Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Wenger: Song can leave. We want Sahin

Arsene Wenger has admitted that Alex Song is set to leave Arsenal for Barcelona and confirmed that Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin is one of the player’s he is eager to sign as a replacement.

Speculation has mounted in the Spanish press that the Catalan giants are eager to add the Cameroon international to their squad after watching him at close hand in Champions League encounters over the last three years.

Until recently Arsene Wenger had denied that any such move was on the cards, but speaking to the press ahead of the first game of the season against Sunderland he finally admitted that he was ready to let the 24-year-old move.

Asked if Song would be leaving and if new signings were on the cards, the boss stated:

“Both can happen. We have 6 or 7 players in midfield, it is an area where we have much more freedom to make decisions.

“[Sahin] He is one of the players that we follow.”

It is believed that negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona are already at an advanced stage with the Gunners holding out for a fee in the region of £15 million plus add ons.

Nuri Sahin is free to go on loan after Jose Mourinho admitted that the former Borussia Dortmund captain was surplus to requirements at the Bernabeu. It is believed that Liverpool are also eager to take the Turkish international for the year although the player is pushing for a move to London.



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At least we can look forward to Song giving the Arsenal players a lot of hugs the next time we play Barca

why is my name required

Goodbye van Persie and Song
Welcome Sahin and mystery player(hopefully)

in Arsene i trust. You are the man to lead the Arsenal, Mr professor.


Wow, you are really a blind supporter. Not that all this was Wenger’s fault, if anything, I can feel sorry for him as he nurtured van Persie and Song from zero, and they did this to him.

jai jawan

seven years ago, Arsene Wenger dismantled the invincibles to build a future for the club, a legacy. but times were different then, and now money is the crude reality. i don’t know why, but i’m pleased with Arsene’s matter-of-fact way of selling alex song. probably to rid himself of the last DD represented player in the squad, but also to ensure a severing of ties with the pure thought he had back then. Arsene’s not an idiot. he’s more intelligent and educated and experienced with the ways of the world than most. this splurging of cash for experience & proven… Read more »

Sol Goodman

May as well get rid of the last player that darren dein has infected. I like Song and would rather we keep him, but if Wenger says that it could happen, you can bet your house that it will. So we may as well accept it and keep our fingers crossed Sahin is coming.


Continue trusting him,and one day u will wake up and emirates stadia would have been sold


song fabregas straight swap deal?


Poor Song… He must not have been close to Alex Hleb.


If song leaves we are going to be screwed. this team is shitty now, I hope the next person to leave will be Koscienly or vermalen


We? Who’s ‘we’. You’re obviously not a fan. No fan will wish ill of his club. Go support Man Shitty. You’d like the harem of overpaid showboaters over there.


I can not understand the thinking in getting rid of Song, he’s been one of our most consistent players at arsenal the last three years. If he is letting him go because Diaby is “fit” then I think that Wenger has well and truly lost it. Not only this but I would rather have lost £10m and let Judas go to Italy than those scum.


I think also that he wants to get rid of players that will flirt with other clubs now instead of having another transfer saga every single summer. It would be awful to have Song have a great season and then hold out and have another saga next summer. Better to get someone in who’s committed long term. Although it would be nice if we had figured this out a little before the first game of the season.


I think arsene wants to get rid of as many african players as possible because the AFCON will be played once every year.


AFCON won’t be held every year, it has changed to odd numbered years (2013, 2015 etc.) so it doesn’t clash with the world cup.


15 million sounds really low to me, we have a 24 year old who is only real out and out defensive midfielder (he defends at least a little so it counts) and he has a lot of potential still.

and how often is he going to play? he’s signed to fill the keita role, which was sit on the bench unless a situation arises every once in a while where they need him. this really just doesnt make any sense to me


“Defends a little” is not equal to “Out and out dm”. I’d sell him for 2 squad players+10-12 m. Rafa alcantara and Fontas ave been touted as possibilities.

Never been song’s biggest fan, but if he goes, he must be replaced by someone more defensive than sahin


exactly, is it just me or wouldnt everyone prefer someone like M’Vila instead of Sahin for a replacement. I mean Sahin is great but he just doesnt strike me ad a DM…


Sahin is a better defender than Song. Everyone who’s watched him with Dortmund knows that.

Andrew Morgan

Sahin is Arteta. Yes he can tackle but no he is not the defensive midfielder we need. Watch Song against Dortmund he was phenomenal, thats what he is capable of, but we also needed him last season to unlock defenses.

Merlin's Panini

I thought Sahin was Sahin…

Andrew Morgan

very droll


Sahin is Spartacus.


Why the fuck would you buy players from Barca? Fast forward 5-7 years and it will be all about DNA talks. No thanks.



Sahin played as DM for BVB. He’s Xabi Alonso type of player, who can defend and attack without forgetting his primary duty.

I hope he chooses us, a CL football and playing for Arsenal is by far better than going to Liverpool.


Modric is costing 30 mil so 15 is way too low unless some players are being included .


one song, we only had one song, and now he is gone, but we have FRIMPOnG..

HE Does to arsenal belong… and he’ll stay here life-long…. So why dont you come along ……..To hear a folk song…..

RVP and Song….. You both are so wrong…. we’ll show you before long….. We’ll be winning all yearlong !!!

FRIMPOnG !!!…… He is Soooo strong….. He’s Prong is so Long…… oh so long !!!

Gooner Gary

Agree that 15 mill is a bit low – hopefully the add ones will improve the overall deal – but frankly if he wants out then let him go to sit on the bench at Barca. We want committed players and I could see him sulking if we kept him. Think Sahin would be a great replacement as long as we can buy him and whilst he’s not an out and out DM he is a good tackler and does seem to have the discipline to stay in his position. Another positive is that’d we’d be replacing an ACN player… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

I guess 15 million is better than their first offer of a packet of tictacs and a dusty old piece of string. And people say Arsene is stingy. Barca are pathetic.


Agree completely Song should be worth more than that! Judging by pre season Arsene just wants an excuse to get his Coq out.


I agree that it could be time for the Coq to stand up and get stuck in.

Matthew Comb

Good job. No more David dein. Onwards and upwards.


Darren, you mean, but yeah, fook ‘im.


Until the next player signs up with him. Say what you want about as a person (and I could lots of nasty words) but he makes his clients richer and gets them the moves they want


Kees Vos is as cunt as Dein. And he is Verma’s agent, isn’t he?


Fuck that cunt never want see him anywhere near the emirates ever again, fucking cunt!


Holy crap. I didn’t think this would happen. I thought it was just bullshit from the Spanish gutter press.

I’m gutted to be honest. He is one of my favourite players. He is 24 years old, improving every year and just about to reach his peak. £15m is ridiculously cheap for a guy of his talent.


Have to agree with that. Some of his assists last season were nothing short of spectacular. Phaaaack!


I think the problem with Song was his defensive duties leave a lot to be desired,and the amount of shit passes he made or times he gave the ball away is inexcusable. I’d happily take the money and improve on this position we a couple of players. M’vila and Sahin? Why the fuck not!


Spot on, too many hollywood passes. He believes his own hype too much. Another Bendtner…

Andrew Morgan

Too many shit passes? As oppose to the other 14 which made goals. Goals, I might add, without which we wouldn’t have had Champions League football. But don’t forget last season, at times we were bereft of ideas, we couldn’t break teams down and as such Song broke forward, and I for one am glad he did, because it showed that he was being under used. Clearly now he has proved to be much more than a standard tackler and short pass man. He has good feet, good technical ability and can play some beautiful killer passes. Alongside a proper… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Every assist is a goal, that’s what an assist is. If you try 700 through balls/bals over the top and get 14 assists, you’ve still wasted the ball 686 times (obviously I’m exaggerating the amount but the point remains). While he has been one of our better attacking outlets, that’s not what we need right now in that position. We have Arteta, Cazorla, Rosicky, Diaby, Wilshere, Arshavin, Ramsey, Coquelin and Frimpong all vying for those 3 positions and at least 3 of those are very attack-minded. A more defence-minded midfielder to help protect the back 4 would be better while… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Fair point, but if you have aplayer who makes 0 through passes, well by my maths you get, well…0 goals. Your point about players in the same position, Song even attacking as he does is still a better defensive option than Frim and Coq. Rosicky, wilshere and Diaby are injured and injury prone. So that leaves Arteta and Ramsey. Cazorla is a winger who will play up top as will Oxlade-Chamberlain and Arshavin.So from centre-mid i still expect Song to chip in with good passes, whether or not, our strikers can convert them remains to be seen. But i think… Read more »


We have lost a good player in Song. Some crap passes last season and some defensive lapses. but very good and strong in the midfield. Could have only improved.
Bring on Sahin.
I hope van Persie misses a hundred easy goal attempts and scores ZERO goals for manure.


I have to agree , for a player of his quality , i’d expect nothing less than 30m or we’d be robbed.

I believe if we manage to get Sahin and Llorriente ….. we can compete with City.


Im disgusted at Song, much more than RVP. We must get these venomous creatures off our team, this new Era will be Arsenals future.

Tenacious Defence

Wait… who’s this ‘Era’ guy… is he any good?

Midfield Corporal

Patrick Vi-era perhaps?


Not him. He’ll just leave for juve

Merlin's Panini

Nah, it’s short for a Columbian midfielder called Eranu. He has a brother called Uvavu…

l COYG l

As long as we reinvest some of the money made from these transfers I’ll remain a happy gooner. I won’t let a a mega cunt (RVP) and any other players’ departures ruin my optimism for this new season.


two things come to mind-

1.arsene wants to tie up all loose ends.
2.if sahin comes in the dynamics of the midfield will change.a player like sahin would complement our existing players very well.especially arteta and cazorla.our midfield will become a collective unit.


The numbers are in plus again….24 for the scum+ 15 for song+4 for vela +1. For bartley=44 mill. And we got santi+lu and giro for 38ish wasn’t it 6 million profit


More sales to come from Bendtner,squillaci,park.

Song is good as gone. It seems Wenger is “disgusted” by Song’s behaviour. Sahin seems to be pretty closed as well if Wenger is willing to admit we are after him. Very frank and open press conference, very unlike Arsenal & Wenger. Strange though Song is going for a reported 15 mil. That’s cheap unless they doing a player exchange on top of that 15 mil.


Following on your statement of an honest PC, people were hurt by Wenger lying about Poldi and Giroud being RVP replacements. Would the supporters rather Wenger tells the truth to the press and risks weakening our sale position and chances of gaining a Sahin, or being cagey and locking up good deals? Can’t do both unless you have massive petrodollars in your bank and will outbid any rivals.

So, I agree with you that a deal may be on the cards for both Song and Sahin for Wenger to be so forthright.


hooraayyy 🙂
of course we need to have a profit, when did we spend without selling to cover it?


Full of eager 🙂

Lord Teddy Ears

My God what has got into the boss he is not fucking about is he. Looks like if you piss around with him you are sold. Well I like song but I love Arsenal so COYG !!!

Dr Baptiste

I actually think he’s had enough of being disrespected by players and treated like a mug. It seems like this season it’s a case of “you don’t want to be here 100%? Then I’ll sell you and get someone else in.”


For you American Football fans as well, I always thought his dissembling about transfers was similar to Belichick. Looks like he’s gaining that ruthless streak too. Now if only the players bought into the philosophy of team first as much as the Patriots players did…


Yes, it’s a bit of a shame, but I’m actually quite happy.

This would mean that Darren Dein has no more influence at the club.

That pile of corrupt, money grabbing, **** is now out! That is promising news, surely?

meh moody gooner

I know rvp’s agent is vermaelen’s agent too.
kees vos <<< the guy who turned our robin into judas.

Jack Jumblies

Let’s not kid ourselves into believing every other player’s agent isn’t ruthlessly trying to cut a better deal for their clients. Or that you hardcore Football Manager types (that are worth your controllers) take fan sentiment into account when you buy and sell virtual players.

Big Dave

This is becoming embarassing.

Just when I was starting to get excited about the season.


aaaaah you guuuuuys, songs leaving toooo. if arsene is willing to sell then it has to be one of those arseny things he does, so I keep faith.

out with the old, in with the new.


Oh no Mr Wenger!!! I can cope with RVP’s departure. But Song? Why oh why?**Sobbing**


Good riddance

Rad Carrot

If Song leaves, fine. But we absolutely must replace him with a defensive midfielder of some sort; otherwise, we’re a little boned.

Andrew Morgan

If this happens it will be a travesty. People are hating on Song because of his lack of “defensive awareness” but seemingly contradict themselves by promoting Nuri Sahin as his replacement! Swapping what little steel we do have in centre mid and replacing with another creative nice footballer is ridiculous. Song should have the protection of a true defensive midfielder behind him, to play the role he proved last season he adept at. But Song will only be sold if he rejects a contract planned at talks next week. Arsenal want him to sign a new long term contract with… Read more »

A town gunner

Totally agree with u
And seeing that Diaby will definitely be injured after 3 games, why is it so unthinkable to get Sahin in without selling song. The guy is coming in on loan for pits sake…

Andrew Morgan

I agree! I think Sahin should come in anyway as he’s a lovely footballer, who can allow Wilshere to take his time coming back. The centre mid positions could then be rotated between Arteta, Ramsey and Sahin, with Wilshere coming on for twenty mins to regain his fitness and introduce him gradually back into the swing of things. But even if Sahin doesn’t come in, I think Ramsey will be back on form this season. He was unfairly criticised last season. After a horrific injury, it was his first full season back, and he felt like the creative burden fell… Read more »


Why is everyone so obsessed with a defensive midfielder?? Why not get a midfielder ffs, who can defend and attack. We need players with defensive awareness, that is all. Arteta has it, Wilshere has it, Coquelin has it. And it needs to be sorted on the training ground. Who is Man U’s DM, who is Chelseas DM? And don’t say Mikel because he never plays.

Andrew Morgan

The fact is our defense needs protection more so than United and Chelsea. We ship far too many goals as it is. Take out Song and we will concede even more. Seems pretty simple to me.


Yes we ship too many goals, but that is because of how we are set up. A defensive midfielder wont change it. Working on trainining ground will, with intelligent players.


this could mean we see a 4-2-3-1, without a designated defensive midfielder and 2 midfielders that just sit in the center of the park and distribute, arteta and ramsey/ diaby or wilshere if fit. santi in the hole, podolski/ gervinho on the left giroud/podolski up top, and walcott/ ox on the right.

it is a little more balanced.

Andrew Morgan

Yes we need better coaching defensively and not just in open play, but if you take away a defensive midfielder, it will curtail the attacking play of our full backs, potent weapons like Sagna will be forced to stay at the halfway line, or risk running himself into the ground by the 65th minute.

Andrew Morgan

Thats a good point Sacklad but I think we would lose a lot of the attacking ability of Ramsey and Wilshere in the final third if they always had to stay deep.

Dick Swiveller

‘what little steel we have’ Arteta/Wilshere/Diaby/Coq/Frimpong would all like a word with you. Also, you can quote me on the squad NOT containing Squillaci/Park/Bendtner. It’s just an instinctive reaction to lash out when things we’re comfortable with are taken away, I understand that and RvP is a top class player but not irreplaceable, Song is a competent DM and a good CM in a team with plenty of creativity so his loss isn’t as bad as it would have been 2 years ago imo, it will not be like-for-like as such but he will be replaced and just because his… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Arteta shouldn’t be burdened with cleaning up attacks, keeping the ball moving, and joining attacks late into the box. Wilshere is unlikly to feature at all until well into the new year. Coquelin is far too inexperienced. And Frimpong is far too raw and hotheaded. To rely on those four players, is ridiculous.

the fact is that least season, we were not creative. Thats why Song provided 14 assists! He was our main creative midfielder!

Andrew Morgan

And also Squillaci, Park and Bendtner may not make it into the final 25 man squad. BUT, they are taking £150,000+ a week out of the club for nothing.

Dick Swiveller

And this season we have Cazorla/Diaby/Wilshere/Ox to help out Rambo and Rosicky so creativity is less of an issue and when you take that out, Song is competent and experienced, two things we can replace relatively easily imo Arteta should be burdened with doing what the team needs him to do, as should the entire team. Not sure how October stretches well into the new year but there is some inexperience there, however the key is they’ll be next to experienced players, with experienced players behind them and experienced players in front of them. We won’t be relying on just… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Fully take your point on Cazorla. But relying on a second season 18 year old, to be the creative fulcrum of a top 4 team is a big gamble. You expect Wilshere to be starting games in October? Right ok. Won’t happen. And if Diaby is a shadow of his former self, (who was lets be honest, poor) i’ll be surprised. And didn’t you just say that Wilshere and Diaby would be the steel in our team? So now you wan’t them to play the exact same role as Song is now? Strange. But with our defense having its worst… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

We’re not relying on anyone to carry any part of the team or be any kind of fulcrum, that’s the point. Not sure what issue you have with me saying that Wilshere and Diaby will provide some steel whilst saying they won’t play the same way as Song, quite aside from the fact I’ve seen Diaby in all the pre-season games and he looks fit and better than ever (I actually think he has shown what he can do, and it is good…very good), mental and physical toughness is not positionally restricted. I guess what it all boils down is… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Im not sure where in my rpevious comments i’ve said I don’t rate any of our players, (well except Diaby). But by advocating that Diaby and Wilshere will be up to the task, after being out for 1-2 years to be able to effectively defend and attack in equal measure to what we have in Song right now, is a huge gamble. I like Coquelin and I like Frimpong. I like Rosicky (though its taken 3 years). Arteta is a quality player. And I adore Wilshere and Ramsey. But What it really boils down to is I believe we would… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Fair point, I should have said ‘rate as highly as I do’, I see defensive nous in the players we have like Arteta/Coq/Ox/Cazorla of the guys we have fit now and further usefulness in Rosicky/Wilshere, that is a good base with some other decent talent in the middle. I’m not expecting them to do exactly what Song did as no two players are identical but I’m expecting the new guy and the others to make a more cohesive unit and protect the back four.

Now I’m off to pick which shirt for tomorrow….


Signing 3 players and selling 2 is taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back? I don’t like your math

Andrew Morgan

Yes when the two players you sell are proven premiership players and the three you sign are not. Stay behind after class for some extra help.


So 3 quality players coming in minus two quality players leaving still equals a deficit based on an unknown quantity “premiership experience”. You need to show your working out, I mean you need to stop talking out of your arse

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

Darren Dein wasnt Nasri’s agent, nor RvP’s IIRC.
I get the Relief of some at seeing him gone, but agents are agents, and class and loyalty are History for today’s footballers.

That and nothing stops one of our players to hire him in the future.
It’s how football is today, we have to adapt and be more ruthless and strengthen our position by being successful and making these ungrateful cunts want to stay here because it’s in their *interests*.


This ^^^^^^ In solid gold letters ten feet high.

Once we start winning, the pressure immediately eases.

Another blank season and we will have the same scenario – with a different cast – next summer.

Dick Swiveller


Man U were winning a lot when Rooney decided to gouge them for as much as he could get, might have been a bluff but if Citeh had offered a stupid fee and crazy wages with Rooney stamping his feet who knows what might have happened.

I believe that it was Darren Dein’s agency that Nasri and RvP belonged to, even if it wasn’t him doing all the business it would have been done in the same style.

the only sam is nelson

“I want playing time” <—- my club wins trophies but i want more money

"I want trophies" <—- i want more money

etc etc


seriously this gets on my nerves but i hope we have a better player in coz the times song was slow really got to me but he had developed on the passing issue

Darren Dein

Don’t worry everyone I will be back. You really hurt my Daddy and I want to represent Gunnersaurus and the editor of the match day program as well. By the way, you should see my house in Barcelona, it is MASSIVE! I will post photos another time just too busy playing the bongos on Song bum and counting my money

Glory Hunter

You guys are so gullible, it’s bizarre!
What’s the reason for selling Song?? For RVP we apparently had no choice as he wound have left on a free.
But selling Song who had 3yrs left!!!!!
I’m guessing Theo will be off soon & the attitude will be he was rubbish anyway.
Like Ive always said maybe the penny will drop when we cash in on Wilshere.
We are definitely not winning the league, and we all know it!

The Guys

I know how you feel and i dont undertsand the sale of Song to barca(the cunts) either but apparently song was being difficult and left Arsene with no choice.

However if they do cash in on Wilshere then we have every right to question our clubs ambition.


agree! Arsenal is telling everyone that you can buy anyone but you need to pay money! Arsenal haS NO DIGNITY when you give Arsenal money ! HAVE YOU SEEN BARCELONA MAN UTD LIVERPOOL SELL THEIR KEY PLAYERS

Fight against Fickleness

It appears our lack of recent success has made my fellow gooners accept mediocrity!
We lose Song & RVP and instead of anger or annoyance, we have acceptance and stupid logic.

Wow, I mean wow!!!
And Anyone that believes we’ll spend any cash recouped from the sale of both players is living in a dream world.

Making a profit in the tranfer market every summer is the Arsenal way.

Dean '67

Personally I don’t think wenger gives two shits about who he keeps anymore. He has seen players he nurtured just leave without the slightest care. He has two years to run and just wants to see how it all plays out.

Experimenting with the arse.

Dick Swiveller

You haven’t seen any anger about losing RvP? I don’t know which Internet you’re using but isn’t the same as mine.


don’t ever lump ilverpool into the elite group of clubs again. it’s an insult to the sport


Barca – figo, ronaldinhio, ibra, Eto
Liverpool – Torres, Alonso, mascerano
Man utd – ronaldo, Tevez, stam, horse faced cunt

This is football, it happens all the time, get over it! If van persie and song don’t want to play for us, fuck em, same goes for the rest! Until then, up the arse!!


Uhhhhhh ya. United sold Ronaldo. Liverpool sold Torres. Milan sold Ibrahimavic. Liverpool sold Alonso. Narcs sold Ibrahimovic as well. You sir, can beat it.

Dick Swiveller

Reason? He doesn’t want to be here and we can get a better option for the money, seems good enough to me. If that’s gullible then gull me all you want.

When I see us selling players that want to stay and are at the peak of their value, then I’ll start asking questions about our intentions.


Aaargh I don’t know why this hasn’t dragged om just a bit longer, I would have liked to see barca beg like fucking dogs then eventually tell them he’s not for sale.

But if this does happen then clearly song does not have hlebs number.


Tbh, I’m not too hurt by Song’s departure. He lost the ball in front of the back four far too often, and went for a spectacular pass when we needed something more straightlaced.

As for Sahin, if Mourinho (a man who is known for tight defences) plays him at LB, surely he’s relatively good at defending?


Whatever Wenger does with the DM position PLEASE play Frimpong against Man Utd and if Jack is back all the better.



One Song, we havent got One Song, we havent got One Song…


Per's Nimble Footwork

I’m liking the new Arsene Wenger: the man with the glasses, and now not afraid to change his tune; boldly Sahin, ‘you can have this Song, if he wants to be played by the midget Spanish Giants’.


Okay what the hell is going on with arsenal? Have we signed a deal with barca to flog one of our top players to them every summer? Can we call ourselves competitive if a guaranteed first team player wants to leave even if he’s to get lesser playing chances at barca? Is wenger now experimenting with arsenal just coz he’s got 2 years left on his contract? Is Gazidis doing sittups while sunctioning for player sales while on some holiday? Is this the team we want, selling players every time as long as we can replace them? Though yes, we… Read more »


I have an feeling based on last many years that Arsenal will rely on the Coq and Frimpong (both entering their better years) as their Defensive Midfielders and Sahin is a creative option who has nothing to do with the position.




I seriously don’t understand footballers…Surely he must know that he’s never going to be first choice at Barca, he’s replacing Keita who was never even assured of his spot on the bench!? He’s definitely going to regret this in the long run

Midfield Corporal

Andrew Allens articles have recently taken on a tabloid style where the headline declares something as fact, when in reality He has just construed what Arsene said to mean something. I haven’t seen the presser but I can imagine Arsene being asked if we are signing Sahin and letting song go, shrugging his shoulders and saying ‘both can happen’. To me that’s a maybe, maybe not, it’s possible, let’s see, if all the stars are in allignment it could happen. It’s not the definitive ‘Song is set to leave for Barca’ that the article states, unless AW said something that… Read more »

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


Very smart of Song to leave now. Without RVP, who is going to convert those hollywood passes from him to make him look good? Dust away the Song-RVP combo and let’s enjoy and admire the msemerizing inter-changing passes from Arteta-Cazorla-Anyone.

The font

I will wager any amount of money that song does not complete 100 first team starts for barca even if he stays there for the next 30 years bring on nuri or yann
We will be the complete unit. pace flair intelligence steel the good times are nearly back


Okay then song you better leave.
I take @AAllensport.


Also, I dont know if it means something, but Song wasn’t in the training session pictures today

Midfield Corporal

Sorry Andrew, don’t want to upset you as I generally enjoy your articles, just saying this piece makes an assumption that I don’t really see.maybe I’m just being precious and it’s my time of the month (two days before the season KO’s and we start flogging our best players). Come on, sing together ‘make friends, make friends, never ever break friends ………’ 🙂


From a footballing point of view this makes little sense. Song, whether you view him as an authentic DM or not, is still one of our most valuable players. From a financial point of view £15M isn’t a substantial figure either. Unless that is, you’re an Arsenal board member dressed like the bloke on the Monopoly box lighting fat cigars with even fatter wads of £50 notes. The only factor that might be the determining one is that the player, himself, wants to be part of the fading Barcelona mythology – that he might be suffering from RvP Syndrome. As… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Lovely stuff, not my words, but the words of Shakin’ Stevens


Well said mate


Looks like we are clearing the decks of all players who may be angling to leave in next few years. If we can build a squad of committed players who want to be there then I think it bodes well and will maybe reduce some of the negativity surrounding the club- I am so tired of players constantly been linked with moving away to other clubs (as AW must be also). Best get it out of the way in one go. We have the makings of a very good squad if we add the right players- you would have to… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Well said


If Wenger sells Song, he’s basically trolling his own fans.

Reminds me of the Arshavin for Chamberlain substitution.


I don’t understand why there are so many of us saying we shouldn’t sell this player and that player. Why can’t we for once trust Wenger to make the right decision?? Obviously for a manager who’s been in the job for gazillion years to even agree to enter negotiations to sell a player who has 2/3/whatever number of years on his contract, there has to be something going on behind the scenes no? I don’t think we’re that financially strapped that we’d agree to sell Song just because Barca came asking. As much as we’d like to be in the… Read more »


As others have pointed out, the reason Wenger is willing to let Song go, must be that he gives the ball away too many times in crucial areas. (One example: the 3-3 equalizer against Norwich.) A player in his position simply can´t do that, so we need someone who doesn´t give the ball away so often. Sahin is exactly that. So while I was a bit shocked about Song leaving at first, now I can see the reasoning behind it. Suppose our midfield trio would be Sahin, Arteta and Cazorla. Three players who never lose the ball. To me it… Read more »


Personally I won’t mind selling Song to Barca whatsoever, but he’ll always have a special place in my Arsenal memories. If nothing else for the beautiful through ball he hit for Thierry Henry’s return (I’ve completely blocked out the RVP volleys).


I don’t mind Siong leaving providing we get a better player as replacement for his position.


Song is the best ‘box-to-box’ midfielder in the Premier League. Why? Why are you doing this Arsene? This feels like a stab to the heart, whereas the RVP sale felt like a mosquito bite. Don’t tell me Song cannot defend… I’ve watched all 38 Arsenal EPL matches last year, and I can count at least two dozen times the opponent striker was inside our penalty box with the ball, dangerously on the verge of scoring, and MAGICALLY, Song appears and steals the ball away. Not to mention the ‘killer passes’ he made to assist his teammates goals… RVP would not… Read more »

cant say i didn't see it comin!

as much as i would like to have sahin in our team, i cant really see him being the physically imposing presence on the field as song is, and to be honest getting another player with slightly better passing range than song is not exactly a solution for such position, i’d reckon a proper out n out good ol’ defensive mid with enough strength to last without injury while being in the team week in week out. song’s creative side to the game is a bonus! hate to lose song! especially in the same transfer window as van persie!


Who’s next, Theo?

Midfield Corporal

Probably, if he won’t sign a contract then get rid, shame as he has the potential but obviously not the commitment.

Bob Smith

I agree, it’s weird that’s gone under the radar.
Maybe if we get Sahin, Rodgers might come knocking? Theo has costs us a hell of a lot of time, money and frustration to leave on a free.


Have to say I agree with about half (seems to be an even split!) that we do need a DM if Song leaves. I think most people agree he is quality but not a DM, just the best DM we have. Sahin is good (only on loan though remember – and think Jose will make him go ‘pool), but we do need a proper DM, because of the way we play. United cope without it because they play 4-4-2 and their wide men track back well, whereas Podolski and Walcott won’t be asked to much (and in Theo’s case are… Read more »


I am gonna miss singing “we’ve only got one song” but if he wants to warm a barca bench I don’t want him on my team. It like having a dog that bites you or a bird that shags all your mates.. Loyality to the cause is what counts and I want commited passionate winners wearing my teams colours this year , ready to play sexy football with aggression and a do or die mentality sadly lacking since Adams and co ground out one nils

big black clock

Words on Twitter says that Wenger has been ‘disgusted’ with Song’s attitude of late. This is why he’s been allowed to leave.

Acceptable reason imo. Nobody is bigger than Wenger.

Bob Smith

That’s almost a stupid as your screen name, give me one example where Song has ever behaved like TGPTHEL?

Andrew Morgan

People are jumping on this attitude rumour bandwagon as a reason to hate Song. but in every game ive ever watched he’s always given 100%. And he seems well liked in the squad too.

big black clock

Hey it was AfcAmden on twitter who said it. He confirmed that Wilshere would get the number 10 shirt 3 days before the site announced it, so he’s reliable.

I’ve got nothing against Song as a player and his on-field attitude. I always thought he was a very likeable guy. But after Robin van Cunty’s betrayal, my impression of almost every footballer has been put into question.

Therefore, I don’t find it hard to believe that Song did something stupid with the advice of Darren Dein to piss off Arsene.


Wojciech Szczesny is actually slightly bigger

Andrew Morgan

Well we won’t have to wait long to see how we function without Song, as he has a “slight knock” and will not play against Sunderland. I fully expect us to stuff them, but should be interesting i’d imagine with diaby starting alongside Arteta.


The ever obvious “knock” that keeps players out while a fee is negotiated. I really wish the managers would tell it like it is.

Santi & Lans.. I mean Diaby or Arteta will handle the midfield just fine.


Enjoyed the. comments, but am struggling to reconcile the box-to-box creative dynamo from what I saw over the last few years. My main memories of Song will be watching him get caught upfield and casually ambling back while the other team broke away. Like a few players we have had recently, he always looked like he couldn’t care less to me. Arteta is twice the player and carried the midfield last year. Been here 1yr but acts like it means something. I would get Song on a plane before someone from Barca gets around to watching more than his YouTube… Read more »


Arteta was without a doubt our most important midfielder last season. Honestly, I bet he and Cazorla will start as our midfielders — along with Diaby? — and that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Throw Podolski, Giroud and maybe Gervinho up top and we may have a potent strike force. (Could throw the Ox into the mix as well.)


Song isn’t nearly good enough to act like an arrogant prat.

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