Stoke 0-0 Arsenal – Final third frustrations


Arsenal kept their second clean sheet of the season, but again failed to find the net despite a dominant performance against Stoke City. Having drawn 0-0 in their opening game against Sunderland, a second stalemate will no doubt have Gunners supporters nervous at the lack of goals. Nevertheless, for all the frustrations in the final third, there remain positives to be taken from this afternoon’s visit to the Britannia.

The first half pretty much went as expected. Despite having to enlarge their pitch to meet with Premier League regulations, Stoke still took great pleasure from thumping the ball long whenever they got the ball. Arsenal’s passing meanwhile was swift and crisp. Even though the home side had decided to let the grass grow long it didn’t seem to adversely effect our ability to move the ball from back to front.

Santi Cazorla ran the show in the centre of the park, while Abou Diaby and Mikel Arteta were his able assistants. The Spaniard is a magnet. With two quick feet, a willingness to run directly at opponents and deft distribution he picked up where he left off against Sunderland. He skewed three long range efforts wide before finally stinging the palms of Begovic close to half-time with swerving rocket of a shot.

In goal Vito Mannone, a late replacement for Wojciech Szczesny, had little to do, despite watching a rightly disallowed goal fly past him as early as the sixth minute. We looked organised at the back, Gibbs and Jenkinson tenacious in the tackle, Mertesacker and Vermaelen combining well to nullify the threat of Peter Crouch.

Up front the best chance fell to Lukas Podolski. After good work from Gervinho and Olivier Giroud the German pounced inside the six yard box to crash a low shot goalwards. It was blocked by Stoke defender Wilkinson at close range, although replays later showed he used his hand to do so.

Podolski for his part looks a meaty player. Not afraid to do his share of  defensive work on the left, he dovetailed nicely with Gibbs and did well breaking up Stoke attacks.

One man who didn’t look like he was enjoying himself very much was Olivier Giroud. It wasn’t that he wasn’t putting himself about; he was…and he looked devilishly handsome while doing so. You just sensed he was frustrated with his own first touch and the fact he wasn’t having enough impact in the Stoke penalty box.

I suppose if there was a worry at the half-time whistle, it was that in 135 minutes of dominant football this season we still hadn’t put the ball in the net.

In the second half it was more of the same. Slinky moves saw us manoeuvre to the edge of the Stoke box, but the final ball never quite found its intended target.

At the other end Stoke could well have had a penalty. Kieran Gibbs was a little clumsy trying to coax Jermaine Pennant off the ball. The ex-Gunner took a tumble, but Lee Mason wasn’t interested. On another day he may well have been.

The referee did have to get involved 10 minutes later when a ridiculously reckless challenge from Andy Wilkinson took out Thomas Vermaelen on the edge of the Stoke box. A booking for the Potters’ oaf was followed by an Arteta free-kick into the wall.

A speculative Cazorla shot was followed by an acrobat effort by Giroud, but neither tested the keeper. It was the cue for a double change with Gervinho and Podolski making way for the pace of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott. In the minutes after both Arteta and Diaby squandered chances with slices that would embarrass even amateur golfers.

Having taken a hefty knock in the first half Cazorla was finally withdrawn from play with ten minutes remaining. Aaron Ramsey, to a chorus of boos, took to the field. He became the fifth young Brit in the Arsenal line-up (if you count Jenkinson as British) and after a couple of nervous touches had a smart shot which nearly crept in.

With 90 seconds left on the clock a quick break saw Olivier Giroud race down the left flank. While a ball inside to a rampaging Ramsey was probably the easier option, the Frenchman instead attempted an audacious lob over the keeper which clipped the top of the net. It would have been an amazing goal, but Wenger’s annoyed reaction on the touchline suggests he should have played the percentages by setting up his Welsh teammate. It was the last notable action of the game as both sides settled for a point.

A word about the Stoke City fans. Cunts.

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Can I buy stoke and turn it to a bacon making factory?

Adam, Watford

If you’ve got the money, you could.

if you are looking for the go ahead in terms of permission, you have my blessing. please send a bumper complimentary selection of porcine products to an address yet to be arranged, once said factory is operational, so I can assess the quality.

Make it so, as Jean-Luc Pigard might have said.

Heart's Lane

“If you’ve got the money, you could.”

So all £3 then?


thought Arteta was immense… back 5 solid.. obvious weakness in the final 3rd..


we’re really good defensively. We are so poor offensively. In 180 minutes we created one golden chance. which we missed(need i say it).

we’re great club in decline. Sad to see. Peter Hill Wood deserves to b e credited with this.


What the hell has it got to do with Peter Hill-Wood?!


he’s the chairman is he not? He’s running the business is he not? he and cronies made the club a business that only cheats the fans by selling their best players and pricing the tickets too high.

We currently have ZERO world-class player’s in our squad. literally zero. it’s such a fucking shame.

Fergie the Gooner

1) I agree that the ticket prices are high, but it’s because we live in the real financial world unlike our rivals at the top who have sugar daddies to bankroll them. Clubs like City and Chelsea are the problem and not the solution. 2) If by world class you mean players who are consistently involved on the international scene, we have no shortage of them. I’ll save you the trouble and list them: Szczeny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny (just starting to get caps), Santos (occasionaly), Djourou, Diaby (when fit), Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Arshavin, Podolski, Giroud (just starting to… Read more »

What's my name?

Without doubt a top striker MUST be signed before the transfer window closes. We need one more than any other position, otherwise we’ll keep repeating the cycle of total possession with no goals.

Overall solid defending and organisation throughout the team. Very promising for the rest of the season IF only Arsene adds a top quality striker to convert the many chances we are creating.

It’s only been 2 games but Giroud and Podolski need to get moving fast before we are way behind our key rivals in mounting a challenge for the top of the league.

A Yank

Suggestions? We just sold a top striker. Do you think we’ll find one nearly as dangerous with the £22M?

Don’t mind a draw at Stoke (although fuck those guys for booing Ramsey… totally classless) but that’s 40 shots in 2 games with zero goals. To people who say ‘the goals will come,’ okay, when? The season has started and we’ve pissed away 4 points on 2 clean sheets because we can’t find the back of the net.


felt we didn’t create much at all. Apart from out back 4 and Arteta we were really bad. Podolski did a job but can’t score the goals we need. Giroud wasn’t good.


Even if we do sign a top quality striker we’ll almost certainly have to sign him from abroad. As such, he too will require a bit of time to adapt. There is no quick fix for our current lack of finishing problem. Like it or not, we have to be patient.

Wanting another top quality striker to supplement what we have is a different thing. However, we’d have to patiently wait for that supplementary finishing quality to gel with the team as well.


Idon’t know if a new striker would help, Arsenal are too slow in the build up play,the opposing team gets organized and we have no chance. I don’t understand why Jenks and Gibbs were not sending balls into Gioud all day long, so he could knock it down for Poldi or Gervinho, or just score… Anyway, I’m hoping that the team just needs to gel. Wenger should really go for Dempsey, just to have a third striker option. As it is I would not count on Gervinho or Walcott to bang in the goals. I would like to see Cazorla… Read more »

santi's panties

I disagree. Giroud looks good and confident despite frustration. What we need is faster build up in midfield, this was obvious in both games. Diaby does not seem sharp, fast or clever enough to click with Arteta and Cazorla. I’m sure he’ll improve as the season progresses but we need is a top quality CM in there as soon as possible.

Like JACK, for instance.


Agree 100% with you, Santi. Actually, slow build-up from midfield has been a problem for a while now (I’d say since 2007/2008, and, of course, no team since our Invincibles has done a better job of getting the ball up the pitch with speed and accuracy). Speed of thought is sometimes hindered by rustiness (Diaby), inexperience (Ramsey), or self-indulgence (Nasri/Hleb), but a lack of understanding between players may also be a factor here. I think we’ll see improvements as the season progresses, because we do have quite a few speed merchants in the side. On the other hand, speed has… Read more »


A top striker is not the most needed player. We already have good ones. The biggest problem was they haven’t been served well. I would love to see Podolski playing at CAM position right behind Giroud. Cazorla is very skillfull and his passing is awesome but he’s not direct enough and in two games hasn’t linked up well with the player in front of him, being Podolski or Giroud. He never really joined up the attack. He’s hardly ever tried to dribble pass the last defenders and off the ball I don’t remember having seeing him running inside the box… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

Agreed.I felt far more comfortable with the defence than at any time last year.
Well done Steve Bould.
Once they start to click up front we will start to go on a run


Fucking when?

I bet city, united, chavs will be sitting on their arses waiting for us to ‘click’.


Well said, Runcorn. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt this assured by the back line. It’s a welcome relief, and it takes some of the sting away from a draw.

Steve Bould must take credit.

Park Chu-Young

I’m here if you need me to score guys…

stephen murphy

Giroud really starting to loosen up. Towards the end his touches were much better. I think once he gets going he’s the answer. The team looked good at the back. The forwards and midfielders clearly looked like they needed a little more time to gel – so there’s nothing a new signing could do. My only complaint was Diaby looked physical but sloppy.


I think another thing many people have overlooked is that both Sunderland and Stoke were out to get a point and were happy with 11 behind the ball. We didn’t start that well last season but once the team gel-ed we did pretty well, no?

stephen murphy

If we bought another striker it would take even longer to get them to gel. Giroud looked great I thought – it was the service that lacked. Jenko was great covering his role at the back but once he had the ball he wasn’t quite sure how to pass it creatively. Slowed movement down a lot. Diaby was the same – killed any momentum once he had it. I could see replacing Diaby before Wenger would buy another forward.


booing ramsey for what?!?!?!!!


well theyre a bunch of half witted stoke fans/cunts so there’s really not a lot of point in asking why.


I just can’t get over that. It makes me so angry that there are humans (can we call them that?) that can boo a player who almost had his career ended by a stupid cunt.

It’s seriously despicable

Matt F

Some of their fans actually claim, with apparent honesty, that Ramsey’s leg was broken BEFORE Shawcross touched him. Quite amazing. Presumably the same people rejoiced at the death of the fraudster Neil Armstrong.

Adam, Watford

Are they the same people that didn’t see the humour/satire in the Witch Trial scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail and thought it was all good, solid science ?

Adam, Watford

For the benefit of those who don’t know it and for the amusement of those that already do !

The mob be Stoke fans, every man jack of them !



I’d call Stoke fans Neanderthals, but I might get sued by a Neanderthal.


His uncle is his brother,
his sister is her mother,
they all fuck one another,
the Pubis family!


Wow stoke got the same songs as spurs.
No wonder we hate them.
Goals will come but the defence was superb thats a team you want who chases down together.

big black clock

I was throwing shoes at my tv. Not because of our performance. But because of the incredible stupidity of the Stoke fans. Orcs and ogres the lot of them.

Bobby Pires

How can those mongoloids boo Ramsey? Its actually sickening now, disturbing.

Anyways I think this isnt too bad a result, COYG!

Adam, Watford

No need to call them mongoloids, please !

Stoke fans are absolute cunts who should understand their team is built on thuggery but they won’t because a reaction like that shows them to be thugs, thugs won’t recognise other thugs as thugs.

Mongoloids are definitely not thugs. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Decent performance by Mannone. Happy for the lad.


He was solid today. At one point I even thought it was SZCZ in goal. Good to know we have backup GKs that can do the job


was hoping for a win but a lot of positives to count from this game. I’m really impressed with Podolski, he’s determination is excellent, really like these kind of players. really loved how stoke’s ‘physical’ players fell like butterflies near Giroud, and Cazorla gave some more flashes from his vision. Arteta was amazing in songs place very good game and well done to him. a little unimpressed with Diaby though. didn’t really know what our players were trying to do I the final third, they just switched off somehow, but seeing this performance I’m not really worried about replacing Song,… Read more »


Also love Steve Bold and what he has done, Great defensive performance


Its like we don’t even miss Song. Have to say that Diaby doesn’t look that bad in midfield. Granted that I still think he can improve once he gets a run of games and gel with the new midfield (which is so far completely different than the last time he had a string of games). One criticism would be Jenkinson contribution to attack; his passing and first touch isnt as crisp as the others and really slowed us down in that wing. Not a coincidence we hardly see much of Gervinho. Defensively he had a good game shutting up Kightly.… Read more »


Same here, I like Poldi and Giroud even they wasted couple of chances ( but honestly all strikers in the world waste a lot of chances ). Cazorla was awesome as well with amazing passing. Diaby is not bad and I have been quite surprised by him so far; he’s shown glimpses of his talent but he clearly lack some pace. Really hope he will stay fit this time and he will become very good. But for now he shouldn’t be a starter. I think Cazorla would be better in his position and it would be very interesting to see… Read more »


We’ll all be creaming when Giroud start scoring. I just think he’s trying too much to convince people how good he can be.


He almost had a Pires moment. *sigh*

Ace McGoldrick

Pleased enough with that. Wanted the win but its the best we’ve played there. Arteta hit the nail on the head afterwards. Positive but not quite enough.


The lack of continuity up front is glaring and will come with time. However, I’d really like to see another striker brought in. Poldi is not a true striker. That said, we created a ton of chances which is positive and Bould’s coaching has already made a huge improvement in the back. I’m not cursing our backline everytime the opposition gets in the final third before they even screw up! We look solid and out dead ball defensive alignment and coordination is refreshing to see. We may not be scoring yet but at least we seemed to plug our leak… Read more »

Dolgion Ch.

unneccessary to compare ourselves with Spurs. They’re below us any way you cut it. We should be measuring ourselves up against Chelsea and the Manchesters


Yes, of course we’re better than Spurs. But I feel there’s too much fanrage going on right now. Is it really fair to compare ourselves to the mercenaries? Not saying we should settle for anything less than 1st place, but do we really need all this negativity flowing around?

The new guys will need some time. Have patience, and stop whining. This is the team we’ve go, support it.

Rad Carrot

Clean sheet
No injuries
No cards
Great defensive performance when needed
Arteta was brilliant
Mannone was far more solid than expected
Podolski is a powerful player
Stoke are cunts
We’re still above Spurs


Gerv and Giroud need work
We can’t seem to fucking score

I’m not too unhappy, I guess. The Shittania is a difficult place to play. But now we’ve got, what? Anfield to go to? Then Shittey in a few weeks… we need to start scoring, and soon.


I even think we bullied Stoke physically at the Shittania.


Really impressed with Giroud. GIbbs is going to be a monster by the end of this season, his tackling and concentration has improved tenfold. One thing that no one has seemed to take note of is Santi’s tendency to fade out of games around the hour mark. it’s probably down to match fitness, but I see he also gets frustrated easily. Interesting to see how Wenger will coach him out of that.

Rad Carrot

Agree with you about Gibbs, his performance today was nigh on faultless.


Gibbs did play well today. Wonder what people’s opinion of him would be had they awarded stoke a pk? I’m sure we’d have a choirs of “he’s not ready, sign a left back, bring in the cuddly maverick”
Not saying you just in general
Ok result overall
Would have loved to see giroud’s attempt hit the bottem of the crossbar and go in. Oh well

Rad Carrot

If that had been a PK I’d have been fuming, because it wasn’t a foul, I wouldn’t blame Gibbs for it.

Get your meaning, though, we Arsenal fans have turned into a slightly fickle lot of late.



good observation.but i think cazorla needs some support and inspiration.he has been carrying us in the last two games.he’ll be fine when jack and rosicky come back.they have the same energy and drive.
but until they come back we should expect him to put in a little extra effort.
it’s hard but that is what is expected out of a worldclass player.


That’s a good point actually, I never thought of it that way. We have to deeper like midfielders right now in Diaby and Arteta, and it does wonders for getting back possession and keeping it in the middle of the park, but we are robbed of the spark that Rosicky provides. Right now I think Arteta is sitting back a bit too far, but that’s probably what he was instructed to do. When TR7 or another attacking midfielder comes in I agree with you, Santi will have more to feed off of.


We didn’t show enough intent, if you compare this game to last seasons then you’ll just realise something was lacking.


Defense is much improved. What is lacking is RvP.

Runcorn Gooner

Who is RVP? Some Manc tosser


Right. And if Wenger had kept him, and he’d scored a winner today, you’d be whooping him up like nothing had ever happened.

Adam, Watford

If he had been here and scored a winner then great and then the media circus would be all over us and he’d still be a cunt.


Gervinho does not convince. Diaby slows down the game in the midfield. Feel the substitutions could have come 10 minutes early.

There is a desperate need for a creative winger like a kagawa, suarez or hazard. Thought cazorla will be playing that role when he was signed but he is clearly more suited down the center.


Not the worst result & decent defensively-and the best thing,unless we’re unlucky enough to draw those moronic thugs away in the cup,no away day to the shithole that is st*ke for a whole year!!


At least a year, I hope…


I think the lack of pre-season is at fault here, hopefully we’ll sort that out at Anfield.

Adam, Watford

Asian tours are frankly bollocks, but that’s football today. I am pretty sure we could have been better off without them.

Still, we need the money, probably !

Johnny D

Happy with a point away to the inbreds…….
And we played better than we did last weekend, overall more positives than negatives.


Boo carzola for getting stamped on
Boo Ramsey for getting leg broken,
Sings “huth there it is” whenever said defender goes through someone,
Stoke fans are utter CUNTS


Football fans are like panto audiences – they cheer their guys, and boo the villains (the opposition). I don’t know why people get so worked up about this.

Dolgion Ch.

We don’t (or at least I don’t, and I hope other Arsenal fans don’t) rejoice in injuring opposition players, even if they’re called John Terry. Arsenal has more class than that.


There were plenty of people on this site wishing injury on RVP in recent weeks, ideally at the hands of Verm. And Shawcross in the run up to this game. And lots of people enjoyed Diaby kicking Terry. Football fans, eh?


true – though stokes fans aggravate more than any other. I don’t know why, maybe stoke city appeals to that kind of person you just want to punch in the face.


Amazing speed in putting up this report…motm stuff


As I have said, we will keep on being frustrated until wenger and the board is changed. In short dissapointments are part of being an arsenal fan nowadays. Actually we all know deep inside, we can’t win any trophy with the likes of diaby, gervinho and walcott. Arsenal is actually a very average team, very! Giroud is a hard worker but no real talent. Let’s hope he doesn’t take long to get going. Where is the 40M he got from the sales of RVP(a real talent) and song?


Why do you call yourself “Arsenal”?


They’ve invested the 40m in Nandos so the cuddly maverick never goes hungry. I can think of at least 4 other Arsenal teams in the last 30 years that have been distinctly more ‘average’ than this bunch and yet they were able to win trophies. And finally disappointments have been part of being an Arsenal fan for decades as they’re part of being any fan anywhere. If you think the last few years have been frustrating, I’d like to invite you to go down my memory lane and come through the entire 80s. I grant you we won a few… Read more »

Glory Hunter

Please change your username!
You have no right to call yourself ‘Arsenal’ with such negative views.

I’m worried about the lack of fire power too but RVP was in the team last season & we didn’t score in our 1st 2 league games as well.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Yep, the answer to all football related problems is to throw a fuck ton of money at it. Screw shrewd financial management, who needs that ! What we need to do to take the club forward is to become the play thing of a morbidly obese Eastern-European oil tycoon with a past so dodgy that it makes John Terry look like Mother Teresa.

And if winning trophies every single season is imperative to you not throwing a hissy fit, go join the bandwagon up north in Manchester.

Dolgion Ch.

Many positives to take today. Stood up to the physical test really well, especially in the air. Kept the ball flowing wonderfully too. Arteta and Santi are amazing, I like Diaby, because he can receive a pass with pace and do a turn without losing the pace, only his passing is at times sloppy, giving it away cheaply. Gibbs and Jenkinson were solid, and our CBs were great. Mannone hardly had anything to do. Loving the defensive shape (literally). Only….you can really see that sometimes the front guys didn’t know how to anticipate their moves, leading to irritation amongst Poldi… Read more »


Same old Arsenal, always getting career threatening tackled and cheating!

Mental Strength

you sure, you’re on the right page here?


It’s alright, the Stoke fans (like the spuds) are just coming to terms with the internet and are still trying to figure out how the whole thing works. You’ll see a few more around today..I mean after all they boo Ramsey and live in caves, it’s a bit of a stretch to expect them to understand the world wide web. 🙂


Exhibit A to my above comment,

Dial Square

If thats your actual picture – you are one ugly cunt…

Boom Boom

Keep Calm And Trust Wenger

gooner odst

i think the problem is that we all want goals NOW!!! but Poldi and Giroud obviously need time to settle. I mean we waited like 6-7 years for van persie to settle, but when the new lads click on (i give it a few more games) it will be awesome. The Ox looked in the mood when he came on, perhaps should start ahead of somebody (gervinho/diaby). Defensively we were solid. Usually in these type of games we dominate possession/shots and then the other team score with their first and only chance of the game. If we manage to not… Read more »


Tiote has a squashed dolphin head


I like a player with a sense of porpoise…

Runcorn Gooner

Wilkinson tackle on Vermaelen.Lucky only to be yellow.Classless thugs

Mental Strength

We never looked threatened much at all. 12 to 0 corners against a team like Stoke speaks quite a lot. Good to see Steve Bould’s magic is working.

Also Arteta looks pretty good in that “non-attacking” midfield position. We hardly missed Song for today. But yes, we did seem to miss that Judas who plays for scums up north in Red. Hope Wenger buys some good striker or a winger.

Also Dembele played quite well yesterday. He would seem like a good addition if we were to go for him.


Arteta’s a stud, seems like he can do whatever Wenger wants him to do.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which means he is the perfect Arsene Wenger player. Lets hope we get another “panic buy” that good this season.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

The goals will come… I just hope the clean sheets will stay.


I guess Jamie Redknapp was right, we’re not top 4, wer’e playing junior league with Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle andu Sp*rs. Sad.

Mike Hawk

That’s your conclusion after 2 games? Very very smart…


Comparing to top 3, we played the poorest footbal, and we didn’t mange to score any goal. We used to play attractive football,but now we’re not sepectacular nor effective 🙁

Johnny D

Redknapp’s never fucking right!
We have played two games one of them away at the shittania (never an easy place to go) and have 2 clean sheets and 2 points. Not the greatest start admittedly but by no means the worst. Don’t write us off yet….. relax and take a chill pill.

Mental Strength

If Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle, Spurs and Arsenal are “Junior League” competitors, then who do you think should be in top 4 along with ManU, ManCity and Chelsea? Stoke?

Mental Strength

Also Jamie Redknapp is a cunt who doesn’t know what he is talking about. He said the same shit that Arsenal will finish outside of top 4 last season.


You’re suggesting five of that team, including us, is not a contender of top 4? Interesting to see your comment on the first half of last season, you must said that we’re not top 16. How wrong you are and you will get it wrong again.


I’m confused (it happens a lot at my age), but if we’re not top four and neither are Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle and Spurs, then who is the mystery fourth place team? Norwich? West Brom? We might have been usurped by the sugar-daddy clubs and the glory-hunting Manc wankers, but come on, we’re good enough for fourth place. Two games and we’ve still not conceded. There are plenty of positives. Although another striker would be nice, just for peace of mind.


Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Winner of the junior league – that’s top 4 of the premiership.

big black clock

Redknapp also said Liverpool will finish in the top 4 last season.

You’re right! We should totally take his opinions seriously!

Adam, Watford

You listen to what Jamie Redknapp has to say and actually take it seriously.

Please, and I say this with all due respect and best intentions . . . you must either increase your dosage or stop taking the pills altogether.

I am saying this in your best interests, honestly.


Our defensive performance is not bad. From two match, if there’s an urgency to sign new players, it’s not on our defense but for long term, our defense do need an augmentation. Regarding on offense, i feel it’s more to do with cohesion, lack of match practice, and urgency which can be solve through times on the pitch. New signing on the striker department might be welcome and hopefully the move for Park and Chamack can be resolved.

big black clock

2 draws and 36 wins it is then.

Runcorn Gooner

The new Invicibles?

big black clock

We still have the most important piece of the Invincibles:Wenger.

So hey, why the fuck not?


38 draw 38 0-0 😉

Adam, Watford

Is 38 points enough to stay up this season ?


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we don’t score any own goals then we must be good for two or three own goals from the remaining 36 matches, We could finish with a whopping 44 points!!!! How great would it be to stay up with no losses and no goals scored? The most difficult “Invicibles” challenge there is.

But no, Arsenal will probably go and spoil it all by winning 30-odd matches and scoring 80 or more goals. Bloody party poopers!

Robin Van Persie

oh, any one misses me?


good luck,
little boy inside me

Adam, Watford

Who the fucking hell are you ?


Shrek misses you. Needs you to lick his wounds, literally.


you are pregnant congratulation rvp hope he is not rooney baby

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I missed you…. but don’t worry, my aim is improving.


Goalkeeping- Wasn’t really tested
Defense- Very good, well organized.
Midfield- Solid
Forwards- Generally poor

Lets be honest guys, we miss RVP. I wish we could have kept him at least until January to let Podolski and Giroud adjust to Arsenal’s playing style.


What we’re missing is match practice not that person. We could end up just the same with him in our team.

big black clock

We didn’t score in the first two games last season as well.

stephen murphy

RVP wouldn’t have scored today, unless he had Diaby’s chance – but anyone other than Diaby would’ve scored that. He simply wouldn’t have gotten the service he needed to score today.

Runcorn Gooner

AW after the match on transfers.”Don’t rule it out.We are looking around”
He must be close to a signing a Top Player


Should I get worried that arsenal can’t seem to get a result
Should I get worried that our front line cannot even score the goals for us?
Should I get worried that we’re now a couple of places behind chelsea who don’t look like they’re gonna drop points anytime soon.
Should I just get behind the team and hope for the best?iii

Or will I just burry my frustrations in this cliche?



I hope one of these days Ramsey scores the winner up there and celebrates by running round the whole pitch giving them all the middle finger.


He had a good chance if only Giroud would have passed him the ball.


He’s got two hands, how about two middle fingers?


Frontline needs time to gel, you could see they are A little bit hestitant to pass sometime. As for Diaby WHY WONT HE SHOOT

Wenger's Waterbottle

What was the king of the orcs smiling about at the end? Maybe he’d just acknowledged that he’d finally brought about the death of football. Anyway, bunch of squint eyed, club-footed, skank-sheeted, mongoloid fanny holes.


Just call them cunts-it saves a lot of time.

Wenger's Waterbottle

Yeah, right cunts. Teeth-wearing, dent-headed, monkey-wronging, sponge-chewing cunts.


death of football 😛 hahahah that cheered me up, come on Arsenal bang some in next game


starting to feel a bit like this, really

dm commenter

I could be wrong here, But a really really good friend of mine is a member with the AST, and he told me at one of last meetings they had with the board, reports were showing that Ivan had given himself a seven figure anual bonus…. Im a chelsea fan so it doesnt effect me, but if I were an arsenal fan I would be furious that this baffoon is giving himself a bonus (when his done jack all) let alone seven figures!!!!!


I’m sorry, it’s not your fault your a Chelsea “fan”. Fuck off.

big black clock

Btw we didn’t score in the first two games last season as well, and Judas was in the team.

Patience guys.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Can we quit with the “Judas”? It reminds me of the disgusting and still ongoing behaviour of the Spuds when Sol left them. Can’t you just call him a cunt?


jezzz it was a boring game. I hope we play 10 min…next time it is better we just set a deal for game like this. No need to play just share one point for each team, it was darn boring. Swansea and west ham match more like football

Andrew Morgan

No urgency again. Slow build up play. Must do better.

Cons: Diaby and Gervinho. Offered very little.
Pros: Hopefully Ramsey starts next week instead of Diaby, bring in Walcott for Gervinho. No injuries, another clean sheet, with first choice players ready to come back.

In: Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (versatile defender and captain). That defensive midfielder (be it M’Vila or someone else, but hopefully not Tiote). Attacking midfielder: Moussa Dembele, looked sensational against United, or Jesus Navas. Striker: Fernando Llorente is a 25+ goal a season striker and still available.

All in all, i’m not panicking. COYG.

Andrew Morgan

OUT: Squillaci, Arshavin, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner.


So, you’re expecting us to make four major signings, which would cost roughly £60-70 million. But you’re not panicking? Interesting.

Andrew Morgan

The reported figures for Yanga-Mbiwa is £7m, M’vila £10-£12m, Dembele £10-£12m, Llorente £18m. Thats roughly £50m. Offset that with £15m in the sales of fringe players (Bendtner, Arshavin, Park) and with the £60m we have in reserves, coupled with the £40m we just raked in from RvP and Song. I think we could manage it. We have the room, we have the money, lets see if we have the ambition to match.

I fully expect us to get top 4 with out current squad. But don’t you want to go for a little bit more? I do.


I think those are all slightly low end estimates. And it’d be nice if we got £15 million for those three, but I’d be surprised.

Either way, I don’t see us going on a £50-60 million splurge. Although a £15-20 million bid for Llorente or Navas may happen.

Andrew Morgan

Well, Yanga-Mbiwa and Llorente are in their last years of their contracts, and Dembele and M’Vila have both said they want to leave, so I think we could get knock-down prices for at least 3. But in reality, no I don’t see this happening. But I can dream. We need something extra. Gervinho is off to the ACN, which leaves Theo as our only winger. Which means Podolski will probably play left, which means Giroud will play up top, which means we have no striker on the bench. A versatile defender would be nice, but not essential. A DM is.… Read more »


And ples mista wenga you must sign samba his tal.


M’Vila is going to City. Three bids are in, maybe even from Arsenal, but Rennes has been waiting for City to start and end the bidding war. That’s my uninformed take, at least. We could really do with Navas. Creativity.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So the way to get Diaby match fit and up to speed after years recovering from a nasty injury caused by a vicious cunt is to drop him from the team after two games? Yeah, that’ll send the right message to him.

Rohit Patil

Arsenal’s defense wasn’t really tested to conclude that they have improved this season. Its also too early to brand Giroud as average.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They went to Stoke and came back with a clean sheet. The fact that Mannone didn’t have to save a half dozen or more shots on target does not prove that we weren’t tested, it proves that we defended well as a team and restricted Stoke’s chances at taking shots. Our TEAM defended perfectly as we did not concede.


I like Girouds attitude and work rate….but if he scores 10 league goals this season, I will be amazed. No composure and doesn’t look an ‘Arsenal type’ player

stephen murphy

No composure? Are you joking? The first few touches he had were heavy but after than he looked great. This was Stoke and he was being harassed most of the game. If that shot had gone in at the end we’d all be crowning him. The poise on that piece was clue enough to show anyone his capability. This is no Chamakh.


10 league goals…..would you put money on it? Really?

Me Eboue

Cunt city is the absolute worst. Someone needs to give that Pulis cunt a good hiding

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he has the same attitude to marriage that he does to football then I reckon his wife must give him a good hiding every time she wakes up to see his ugly mug is still around.


Boring shit. The Pope looked more likely to score than us. At least we defended well.

PS: what’s the point of Gervinho?


Deployed on the right wing, unfamiliar playing position and all that. I’m sure you understand.


No idea. Gervino is not capable to shoot towards the goal, all he does is dribble to the pitch line and hopes he can pass the ball in front of goal. There’s not real skills, just random dribbles, waiting for luck to do the rest. Sometimes i got a feeling that he doesn’t even know what he wants to do with the ball.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We used to score a lot of goals that way.


Have to say I’d like us to improve on Gervinho. I don’t believe it would be that difficult.


He’s the exact opposite of theo. he dribbles well, can beat his man off the ball, and can take guys on 1v1, and he can’t finish for shit or make a pass.

Theo can’t do any of those things but he can finish.

My conclusion, sell them both and replace. I’d rather see arshavin or the ox in that spot. And I don’t much fancy arshavin so that says a lot.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Or breed them. We keep the offspring that get all of the combined skills of both of them, and we sell the ones with the combined faults of both of them to whatever unlucky team Harry the Twitch is managing by then. He’ll buy them if we tell him they are strikers and they’re English.


Tbh guyz i’m a bit worried

I mean we fucking ain’t hitting a BARN DOOR!

Adam, Watford

I think I have a banjo I could loan Arsenal for the season, I mean, if they were interested like . . .


One problem, you’re supposed to hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

Now, while I am sure that our lads repeatedly belting Pubis in the face with a banjo would have been entertaining, it probably wouldn’t have affected the result.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We wouldn’t be any better off if we were. We need to score goals, not demolish barns. Leave that to that Suarez bastard. He loves hitting woodwork.