Stoke 0-0 Arsenal: By the Numbers


70 – Aerial duels contested between Arsenal and Stoke today
29 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal today
28 – Aerial duels contested between Arsenal and Stoke back in April
10 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal back in April
18 – Aerial duels won by Peter Crouch today¹
15 – Passes completed by Peter Crouch today
6 – Aerial duels won by Peter Crouch back in April¹
21 – Passes completed by Peter Crouch back in April
4.5 – Aerial duels won per game by Peter Crouch in 2010-2011 2011-12³
13 – Aerial duels won per game by Peter Crouch so far in 2011-2012 2012-13³
6 – Aerial duels won by Diaby and Vermaelen today²
5 – Aerial duels won by Bacary Sagna back in April²
15.3 – Aerial duels won per game by Stoke in 2011-12 2010-2011³
43.5 – Aerial duels won per game by Stoke so far in 2012-13 2011-2012³
17 – Tackles won by Stoke back in April
13 – Tackles won by Arsenal back in April
21 – Tackles won by each of Arsenal and Stoke today
198 – Passes completed by Stoke back in April
150- Passes completed by Stoke today
411 – Passes completed by Arsenal back in April
420 – Passes completed by Arsenal today
60 – Passes completed by Stoke in the Arsenal final third back in April
104 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Stoke final third back in April
50 – Passes completed by Stoke in the Arsenal final third today
117 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Stoke final third today
27 – Passes completed by Cazorla in the Stoke final third today (of 29 attempted)¹
41 – Percent of Cazorla’s passes that were in the Stoke final third today
2 – Chances created by Cazorla against Stoke today
1 – Number of those chances that came from open play (the other was a corner)
5 – Shots by Stoke back in April
2 – Shots on goal by Stoke back in April
1 – Goals by Stoke back in April
17 – Shots by Arsenal back in April
5 – Shots on Goal by Arsenal back in April
7 – Shots off target by Arsenal back in April
5 – Arsenal shots blocked by Stoke back in April
1 – Goals by Arsenal back in April
6 – Shots by Stoke today
1 – Shots on goal by Stoke today
0 – Goals by Stoke today
17 – Shots by Arsenal today
2 – Shots on goal by Arsenal today
11 – Shots off target by Arsenal today
4 – Arsenal shots blocked by Stoke today
0 – Goals by Arsenal today

6 – Shots by Santi Cazorla¹
2 – Shots on goal by Santi Cazorla¹
0 – Shots on goal by any other Arsenal player
5 – Shots per game by Cazorla so far this season
4.5 – Shots per game by Giroud and Podolski combined so far this season
77 – Attempted passes by Mikel Arteta¹
67 – Completed passes by Mikel Arteta¹
3 – Key Passes by Mikel Arteta¹
9 – Accurate long passes by Mikel Arteta¹ (of 9 attempted: 100%¹)
2 – Accurate crosses by each of both Arteta and Cazorla¹
10 – Crosses attempted by Santi Cazorla¹
3 – Crosses attempted by Mikel Arteta
10 – Successful dribbles by Gervinho against Sunderland (of 20 attempted)
0 – Successful dribbles by Gervinho against Stoke (of 2 attempted)
3 – Successful dribbles by Podolski against Stoke (100% success)¹
2 – Successful dribbles by each of Arteta and Cazorla against Stoke (both 100% success)
4 – Successful offensive aerial duels by Giroud against Stoke (of 10 attempted)
5 – Successful defensive aerial duels by Thomas Vermaelen against Stoke (of 10 attempted)

8 – Tackles by Geoff Cameron¹
6 – Tackles by Mikel Arteta²
7 – Successful tackles by Cameron¹
4 – Successful tackles by Arteta²
6 – Number of Arsenal attacking players who were 100% in tackling (Podolski 2/2, Cazorla, Ramsey, Gervinho, Giroud, and Chamberlain each 1/1)
6 – Interceptions by Geoff Cameron¹
4 – Interceptions by Kieran Gibbs²
2 – Blocks by Cameron¹
1 – Deliberate handballs in the box which should have resulted in a red card by Andy Wilkinson¹
1 – Wild tackles which should have resulted in a red card by Andy Wilkinson¹
2 – Number of times Andy Wilkinson should have been sent off¹


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¹Led all players in this match
²Led his team in this match
³Led or leads the League in the season indicated

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0 – Number of Stoke fans who are not assholes

+ve gooner

Van Perise has scored more goals than the whole
arsenal team this season. ;P

big black clock

Van Persie is also more of a cunt than the entire Stoke City fan base.

Now that’s an achievement.

+ve gooner

Yep, a cunt with goals.


Correction. Judas is more of a cunt than the entire Stoke City fan base + the entire Stoke city team and any stoke city sympathisers combined.


He’s also lost more games than any Arsenal player this season

Cygan's Left Foot

8 the number of years he should be judged in May.
8 the number of years we have been fooled.
8 the number of millions he earns per a year.
8 the number of years we last won the league.
8 the number of years the blind sheep finding excuses for the Fool.


you don’t look like a +ve gooner, but more like a trolling cunt…

big black clock

So according to the stats, we haven’t progressed much from where we were last season.

Makes me all the more mad at Song and Judas for what they did. No matter how much we try to strengthen, assholes like them keep hindering our progress.


RVP yes, song no. I truly believe that Song wanted to stay and extend his contract but Wenger just thought we had enough depth at the position.


If he’d wanted to stay he could easily have stayed – he had three years left on his deal! Talking about how he wanted to extend his contract is just bollocks.

+ve gooner

Haha you arseblog.

Song wanted an improved contract and judging by the perfomance he put in last term I’d totally agree with him. Wenger clearly felt we didn’t need him anymore.

So you’re the one cooking up a shit load of bollocks!.


Agree wi th Blogger. You can’t sign on for a long contract and then with 3 years to run expect to be taken seriously in. Looking to renegotiate. Unless you are Messi.
And Song isn’t.


He was one of the worst paid players on the squad and he was a top 5 player on the squad last season. An extension was only fair.

big black clock

Bet you were one of those who were screaming at Wenger when Song was earning $55k p/w 2 years ago when he was complete crap.

If you think his season was good enough to justify a pay increase higher than that of Arteta, then you are seriously deluded and naive.


I never said Song is better than Arteta(though I do think he has the potential to be) but apparently Arteta was on 70k a week while song was on 45k a week. He deserved at least a 15k pay raise per week.


Hey +ve do a favour and be a goner alright.


“I truly believe that Song wanted to stay and extend his contract ”

i truly believe that you talk shit and know nothing


As if you would know any more than I do. My opinions are all based on quotes/media reports. RVP is a cunt cos he wouldn’t sign an extension. wanted to sign an extension but we chose to let him go


Alternatively you could try to develop some critical faculties of your own. Then you could figure out the patterns in the pres/media/agent misinformation presented through “quotes/media reports” rather than taking them at face value.


Fair enough, obviously the media can be wrong but it doesn’t seem so to me in this case. All the other players that have left these past two years (Nasri, Fabregas(for a different reason than the rest), Clichy, RVP) clearly did not want a future at the club, but Song really seemed to enjoy playing for arsenal as he just recently stated that he loved the club( which none of the other players other than fabregas said). All he wanted was an extension which Arsene/Management apparently refused to even consider. So when the best team in the world swept in… Read more »


Song is on 55k/week not 45k.


We should have paid song in hair dyes. May’be he’d have stayed. Add a little barber allowance in there too.


“but Song really seemed to enjoy playing for arsenal as he just recently stated that he loved the club( which none of the other players other than fabregas said).” Oh so it must be true. Because no player wanting to sign a contract ever said that before. Most players who have left have used the same agent fed bs. Lets be clear here, they have left because they have been inferred shedloads more money.that doesn’t make them bad. What makes them bad is the lies they tell afterwards about how it was for football reasons or to win trophies. Adebayor,… Read more »


If song really wanted to stay he would have stayed. Simple as that. I can’t wait for little Mozart to be fit again… He is certainly what will make a difference in the final third.. get fit soon tomas…


Hey Arseblog, how about knocking off the apologies for the Arsenal front office. I think the Song deal stinks, unless you’re more concerned about the bottom line than you are winning.



tell me why a player of song’s limited ability should have his 5 year contract re-negotiated after just 2 years. when he was shit he was happy to sign the contract he had. then after finding his one trick the pony wants a pay rise. im sorry but if everyone was fit he wouldnt even make the starting x1 which is why wenger sold him. that and the fact that he wantdd to play for barcelona


I’m not really criticizing the club as we clearly don’t have the financial resources to compete with clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City, etc. in regards to wages. We have to outsmart these other clubs, find bargains in the transfer market, and generally overachieve to compete with them. In the case with song, I think Arsene felt that 15 million pounds was a good return given the amount of depth we have in the midfield.

big black clock

1 – pair of new glasses that make Wenger look like an absolute stud.


He looks the business with them, just like our new team.


a comparison of song and arteta in the defensive role would really be great too

+ve gooner

0- number of goals arsenal have registered thus far…’s been said? Well okay.
0- number of goals arsenal have registered thus far.


38 – the number of games in a season.
36- the number of games remaining.
108-the number of points to be played for.
0 – the goal difference advantage Man United currently have over Arsenal.
0 – the IQ of people claiming to somehow have insight into where we will finish this season.

Master Bates

we didn’t concede any , Now if only the attacking third can blend , Good defence wins you stuff ,we’ve never had that for the past couple of seasons

+ve gooner

Ha when the season was set to start the lots of you in here were all like.

“We need to hit the ground running, no slipping up in the race just win our first matches and avoid a repeat of last season”

Now we can’t get a good result and now here we are again.

“Give them time, they need to click after that I think goals will be flying for us, just wait……and add a bit of BRING ON THE NEXT GAME”

A trend here perhaps?

Master Bates

yes it is a trend ,it’s because EVERY FUCKING SEASON , some cunts leave

+ve gooner

Some mighty talented cunts I wonder why?.


1 – number of manc trolls called +ve gooner posting here today


0 – Number of posts he’ll be making in future


OK, Arseblog, you can ban +ve gooner from this site because he’s critical of club management, but that just proves this site is NOT open to criticisms of the front office.

I’d like to make a request. Please ban me from this site too, because I plan on making further criticism of the front office until I believe that they want to win as much as I do.


No, I banned +ve gooner because he’s a troll and a wind-up merchant. As I’ve said countless times, it’s not what people say that’s the problem but how they say it. Perhaps you won’t agree but I’ve been running Arseblog for over 10 years now, I know a troll when I see one. I won’t tolerate it in any way, regardless of that person’s point of view. If you want to be critical of the ‘front office’, whatever that is, be my guest, but all I’d ask if that you respect other people’s point of view, make your posts in… Read more »

Sol Goodman

On the second week of the season
tony pubis sent to me
4 – trolling cunts
3 – bitter spud
11 – clumsy thugs
And +ve gooner’s mother getting fucked by me.


Up her five inch wide brown ring?


Ok blogs now is this any worse from what +ve gooner was saying?. I mean I read something about “personal abuse”.

I guess you’re boss not a particularly good one.


Community thinks it’s okay..


100 – percent confidence that Arsenal won’t concede a goal in the last 5 minutes. Wasn’t that amazing? Generally, in these 0-0 games, those last 5-10 minutes are nervy as fuck, not so much today – infact, I genuinely thought we were looking good to score.


I honestly cannot understand why the stoke fans boo Ramsey, what has he done wrong? They’re not only being complete cunts, they are simply awful human beings


its very sad and really quite disturbing that what seemed to be a majority of the stoke ‘fans’ behave like this, collectively, egging each other on not just the booing of ramsey and the celebrating and encouragement of violence towards our players, but they way they try to bait and scream abuse at arsene. they can dress it up all they like as a bit of ‘fun’ with their little cardboard masks today, but i actually find it a very disturbing sight, a collective bullying and lynching mentality when you see some of the horrors that exist in the world… Read more »

le grove Gooner

its herd mentality, brought about by the fact their cousins are also there brothers. scientists now have great evidence inbreeding is very bad for you 😉


I was forced to sit amongst the home fans today. Let me tell you, it was one of my lifes least pleasant experiences. They truly are all cunts

H. P. Arsecraft

Question: Is Walcott really worth a new contract?

+ve gooner

Um fuck yes, he does, he’s definetly at our ‘level’


You suffer from from acute reasoning deprivation kiddo. Now where’s the door?

big black clock

Yes. But not what he demands. Start at 80 – 85k p/w and then gradually increase it on a year-by-year basis based on performance.


Definitely. But if at a significant wage premium to the current one, only at a different club.


answer: yes he is


I’m glad that numbers show how good Arteta was..
our best player today….

still rusty in the final third.. not enough chances..

big black clock

People need to understand the concept of a long term contract. When you sign it, you give your absolute best for the club throughout the duration of the contract.

You don’t spend two seasons being shit, then have 1 standout season, and use your agent to unsettle the club in the middle of the transfer window when the club is busy working on new signings, in hopes of a bigger paycheck.


Sure, but if we don’t extend players during their current contracts until their last year, we end up with players like Nasri, RVP, and now Walcott. If we want to sell/extend a player, it should be done at least two years before their contract expires(to either get max transfer value and avoid turmoil).


rvp wouldnt sign last year, should we have sold him last summer?

tanned arse

I wonder if he were granted a wage rise as reward for his supposed good season, would he demand yet another extension the following season asking for a pay reduction to match a return to non influential best where he gained no assists


0- number of strickers on our weakest bench in a long time.


1 – number of stickers on the work bench

big black clock

The standout stat for me is this:

“4 – Interceptions by Kieran Gibbs²”

Great game by Gibbsy today. Prolly his best in an Arsenal shirt. Keep it up and nail that LB spot so we can see our CareBear Santos hugging defenders in the left wing!

Holdin Mygroin

What exactly were away fans chanting about RVP?


It was kind of hard to tell on TV, but I’m pretty sure Fulham fans were chanting the “he leaves when he wants” bit at OT yesterday, which I must say I am wholly in favor of.


I forget the words, but along the lines of “RVP would have scored that.”

+ve gooner

* I don’t sound……not look
Have you seen me?
I’m a gunner……. “a tell like it is gunner”

Just not “the arsene knows kind”.


perhaps … or perhaps you’re just a dick

a negative, moaning dick that behaves exactly like a troll, even down to your ‘ironic’ name – you have said nothing +ve whatsoever

+ve gooner

Want something +ve?
It’ll come when the team gives me something to be +ve about.


want to do something +ve?


Rad Carrot

Aww, look at you trying to troll.

I’m sure you won’t be here much longer. See you around.

Benny Blanco

You are a massive cunt. Fuck off to whl.


0 – number of fucks we here do not give.


your obviously some attention deprived fool, intentionally writing stupid posts to prevoke a reaction and justify your sad lonely existence…your also a cunt and don’t you dare call yourself a gunner, don’t cheapen the value of that term.


You sir, do not have the privallage to call yourself a gooner


1 – number of premier leagues we are going to win this year with our solid new defensive team mentality 1 – number of champions league cups we are going to win this year with our on fire summer signings and the exciting mystery new special player that we will sign this week 2 – number of domestic cups that we might win and it would be a nice cherry on top, but i can live without them as we’ve won the league this year and thats the main one 100s – number of goals that jack-the-special-one is going to… Read more »


A bunch – The number of people on the BBC text commentary mistakenly thinking Diaby is playing a holding midfield role, just because he’s big and black, and then castigating him for not playing as a holding midfielder should… I guess ignorant cunts will always be ignorant cunts 😉

-ve gooner(LOL)

I love that gay Santos but how does he get into the team with Gibbs in good form


You are not wanted around here.


Oopps. The above post meant to “+ve Gooner”, sorry about that mister “-ve Gooner”.

Holdin Mygroin

gays ! What were fans chanting about that cunt RVP?
I didn’t have a good audio but there was a song abt him for sure..


Not sure there are words. Just heard glottal grunts just like in 1 Million years B.C.
Of course th was no Raquel Welch to pretty it all up. Then again, even Raquel Welch couldn’t make Stoke look pretty.


they were chanting:

“lets move on,
lets move on,
lets move on,
and stop worrying about ex players”

Holdin Mygroin

what was wrong with my question to be thumbed down?!!!

Benny Blanco

We were singing

“she said no robin
She said no
No robin, she said no.”


Saw Redknapp Minor giving his sage wisdom at the end of the Sky show. Talked about how they were going to be a force this season.
Milions- The number of us who have heard this all before.
0- the credibility this halfwit has as a pundit.


Sorry, “they” is Tottenham.


Goals scored by rvp in first two league games last season=0


Giroud is gunner win the golden boot this season.
Judas will win cunt of the year


2 – number of points behind man shitty

i can live with that

1 – number of points behind manu

i can live with that

0 – number of reason to cry, whine and moan all the usual shit about the manager, club and players


1- points more than perennial “title contenders” Tottenham, despite us being in the seventh circle of football hell and them having the bestest team in the whole world and everything.
According to the press/media.
1 – the number of points we have more than Liverpool., ditto the rest.


14 – Arsenal players who ran their fucking bollocks off today.
3 – Players signed this year who look like they would run through brick walls for the club.
5 – Players signed last year who look like they would do the same.

1 – Poisonous mercenary goal machine off the payroll.
0 – Fans who should miss him.

1 – Point more than we had at this stage last season.
0 – Goals less than we had at this stage last season.
2 – Fewer goals than we’d conceded at this stage last season.

le grove Gooner

1 – posts that hit the nail on the head.


Got to say that was a absolutely boring match to watch, understand Giroud and Poldi needs time to fit in, good to see them trying and chasing for lost causes. Whats gervinho’s excuse? looked lost on the pitch. Midfield seem to be running into each other at times, as the season goes I hope Cazorla doesnt get burnt out for trying to carry the midfield on his own. I think to win games, we need to get the most assured player on the pitch driving forward more often that is Arteta, rather than him passing it to the flanks where… Read more »


Just have faith you all arsenal fc is the special one and arsene is the one that will do it again cus he has done it before .


Two games , two draws , no goals conceded yet and a tighter defence. Well – its a better start than last year and the goals will come. Don’t panic – too many childish and thoughtless posts on this article to even bother read on (*cough+ve gooner). The only team that is firing at the moment is Chelsea but they did last year and faded badly until bus service resumed. – give the guys a break and support- as for Stoke let them worry about themselves and premiership survival.
Coyg has never meant so much. COYG!


1.Rooney is out. Why? I don’t know but okay i’ll take it.
2.Rvp…..should have been this arsehole but I guess it’s coming……..
3. And so are arsenals goals.

All in due course.
Number two first though, (in trainning).


Rooney will miraculously recover from his near death experience in time to play the league game following the internationals. This is because he is suffering from Giggs-Scholes syndrome where a man can be at deaths door and then make a full recovery once international teams have been selected and the sufferer excluded. This was first diagnosed by the venerable Dr Ferguson of Manchester who has developed an expertise in this particular area of medicine. By coincidence, the next United game is Southampton, a game in which they Probably already decided to rest him ahead of a long season figuring they… Read more »


Cool…..united are arseholes then.


Have we conceded a corner yet this season? None this game, and I thought we didn’t concede one last week either. We are not clicking yet in the final third (we will), but Bouldy seems to have kicked our defense into gear.


Two games , two draws , no goals conceded yet and a tighter defence. Well – its a better start than last year and the goals will come. Don’t panic – too many childish and thoughtless post on this article to even bother read on (cough +ve gooner). The only team that is firing at the moment is Chelsea but they did last year and faded badly until bus service resumed. Relax – give the guys a break and support- as for Stoke (or is it cunts?) let them worry about themselves and premiership survival. Coyg has never meant so… Read more »


Just watching MOTD2. Am I alone in getting the idea that someone has collated highlights for that idiot Shearer to watch and comment on rath than him watching the game himself? He just criticised Giroud for not standing up physically to Shawcross and Huth. Am I alone in remembering g him on a couple if occasions knocking Shawcross over?
Still, let’s not let the facts get in the way of the agreed narrative about Arsenal.


shearer is some kind of weird Repeating Robot
a really really really boring robot
his continued employment by the bbc is quite incomprehensible to me

: (

420 passes completed by Arsenal today. Arsenal stoners all over rejoice!


Woah. A fair bit of negativity with a dose of trolling chucked in for good measure doing the rounds. Let´s check the facts: 1. I don´t remember an easier ride defensively in all our years going to our favourite annual rugby match. We were well organised and tenacious (props to Mr Bould) and never let Stoke create any concerted spells of pressure. This was much more comfortable than the last time we went up there, even if we came away with the same number of points. 2. From front to back, we were agressive and refreshingly physical (any foul stats,… Read more »


1 no rvp score
0 arsenal


so far in 2011-2012..?
are this seasons games being lumped in with last? I don’t get it
shouldn’t it be so far in 2012-13


Ha! Copy and paste error. At least I was consistently wrong.


How come you don’t have the thumbs up and down button!?!?



It’s good to be the king.

Boom Boom

1- Arsene Wenger



1- Santi Cazorla yesterday. Breathtakingly good in only his second match for us/in the PL.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] Match report – Video – By the numbers […]

O Death

I think we need a bit more caution about the defence. We’ve played against two teams with no desire to attack at all, and although we’ve been promisingly solid, it remains to be seen how we cope against actual sustained attacks. Also I wonder whether Arteta as our deep midfielder would be strong enough in that position away from home against shitty or Chelsea, I’d like to see a real strong DM (sorry) brought in that could really play as a defender in midfield when we have our tougher games, Tiote would be great but I can’t see it happening.… Read more »

O Death

No strikers on the bench…. Little Mikey Owen, yay or nay?


A life-sized inflatable replica of Thierry Henry would be:
a) far more likely to worry the opposition.
b) just as likely to get used for 10 minutes as an impact sub.
c) cheaper.


Micheal Owen – no way – so he can sit injured all season-
Collecting loads of money for doing nothing.
No thanks – all he cares about is money and his horses.
He needs to be put to pasture .

[…] As the Arsenal defense, Stoke have somehow become a parody of themselves both on the pitch and in the stands. On offense, they were a “direct” team last year but they have become “directly direct” this year. Peter Crouch is now the sole focus of their offense and despite being forced into having extra width on the pitch due to the League’s change of rules, Stoke created an insane 70 aerial duels in yesterday’s match which you can compare to the 29 that they created in the …. […]


Geoff Cameron was impressive on his debut. Thought he was man of the match. We’ll come around Gunners. Just be patient! The defese looks great, and the goals will start to pour in soon! COYG!