounded him. I do rate him but as many of us have said above he goes through patches. Some weeks im like damn this guy is great other times i dont even know if he is on the pitch.. Maybe he could benefit from moving off the wing to a more central position to help further his progression as he seems to have gone as far can as a winger.. Or maybe he should just be resigned to being a impact… Read more »

big black clock

But hey, if Liverpool is interested, we can probably get like say….35 million pounds off them?


Or maybe a trade-in deal.
One Andy Carroll. Only slightly used, still in original packaging.


Given the promise he has always had, it’s really interesting just how little leverage Walcott really has here. Honestly in my opinion he would be an easier player to replace than when Song left. Gervinho is the same player, take the money (overinflated price for an English international money right?) and get a better one.

I like Walcott, but he is one of the most replaceable members of our squad


Who does this wanker think he is holding my club to ransom?

He’s a 22 year old kid for Christ sake! What has the football world come to when an average player like Walcott thinks it’s ok to try and play off a club like Arsenal

Piss off Theo


Let him go for heavens sakes. The guy is seriously lightweight. And deluded. He’s not worth £10M let alone more than that – he’s just a jumped up wannabe. Got his WAG, got his fast car, now wants to follow the other money grabbers out of the door. Well hold that door wide open so he can get his big head through it.


[after Theo signs]

I’ve always said… true Arsenal legend… bleeds red and white… easily worth £40m… tears defences apart… has real mental strength… never doubted him…

Brian Mendoza

Well bugger off then




He’s an OK player but does not deserve to be paid more than everyone else in the squad. If he doesn’t want to sign the deal on offer, then he should be sold.


What’s funny though is that surely only man city can afford that? Maybe Liverpool, but can Walcotts people paper over the ‘it’s not abt money’ whilst he drops down to the Europa league? If he stays but doesn’t sign n then he won’t play as much, when he does he’ll have the fans on his back n thatll cause more pressure, he’ll have nobody after him when he’s actually free to fuck off? Just sign and be grateful!!!


Poor theo…not his fault if he can’t spell his own name…another one bites the dust


There are 2 ways to stay at the top:
1. Win trophies
2. Pay big money

Unfortunately, right now we are not doing both.


so you think Theo IS worth 100k per week? we offered RVP 120k, Nasri 100k not sure what your point is? the whole problem is that we typically pay TO well thats why we cant shift shite like chamackkkkkk and bendtner the almighty, we have to settle for loans where a small portion of their wages are paid.


What he wants, would make him the highest paid player at Arsenal. Is that really credible ? More than the Captain or the Vice Captain ? More than Sagna ? And we hardly ever get 90 minutes, let alone 90 ‘good ‘minutes from him.

As Blogger said earlier, he’s got too big for his boots. So Bye-bye it is.

Carmelo Pace

sell him as fast as you can,never was,and never will be the player that he think he is.we have the ox,i said it a million times,better than stupid walnut


I thought a respected personality once observed that Theo has no football brian and we have seen his consistency coming in patches,so are we waiting for a prophet to come into our synagogue(The Emirates) and confirm to us the fact that we can do with a replacement for Theo?


Consistent, but only in patches…..heh!


He’ll find out how much he’s tolerated by AW and us as fans, when he goes somewhere else where he simply won’t be.

Three words for this young man – Jermaine fuckin Pennant.


Theo becomes more and more useless every time he steps on the pitch. Let’s get someone in who can do more than hit the byline and make a shit cross to no one. His most memorable goal came from falling over his feet at Chelsea. Not saying much